The Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau, 1939-1945

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Sex Crimes Under the Wehrmacht

Author: David Raub Snyder,Scott C. Patchan
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 0803207425
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Jubal A. Early's disastrous battles in the Shenandoah Valley ultimately resulted in his ignominious dismissal. But Early's lesser-known summer campaign of 1864, between his raid on Washington and Phil Sheridan's renowned fall campaign, had a significant impact on the political and military landscape of the time.

A History of the Laws of War: Volume 2

The Customs and Laws of War with Regards to Civilians in Times of Conflict
Author: Alexander Gillespie
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847318622
Category: Law
Page: 324
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This unique new work of reference traces the origins of the modern laws of warfare from the earliest times to the present day. Relying on written records from as far back as 2400 BCE, and using sources ranging from the Bible to Security Council Resolutions, the author pieces together the history of a subject which is almost as old as civilisation itself. The author shows that as long as humanity has been waging wars it has also been trying to find ways of legitimising different forms of combatants and ascribing rules to them, protecting civilians who are either inadvertently or intentionally caught up between them, and controlling the use of particular classes of weapons that may be used in times of conflict. Thus it is that this work is divided into three substantial parts: Volume 1 on the laws affecting combatants and captives; Volume 2 on civilians; and Volume 3 on the law of arms control. This second book on civilians examines four different topics. The first topic deals with the targetting of civilians in times of war. This discussion is one which has been largely governed by the developments of technologies which have allowed projectiles to be discharged over ever greater areas, and attempts to prevent their indiscriminate utilisation have struggled to keep pace. The second topic concerns the destruction of the natural environment, with particular regard to the utilisation of starvation as a method of warfare, and unlike the first topic, this one has rarely changed over thousands of years, although contemporary practices are beginning to represent a clear break from tradition. The third topic is concerned with the long-standing problems of civilians under the occupation of opposing military forces, where the practices of genocide, collective punishments and/or reprisals, and rape have occurred. The final topic in this volume is about the theft or destruction of the property of the enemy, in terms of either pillage or the intentional devastation of the cultural property of the opposition. As a work of reference this set of three books is unrivalled, and will be of immense benefit to scholars and practitioners researching and advising on the laws of warfare. It also tells a story which throws fascinating new light on the history of international law and on the history of warfare itself.

The Pale House

The Sequel to The Man from Berlin
Author: Luke McCallin
Publisher: Oldcastle Books
ISBN: 1843445522
Category: Fiction
Page: 384
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BOLD, BRUTAL, BLOODY AND BRILLIANT' - Crime Review It is 1944 and German intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt has just been reassigned to the Feldjaegerkorps - a new branch of the military police with far-reaching powers. While retreating through Yugoslavia with the rest of the army, Reinhardt witnesses a massacre of civilians by the dreaded Ustaše - only to discover there is more to the incident than anyone believes. When five mutilated bodies turn up, Reinhardt's investigation begins to draw the attention of those in power and his friends and associates are made to suffer. The stakes rise as he desperately tries to uncover the truth while his own past with the Ustaše threatens his efforts. When it comes to death and betrayal, some people have long memories... and they remember Reinhardt all too well.

The First Day on the Eastern Front

Germany Invades the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941
Author: Craig W. H. Luther
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0811767655
Category: History
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Sunday, June 22, 1941: three million German soldiers invaded the Soviet Union as part of Hitler’s long-planned Operation Barbarossa, which aimed to destroy the Soviet Union, secure its land as lebensraum for the Third Reich, and enslave its Slavic population. From launching points in newly acquired Poland, in three prongs—North, Central, South—German forces stormed western Russia, virtually from the Baltic to the Black Sea. By late fall, the invasion had foundered against Russian weather, terrain, and resistance, and by December, it had failed at the gates of Moscow, but early on, as the Germans sliced through Russian territory and soldiers with impunity, capturing hundreds of thousands, it seemed as though Russia would fall. In the spirit of Martin Middlebrook’s classic First Day on the Somme, Craig Luther narrates the events of June 22, 1941, a day when German military might was at its peak and seemed as though it would easily conquer the Soviet Union, a day the common soldiers would remember for its tension and the frogs bellowing in the Polish marshlands. It was a day when the German blitzkrieg decimated Soviet command and control within hours and seemed like nothing would stop it from taking Moscow. Luther narrates June 22—one of the pivotal days of World War II—from high command down to the tanks and soldiers at the sharp end, covering strategy as well as tactics and the vivid personal stories of the men who crossed the border into the Soviet Union that fateful day, which is the Eastern Front in microcosm, representing the years of industrial-scale warfare that followed and the unremitting hostility of Germans and Soviets.

War Crimes, Genocide, and the Law: A Guide to the Issues

A Guide to the Issues
Author: Arnold Krammer
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313359385
Category: Political Science
Page: 292
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This timely handbook offers an examination of man's history of war crimes and the parallel development of rules of war to prevent them in the future. • Copies of the original humanitarian treaties: the Civil War Lieber Code, Hague Agreements, and Geneva Conventions of 1929 and 1949 • Images ranging from a disturbing picture from Life magazine to war crimes photos from the U.S. Military Education and Heritage Center and photos of the Nuremberg Trials • A robust bibliography designed to provide interested readers with a sweeping description of the most important sources available

Anmerkungen zur Vertreibung der Deutschen aus dem Osten

Author: Alfred M. De Zayas
Publisher: N.A
Category: Germans
Page: 228
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Law and War

International Law and American History
Author: Peter Maguire
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231518196
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
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In this classic text, Peter Maguire follows America's legal relationship with war, both before and after the Nuremberg trials of the 1940s. Maguire argues that the precedents set by the trials were nothing less than revolutionary, and he traces the development of these new attitudes throughout American history. The text has been revised throughout, with a new preface and postscript discussing the George W. Bush administration's attempt to rewrite the laws of war after 9/11. Maguire connects these efforts to the decline in American power and reputation. Praise for the previous edition: "[An] intriguing historical analysis."—Harvard Law Review "Outstanding... impressive... a terrific book."—American Historical Review "A five-star accomplishment that will intrigue the reader and prove that, in history, truth is often more fascinating than fiction."—H. W. William Caming, former Nuremberg prosecutor "Perceptive."—Journal of American History "An important and fascinating study, marked by impressive research and moral passion."—Ronald Steel, University of Southern California "A 'must read' for all those interested in international criminal law, war crimes, and war crime trials."—J. C. Watkins Jr., University of Alabama "A sobering exploration of the hypocrisy and double standards that shape the laws of war. Maguire reveals the conflict between American ideology and American imperialism, the Faustian compromises made by our leaders during their elusive quest for justice."—Iris Chang, author of The Rape of Nanking "A pioneering account.... Law and War goes back to the middle of the nineteenth century to trace the history of modern war crimes, their shock value, and the efforts made to bring their perpetrators to account."—Thomas Keenan, Bardian

Battle for Budapest

100 Days in World War II
Author: Krisztian Ungvary
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857730134
Category: History
Page: 392
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The battle of Budapest in the bleak winter of 1944-45 was one of the longest and bloodiest city sieges of the Second World War. From the appearance of the first Soviet tanks on the outskirts of the capital to the capture of Buda castle 102 days elapsed. In terms of human trauma, it comes second only to Stalingrad, comparisons to which were even being made by soldiers fighting at the time. The battle for Budapest raged over the heads of 800,000 non-combatants, no-one was evacuated: 38,000 Hungarian civilians perished. The Battle for Budapest is the classic and definitive study of the siege. Krisztián Ungváry describes the battle in meticulous detail, week by week and street by street, fully setting the conflict within its international context and the wider history of the war. He has had access to hitherto undiscovered material (both in the Soviet and German archives), as well making extensive use of face to face interviews with both German and Hungarian survivors. His book is the only in-depth account of one of the bloodiest city sieges in the history of 20th century warfare, finally beaming a torchlight into this extraordinary story of untold suffering. The vivid description and fascinating personal accounts included make this book essential reading for military history enthusiasts and anyone interested in a forgotten angle of World War II.

International Humanitarian Law: Origins, Challenges, Prospects (3 Vols)

Author: John Carey,William V. Dunlap,R. John Pritchard
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 1571052674
Category: Law
Page: 3
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In three distinct volumes the editors bring together a distinguished group of contributors whose essays chart the history, practice, and future of international humanitarian law. At a time when the war crimes of recent decades are being examined in the International Criminal Tribunals for Former Yugoslavia and Rwanda and a new International Criminal Court is being created as a permanent venue to try such crimes, the role of international humanitarian law is seminal to the functioning of such attempts to establish a just world order.The events of September 2001 and the worldwide threat of terrorist attacks, bring into sharper focus questions about the ramifications of unconventional warfare and how prisoners taken in armed conflict short of declared war should be treated. Here again international humanitarian law can provide the guideposts needed to find a just course through difficult times. The intent of these volumes is to help to inform where humanitarian law had its origins, how it has been shaped by world events, and why it can be employed to serve the future.

Hitler's Empire

Nazi Rule in Occupied Europe
Author: Mark Mazower
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141917504
Category: Political Science
Page: 768
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The powerful, disturbing history of Nazi Europe by Mark Mazower, one of Britain's leading historians and bestselling author of Dark Continent and Governing the World Hitler's Empire charts the landscape of the Nazi imperial imagination - from those economists who dreamed of turning Europe into a huge market for German business, to Hitler's own plans for new transcontinental motorways passing over the ethnically cleansed Russian steppe, and earnest internal SS discussions of political theory, dictatorship and the rule of law. Above all, this chilling account shows what happened as these ideas met reality. After their early battlefield triumphs, the bankruptcy of the Nazis' political vision for Europe became all too clear: their allies bailed out, their New Order collapsed in military failure, and they left behind a continent corrupted by collaboration, impoverished by looting and exploitation, and grieving the victims of war and genocide. About the author: Mark Mazower is Ira D.Wallach Professor of World Order Studies and Professor of History Professor of History at Columbia University. He is the author of Hitler's Greece: The Experience of Occupation, 1941-44, Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century, The Balkans: A Short History (which won the Wolfson Prize for History), Salonica: City of Ghosts (which won both the Duff Cooper Prize and the Runciman Award) and Governing the World: The History of an Idea. He has also taught at Birkbeck College, University of London, Sussex University and Princeton. He lives in New York.


Author: Philip Kerr
Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH
ISBN: 3644214719
Category: Fiction
Page: 544
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Die Wahrheit in einem Wald voller Lügen Lang und bitterkalt ist der russische Winter des Jahres 1943. Erst im März wird es wärmer. Da wittern die ausgehungerten Wölfe im Wald von Katyn etwas im angetauten Boden: Knochen. Menschliche Gebeine. Goebbels will die Nachricht von einem Kriegsverbrechen der Russen für seine Propaganda nutzen. Die Sache muss jedoch hieb- und stichfest sein. Also schickt er Privatdetektiv Bernie Gunther dorthin, um in dem Fall zu ermitteln. Doch in Smolensk treibt auch die Heeresgruppe Mitte ihr Unwesen. Nicht nur unschuldige Menschen fallen ihr zum Opfer, sondern bald auch die Wahrheit ...

Zehn Jahre und zwanzig Tage

Erinnerungen 1935 - 1945
Author: Karl Dönitz
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783763751860
Category: World War, 1939-1945
Page: 506
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Die Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle für Verletzungen des Völkerrechts

Dokumentation alliierter Kriegsverbrechen im Zweiten Weltkrieg
Author: Alfred M. De Zayas
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783938176399
Category: War crimes
Page: 540
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Unbroken (deutsch)

Die unfassbare Lebengeschichte des Louis Zamperini
Author: Laura Hillenbrand
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 3608102396
Category: Fiction
Page: 520
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Louis Zamperini, Sohn italienischer Einwanderer, wird vom jugendlichen Schlitzohr zum Mittelstreckenläufer von Weltrang. Nach seinem fulminanten Schlussspurt beim Finale der Olympischen Spiele in Berlin 1936 beginnt seine Odyssee während des Zweiten Weltkriegs im Pazifik. Er gerät mitten ins Inferno der Gefangenschaft, wo er Folter und Hunger erträgt und überlebt. Laura Hillenbrand, die zurzeit erfolgreichste Sachbuchautorin der USA, erzählt mitreißend und erzeugt eine atemlose Spannung: den Flugzeugabsturz, die 47-tägige Irrfahrt im Schlauchboot durch den Pazifik, den Kampf gegen Haie, die Kriegsgefangenschaft unter einem der grausamsten Verbrecher des Zweiten Weltkriegs.

"Schöne Zeiten"

Judenmord aus der Sicht der Täter und Gaffer
Author: Ernst Klee,Willi Dressen,Volker Riess
Publisher: N.A
Category: Deutsche
Page: 276
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Breve og indberetninger fra tyskere, som deltog i jødeudryddelserne i koncentrationslejre i Polen og på Østfronten