The Wild Horses of Sable Island

Author: Roberto Dutesco
Publisher: Te Neues Publishing Group
ISBN: 9783832798499
Category: Nature
Page: 344
View: 7178
Sable Island, a small island off the coast of eastern Canada, is the site of some 500 wild horses, 500 shipwrecks, and 500 years of known history. Never settled, the island, also known as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic," has seen temporary occupation by shipwrecked sailors, transported convicts, pirates, and wreckers. The wild horses, named for the island they inhabit, abandoned there long ago or cast ashore from wrecks, are now the only terrestrial mammals on Sable Island. Roebrto Dutesco's twenty years' documentation of Sable Island comes to you as a stunning volume of photographs, an unprecedented collection of extraordinary moments in a place uninhabited by humans, where the wild horses run free, unaware and unafraid of man. Dutesco portrays the wild beauty of these horses as well as the barren and unspoiled quality of the island, creating an immersive photographic memoir that captures the soul and spirit. The Romanian-born Canadian photographer's aim is to document and record this enchanted place for posterity, for our children's children, as an important place in Earth's history, and more so in our current moment, when unique wild places are vanishing. It is Dutesco's life project, celebrating the beauty he encountered in a place forgotten by time, desire, and conquest--Sable Island.

The Wild Horses of Sable Island Limited Edition Book

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780615620831
Page: N.A
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Roberto Dutesco's first ever publication of the Wild Horses is a lavish 365-page personal account of his intimate exploration of Sable Island. Printed and handcrafted in Bologna, Italy, and from an edition of 2,500, each book is hand-numbered and signed by the artist.

The Yesterlings

Secrets Among the Wild Horses of Sable Island
Author: Peter Kelton
Publisher: Peter Kelton DBA as Edit Ink
ISBN: 9780692183137
Page: 330
View: 9553
A yachting expedition to film a remote Canadian island famed for wild horses and shipwrecks uncovers an Argentine dandy's hoax and secrets. New Orleans femme fatale Geraldine investigates his claim he was raised by those horses when his father shipwrecked and discovers the raw truth of Sable Island, figuratively a literary fiction of adventure, mystery, suspense, myth, romance and desire.

Race the Wild Wind

A Story of the Sable Island Horses
Author: Sandra Markle,Layne Johnson
Publisher: Walker Childrens
ISBN: 9780802797667
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 40
View: 8235
From acclaimed science writer Sandra Markle comes a fascinating survival story about the wild horses of Sable Island. During a shipwreck, a young stallion leads a band of horses to safety on an arc of golden land-Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia. In gorgeously illustrated panoramic views, readers will see how the herd quickly adapted to harsh winters before the warmth of spring brought new life and new foals. But when a severe summer storm puts the horses in danger once again, only by racing the wild wind can they survive the trials of nature in their new home.

Pferde & Ponys

Author: N.A
Publisher: TESSLOFF Verlag
ISBN: 9783788610166
Page: 224
View: 8181

Wir sind die Mehrheit

Für eine Offene Gesellschaft
Author: Harald Welzer
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104904782
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 128
View: 5517
Schlagende Argumente gegen Rechtspopulisten und andere Menschenfeinde Das Buch für Offenheit und demokratische Werte Populisten dominieren immer stärker den öffentlichen Diskurs, Politik und Medien reagieren aufgeschreckt. Es scheint fast vergessen, dass es immer noch eine demokratische und freiheitliche Mehrheit gibt. Zeit sich zu Wort zu melden! Der Bestsellerautor und Sozialpsychologe Harald Welzer liefert die Argumente, die man allen rechtspopulistischen Dummheiten erfolgreich entgegenhalten kann.

Wild Horses, Wild Wolves

Legends at Risk at the Foot of the Canadian Rockies
Author: Maureen Enns
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
ISBN: 1927330238
Category: Nature
Page: 224
View: 7109
Established in 1967, the Ghost River Wilderness Area, located along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern Alberta, is one of only three provincially designated wilderness areas in the province. As such, it is supposed to have the strictest form of government protection available in Canada, with development, motorised transportation and recreational activities either tightly controlled or altogether forbidden. This has not been the case, however. Using a stunning combination of drawn and painted images, conventional and remote photography (using hidden cameras activated by heat or motion) and traditional stories told by Peigan and Stoney Nakoda people, Enns invites the reader to join her as she untangles old myths regarding Albertas heritage and reveals some uncomfortable realities facing the province in the 21st century. The wild horses, wolves, moose, deer and bears profiled in this book have had little contact with humankind. As communities, developers and governments struggle to understand the affects of conservation, recreation and development in sacred places, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep the wild in wild animals. This project is a passionate plea for understanding, conservation and action.

Eine afrikanische Liebesgeschichte

Mein Leben unter Elefanten
Author: Daphne Sheldrick
Publisher: Goldmann Verlag
ISBN: 3641080479
Category: Fiction
Page: 496
View: 2429
Mein Paradies im Herzen von Kenia Von Kindesbeinen an gilt Daphne Sheldricks ganze Liebe den wilden Tieren Afrikas. Bereits als junge Frau leistet sie wahre Pionierarbeit, als sie unermüdlich kämpft für die Errichtung von Schutzgebieten, doch die große Wende ihres Lebens ereignet sich, als sie David Sheldrick begegnet, dem charismatischen Leiter des Tsavo Nationalparks. Es ist eine leidenschaftliche und tiefe Liebe, die sie verbindet, und sie bleiben unzertrennlich bis zu Davids tragischem und viel zu frühen Tod. Daphne Sheldrick, entschlossen, das Werk ihres Mannes fortzusetzen, gründet eine Rettungsorganisation für verwaiste Elefantenkinder. Ihr Buch legt Zeugnis ab von den unvergleichlichen und zutiefst berührenden Freundschaften zwischen Menschen und Tieren - und ist eine großartige Liebeserklärung an den schwarzen Kontinent.

Wild and Beautiful Sable Island

Sand, Seals, Wild Horses and Shipwrecks, Nova Scotia, Canada
Author: Pat Keough,Rosemarie Keough
Publisher: Nimbus Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780969255734
Category: Photography
Page: 96
View: 6904

The Island Horse

Author: Susan Hughes
Publisher: Kids Can Press Ltd
ISBN: 1554539943
Category: Horses
Page: 160
View: 7532
"Ellie believes that she will live in her little village on the coast of Nova Scotia for always. But when her father gets a job on Sable Island, she must say farewell to her beloved home and her mother's final resting place. Not even the idea of seeing the wild horses that roam the island can ease her pain of leaving. And after arriving on the sandy, windswept crescent of land, Ellie feels adrift and alone ... until one afternoon when she wakens on a dune to find herself looking into the curious eyes of a wild stallion. Little by little, as the days pass, Ellie gets closer to the beautiful chocolate-colored horse. Yet she soon discovers something that could take him away from his home, his herd, and her. Ellie has lost too much already. Will she loose her island horse, too?"--P. [2] of cover.

Hearts in the Wild

Inspiring Stories of Animal Rescues
Author: Roxanne Willems Snopek
Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co
ISBN: 1927527295
Category: Nature
Page: 136
View: 6215
Every year, thousands of wild animals are injured or orphaned in Canada, while the habitat and very existence of others is threatened by human activity. Roxanne Willems Snopek tells the inspiring stories of some of these amazing creatures and the dedicated and compassionate people who care for them. Wildlife rescue centres help many of our urban animal neighbours, from the tiniest baby songbirds to skunks, raccoons, opossums and rabbits. Other concerned volunteers work on the edge of the wilderness. In the Alberta foothills, a few passionate advocates fight to protect dwindling bands of wild horses. Residents of Churchill, Manitoba, watch over the magnificent beluga whales and polar bears of the region. A wildlife centre in Golden, BC, strives to educate people about the vital environmental importance of the wolf. These heartwarming tales of rescue, rehabilitation and conservation are sure to delight all animal lovers.

Die offene Gesellschaft und ihre Freunde

Author: Alexander Carius,Harald Welzer,Andre Wilkens
Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag
ISBN: 3104903050
Category: Political Science
Page: 240
View: 5801
Harald Welzer, Andre Wilkens und Alexander Carius geben zusammen den Debatten-Band ›Die offene Gesellschaft und ihre Freunde‹ heraus. Die Frage, welches Land wir sein wollen, ist zu wichtig, um zwischen parteipolitischem Kalkül zerrieben zu werden. Wir müssen die Debatte führen: Wollen wir eine offene Gesellschaft sein, geleitet von Freiheits- und Menschenrechtsidealen, oder eine exklusive Gesellschaft, die ihre Identität vor gefühlten äußeren Bedrohungen sichert? Und wenn wir eine offene Gesellschaft sein wollen: Was sind wir bereit, dafür zu tun? Zum ersten Mal debattiert eine Gesellschaft über sich selbst und über diese Frage, analog, vor Ort. Lesen Sie nun die wichtigsten Beiträge! Mit Beiträgen von: Barbara Bleisch Alexander Carius Georg Diez Farhad Dilmaghani Mathias Döpfner Tanja Dückers Johannes Eichenhofer Wolfram Eilenberger Leila El-Amaire Naika Foroutan Rainer Hank Esra Küçük Neela Janssen Van Bo Le-Mentzel Ulrich Lilie Christoph Niemann Richard David Precht Milo Rau Dinah Schmechel Ingo Schulze Adania Shibli Hans-Georg Soeffner Tina Soliman Jean-Daniel Strub Ilija Trojanow Friedrich von Borries Stefan Wegner Harald Welzer Andre Wilkens Weitere Informationen zur Offenen Gesellschaft finden Sie unter:

Free as the Wind

Saving the Horses of Sable Island
Author: Jamie Bastedo,Susan Tooke
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780889954465
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 32
View: 4021
When the wild horses of Sable Island in Nova Scotia are rounded up and sold to make dog food, a young boy is determined to save them, so he writes a letter to the Prime Minister, in a story based on a true episode in Canada's history.

H wie Habicht

Author: Helen Macdonald
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 384371147X
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 416
View: 5783
Der Spiegel-Bestseller Der Tod ihres Vaters trifft Helen unerwartet. Erschüttert von der Wucht der Trauer wird der Kindheitstraum in ihr wach, ihren eigenen Habicht aufzuziehen und zu zähmen. Und so zieht das stolze Habichtweibchen Mabel bei ihr ein. Durch die intensive Beschäftigung mit dem Tier entwickelt sich eine konzentrierte Nähe zwischen den beiden, die tröstend und heilend wirkt. Doch Mabel ist nicht irgendein Tier. Mabel ist ein Greifvogel. Mabel tötet. »Um einen Greifvogel abzurichten, muss man ihn wie einen Greifvogel beobachten, erst dann kann man vorhersagen, was er als Nächstes tun wird. Schließlich sieht man die Körpersprache des Vogels gar nicht mehr – man scheint zu fühlen, was der Vogel fühlt. Die Wahrnehmung des Vogels wird zur eigenen. Als die Tage in dem abgedunkelten Raum vergingen und ich mich immer mehr in den Habicht hineinversetzte, schmolz mein Menschsein von mir ab.« Helen Macdonald Ein Buch über die Erinnerung, über Natur und Freiheit - und über das Glück, sich einer großen Aufgabe von ganzem Herzen zu widmen. »[Macdonalds] anschaulicher Stil – verblüffend und außerordentlich präzise – ist nur ein Teil dessen, was dieses Buch ausmacht. Die Geschichte vom Abrichten Mabels liest sich wie ein Thriller. Die allmählich und behutsam anwachsende Spannung lässt den Atem stocken ... Fesselnd.« Rachel Cooke Observer * New York Times Bestseller * Costa Award für das beste Buch des Jahres 2014 * Samuel Johnson Prize

Sable Island

Its Past History, Present Appearance, Natural History, &c., &c.,
Author: John Bernard Gilpin,Joseph Darby,Joseph Howe
Publisher: N.A
Category: Mollusks
Page: 34
View: 6246

Wild Horses

A Spirit Unbroken
Author: Elwyn Hartley Edwards
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)
Category: Nature
Page: 112
View: 2151
Provides photographs and information about the origins and development of some of the wild horse species that live in various places throughout the world, and discusses conservation efforts.

The Wild Horse Dilemma

Conflicts and Controversies of the Atlantic Coast Herds
Author: Bonnie U. Gruenberg
Publisher: Synclitic Media LLC
ISBN: 1941700276
Category: Nature
Page: 597
View: 9442
Tirades and threats. Hyperbole and deception. Changing landscapes and immutable opinions. Living traditions and dead animals. The conflicts that rage around the wild horses of the Atlantic coast can be loud, confusing, and downright vicious. Wild horses have lived on these barrier islands for hundreds of years, and many people would like to see them remain. Horse advocates and horse detractors alike turn to research to support their claims, but often reach different conclusions from the same information. Engaging the reader at every turn of the page, Bonnie Gruenberg frequently breaks new ground as she separates fact from myth and exposes the roots of issues for the reader to consider. She does not flinch from probing questions: Are these horses wild or feral? Native or exotic? Were Chincoteague Ponies used in bioweapons research? Did the U.S. Coast Guard patrol East Coast beaches with Western mustangs in WWII? How does the condition of lactating mares predict environmental health? She weaves a story of ancient origins and current events, hard science and fiery passion. The result is the most comprehensive and factual reference on the wild horses of the Atlantic coast.