The Wretched of the Earth

Author: Frantz Fanon
Publisher: Penguin Modern Classics
ISBN: 9780141186542
Category: Algeria
Page: 255
View: 3996
Frantz Fanon's seminal work on the trauma of colonization, The Wretched of the Earth made him the leading anti-colonialist thinker of the twentieth century. This Penguin Modern Classics edition is translated from the French by Constance Farrington, with an introduction by Jean-Paul Sartre. Written at the height of the Algerian war for independence from French colonial rule and first published in 1961, Frantz Fanon's classic text has provided inspiration for anti-colonial movements ever since, analysing the role of class, race, national culture and violence in the struggle for freedom. With power and anger, Fanon makes clear the economic and psychological degradation inflicted by imperialism. It was Fanon, himself a psychotherapist, who exposed the connection between colonial war and mental disease, who showed how the fight for freedom must be combined with building a national culture, and who showed the way ahead, through revolutionary violence, to socialism. Many of the great calls to arms from the era of decolonization are now of purely historical interest, yet this passionate analysis of the relations between the great powers and the 'Third World' is just as illuminating about the world we live in today. Frantz Fanon (1925-61) was a Martinique-born French author essayist, psychoanalyst, and revolutionary. Fanon was a supporter of the Algerian struggle for independence from French rule, and became a member of the Algerian National Liberation Front. He was perhaps the preeminent thinker of the 20th century on the issue of decolonization and the psychopathology of colonization. His works have inspired anti-colonial liberation movements for more than four decades. If you enjoyed The Wretched of the Earth, you might like Edward Said's Orientalism, also available in Penguin Modern Classics. 'In clear language, in words that can only have been written in the cool heat of rage, he showed us the internal theatre of racism'Independent

Story of a Death Foretold

The Coup Against Salvador Allende, September 11, 1973
Author: Oscar Guardiola-Rivera
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1608199010
Category: History
Page: 496
View: 1590
On the fortieth anniversary of revolution and rebellion in Chile, a searching history of the rise and fall of the world's first and only democratically elected Marxist president. On September 11, 1973, President Salvador Allende of Chile was deposed in a violent coup led by General Augusto Pinochet. The coup had been in the works for months, even years. Shortly after giving a farewell speech to his people, Allende died of gunshot wounds-whether inflicted by his own hand or an assassin's remains uncertain. Pinochet ruled Chile for a quarter century, but the short rise and bloody fall of Allende is still the subject of fierce historical debate. In a world in the throes of the Cold War, the seeming backwater of Chile became the host of a very hot conflict-with Henry Kissinger and the Western establishment aligned with Pinochet's insurgents against a socialist coalition of students, workers, Pablo Neruda, and folk singers, led by the brilliant ideologue Allende. Revolution and counterrevolution played out in graphic detail, moving the small South American nation to the center of the world stage in the dramatic autumn of 1973. Now the rising young scholar Oscar Guardiola-Rivera gives us a tour de force account of a historical crossroads, tracing the destiny of democracy, and the paths of power, money, and violence that still shadow Latin America and its relations with the United States.

Die Verdammten dieser Erde

Author: Frantz Fanon,Jean-Paul Sartre
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783518371688
Category: Afrika - Entkolonialisierung
Page: 266
View: 3116

Alienation and Literature

Discursive Maps in the West African Experience
Author: William Dikedi Onyebuchim Nwaegbe
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483629325
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 218
View: 9577
Alienation and Literature is concerned with the problem of change in the society and how it is perceived by the West African writer. It aims to define and identify the various facets of alienation and demonstrate how they are manifested in the lives of people and in the imagination of creative writers. Critics of modern West African literature have concentrated their efforts on the cultural and political aspects of alienation. This is an attempt to analyze in addition, physical and economic alienation, how they have resulted in the growth or otherwise of the creative writer in particular and the society in general.

Frantz Fanon and the Future of Cultural Politics

Finding Something Different
Author: Anthony C. Alessandrini
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739172298
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 304
View: 3679
This book examines how the work of a revolutionary writer such as Frantz Fanon might be best appropriated for contemporary political and cultural issues. Reviewing the field of “Fanon studies” in relation to his contemporaries as well as modern contexts, this book will be of interest to scholars and students across a wide range of disciplines.


A Beginner's Guide
Author: Alana Lentin
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780741766
Category: Social Science
Page: 184
View: 4989
Despite the fact that we’ve spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting tolerance, racism is still prevalent today. In fact, since 9-11 the subject of race, and exactly what this means, has become more important than ever before. Alana Lentin traces the development and mutation of ideas about race, through political history right up to modern debates about ethnicity and xenophobia, and considers the implications of a ‘raceless’ society amid concerns about diluted traditions and identities. Thought-provoking and intelligent, this invaluable resource exposes the roots of racist thought, and reveals how it has remained a part of our everyday lives. Alana Lentin is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sussex, UK.

The Concept of Dharma in Medieval Hindu Legal Traditions with Thomas Aquinas’ Natural Law Philosophy

Author: Punsara Amarasinghe
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3668527326
Category: Law
Page: 68
View: 3613
Master's Thesis from the year 2017 in the subject Law - Comparative Legal Systems, Comparative Law, , language: English, abstract: This study intends to be a comparative analysis between two legal tradition which grew up in two different civilizations. The concept of Dharma in Medieval Hindu legal philosophy and Thomas Aquinas’ Natural Law theory have been taken into the comparison in this research as two great legal traditions which grew in the same period of middle age. This research has examined the salient features of natural law ascribed by concept of Dharma in medieval Hindu jurisprudence and how natural law was perceived by Aquinas in his legal philosophy which was aptly described in his master work “ Summa Theologiae”. Apart from mere analyzing facts this study further examines the affinities that existed between concept of Dharma and Aquinas’ theory of Natural Law.

Der Churchill-Faktor

Author: Boris Johnson
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 3608101128
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 472
View: 9399
Mit fulminanter Erzählfreude und einem pointensicheren Gespür für die erhellende Anekdote schildert Boris Johnson Leben und Charakter des bedeutendsten britischen Staatsmannes des 20. Jahrhunderts (1874 –1965). Fasziniert von der Einmaligkeit, dem Humor und Sprachwitz, dem Abenteurertum, den politischen und literarisch-künstlerischen Leistungen seines Helden, hat er eine ebenso kenntnisreiche wie hinreißende Liebeserklärung an Winston S. Churchill verfasst. Mit britischer Nonchalance zeigt Johnson, was die Jahrhundertgestalt Churchill jedem von uns heute noch bedeuten kann.

Grasping Africa

A Tale of Tragedy and Achievement
Author: Stephen Chan
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 0857731297
Category: History
Page: 224
View: 523
Africa is huge, internationally vital, potentially rich and powerful yet mired in failure - political, economic, social and even cultural. Yet the story of contemporary Africa is not just one of global tragedy but also of enormous hope for the future. This stimulating and unconventional book on Africa today and its relationship with the West explores the many complex reasons behind Africa’s failure to fulfil its potential - it is a continent blighted by colonialism, exploitation and the interference of great powers in the international relations of the region - and offers some genuinely original and well-argued suggestions for ways forward. Critical and objective yet involved and sympathetic, Grasping Africa demonstrates Stephen Chan’s deep understanding of the history and politics of Africa based on his long experience of the continent in often dangerous circumstances.


Theory and the Politics of Knowing
Author: Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231530757
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 120
View: 9974
A masterful writer working in many genres, Ngugi wa Thiong'o entered the East African literary scene in 1962 with the performance of his first major play, The Black Hermit, at the National Theatre in Uganda. In 1977 he was imprisoned after his most controversial work, Ngaahika Ndeenda (I Will Marry When I Want), produced in Nairobi, sharply criticized the injustices of Kenyan society and unequivocally championed the causes of ordinary citizens. Following his release, Ngugi decided to write only in his native Gikuyu, communicating with Kenyans in one of the many languages of their daily lives, and today he is known as one of the most outspoken intellectuals working in postcolonial theory and the global postcolonial movement. In this volume, Ngugi wa Thiong'o summarizes and develops a cross-section of the issues he has grappled with in his work, which deploys a strategy of imagery, language, folklore, and character to "decolonize the mind." Ngugi confronts the politics of language in African writing; the problem of linguistic imperialism and literature's ability to resist it; the difficult balance between orality, or "orature," and writing, or "literature"; the tension between national and world literature; and the role of the literary curriculum in both reaffirming and undermining the dominance of the Western canon. Throughout, he engages a range of philosophers and theorists writing on power and postcolonial creativity, including Hegel, Marx, Lévi-Strauss, and Aimé Césaire. Yet his explorations remain grounded in his own experiences with literature (and orature) and reworks the difficult dialectics of theory into richly evocative prose.

Das Herz der Finsternis

Author: Joseph Conrad
Publisher: Null Papier Verlag
ISBN: 3954182076
Category: Fiction
Page: 144
View: 7478
"Mit der Erzählung »Herz der Finsternis« gelangte Joseph Conrad zu Weltruhm. Der ungewöhnlich symbolreiche Text wird seit Erscheinen immer wieder aufs Neue interpretiert. Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts, der Flussdampferkapitän Marlow reist im Auftrag einer belgischen Handelskompanie tief in den Kongo. Auf seiner Reise erlebt er unverständliche Wirrnisse, Sinnlosigkeit und eine unvorstellbare Ausbeutung der Einheimischen. Die Reise auf dem Fluss entwickelt sich immer mehr zur Reise in sein eigenes Unterbewusstsein, in ein finsteres Labyrinth von Lüge und Schuld. Marlow trifft auf den berüchtigten Elfenbeinhändler Kurtz. Dieser hat aus seinem Handelsposten ein Zentrum des Bösen gemacht und sich so eine machtvolle Position erschaffen, von der aus er scheinbar frei schalten und walten darf. »Herz der Finsternis« hat von Anfang an Leser und Interpreten fasziniert und hat bis heute nichts von seiner Aktualität eingebüßt. Der Stoff diente als Vorlage mehrerer Verfilmungen. Am bekanntesten: »Apocalypse Now« von Francis Ford Coppola mit Marlon Brando in der Rolle des charismatischen und geheimnisvollen Ausbeuters (diesmal) asiatischer Einheimischer während des Vietnamkrieges und »Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes« von Herzog mit Klaus Kinski als wahnsinnigen Eroberer und Vollstrecker eines ausbeuterischen, europäischen Kolonialismus in Süd-Amerika. 1. Auflage, ISBN 978-3-95418-207-7 Umfang: 149 Normseiten bzw. 144 Buchseiten Null Papier Verlag -"

Homeless by choice

Naipaul, Jhabvala, Rushdie & India
Author: Sudha Rai
Publisher: N.A
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 215
View: 3382

Post Colonial Novel

Narratives of Colonial Consciousness
Author: Om Prakash Juneja
Publisher: N.A
Category: Colonies in literature
Page: 182
View: 3666

Schwarze Haut, weiße Masken

Author: Frantz Fanon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783851326765
Page: 230
View: 9522

Der Mann im grauen Flanell

Author: Sloan Wilson
Publisher: Dumont Buchverlag
ISBN: 3832187065
Category: Fiction
Page: 446
View: 4712
Der amerikanische Klassiker in neuer Übersetzung Tom und Betsy Rath sind ein junges Paar, sie haben drei gesunde Kinder, ein schönes Zuhause in einem netten Vorort von New York und ein regelmäßiges, wenn auch nicht üppiges Einkommen. Eigentlich haben sie allen Grund, glücklich zu sein. Doch irgendwie sind sie es nicht. Tom pendelt Tag für Tag in die Stadt, wo er einem unspektakulären Bürojob nachgeht – seit er aus dem Krieg zurückgekehrt ist, hat er sich ohnehin verändert, ist verschlossen und launisch. Betsy fühlt sich unverstanden. Nach einem Karriereschritt hat Tom bald keine Zeit mehr für sein Privatleben. Ist es das, was Tom wirklich will? Als er auf einen alten Kameraden aus dem Krieg trifft, gerät sein Alltag vollends aus den Fugen, Tom muss sich seiner Vergangenheit stellen und eine Entscheidung treffen, die sein Leben grundsätzlich verändern wird. ›Der Mann im grauen Flanell‹, im Original 1955 veröffentlicht und sofort ein Bestseller, vermittelt wie wenige andere Romane den Geist der fünfziger Jahre. Zu Recht gilt er als moderner Klassiker und verdient es, zusammen mit den Werken von Richard Yates, John Cheever und Raymond Carver genannt zu werden. Der Buchtitel war so treffend, dass er im Englischen zu einem feststehenden Begriff wurde. Nun liegt der Roman in einer zeitgemäßen deutschen Übersetzung vor.

The Atlas of the Real World

Mapping the Way We Live
Author: Daniel Dorling,Mark Newman,Anna Barford
Publisher: N.A
Category: Reference
Page: 400
View: 4879
Features maps and statistics about different aspects of the world's population, covering topics that range from literacy rates and health indicators to television viewing practices and endangered species listings.

Christian and Muslim in Africa

Author: Noel Quinton King
Publisher: N.A
Category: Religion
Page: 153
View: 6800

Handbook of material culture

Author: Christopher Y. Tilley
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Category: Social Science
Page: 556
View: 5581
The study of material culture is concerned with the relationship between persons and things in the past and in the present, in urban and industrialized and in small-scale societies across the globe. The Handbook of Material Culture provides a critical survey of the theories, concepts, intellectual debates, substantive domains, and traditions of study characterizing the analysis of "things." This cutting-edge work examines the current state of material culture as well as how this field of study may be extended and developed in the future. The Handbook of Material Culture is divided into five sections: Section I maps material culture studies as a theoretical and conceptual field. Section II examines the relationship between material forms, the human body and the senses. Section III focuses on subject-object relations. Section IV considers things in terms of processes and transformations in terms of production, exchange and consumption, performance and the significance of things over the long-term. Section V considers the contemporary politics and poetics of displaying, representing and conserving material and the manner in which this impacts on notions of heritage, tradition and identity. The Handbook charts an interdisciplinary field of studies that makes a unique and fundamental contribution to an understanding of what it means to be human. It will be of interest to all who work in the social and historical sciences, from anthropologists and archaeologists to human geographers to scholars working in heritage, design and cultural studies.

Wiedersehen mit Babylon

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Publisher: Diogenes Verlag AG
ISBN: 3257601425
Category: Fiction
Page: 672
View: 4480
Nach dem Schwarzen Freitag von 1929 ist nichts mehr wie zuvor. Das muss in ›Wiedersehen mit Babylon‹ auch der Börsenspekulant Charlie Wales erfahren. Schnell hat er sein Vermögen gemacht, noch schneller hat er es wieder verloren. Charlie kehrt nach Paris zurück, sein Geld ist weg, die Frau tot, die kleine Tochter will man ihm nicht anvertrauen – und selbst die Ritz-Bar ist leer. Geschichten aus den Jahren 1929–1934, über Gewinn und Verlust – über das Leben in Zeiten der Krise. "

New Statesman

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Great Britain
Page: N.A
View: 6835