Understanding Boat Design

Author: Edward S. Brewer,Ted Brewer
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780070076945
Category: Architecture
Page: 160
View: 7458
For new boating enthusiasts--even if they've been at it awhile--there are scores of burning questions. If one boat has a round bottom and another's is veed, what difference does it make in the way they perform? What are the advantages of a cutter rig over a sloop? Why does one sailor swear by a full keel, while others won't have anything but a fin keel? Why does one powerboat have more flare in its topsides than another? And what is flare? Why do some hull shapes look "right"? How big an engine and propeller will it take to move that powerboat? What elements make a boat safe, or comfortable? Understanding Boat Design has been the place to look for quick, uncomplicated answers since 1971. Founder of the Yacht Design Institute, a highly respected designer for more than 30 years, and a frequent contributor to SAIL, Cruising World, and other magazines, Ted Brewer has again revised his classic primer. This new volume has been greatly expanded and contains information on many aspects of design that were not even thought of twenty years ago. Understanding Boat Design has eased tens of thousands of readers into the complex world of small-craft design. It is the ideal introduction for backyard boatbuilders, students of boat design, or someone looking to buy a first boat. "This tight little book should be required reading."--Soundings "A natural for those embarking on a first purchase, or the amateur builder."--Sailing "One of the cleanest and clearest expositions on the elements of yacht design ever published . . . by a naval architect who knows what he is talking about."--WoodenBoat

Understanding Yacht Design

Author: Ian Nicolson
Publisher: *Wiley Nautical
ISBN: 9781898660828
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 128
View: 7323

Thirty Wooden Boats

A Second Catalog of Building Plans
Author: Wooden Boat Magazine
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
ISBN: 9780937822159
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 78
View: 3492
Cynthis Curtis, Mike O'Brien, and Paul Lazarus have endeavored to provide readers with as much information as possible while maintaining an open and strongly visual format.


Author: William Baroway,Technical Education Research Centers (U.S.)
Publisher: NSTA Press
ISBN: 0873551788
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 96
View: 5105
Challenges high school students to investigate the physics of boat performance & to work with systems & modeling.

Science by Design

Construct a Boat, Catapult, Glove, and Greenhouse
Author: Terc
Publisher: NSTA Press
ISBN: 1936959488
Category: Education
Page: 378
View: 816
Launch a new generation of students into catapult- and boat-building—plus glove- and greenhouse-making—with this newly refreshed resource. Four sets of well-loved activities have been repackaged in one convenient volume that seamlessly combines hands-on experience with intriguing engineering concepts.

Perfect for inspiring interest in STEM topics, the activities encourage high school classes to learn by doing. The activities will get your students fully engaged in meaningful explorations of concepts such as
  • buoyancy and friction (through boats)
  • torsion and elasticity (catapults)
  • heat transfer and insulation (gloves)
  • plant biology, thermodynamics, and energy transfer (greenhouses)
Best of all, Science By Design is written with the needs of time-starved teachers like you in mind. Each of the four units provides thorough explanations, materials lists, cost and timing estimates, and teaching suggestions. You also get ideas for assessment and student portfolios, plus lists of connections to national standards. And if those aren’t enough, don’t miss the bonus resources called “side roads”—off-the-beaten-path investigations that let you and your students delve further into the links between inquiry and design.

All About Powerboats: Understanding Design and Performance

Author: Roger Marshall
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071362047
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 160
View: 9553
What's the difference between a deep-vee hull and a modified vee? A planing hull and a displacement hull? Find the answers to these and scores of other frequently asked questions in All About Powerboats. Writing for any boater seeking a better understanding of modern powerboat design and handling, author Roger Marshall provides a well-illustrated, clear introduction to small powerboats (18 to 30 feet long) from the perspective of use. His practical advice on hull shape, engines, construction methods, steering systems, comfort, and safety gives today's boaters a thorough grounding in powerboat selection, use, and lore.

How to Design a Boat

Sail and Power
Author: John Teale
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408152053
Category: Boats and boating
Page: 144
View: 851
A guide that is designed to take the novice step-by-step through the stages of designing both power and sailing boats, explaining the reasons behind the procedures and using typical lines plans and working drawings to help understanding.

Fifty Wooden Boats

A Catalog of Building Plans
Author: Woodenboat Magazine
Publisher: WoodenBoat Books
ISBN: 9780937822074
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 112
View: 5330
This is the first of three major catalogues compiled by the editors of WoodenBoat Magazine. The other books in this series are 'Thirty Wooden Boats' and 'Forty Wooden Boats'.

The Design of Everyday Things

Psychologie und Design der alltäglichen Dinge
Author: Norman Don
Publisher: Vahlen
ISBN: 3800648105
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 320
View: 4128
Apple, Audi, Braun oder Samsung machen es vor: Gutes Design ist heute eine kritische Voraussetzung für erfolgreiche Produkte. Dieser Klassiker beschreibt die fundamentalen Prinzipien, um Dinge des täglichen Gebrauchs umzuwandeln in unterhaltsame und zufriedenstellende Produkte. Don Norman fordert ein Zusammenspiel von Mensch und Technologie mit dem Ziel, dass Designer und Produktentwickler die Bedürfnisse, Fähigkeiten und Handlungsweisen der Nutzer in den Vordergrund stellen und Designs an diesen angepasst werden. The Design of Everyday Things ist eine informative und spannende Einführung für Designer, Marketer, Produktentwickler und für alle an gutem Design interessierten Menschen. Zum Autor Don Norman ist emeritierter Professor für Kognitionswissenschaften. Er lehrte an der University of California in San Diego und der Northwest University in Illinois. Mitte der Neunzigerjahre leitete Don Norman die Advanced Technology Group bei Apple. Dort prägte er den Begriff der User Experience, um über die reine Benutzbarkeit hinaus eine ganzheitliche Erfahrung der Anwender im Umgang mit Technik in den Vordergrund zu stellen. Norman ist Mitbegründer der Beratungsfirma Nielsen Norman Group und hat unter anderem Autohersteller von BMW bis Toyota beraten. „Keiner kommt an Don Norman vorbei, wenn es um Fragen zu einem Design geht, das sich am Menschen orientiert.“ Brand Eins 7/2013 „Design ist einer der wichtigsten Wettbewerbsvorteile. Dieses Buch macht Spaß zu lesen und ist von größter Bedeutung.” Tom Peters, Co-Autor von „Auf der Suche nach Spitzenleistungen“

The Annapolis Book of Seamanship: Third Edition

Completely Revised, Expanded and Updated
Author: John Rousmaniere,Mark Smith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684854201
Category: Reference
Page: 416
View: 4860
Offers information based on the sailing program of the U.S. Naval Academy, giving detailed instructions for all levels of experience on developing and maintaining effective sailing skills

Boater's Pocket Reference

Your Comprehensive Resource for Boats and Boating
Author: Thomas McEwen
Publisher: Anchor Cove Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 0977405206
Category: Boats and boating
Page: 766
View: 9056
800 pages, 435 illustrations, 94 photographs, index. Handy, fact-filled new boating guide offers, how-to-do-it information and reference facts, figures, formulas, graphs, and tables about boating in a book small enough (about 3" x 5" x 1") to fit in your pocket. This book is for everyone who wants to enjoy being a better, safer, and more responsible boater. If you are new to boating this book is filled with information you need to know. If you are an experienced boater this book can act as a great reference and memory jogger.

Cruising Sailboat Kinetics

Author: Danny Greene
Publisher: Tiller Pub
ISBN: 9781888671087
Category: Transportation
Page: 237
View: 9425
A boat-design handbook written for the everyday, non-professional sailor, it demystifies boat-design terminology and concepts and opens up for recreational sailors a new world of understanding why sailboats act the way they do. It explains how boat designers transform sailing dreams and abstract design criteria into today's sleek, functional, three-dimensional craft. The first half of the book is a primer, a beginner's guide to design terminology and concepts, laced with photographs and clear, non-technical illustrations, while the second half of the book is a heavily illustrated showcase of the best cruising-sailboat designs, including a lengthy explanation of what makes each design special.

Sorensen's Guide to Powerboats

How to Evaluate Design, Construction, and Performance
Author: Eric W. Sorensen
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071379557
Category: Transportation
Page: 504
View: 6432
Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats schools readers in the principles of powerboat design, construction, and performance. It acquaints readers with all the major powerboat types over 20 feet, explaining what each type does well or poorly and what to look for in each. Also includes more than 100 rigorous, unbiased technical reviews of new and used boat models and shorter reviews of 200 more.

The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders, Designers, and Owners

Author: Dave Gerr
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071703217
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 352
View: 9344
"This work is significant. It is the first to include a method of assessing structural strength in the context of the modern marine environment." --Commander M. C. Cruder, U.S. Coast Guard Acclaimed author and naval architect Dave Gerr created this unique system of easy-to-use scantling rules and rules-of-thumb for calculating the necessary dimensions, or scantlings, of hulls, decks, and other boat parts, whether built of fiberglass, wood, wood-epoxy composite, steel, or aluminum. In addition to the rules themselves, The Elements of Boat Strength offers their context: an in-depth, plain-English discussion of boatbuilding materials, methods, and practices that will guide you through all aspects of boat construction. Now you can avoid wading through dense technical engineering manuals or tackling advanced mathematics. The Elements of Boat Strength has all the formulas, tables, illustrations, and charts you need to judge how heavy each piece of your boat should be in order to last and be safe. With this book, an inexpensive scientific calculator, and a pad of paper, you'll be able to design and specify all the components necessary to build a sound, long-lasting, rugged vessel. What reviewers have said about Dave Gerr's books: Propeller Handbook "By far the best book available on the subject."--Sailing "The best layman's guide we've ever read."--Practical Sailor Dave Gerr and International Marine made a complicated topic understandable and put it into a handbook that is easy to use."--WoodenBoat "Without doubt the definitive reference for selecting, installing, and understanding boat propellers."--Royal Navy Sailing Association Journal The Nature of Boats "If you are not nautically obsessed before reading this book, you will most certainly be afterward."--Sailing Fascinating potpourri of information about today's boats, modern and traditional."--WoodenBoat

The Woodenboat

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Category: Boatbuilding
Page: N.A
View: 6513

Rumpf- und Decksreparaturen

Author: Don Casey
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783667103963
Page: 136
View: 7948

The Rudder

Author: Thomas Fleming Day
Publisher: N.A
Category: Shipbuilding
Page: N.A
View: 2139

Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems

Author: John C. Payne
Publisher: Sheridan House, Inc.
ISBN: 1574092634
Category: Reference
Page: 102
View: 7095
From John C. Payne comes a new title in his successful series of easy-to-understand yet thorough treatments of technical issues facing every boat owner. Each volume is concise, compact, and fully illustrated. Understanding Boat Plumbing and Water Systems covers these major topics: Water Systems, Water Tanks, Pressure Pumps, Hot Water Calorifiers, Diesel Hot Water Heaters, Desalination Systems, Bilge Pump Systems, Bilge Alarms, Bilge Pump Maintenance, Sewage Systems, MSD Systems, Shower Drain and Sink Systems.