Understanding China

A Guide to China's Culture, Economy, and Political Structure
Author: John Bryan Starr
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0809094886
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 338
View: 6871
Brings historical background and analysis to an exploration of the challenges facing modern China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and economic growth

Understanding China [3rd Edition]

A Guide to China's Economy, History, and Political Culture
Author: John Bryan Starr
Publisher: Hill and Wang
ISBN: 1429934182
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 448
View: 1785
After ten years, John Bryan Starr has thoroughly revised and updated his classic introduction to the background of, the data about, and the issues at stake in China's present and future. In the new edition, Starr seamlessly weaves in additional material on the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese government's ongoing efforts to curb the influence of the Internet, and the intensifying trade disputes between the United States and China. Succinct, modest, and refreshingly forthright, Understanding China remains a necessary guide for the uninitiated to everything from the Chinese economy and political system, to its intellectual freedoms and human rights, to its relationship with the rest of the world.

Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Author: Thomas Baumer
Publisher: N.A
Category: Intercultural communication
Page: 223
View: 3450

The Chinese Tao of Business

The Logic of Successful Business Strategy
Author: George T. Haley,Usha C. V. Haley,ChinHwee Tan
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118177304
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 256
View: 5426
How can managers discover, develop and implement successful business strategies for China and our global economy? Drawing on in-depth research with top executives of successful Chinese and Western companies, this book provides a road map for profitable business strategies in our interconnected economy. In the process, the authors describe and examine both Chinese and Western strategic management, their weaknesses and strengths. Starting with an analysis of the historical, cultural and legal antecedents of Chinese strategy, the authors identify potential for synergy and dominance between companies from Western, industrialized economies and Chinese companies. The book closes with recommendations on how the managements of non-Chinese companies, now pouring into China, can most effectively compete and interact with Chinese businesspersons and governments. The Chinese Tao of Business offers guidance to compete successfully against local companies and in foreign markets through: Unique insights into Chinese bus iness strategy, including its origins and influencing factors; Insightful perspectives on the evolution of China’s market and business environments; Incisive analysis of Eastern and Western strategic decision-making styles and how they differ; Cogent identification of hidden and overt threats, pitfalls and opportunities that Western companies face in China and how to plan for them; Effective direction through an Adaptive-Action Road Map (ARM) for successful business strategies in China and the global economy.

Sex and Sexuality in China

Author: Elaine Jeffreys
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134144512
Category: Social Science
Page: 240
View: 9776
Elaine Jeffreys explores the issues of sex and sexuality in a non-Western context by examining debates surrounding the emergence of new sexual behaviours, and the appropriate nature of their regulation, in the People's Republic of China. Commissioned from Western and mainland Chinese scholars of sex and sexuality in China, the chapters in this volume are marked by a diversity of subject material and theoretical perspectives, but turn on three related concerns. First, the book situates China’s changing sexual culture and the nature of its governance in the socio-political history of the PRC. Second, it shows how China’s shift to a rule of law has generated conflicting conceptions of citizenship and the associated rights of individuals as sexual citizens. Finally, the book demonstrates that the Chinese state does not operate strictly to repress ‘sex’; it also is implicated in the creation of new spaces for sexual entrepreneurship, expertise and consumption. This comprehensive study is a valuable resource for scholars in the fields of sexuality studies and post-socialist societies and culture, directly appealing to both East Asia and China specialists.

Understanding China's Economy

Author: Gregory C. Chow
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810218584
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 269
View: 9873
In the early 1990's, the world began to recognize China as a rising economic power to reckon with. China's economy is dynamic ? her human and natural resources are plentiful and her economic growth has been well sustained over the last 16 years. In fact, some have predicted that by the year 2020, China's economic output will be close to half that of the US. It is undeniable that China will be an economic giant, if she is not already one today.In this book, the author has traced China's economic development over the last 16 years. The steps and characteristics of China's economic reform are detailed. The prospects for China's economic growth are studied. The author also attempts to analyze topical issues pertaining to China's economic relations with the US and her integration with the other Asian economies. This book provides the interested reader with a bird's eye view of the Chinese economy over the last 16 years. Most chapters are written for the general reader, while a few are for professional economists. For the questions it answers or for those that it raises, this is an important book to read.

A Guide to Successful Business Relations With the Chinese

Opening the Great Wall's Gate
Author: Richard S Andrulis,Huang Quanyu,Chen Tong
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136590056
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 266
View: 5567
Introduces and analyzes the Chinese people, their ideas, behavior, and cultural roots. It not only provides a sufficient theoretical basis for understanding this population, but also focuses on the various vivid practical experiences of everyday and business life. A Guide to Successful Business Relations With the Chinese alters Western business people’s perception of the Chinese people and improves their ability and skill in creating harmonious relationships with Chinese managers, colleagues, and subordinates on business and personal levels.

China A to Z

Everything You Need to Know to Understand Chinese Customs and Culture
Author: May-Lee Chai,Winberg Chai
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 014218084X
Category: Reference
Page: 320
View: 5240
A comprehensive A to Z guide to understanding the customs, culture, and people of China.

Understanding China's Political System

Author: Kerry Dumbaugh
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1437928374
Page: 24
View: 2521
At one level, China is a one-party state that has been ruled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1949. But rather than being rigidly hierarchical and authoritarian, political power in China now is diffuse, complex, and at times highly competitive. Contents of this report: (1) China¿s Preeminent Political Institutions; (2) The CCP: The Political Bureau; The Politburo Standing Committee; The Secretariat; Party Discipline; (3) The Chinese Gov¿t.: The State Council; The Ministries; Gov¿t. Control; (4) National People¿s Congress; (5) People¿s Liberation Army; (6) Relationships Among Leaders; (7) Other Important Political Actors; (8) Provincial, Municipal, and Local Governments; (9) Trends and Idiosyncrasies of China¿s Political System. Illus.

The Chinese State in the Era of Economic Reform

The Road to Crisis
Author: Gordon White
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780873328531
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 345
View: 1364
This book seeks to assess the impact of the post-Mao market-oriented reforms on the Chinese state and its relations with society and the economy. It investigates the political and social consequences of an economic strategy which aims to introduce markets into a centrally-planned socialist economy of the Soviet type and investigates what changes have actually occurred in the organisational and political character of the Chinese state, the nature and scope of political participation, the managerial relationships between state agencies and productive enterprises and the nature of Chinese social structure and social attitudes. The book is a valuable source for those who wish to understand the complex and deep-rooted causes of the tragic events in Beijing in June 1989.

Reconciling State, Market and Civil Society in China

The Long March Toward Prosperity
Author: Paolo Urio
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135171599
Category: Political Science
Page: 304
View: 8919
This book presents a balanced picture of the Chinese reform process, analysing the economic, social, environmental, legal, political and cultural aspects of the process and showing the interconnections between them. As well as analysing the achievements realised thus far by the reform process, this book looks ahead at the difficulties the Chinese leadership will have to face in the years to come.

China at the Threshold of a Market Economy

Author: Michael W. Bell,Michael E. Bell,Hoe Ee Khor,Kalpana Kochhar,Jun Ma,Simon N'guiamba,Rajiv Lall
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
ISBN: 9781557753496
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 88
View: 9121
Dated September 1993

Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy

Author: Gregory C. Chow,Dwight H. Perkins
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317663551
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 352
View: 2229
China's rapid rise to become the world's second largest economy has resulted in an unprecedented impact on the global system and an urgent need to understand the more about the newest economic superpower. The Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy is an advanced-level reference guide which surveys the current economic situation in China and its integration into the global economy. An internationally renowned line-up of scholars contribute chapters on the key components of the contemporary economy and their historical foundations. Topics covered include: the history of the Chinese economy from ancient times onwards; economic growth and development; population, the labor market, income distribution, and poverty; legal, political, and financial institutions; and foreign trade and investments. Offering a cutting-edge overview of the Chinese economy, the Handbook is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers, economists, graduate, and undergraduate students studying this ever-evolving field.

A Guide to Chinese Affairs

Author: Robert M. Liu
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 059513906X
Category: Political Science
Page: 244
View: 7658
This is a political treatise that deals with the China issue from a completely new perspective. Disparaging as he may sound, from page to page, toward "the old system" and the Communist Party's various wiles, the author demonstrates his mysteriously profound understanding of the Chinese leadership. Few men in North America would have such prescient perception of what is happening in Asia's (and also the world's) most populous country. It is a work of amazing knowledge and brilliance!

Asia in Western and World History

A Guide for Teaching
Author: Ainslie Thomas Embree,Carol Gluck
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9781563242656
Category: History
Page: 998
View: 3040
This comprehensive volume provides teachers and students with broad and stimulating perspectives on Asian history and its place in world and Western history. Essays by over forty leading scholars suggest many new ways of incorporating Asian history, from ancient to modern times, into core curriculum history courses. Now featuring "Suggested Resources for Maps to Be Used in Conjunction with Asia in Western and World History".

Governance and Politics of China

Author: Tony Saich
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137445300
Category: Political Science
Page: 434
View: 7004
The success or failure of China's development will impact not only its own citizens but also those of the world. China is widely recognized as a global actor on the world stage and no global challenge can be resolved without its participation. Thus, it is important to understand how the country is ruled and what the policy priorities are of the new leadership. Can China move to a more market-based economy, while controlling environmental degradation? Can it integrate hundreds of millions of new migrants into the urban landscape? The tensions between communist and capitalist identities continue to divide society as China searches for a path to modernization. The People's Republic is now over sixty-five years old - an appropriate juncture at which to reassess the state of contemporary Chinese politics. In this substantially revised fourth edition and essential guide to the subject, Tony Saich delivers a thorough introduction to all aspects of politics and governance in post-Mao China, taking full account of the changes of the Eighteenth Party Congress and the Twelfth National People's Congress. Further, the rise of Xi Jinping to power and his policies are examined as are important policy areas such as urbanization and the fight against corruption. A comprehensively updated 4th edition of the leading text on Chinese politics Clear and accessible Written by a leading academic authority who has lived and worked in China and has real in-depth knowledge of life in both the cities and the provinces Includes new chapters on the Xi Jinping/Li Keqiang leadership selected in 2012 and 2013 and the challenges for rural and urban China of migration and the integration of migrants

China Pop

How Soap Operas, Tabloids and Bestsellers Are Transforming a Culture
Author: Jianying Zha
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 159558756X
Category: Social Science
Page: 224
View: 8063
China Pop is a highly original and lively look at the ways that contemporary China is changing by Jianying Zha, a critic hailed in The Nation as "incisive, witty and eloquent all at once--a sort of female, Chinese Jonathan Spence." From her constant contact (and, in many cases, friendships) with a dynamic group of young novelists, filmmakers, and artists in China, Zha examines a wide range of developments largely unknown to Western readers: the careful planning of television soap operas to placate popular unrest after Tianamen, the growth of the sex tabloid and pornographic industries, the new generation of entrepreneurs successfully bringing to the mainland techniques of Hong Kong and the West, and the politics behind the censorship and commercial success of the film director Chen Kaige (Farewell My Concubine) and Zhang Yimou (Ju Dou and Raise the Red Lantern). Praise for China Pop: "One of the twenty-five best books of 1995." —Voice Literary Supplement "[A] photographic, a freeze-frame, of a country in rapid motion... [Zha is] a young writer with many arresting ideas and, from the evidence of China Pop, a bright literary future as well." —New York Times "Perceptive... What China Pop so brilliantly chronicles is the commercialization of China's cultural world and the anxiety that change is causing in China's intellectuals." —Christian Science Monitor "By far the best book on Chinese urban culture after the 1989 Beijing massacre. [Zha] brilliantly combines the eye for detail of an insider with the detached perspective of an outsider. Her lively and graceful style make the book as enjoyable as it is edifying." —Perry Link, author of Evening Chats in Beijing "An absorbing and revealing book. With the familiarity of an insider and the ability of an outsider to step back and reflect, Zha... captures the fundamental paradoxes lying at the root of this mutant 'people's republic' in the throes of reform." —Orville Schell, author of Mandate of Heaven

Handbook of Chinese Organizational Behavior

Integrating Theory, Research and Practice
Author: Xu Huang,Michael Harris Bond
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 085793340X
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 560
View: 810
ÔI was once approached by a colleague with the question, ÒYouÕre an expert on China, right?Ó My reply was, ÒNo, I donÕt think anyone is an expert on ChinaÓ. This book is essential study for those travelling in that direction.Õ Ð Romie Frederik Littrell, Journal of International Business This state-of-the-art Handbook encompasses theoretical and empirical research on Chinese organizational behavior over the last two decades of its renaissance, with prominent scholars providing critical reviews of empirical studies in Chinese societies on 14 important topics. This comprehensive Handbook explores limitations and challenges arising from attempts to develop indigenous theories and constructs applicable to Chinese social reality. Key contributors integrate the literature in their topic areas, providing directions for pushing forward the frontiers of research into a more culturally sensitive and powerful representation of Chinese organizational behavior. Areas examined include emotional intelligence, creativity and motivation, leadership, team conflicts, trust, power and business ethics. Experienced practitioner input is included. Scholars interested in research on international business and Chinese work behaviors and their effective management will find much of value in this compilation. Students of management, including organizational behavior, human resource management, strategic management, and international management will also find information and guidance that will prove invaluable as will practitioners who have business connections in China and other Chinese societies.

Doing Business in China For Dummies

Author: Robert Collins,Carson Block
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118050940
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 384
View: 9876
Navigate China's business culture and etiquette The fun and easy way to grow your business in China This authoritative, friendly guide covers all the basics, from the nuts and bolts of Chinese business and bureaucracy to negotiating with your Chinese partners. You'll also get the know-how you need to manage day to day, from travel tips and advice on converting money to getting past language barriers. Discover how to: * Understand Chinese markets * Develop a strong business plan * Find the right employees * Work with currency controls and the Chinese banking system * Sell and source in China Explanations in plain English * "Get in, get out" information * Icons and other navigational aids * Tear-out cheat sheet * Top ten lists * A dash of humor and fun

The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems

Author: Michael A. Witt,Gordon Redding
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191626554
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 752
View: 4104
Much of the existing literature within the "varieties of capitalism " (VOC) and "comparative business systems " fields of research is heavily focused on Europe, Japan, and the Anglo-Saxon nations. As a result, the field has yet to produce a detailed empirical picture of the institutional structures of most Asian nations and to explore to what extent existing theory applies to the Asian context. The Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems aims to address this imbalance by exploring the shape and consequences of institutional variations across the political economies of different societies within Asia. Drawing on the deep knowledge of 32 leading experts, this book presents an empirical, comparative institutional analysis of 13 major Asian business systems between India and Japan. To aid comparison, each country chapter follows the same consistent outline. Complementing the country chapters are eleven contributions examining major themes across the region in comparative perspective and linking the empirical picture to existing theory on these themes. A further three chapters provide perspectives on the influence of history and institutional change. The concluding chapters spell out the implications of all these chapters for scholars in the field and for business practitioners in Asia. The Handbook is a major reference work for scholars researching the causes of success and failure in international business in Asia.