Venice: Lion City

The Religion of Empire
Author: Garry Wills
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439122121
Category: History
Page: 416
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Garry Wills's Venice: Lion City is a tour de force -- a rich, colorful, and provocative history of the world's most fascinating city in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when it was at the peak of its glory. This was not the city of decadence, carnival, and nostalgia familiar to us from later centuries. It was a ruthless imperial city, with a shrewd commercial base, like ancient Athens, which it resembled in its combination of art and sea empire. Venice: Lion City presents a new way of relating the history of the city through its art and, in turn, illuminates the art through the city's history. It is illustrated with more than 130 works of art, 30 in full color. Garry Wills gives us a unique view of Venice's rulers, merchants, clerics, laborers, its Jews, and its women as they created a city that is the greatest art museum in the world, a city whose allure remains undiminished after centuries. Like Simon Schama's The Embarrassment of Riches, on the Dutch culture in the Golden Age, Venice: Lion City will take its place as a classic work of history and criticism.


A New History
Author: Thomas F. Madden
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101601132
Category: History
Page: 464
View: 8008
An extraordinary chronicle of Venice, its people, and its grandeur Thomas Madden’s majestic, sprawling history of Venice is the first full portrait of the city in English in almost thirty years. Using long-buried archival material and a wealth of newly translated documents, Madden weaves a spellbinding story of a place and its people, tracing an arc from the city’s humble origins as a lagoon refuge to its apex as a vast maritime empire and Renaissance epicenter to its rebirth as a modern tourist hub. Madden explores all aspects of Venice’s breathtaking achievements: the construction of its unparalleled navy, its role as an economic powerhouse and birthplace of capitalism, its popularization of opera, the stunning architecture of its watery environs, and more. He sets these in the context of the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, the endless waves of Crusades to the Holy Land, and the awesome power of Turkish sultans. And perhaps most critically, Madden corrects the stereotype of Shakespeare’s money-lending Shylock that has distorted the Venetian character, uncovering instead a much more complex and fascinating story, peopled by men and women whose ingenuity and deep faith profoundly altered the course of civilization.

Venice, Austria, and the Turks in the Seventeenth Century

Author: Kenneth Meyer Setton
Publisher: American Philosophical Society
ISBN: 9780871691927
Category: History
Page: 502
View: 5122
Kenneth M. Setton. Memoirs of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 192. Cloth 7 x 10. $35. Masterful study of Crusades & Papacy & the Levant specialist who uses Venetian archives among others to present Venetian relations with the Ottoman Empire. Shows their successes against the Turks as consequences of Austria's victories in Eastern Europe. Material on Venice is heretofore unpublished & all is presented in Setton's usual thorough & interesting manner. The Lines of Nazca.


A Documentary History, 1450-1630
Author: David Sanderson Chambers,Jennifer Fletcher,Brian S. Pullan,Renaissance Society of America
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802084248
Category: History
Page: 484
View: 1895
This work presents important sources ? many previously unpublished in any language, and almost none previously available in English ? for the history of the city-state of Venice from its zenith to its decline.


its individual growth from the earliest beginnings to the fall of the republic
Author: Pompeo Molmenti
Publisher: N.A
Category: Venice (Italy)
Page: N.A
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Venice, A Maritime Republic

Author: Frederic Chapin Lane
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801814600
Category: History
Page: 505
View: 8607
"Frederic Lane has achieved what is the often unfulfilled dream of every historian who has devoted his entire work to the exploration of partial aspects of a single broad subject: he has given us a comprehensive, thoughtful, readable, beautifully illustrated general history of Venice from the origins to the beginning of decline." -- Speculum


A Cultural and Literary Companion
Author: Martin Garrett
Publisher: Signal Books
ISBN: 9781902669298
Category: Popular culture
Page: 243
View: 387
Martin Garrett explores the extraordinary history, art and architecture of Venice and the islands of the lagoon. Looking at the legacy of the city's Jewish, Greek, Slav and Armenian minorities, he recalls the exploits of such legendary figures as Casanova and Byron. He also assesses the successful struggle to preserve the city in the face of flood and corruption, and its important modern role as host of the Biennale and film festival. MARTIN GARRETT is the author of literary companions to Italy and Greece, and has written or edited a number of works on Renaissance and nineteenth-century writers, including Sidney, Byron and the Brownings


Author: Dorothy Menpes
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art
Page: 222
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Grant Allen's historical guide books to the principal cities of Europe treating concisely and thoroughly of the principal historic and artistic points of interest therein
Author: Grant Allen
Publisher: N.A
Category: Art, Italian
Page: 272
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A History of Venice

Author: John Julius Norwich
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141936789
Category: History
Page: 704
View: 2790
John Julius Norwich's dazzling history of Venice from its origins to its eighteenth century fall. 'Lord Norwich has loved and understood Venice as well as any other Englishman has ever done. He has put readers of his generation more in his debt than any other English writer' Peter Levi, The Sunday Times.

History of Venice

Author: Pietro Bembo
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674022843
Category: History
Page: 407
View: 3939
Bembo (1470 1547), a Venetian nobleman, later a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, was the most celebrated Latin stylist of his day and was widely admired for his writings in Italian as well. Named official historian of Venice in 1529, Bembo began to compose in Latin his continuation of the city s history in twelve books, covering the years from 1487 to 1513. The "History of Venice" was published after Bembo s death. This edition, in a projected three volumes, makes it available for the first time in English translation."


The Anthology Guide
Author: Milton Grundy
Publisher: Giles De LA Mare Pub Limited
ISBN: 9781900357265
Category: Travel
Page: 216
View: 1071
This sixth edition of Milton Grundy's perennial guide divides Venice into seven walks and three excursions with eight clear maps. It conducts visitors around the city using the observations and opinions of famous writers and art historians.

Cook's handbook to Venice

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
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Byzantium and Venice

A Study in Diplomatic and Cultural Relations
Author: Donald M. Nicol
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521428941
Category: History
Page: 465
View: 9244
This book traces the diplomatic, cultural, and commercial links between Constantinople and Venice from the foundation of the Venetian Republic to the Fall of the Byzantine Empire. It aims to show how, with the encouragement of the Fourth Crusade in 1204, the Venetians came to dominate first the Genoese and thereafter the whole Byzantine economy. At the same time, the author points to those important cultural and, above all, political reasons why the relationship between the two states was always inherently unstable.

Venice : the Queen of the Adriatic

Author: Clara Erskine Clement Waters
Publisher: N.A
Category: Venice (Italy)
Page: 380
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A Contested Bohemia in Los Angeles
Author: Andrew Deener
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226140008
Category: History
Page: 306
View: 2347
Nestled between Santa Monica and Marina del Rey, Venice is a Los Angeles community filled with apparent contradictions. There, people of various races and classes live side by side, a population of astounding diversity bound together by geographic proximity. From street to street, and from block to block, million dollar homes stand near housing projects and homeless encampments; and upscale boutiques are just a short walk from the (in)famous Venice Beach where artists and carnival performers practice their crafts opposite cafés and ragtag tourist shops. In Venice: A Contested Bohemia in Los Angeles, Andrew Deener invites the reader on an ethnographic tour of this legendary California beach community and the people who live there. In writing this book, the ethnographer became an insider; Deener lived as a resident of Venice for close to six years. Here, he brings a scholarly eye to bear on the effects of gentrification, homelessness, segregation, and immigration on this community. Through stories from five different parts of Venice—Oakwood, Rose Avenue, the Boardwalk, the Canals, and Abbot Kinney Boulevard— Deener identifies why Venice maintained its diversity for so long and the social and political factors that threaten it. Drenched in the details of Venice’s transformation, the themes and explanations will resonate far beyond this one city. Deener reveals that Venice is not a single locale, but a collection of neighborhoods, each with its own identity and conflicts—and he provides a cultural map infinitely more useful than one that merely shows streets and intersections. Deener's Venice appears on these pages fully fleshed out and populated with a stunning array of people. Though the character of any neighborhood is transient, Deener's work is indelible and this book will be studied for years to come by scholars across the social sciences.

Venice and the Defense of Republican Liberty

Renaissance Values in the Age of the Counter Reformation
Author: William James Bouwsma
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520052215
Category: History
Page: 670
View: 3635

A Thousand Days in Venice

An Unexpected Romance
Author: Marlena de Blasi
Publisher: Algonquin Books
ISBN: 1616202750
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 288
View: 6165
Fernando first sees Marlena across the Piazza San Marco and falls in love from afar. When he sees her again in a Venice café a year later, he knows it is fate. He knows little English; she, a divorced American chef traveling through Italy, speaks only food-based Italian. Marlena thought she was done with romantic love, incapable of intimacy. Yet within months of their first meeting, she has quit her job, sold her house in St. Louis, kissed her two grown sons good-bye, and moved to Venice to marry “the stranger,” as she calls Fernando. This deliciously satisfying memoir is filled with the foods and flavors of Italy and peppered with culinary observations and recipes. But the main course here is an enchanting true story about a woman who falls in love with both a man and a city, and finally finds the home she didn’t even know she was missing.

Myths of Venice

The Figuration of a State
Author: David Rosand
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 9780807856635
Category: History
Page: 188
View: 3235
Rosand explores the imagery that the Republic of Venice developed to represent itself as the ideal, serene state, founded with holy purpose and protected by divine favor. He argues that, Venice--more than any other political entity of the early modern period--shaped the visual imagination of political thought. This visualization of political ideals, and its reciprocal effect on the civic imagination, is the larger theme of the book. Time period: early modern period, esp. 13th-16th centuries.

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Author: Monique Roy
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595860074
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 64
View: 6201
An intriguing, middle-grade chapter book that takes young readers, ages 9-12, on a physical and emotional journey to Venice, Italy. This enchanting story revolves around the relationship between Samuelle, a young boy, and his grandfather Leo. Leo has learned that he suffers from a terminal illness, and in his wistful skimming of artifacts from the past, he uncovers treasured mementos of his earliest years growing up in the romantic city of Venice. Sharing them with Samuelle, he infects the boy with an infatuation for the city, one they will both share when Leo decides to accept an invitation to participate in the annual Regatta, a rowing festival that his own great-grandfather had competed in with great success. The two embark on their journey without Samuelle knowing about Leo's illness, but Leo makes a promise to himself that it is in Venice, after he has passed on his knowledge and fondness for the city to his grandson, that he will reveal the truth about his fate. Venice becomes a special place in their hearts forever. This beautiful, middle-grade chapter book will show young readers, ages 9-12, the strong impact and importance of family, love, and the community in our lives. Read this preteen book with your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, and you will be instantly transported to the romantic city of Venice, Italy! The vivid descriptions of Venice enliven the story. From the food and the architecture to the art and the magical canals, you are right there in Venice, without the long flight and the icky airplane food! All adventurers wanted: preteen readers are taken on an emotional journey that is educational, sad, sweet and heartwarming, and opens their eyes to geography and cultures.