Voice of the Muslim Brotherhood

Da'wa, Discourse, and Political Communication
Author: Noha Mellor
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351628054
Page: N.A
View: 9389
In the wake of the 25 January revolution and the coup that followed in 2013, Egyptian bookstores recorded a significant increase in demand for books by and about the Muslim Brotherhood. However, despite the burgeoning literature on the Brotherhood, knowledge about the movement is still rather limited, particularly with regard to its most strategic tool - media and communications. This book offers a fresh and close look into the communication strategy of the group, focusing on published periodicals, biographies, and websites that represent the voice of the Brotherhood. The book analyses the core mission of the Brotherhood, namely its da?wa (call, invitation to faith) - how it is articulated and how it is defined by the movement as an ideology and a process. Have the media represented a coherent voice of the Brotherhood over the past decades? What can they communicate regarding the Brothers' perception of the needs of their audiences? How have the media served to sustain, preserve, and distinguish the movement for nine decades? The book argues that the Brotherhood media speak with an intermittent voice and deliver an incoherent message whose tone is changeable and fluctuating and cannot be claimed to truly represent the heterogeneity of the group. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach that integrates Media Studies and Social Movement Theory, the book provides a fresh analysis of the Brotherhood movement as an interpretive community and will be a valuable resource for anyone studying Egypt or the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Society of the Muslim Brothers

Author: Richard Paul Mitchell
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195084373
Category: Religion
Page: 349
View: 1638
Orignally published in 1969, this monograph has become known as a standard source for the history of the revivalist Egyptian movement, the Muslim Brethren, up to the time of Nasser. The work has been reissued for those scholars and students interested in the Muslim revival.

Die vierte Moschee

Nazis, CIA und der islamische Fundamentalismus
Author: Ian Johnson
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 360810187X
Category: Political Science
Page: 360
View: 9928
Ein unerhörter Faktenthriller von der Entstehung und Ausbreitung des islamischen Fundamentalismus mit Hilfe Nazi-Deutschlands und der CIA. Als der Journalist und Pulitzer-Preisträger Ian Johnson 2003 eine Londoner Buchhandlung betritt, macht er eine sensationelle undunheimliche Entdeckung: Als wichtigste Moscheen werden Mekka, Jerusalem, Istanbul und eine Moschee in München genannt. Warum München? Welche Moschee? Das islamische Zentrum von München wurde seit dem Dritten Reich und dem Kalten Krieg von Nazis, Agenten, gestrandeten Muslimen, islamistischen Fanatikern,von Akteuren aller Couleurs zum Bollwerk gegen die Sowjetunion aufgerüstet. Die CIA und andere Geheimdienste spinnen Intrigen, steuern Machtkämpfe und unterstützen radikale Islamisten der Moslembruderschaft – immer hinter dem Rücken der Öffentlichkeit. Das Drama, das sich in München abspielte, reichte vom politischen Skandal bis zur Schizophrenie der Ideologen und mündet in der jüngsten Zeitgeschichte: In der vierten Moschee wurde der Westen zum Paten des 11. September 2001.

The Islamic Threat

Myth or Reality?
Author: John L. Esposito
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199727209
Category: Political Science
Page: 352
View: 8364
Are Islam and the West on a collision course? From the Ayatollah Khomeini to Saddam Hussein, the image of Islam as a militant, expansionist, and rabidly anti-American religion has gripped the minds of Western governments and media. But these perceptions, John L. Esposito writes, stem from a long history of mutual distrust, criticism, and condemnation, and are far too simplistic to help us understand one of the most important political issues of our time. In this new edition of The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality?, Esposito places the challenge of Islam in critical perspective. Exploring the vitality of this religion as a global force and the history of its relations with the West, Esposito demonstrates the diversity of the Islamic resurgence--and the mistakes our analysts make in assuming a hostile, monolithic Islam. This third edition has been expanded to include new material on current affairs in Turkey, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Southeast Asia, as well as a discussion of international terrorism.

Reformist Voices of Islam: Mediating Islam and Modernity

Mediating Islam and Modernity
Author: Shireen Hunter,Shireen T Hunter
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317461231
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 322
View: 7160
In recent years, Islamic fundamentalist, revolutionary, and jihadist movements have overshadowed more moderate and reformist voices and trends within Islam. This compelling volume introduces the current generation of reformist thinkers and activists, the intellectual traditions they carry on, and the reasons for the failure of reformist movements to sustain broad support in the Islamic world today. Richly detailed regionally focused chapters cover Iran, the Arab East, the Maghreb, South Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Europe, and North America. The editor's introductory chapter traces the roots of reformist thinking both in Islamic tradition and as a response to the challenge of modernity for Muslims struggling to reconcile the requirements of modernization with their cultural and religious values. The concluding chapter identifies commonalities, comparisons, and trends in the modernizing movements.

The Muslim Brotherhood

From Opposition to Power
Author: Alison Pargeter
Publisher: Saqi
ISBN: 0863567460
Category: Political Science
Page: 304
View: 7204
A new, fully updated edition of this critically acclaimed title featuring a new chapter covering the 'Arab Spring' and the Egyptian parliamentary and presidential elections. This is an authoritative analysis, in which Alison Pargeter follows the twists and turns of the Muslim Brotherhood as it battled through the years of oppression under authoritarian regimes to finally become a key and legitimate political actor. From Egypt and Syria to Tunisia and Libya, the Brotherhood and its affiliates are now faced with the complex task of transforming themselves from semi-clandestine opposition movements into legitimate political actors and, in some cases, into ruling powers. 'Authoritative, sober, perceptive ... A must read' Jason Burke. 'A tour de force' Alan George, University of Oxford. 'A highly lucid and approachable analysis of the Brotherhood' Richard Phelps, Perspectives on Terrorism. 'Highly recommended' New Statesman.

The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West

Author: Lorenzo Vidino
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231522290
Category: Political Science
Page: 336
View: 1957
In Europe and North America, networks tracing their origins back to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements have rapidly evolved into multifunctional and richly funded organizations competing to become the major representatives of Western Muslim communities and government interlocutors. Some analysts and policy makers see these organizations as positive forces encouraging integration. Others cast them as modern-day Trojan horses, feigning moderation while radicalizing Western Muslims. Lorenzo Vidino brokers a third, more informed view. Drawing on more than a decade of research on political Islam in the West, he keenly analyzes a controversial movement that still remains relatively unknown. Conducting in-depth interviews on four continents and sourcing documents in ten languages, Vidino shares the history, methods, attitudes, and goals of the Western Brothers, as well as their phenomenal growth. He then flips the perspective, examining the response to these groups by Western governments, specifically those of Great Britain, Germany, and the United States. Highly informed and thoughtfully presented, Vidino's research sheds light on a critical juncture in Muslim-Western relations.

Rentier Islamism

The Influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf Monarchies
Author: Courtney Freer
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190861991
Category: Political Science
Page: 296
View: 2248
While scholars have long looked at the role of political Islam in the Middle East, it has been assumed that domestic politics in the wealthy monarchical states of the Arabian Gulf, so-called "rentier states" where taxes are very low and oil wealth subsidizes the needs of citizens, are largely unaffected by such movements. However, the long accepted rentier theory has been shortsighted in overlooking the socio-political role played by Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in the super-rentiers of Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. While rentier state theory assumes that citizens of such states will form opposition blocs only when their stake in rent income is threatened, this book demonstrates that ideology, rather than rent, have motivated the formation of independent Islamist movements in the wealthiest states of the region. In the monarchical systems of Qatar and the UAE, Islamist groups do not have the opportunity to compete for power and therefore cannot use the ballot box to gain popularity or influence political life, as they do elsewhere in the Middle East. But, as this book points out, the division between the social and political sectors is often blurred in the socially conservative states of the Gulf, as political actors operate through channels that are not institutionalized. Simply because politics is underinstitutionalized in such states does not mean that it is underdeveloped; the informal realm holds considerable political capital. As such, the book argues that Brotherhood movements have managed to use the links between the social (i.e. informal personal networks) and political (i.e. government institutions) to gain influence in policymaking in such states.Using contemporary history and original empirical research, Courtney Freer updates traditional rentier state theory and argues that political Islam serves as a prominent voice and tool to promote more strictly political, and often populist or reformist, views supported by many Gulf citizens.

The New Voices of Islam

Rethinking Politics and Modernity : a Reader
Author: Mehran Kamrava
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520250994
Category: History
Page: 291
View: 4797
"Mehran Kamrava has compiled a selection from some of the leading Muslim reformist thinkers whose voices have often been muted and marginalized. These essays introduce the reader to the nuances of the unfolding drama surrounding the issues of religion, politics and the public space across the Muslim World, revealing the richness as well as the limitations of these new attempts to synthesize Islam and modernity. This is a must-read for all those interested in hearing the new voices and seeing the other face of Islam."--Manochehr Dorraj, Professor of Political Science, Texas Christian University "The New Voices of Islam is a fine collection that effectively answers the question: where are the reformist voices in Islam? Mehran Kamrava has done an excellent job of presenting the global diversity of Muslim thinking from North Africa to Southeast Asia, Europe to America."--John L. Esposito, University Professor and Founding Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Georgetown University "Western public concern about Islamic extremism is almost wholly uninformed by the views of the reforming intellectuals gathered together in Mehran Kamrava's very important book The New Voices of Islam. These men and women, living both within the Islamic world and in Europe and America, have been struggling for a modern, pluralist, tolerant and democratic transformation of the Muslim world years before the crises of 9/11 and 7/7. Their collective message deserves the widest exposure, particularly within western political circles where it has, sadly, gone unheeded."--David Waines, Emeritus Professor of Islamic Studies, Lancaster University "This volume contains not the voices of Muslim governments and Islamist oppositions but the work of Muslim mavericks--refreshing in their originality, searing in their critiques, reassuring in their rationality. These voices deserve a wider audience in the West, and this book responds to that need. But also, and most especially, they deserve the attention of Muslims everywhere. Government repression and Islamist pressures unfortunately obstruct general access to such unconventional ideas in many Muslim states."--Robert D Lee, Professor of Political Science, Colorado College

The Muslim Brotherhood

The Organization and Policies of a Global Islamist Movement
Author: B. Rubin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230106870
Category: Social Science
Page: 186
View: 7096
The Muslim Brotherhood is the oldest and most important international Islamist group. Aside from strong organizations in Egypt, Jordan, Syria—where it provides the main opposition—and its Palestinian offshoot Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip, the Brotherhood has become active in Europe and North America.

The Muslim Brothers in Europe

Roots and Discourse
Author: Brigitte Maréchal
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9047441885
Category: Social Science
Page: 364
View: 1542
Based on interviews and discourse of the Muslim Brotherhood members, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the ways in which their historical heritage is appropriated and continued beyond the movement's internal tensions and pretension to represent the Islamic orthodoxy.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Islam and the West

Sunni and Shiite Criticisms of Western Values
Author: Charles River Editors
Publisher: Charles River Editors
Page: N.A
View: 2363

Hasan al-Banna

Author: Gudrun Kraemer
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780742126
Category: Religion
Page: 160
View: 743
Hasan al-Banna (1906 – 1949) was an Egyptian political reformer, best known for establishing the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organisation which today has millions of members and spans the Arab world. Through his ardent struggle to revitalise Islamic values amid increasing Westernisation, al-Banna promoted Islamic charity and personal piety throughout Egypt, becoming a powerful political force. In this well written and impartial biography, Kraemer gives a detailed account of al-Banna’s life and work. Gudran Kraemer is Professor and Chair of Islamic Studies, Free University, Berlin.

The Brotherhood

America's Next Great Enemy
Author: Erick Stakelbeck
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1621570347
Category: Religion
Page: 256
View: 8953
The Brotherhoods is the chilling chronicle of the alleged crimes and betrayals of NYPD Detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito, notorious rogue cops who stand charged with the ultimate form of police corruption-shielding their crimes behind their badges while they worked for the mob. These crimes included murder, kidnapping, torture, and the betrayal of an entire generation of New York City detectives and federal agents. This gripping real-life detective story reveals two brotherhoods, both with hierarchies, rituals, and codes of conduct. Chased for seven years by William Oldham, the brilliant and determined detective who didn't let the case die, Detectives Caracappa and Eppolito are at the centre of an investigation that moves from the mobbed-up streets of Brooklyn to Hollywood sets and the Las Vegas strip. Co-written with prize-winning investigative journalist Guy Lawson, the story spans three decades and showcases a cast of characters that runs the gamut from capo psychopaths to grieving mothers to a group of retired detectives and investigators working to see that justice is done.This quintessential American mob tale, both bizarre and compelling, ranks with such modern crime classics as Serpico, Donnie Brasco, and Wiseguy.

Scharia für Nicht-muslime (Preview)

Author: Dr. Bill Warner
Publisher: CSPI International
Category: Law
Page: 82
View: 981
Islam ist sowohl Religion, als auch ein politisches System mit seinen eigenen Gesetzen genannt Scharia. Die Scharia basiert auf Prinzipien, die sich von unserem Rechtsverständnis fundamental unterscheiden. Was bedeutet die Sharia für Nicht-Muslime? Wie beeinflusst die Sharia unsere Gesellschaft und den Einzelnen? Was sind die langfristigen Effekte der Bewilligung von auf Scharia basierenden Forderungen?

The Muslim Brotherhood

Hasan al-Hudaybi and ideology
Author: Barbara Zollner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134077661
Category: Political Science
Page: 216
View: 2956
The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most influential Islamist organisations today. Based in Egypt, its network includes branches in many countries of the Near and Middle East. Although the organisation has been linked to political violence in the past, it now proposes a politically moderate ideology. The book provides an in-depth analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood during the years of al-Hudaybi’s leadership, and how he sought to steer the organization away from the radical wing, inspired by Sayyid Qutb, into the more moderate Islamist organization it is today. It is his legacy which eventually fostered the development of non-violent political ideas. During the years of persecution, 1954 to 1971, radical and moderate Islamist ideas emerged within the Brotherhood’s midst. Inspired by Sayyid Qutb’s ideas, a radical wing evolved which subsequently fed into radical Islamist networks as we know them today. Yet, it was during the same period that al-Hudaybi and his followers proposed a moderate political interpretation, which was adopted by the Brotherhood and which forms its ideological basis today.

Islamische Internationalisten

Strukturen und Aktivitäten der Muslimbruderschaft und der Islamischen Weltliga
Author: Johannes Grundmann
Publisher: Reichert Verlag
ISBN: 9783895004476
Category: History
Page: 118
View: 546
Sowohl die Muslimbruderschaft als auch die Islamische Weltliga unterhalten international aktive Netzwerke, die ihnen einen weltweiten Einfluss auf politische, religiose, wirtschaftliche und kulturelle Entwicklungen sichern sollen. Doch die Aktivitaten beider Organisationen stehen spatestens seit dem 11. September 2001 in der Kritik und es wird zunehmend deutlicher, inwiefern offentliche und verdeckte Arbeit sowie Erklarungen politisch-religioser Massigung und Kontakte zu radikalislamistischen Gruppierungen miteinander kombiniert werden. Ziel des Buches ist es, das so entstandene Geflecht internationaler Strukturen in seinen Grundlinien darzustellen, wobei Aufbau, Finanzierung und Aktivitaten beider Vereinigungen sowie ihr jeweiliges organisatorisches Umfeld im Mittelpunkt stehen sollen.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its Quest for Hegemony in Egypt

State-Discourse and Islamist Counter-Discourse
Author: Annette Ranko
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658084995
Category: Political Science
Page: 203
View: 2020
Annette Ranko analyses the Muslim Brotherhood’s challenging of the Mubarak regime and the ensuing struggle between the two from 1981 to 2011. She furthermore traces how the group evolved throughout the process of that struggle. She studies how the Brotherhood’s portrayal of itself as an attractive alternative to the regime provoked the Mubarak regime to level anti-Brotherhood propaganda in the state-run media in order to contain the group’s appeal amongst the public. The author shows how the regime’s portrayal of the Brotherhood and the Brotherhood’s engagement with it have evolved over time, and how this ideational interplay has combined with structural institutional aspects in shaping the group’s behaviour and ideology.

The Muslim Brotherhood and Palestine

Letters To Jerusalem
Author: Ibrahim Al-Khatib
Publisher: ScribeDigital.com
ISBN: 1780410395
Category: History
Page: 47
View: 6493
The Palestinian issue was perpetually of paramount importance to the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and its founder Imam Hasan al-Banna. It lay at the heart of their interests even from the very beginning of the Movement. The Muslim Brotherhood maintained scrutinizing the escalating situation on the Palestinian scene. With the expansion of the circle of danger and the succession of Zionist multitudes migrating to Palestine, the Movement was in a race against time exerting themselves to awaken the conscience of the world and of the Muslim Ummah. Their aim was to motivate the latter nation to mobilize all its energies in order to be able to confront such an abrupt danger which as foreseen by the Movement since its early stages was not targeting Palestine alone, but the whole Ummah as well.

Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network

America and the West’s Fatal Embrace
Author: S. Stern
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230370713
Category: Political Science
Page: 269
View: 5072
Saudi Arabia influences American policy through both conventional and unconventional methods, all due to the petro-dollars that have been generated from America's addiction to foreign oil. With chapters written by renowned experts, this book uses first-hand accounts to explore this vast influence