10 Women of Mystery

Edited by Earl F. Bargainnier Ten Women of Mystery covers the writings of five Americans , four British and one New Zealander , in detective fiction , a genre read equally , heavily and regularly by both men and women .

Author: Earl F. Bargainnier

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879721731

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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This volume, which examines the special contributions of a number of women mystery writers, sheds light on this significant example of common interests in recreational reading among women and men and the reasons behind the early and continuing uncharacteristic near-equality of both sexes in this field of endeavor.
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Women of Mystery

Maida, Patricia D. Mother of Detective Fiction: The Life and Works of Anna Katharine Green. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University Popular Press. 1989. Hayne, Barrie. “Anna Katharine Green” in 10 Women of Mystery.

Author: Martha Hailey DuBose

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9780312276553

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

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In this remarkable book, Martha Hailey DuBose has given those multitudes of readers who love the mystery novel an indispensable addition to their libraries. Unlike other works on the subject, Women of Mystery is not merely a directory of the novelists and their publications with a few biographical details. DuBose combines extensive research into the lives of significant women mystery writers from Anna Katherine Green and Mary Roberts Rinehart with critical essays on their work, anecdotes, contemporary reviews and opinions and some of the women's own comments. She takes us through the Golden Age of the British women mystery writers, Christie, Sayers, Marsh, Allingham and Tey, to the leading crime novelists of today, focused on the women who have become legends of the genre. And though she laments, "so many mysteries, so little time," she makes a good effort a mentioning "some of the best of the rest." When DuBose writes of the lives of her principal players, she relates them to their times, their families, their personal situations and above all to their books. She subtly points out that Sayers, whose experience with the men in her life was inevitably disastrous, created in Lord Peter the ideal lover -- one who is all that a woman desires and needs. DuBose gives us the curriculum vitae that Dorothy Sayers created to help her bring Peter Wimsey to a virtual actuality. Ngaio Marsh would give up an active presence in the theatrical world she loved, but she recreated it for herself as well as her readers in many of her novels. The biographies of these woman are as engrossing as the stories they wrote, and Martha DuBose has shined a different, intimate and intriguing light on them, their works, and the lives that informed those works. This book is so full of treasure it's hard to see how any mystery enthusiast will be able to do without it. And what a gift it would make for anyone on your list who has been heard to announce "I love a mystery." Some of the treats inside: In the Beginning: The Mothers of Detection Anna Katherine Green Mary Roberts Rinehart A Golden Era: The Genteel Puzzlers Agatha Christie Dorothy L. Sayers Ngaio Marsh Margery Allingham Josephine Tey Modern Motives: Mysteries of the Murderous Mind Patricia Highsmith P.D. James Ruth Rendell Mary Higgins Clark Sue Grafton and more!!
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Great Women Mystery Writers

Mystery Scene 87 (2004): 60–61. Reilly, John M. “Margaret Millar.” Ed. Earl F. Bargainnier. 10 Women of Mystery. Bowling Green: Bowling Green State UP, 1981. 223–46. Denise Mina (1966–) BIOGRAPHY Denise Mina was born in 1966, ...

Author: Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313334283

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 335

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Surveys the lives and works of some 90 contemporary women mystery writers, who are among the most popular authors read today.
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British Women Mystery Writers

Authors of Detective Fiction with Female Sleuths Mary Hadley ... “Tough Girls, Hard Cases: Strong Women in Mystery.” Deadly Women. Eds. Jan Grape, Dean James and Ellen Nehr. New York: Carroll & Graf, 1998. pp. ... 10 Women of Mystery.

Author: Mary Hadley

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078648361X

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 208

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Many aspects of British detective fiction are intriguingly different from the American detective fiction. And, confusingly, many of the British women detectives who have made it to American television are far from typical of the latest women detectives. This work is a study of British detective fiction with female protagonists written by women. Authors included are P.D. James, Jennie Melville, Liza Cody, Val McDermid, Joan Smith and Susan Moody. Special attention is paid to the evolution of the British female sleuth from the 1960s to the year 2000, particularly the 1980s, and how this shaped and altered detective fiction. Also discussed is the effect of the British judicial system and gun laws on detective fiction and real life, the types of crimes women detectives usually investigate, why certain directions have been taken and which ones may be taken in the future, issues being raised by the authors, and new women authors of detective fiction with female protagonists.
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Literature and Gender

equally and heavily by both men and women and [is] perhaps the only one in which women have excelled as writers of a form read regularly by men« (Bargainnier, Ten Women of Mystery, 1981, p.2). In the introduction to his book, ...

Author: Lizbeth Goodman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135636074

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 424

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Literature and Gender combines an introduction to and an anthology of literary texts which powerfully demonstrate the relevance of gender issues to the study of literature. The volume covers all three major literary genres - poetry, fiction and drama - and closely examines a wide range of themes, including: feminity versus creativity in women's lives and writing the construction of female characters autobiography and fiction the gendering of language the interaction of race, class and gender within writing, reading and interpretation. Literature and Gender is also a superb resource of primary texts, and includes writing by: Sappho Emily Dickinson Sylvia Plath Tennyson Elizabeth Bishop Louisa May Alcott Virginia Woolf Jamaica Kincaid Charlotte Perkins Gilman Susan Glaspell Also reproduced are essential essays by, amoung others, Maya Angelou, Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, Toni Morrison, Elaine Showalter, and Alice Walker. No other book on this subject provides an anthology, introduction and critical reader in one volume. Literature and Gender is the ideal guide for any student new to this field.
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Woman s Mystery

woman is not spending her energy on childbearing, she can easily use this energy somewhere else. The proof of that is everywhere – the ... 10. Woman has to find out “the type of love” of her partner. Every person shows love differently.

Author: Milada De Wet

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 9781482824698

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 148

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“Woman’s Mystery” is a book about the ancient knowledge loss. It includes the long time forgotten doctrine of Russian Vedi. The Slavic Vedi were the powerful diviners, predictors, teachers and keepers of the special kinship knowledge that was transported from generation to generation. The base of the knowledge was made according to the laws of RITA – the purity of blood and kinship. For Vedi the main value was a family, the one who was supposed to be responsible for a family and home, future wealth and generations, happiness of a man and health of children – was a woman. That’s why this book can be considered to be devoted to the most beautiful part of humanity – women.
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Women Times Three

become expert , to read broadly in their category , deserve the label mystery reader . ... The same basic pattern cannot be assumed for the triangle when it expands to include the term “ woman ... It becomes 10 Women Times Three.

Author: Kathleen Gregory Klein

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879726822

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 166

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The essays' authors are not only widely published scholar-critics of mystery/detective fiction but also dedicated fans of the genre. Familiar with the full scope of mystery fiction, they bring insight and enthusiasm to their writing.
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Objects of Special Devotion

She has contributed articles to Twentieth Century Crime and Mystery Writers , The Dictionary of Literary Biography and 10 Women of Mystery and serves on the editorial boards of Clues , A Journal of Detective Fiction , and Studies in ...

Author: Ray Broadus Browne

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 087972191X

Category: Social Science

Page: 364

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This book demonstrates the importance of the study of fetishes and fetishism in the study of popular culture. Some of the essays cover rather "conventional" manifestations in the world today; others demonstrate the fetishistic qualities of some unusual items. But all illustrate without any doubt that, like the icon, the ritual, and many other items in society, fetishes, fetishism and fetishists must be studied and understood before we can begin to understand the complexity of present-day society.
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Carolyn G Heilbrun

10 . Ann Hulbert , “ Brief Reviews , ” New Republic , 9 June 1979 , 40 ; hereafter cited in text . 11 . Margo Jefferson , “ The Lives of Women , ” New York Times ... Steven R . Carter , “ Amanda Cross , ” in Ten Women of Mystery , ed .

Author: Julia B. Boken

Publisher: Macmillan Reference USA

ISBN: UOM:39015038153410

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 156

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Twayne's United States Authors, English Authors, and World Authors Series present concise critical introductions to great writers and their works. Devoted to critical interpretation and discussion of an author's work, each study takes account of major literary trends and important scholarly contributions and provides new critical insights with an original point of view. An Authors Series volume addresses readers ranging from advanced high school students to university professors. The book suggests to the informed reader new ways of considering a writer's work. Each volume features: -- A critical, interpretive study and explication of the author's works -- A brief biography of the author -- An accessible chronology outlining the life, the work, and relevant historical context -- Aids for further study: complete notes and references, a selected annotated bibliography and an index -- A readable style presented in a manageable length
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Gender Bias in Mystery and Romance Novel Publishing

Goodbody suggests that he, or in this case I, should read “10 anonymously written books” to determine gender ... Also, female mystery writers might be much closer to carrying masculine writing traits because they are fitting with the ...

Author: Anna Faktorovich

Publisher: Anaphora Literary Press

ISBN: 9781681140933

Category: Social Science

Page: 298

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Examines gender bias from the perspective of readers, writers and publishers, with a focus on the top two bestselling genres in modern fiction. It is a linguistic, literary stylistic, and structurally formalist analysis of the male and female “sentences” in the genres that have the greatest gender divide: romances and mysteries. The analysis will search for the historical roots that solidified what many think of today as a “natural” division. Virginia Woolf called it the fabricated “feminine sentence,” and other linguists have also identified clear sexpreferential differences in AngloAmerican, Swedish and French novels. Do female mystery writers adopt a masculine voice when they write mysteries? Are femalepenned mysteries structurally or linguistically different from their male competitors’, and vice versa among male romance writers? The first part can be used as a textbook for gender stylistics, as it provides an indepth review of prior research. The second part is an analysis of the results of a survey on readers’ perception of gender in passages from literature. The last part is a linguistic and structural analysis of actual statistical differences between the novels in the two genres, considering the impact of the author’s gender.
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