5 Minute Sketching Landscapes

This title in the '5-Minute Sketching' series contains over fifty exercises to help you sketch landscapes in just 5 minutes.

Author: Virginia Hein

Publisher: 5-Minute Sketching

ISBN: 1782215913

Category: Landscape drawing

Page: 128

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This title in the '5-Minute Sketching' series contains over fifty exercises to help you sketch landscapes in just 5 minutes. Suitable for both new and aspiring artists, this easy-to-use handbook will loosen up your creativity and show you how to sketch while outdoors or on the move and have only a few minutes to spare.
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5 Minute Sketching Animals and Pets

"A guide to making quick sketches of the pets and animals. The book comprises 60 exercises for all artists that wish to learn how to sketch, or get tips on how to finesse their existing skills and get rid of bad habits.

Author: Gary Geraths

Publisher: Firefly Books

ISBN: 1770859179

Category: Art

Page: 128

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"A guide to making quick sketches of the pets and animals. The book comprises 60 exercises for all artists that wish to learn how to sketch, or get tips on how to finesse their existing skills and get rid of bad habits. A bite-sized approach for honing observational skills and loosen up creativity, quick observation and deconstruction. Contains advice on choice of media and their uses, including washes, pencils, charcoal and pastels."--
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Landscape Architecture

a compilation of scaled ground plans ... Within the available literature on the
history of environmental design and landscape architecture there exists a wealth
of ... 5 - minute quadrangle maps . ... BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES The section of
biographical sketches ( Section 6 ) is a new addition to this revised edition of
Space ...

Author: William A. Mann

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471594652

Category: Architecture

Page: 461

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An indispensable reference to the history of environmental design When first published in 1981, William Mann?s Space and Time in Landscape Architectural History played an important role in helping students and practitioners in landscape architecture and architecture to understand the rich history of environmental design. Now fully revised and twice as large as its predecessor, Landscape Architecture: An Illustrated History in Timelines, Site Plans, and Biography features expanded and updated treatment of several sections?a new section of biographies and new coverage of the design contributions of racial and ethnic minorities, women, and non-Western civilizations. To give a fully rounded perspective, Landscape Architecture looks at environmental design from several different angles, using such sections as: Timelines?Environmental design doesn?t occur in isolation, and this format?updated through 1992?underscores that by relating major landmarks and figures in environmental design to significant political, philosophical, technological, and social events. Maps?How do geography, latitude, and climate affect environmental design? Can we gauge design influence by the proximity of one creation to?or its distance from?another? This section, which pinpoints the location of major cities and design works, answers these and other vital questions. Scaled Site Plans?Including 25 new plans, this compilation of more than 100 of the most notable works?from ancient Egypt to present day and drawn to common scales?facilitates at-a-glance comparisons between sites and offers such essential data as location, date(s) of design development, names(s) of the designer(s), and size in acres and hectares. Biographies?This new section sketches the contributions of nearly 300 major figures who, through the ages, have helped shape environmental design land scape architects, architects, planners, visual artists, artistic schools, philosophers, aesthetes, patrons, clients, and more. Glossary?Featuring nearly 500 new terms, it clarifies English and foreign languagge words and phrases central to environmental design and derived from land scape architecture, architecture, planning, history, art, engineering, ecology, horticulture, and related fields. An essential reference for students of landscape architecture history, Landscape Architecture is also an important source of design ideas for current professionals in all areas of environmental design.
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Landscape Architecture

Sketching on the spot is compatible with a fast-paced travel itinerary with some
preparation and a goal of loosely ... Each takes about 10 to 15 minutes to draw
the overall outlines and key elements. ... l | | | books to Internet blogs, my current
system employs a 3-by-5-inch lined moleskin notebook that lives in my vest
pocket, ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105132696373

Category: Landscape architecture


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Drawing Scenery

It makes the area look lived in; someone liked it well 5 26 Too, it often furnishes a
needed 11 16 21 / E. zo --~~ - - T soil rTr l— enough to make a home ... 14 19 4 --
2- - - - Pi— Usually the artist selects Tots to so £, ££-so a rectangle and sketches
it first, ~~~~ - ssp. ... A HOUSE IS BUILT IN A MINUTE Though many pencil.

Author: Jack Hamm

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0399508066

Category: Art

Page: 120

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Presents step-by-step instructions for drawing a variety of landscapes, including mountains, seascapes, woodlands, and towns.
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General Technical Report RM

Slides of the black-and-white sketches, tinted sketches, and of the actual
landscape scenes were shown in separate sets. ... An 8-second rest was
included after every tenth slide and students were given a 5-minute break
between sets.



ISBN: STANFORD:36105006308741

Category: Forests and forestry


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Scars in the Landscape

Five minutes later the party of six came out of the hut, armed, and mounted their
horses. Betts was ... The incident was over in 15 to 20 minutes and McGuinness
returned to his hut. Figure 5 is McGuinness's sketch of the massacre. The party
on ...

Author: Ian Clark

Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press

ISBN: 9780855755959

Category: History


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A register of massacres and killings of Aboriginal people discovered during Ian Clark’s doctoral research into western Victoria covers the period 1803 to 1859.
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Landscapes of a New Cultural Economy of Space

so “repugnant” that he idealistically cancelled the printing at the last minute. ...
ranging from tables of von Humboldt's own astronomical and barometric
observations to lists of manuscript maps and accounts of landscape sketches. ...
Book 5 has a single chapter that deals with the prospects for manufacturing and

Author: Theano S. Terkenli

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781402040962

Category: Science

Page: 243

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Making sense of new cultural economies, it is argued, needs consistent attention to the resonances of individual lives. Otherwise, a discussion of cultural economies remains suspended in a detached virtualism (Miller, 2000). The idea of the remaking of geographies and cultural economies remains, necessarily, a consistent search to make the subject dynamic in its resonance with the contemporary world. In recent debates concerning the reframing of the cultural economies of geography, there is an evidence of increasing acknowledgement of the overlooked importance of subjectivities within geographical explanation. This has often been difficult when trying to attend to the large scale apparent dynamics of change. The shift of geographies to focus upon cultural economies combines two profound threads that inform this chapter: the acknowledgement of the breadth and inclusivity of what economies are and the refusal mutually to isolate the cultural and the economic. Thus the economic becomes engaged and even framed in relation to the cultural, and vice versa. Such an appraisal makes more robust the limits of ‘either – or’ claims from these two grounding components of geographical thinking and its representation of the world. These themes are sustained in different ways across the chapters of this book. This chapter seeks to build a critical discourse concerning space, embodied practice and lay knowledge. It does this in order to address the mechanisms through which individuals are engaged in the processes of new cultural economies.
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The Art of Sketching

In this inspiring manual, artist Vivienne Coleman guides you through a variety of subjects in easy, confidence-building steps.

Author: Vivienne Coleman

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN: 9781788887403

Category: Art


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Sketching is a wonderful pastime and a great way to build up your drawing skills. You can use it to record your experiences and subjects that interest you, just by jotting down an impression in your sketchbook. In this inspiring manual, artist Vivienne Coleman guides you through a variety of subjects in easy, confidence-building steps. She shows you how to do complete drawings in just a few minutes, so that you can make sketching part of your daily life. She also demonstrates how sketches can be developed into more detailed work. From pets and people to landscape and urban scenes, this book reveals how versatile and exciting sketching can be. It features: • ten-minute sketch ideas • essential drawing techniques • sketching at home and on the move • step-by-step instruction
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