7 Keys to Comprehension

How to Help Your Kids Read It and Get It!
Author: Susan Zimmermann,Chryse Hutchins
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 0307453189
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 224
View: 6187
It's simple: If children don't understand what they read, they will never embrace reading. And that limits what they can learn while in school. This fact frightens parents, worries teachers, and ultimately hurts children. 7 Keys to Comprehension is the result of cutting-edge research. It gives parents and teachers—those who aren't already using this valuable program—practical, thoughtful advice about the seven simple thinking strategies that proficient readers use: • Connecting reading to their background knowledge • Creating sensory images • Asking questions • Drawing inferences • Determining what's important • Synthesizing ideas • Solving problems Easily understood, easily applied, and proven successful, this essential educational tool helps parents and teachers to turn reading into a fun and rewarding adventure. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Storytelling Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Children with Special Needs

Author: Sherry Norfolk,Lyn Ford
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1440853657
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 218
View: 1266
This book supplies stories, essays, and lesson plans along with specialized storytelling strategies to help teachers "level the playing field" for all learners and better serve children with special needs. • Provides a variety of successful storytelling strategies for reaching and teaching children with specific disabilities, enabling educators and mentors to choose options that will work best for their teaching environment and students • Provides immediate access to stories, strategies, and adaptations to meet specific needs • Offers a joyful, engaging, and thoroughly human way to interact with all students—a method that makes giving the gift of empathetic education easier

Reading is Our Business

How Libraries Can Foster Reading Comprehension
Author: Sharon Grimes
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 9780838909126
Category: Education
Page: 155
View: 2301
Discusses current research on how children learn to read and outlines a seven-step teaching strategy for enhancing all aspects of reading comprehension.

Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?

Content Comprehension, Grades 6-12
Author: Cris Tovani
Publisher: Stenhouse Publishers
ISBN: 1571103767
Category: Education
Page: 138
View: 1355
Takes on the challenge of helping students apply reading comprehension strategies in any subject. Shows how teachers can expand on their content expertise to provide instruction students need to understand specific technical and narrative texts. The book includes: examples of how teachers can model their reading process for students; ideas for supplementing and enhancing the use of required textbooks; detailed descriptions of specific strategies taught in context; stories from different high school classrooms to show how reading instruction varies according to content; samples of student work, including both struggling readers and college-bound seniors; a variety of 'comprehension constructors': guides designed to help students recognize and capture their thinking in writing while reading; guidance on assessing students; tips for balancing content and reading instruction.

The Shut-down Learner

Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child
Author: Richard Selznick
Publisher: Sentient Publications
ISBN: 1591810787
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 160
View: 7066
This book is based on the author's clinical experience as director of a program in the paediatrics department of a large teaching hospital that assesses and treats a broad range of learning problems. He has consulted with thousands of families, explaining complex data in straightforward terms understandable to the parents. He coined the term "shut-down learner" to describe children who thrive with hands-on tasks requiring visual and spatial abilities, but who become discouraged by their difficulty mastering core academic skills such as reading and writing. As many as 40% of Americans experience problems with these core skills, and a significant proportion of them are spatial thinkers. This book is packed with techniques that parents can use to help their shut-down learner succeed in school and in life. In a friendly, non-technical style, the author helps them understand their child's characteristics and offers specific approaches to break the downward spiral.

TAKS Reading in the Content Areas: Exploring Nonfiction Supplement Grade 2 Teacher's Guide

Author: Teacher Created Materials Staff
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials
ISBN: 9780743902922
Page: N.A
View: 9876

Mosaic of Thought

Teaching Comprehension in a Reader's Workshop
Author: Ellin Oliver Keene,Susan Zimmermann
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780435072377
Category: Education
Page: 255
View: 8653
How do students become thoughtful, independent readers who comprehend text at a deep level?

Text Savvy

Using a Shared Reading Framework to Build Comprehension, Grades 3-6
Author: Sarah Daunis,Maria Cassiani Iams
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
Category: Education
Page: 126
View: 4621
What strikes me about this wonderful book is that the authors not only tell us what they did in their classrooms, they make sure that we know how to do what they did. At the end of this book, you will know exactly why weekly shared reading works and how to do it in your classroom. -Janet Angelillo Author of Writing About Reading If only upper-elementary teachers had a tool like shared reading that supports the comprehension work their students do in reading workshop and read-aloud-one that helps children transition from teacher-led instruction to independent work. In fact, they do, because with minimal adjustments shared reading can be just as effective in grades 3-6 as it is in the primary grades. Text Savvy shows you how to make it work in your classroom. Text Savvy helps you implement a consistent, manageable, shared reading framework with the sophistication and wider variety of entry points that upper-elementary students need. Sarah Daunis and Maria Cassiani Iams present a five-day shared reading structure-called weekly shared reading-that engages students' foundational reading skills and helps them build on what they've learned. Best of all, weekly shared reading is an ideal approach to studying genres as well as an opportunity for consistently supporting reading skills across the content areas. With weekly shared reading, Text Savvy introduces you to a powerful teaching and learning tool that can change how you approach many aspects of your teaching. Let Daunis and Iams show you how weekly shared reading can: help students integrate five essential reading skills in order to understand a variety of texts in a variety of genres actually make additional time for student assessment by introducing the power and possibilities of "assessing on the run" support classrooms with a wide range of readers, learning styles, and proficiencies offer substantial support to students in test preparation and test taking give learners new entrees into the content of the subject areas and give teachers a smart framework to use throughout the curriculum. Present students smart, structured, and scaffolded opportunities to delve deeply into texts. Read Text Savvy, use weekly shared reading, and reinforce the strategies and skills that you teach in other aspects of your reading curriculum. Then watch as your students improve their use of reading strategies and develop the independence they need to grow as readers.

Comprehension Going Forward

Where We Are, What's Next
Author: Ellin Oliver Keene
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
ISBN: 9780325041636
Category: Education
Page: 281
View: 568
"The real genius of this book is that it is written by teachers, for teachers. All of the authors in this book know what classrooms are like. This means that authenticity and integrity pervade every chapter in the book. Teachers will immediately sense this authenticity on their way to realizing that the book offers an endless supply of useful suggestions." -From the Coda by P. David Pearson For those of us who teach comprehension strategies,Comprehension Going Forward is as near to the ultimate PD experience as we can get. Imagine a professional learning community where you could sit in as... Ellin Keene and Debbie Miller swap best practices Stephanie Harvey and Harvey "Smokey" Daniels compare instruction across the grades Anne Goudvis and Tanny McGregor share ways to infuse comprehension into every subject area Cris Tovani and Nancy Commins apply the strategies to help struggling readers, English learners, and special-needs students. In Comprehension Going Forward, you'll meet up with 17 leading practitioners and researchers for an energetic, personal, and frequently irreverent conversation on what great comprehension instruction looks like, what an amazing range of applications it has for all students, and what we can do better. Not only do figures such as Susan Zimmerman and P. David Pearson include their own chapters, but, like any exciting conversation, they point out their favorite parts of one another's chapters-highlighting discussion topics for teacher study groups along the way. Read Comprehension Going Forward and RSVP to a get-together that no one who teaches reading will want to miss. Enter this powerful, lively conversation about how we can improve all readers' comprehension today and join some of your favorite authors as they reach for a tomorrow where every child reads with deep understanding. "Each author takes the comprehension strategies as a starting point, and then reaches out toward a different set of applications, extensions, and practices. But everyone is connected by the research base on comprehension instruction and by our common goal: to provide every child in America with an "All-Access Pass" to literacy." -From the editor's introduction by Harvey "Smokey" Daniels

Teaching New Literacies in Grades 4-6

Resources for 21st-century Classrooms
Author: Barbara Moss,Diane Lapp
Publisher: The Guilford Press
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 354
View: 955

Clémentine et la lettre secrète

Author: Sara Pennypacker
Publisher: Rageot Editeur
ISBN: 2700248244
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 160
View: 1725
Clémentine est catastrophée : son maître participe à un concours et risque d’abandonner sa classe pour partir en Égypte. Afin de le faire gagner, chacun de ses élèves doit envoyer au jury une lettre vantant ses mérites. Clémentine, elle, veut à tout prix qu’il reste car elle a rencontré sa remplaçante, une femme très sévère... Il ne lui reste qu’une solution : rédiger une lettre désastreuse !

Creating Literacy Instruction for All Students

Author: Thomas G. Gunning
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon
Category: Education
Page: 646
View: 1966
With its sweeping, inclusive view of literacy,Creating Literacy Instruction for All Studentsemphasizes methods that have been validated by research and practice while delivering the basics of all major aspects of reading and writing. Unlike comparable texts, the Fifth edition stresses effective steps for closing the gap between achieving and struggling readers as mandated by theNo Child Left Behind legislation and Reading First. In addition, special emphasis has been given to adapting instruction for English language learners, struggling readers and writers and special needs students throughout the book.Take a Peek Inside the Fifth Edition The chapter on diversityhas been thoroughly revised to focus on ESL methods and the relationship between first- and second-language literacy. Increased emphasis onfluencyin Chapter 4. Case Studiesprovide even more real life examples of teaching techniques and procedures for teachers, and learning strategies for students. IRA Positions on Issuesfocus on the specific relevance to each chapter of statements from the International Reading Association. Tools for the Classroomreorganizes features from the 4th edition to sharpen the focus on their immediate usefulness to teachers. Action Plan provides steps for applying the key concepts in each chapter, serving as both an additional summary of the chapter and a call to action. Help for Struggling Readers and Writers. Essential Standards. Checkup! Boxesprovide opportunities for reflection, self-evaluation, and in some cases,solid preparation for PRAXISand other licensure tests. Reviewer Buzz"I can hardly wait to teach from this text. It is so well written and organized that it will be a pleasure to use." Dr. Sharon Y. Cowan,East Central University"The side notes, boldface vocabulary, and Summary sections are very useful for students who will need a quick way to review for Praxis tests after the course is over." Professor Donna Topping,Millersville University"The content in the Evaluation chapter is extremely comprehensive; including the standards movement and high stakes testing, placement materials (IRI, running records), norm and criterion referenced tests, portfolios, etc." Professor Patricia Shaw,University of Wisconsin WhitewaterMeet the AuthorThomas G. Gunninghas taught courses in methods of teaching reading and writing for 20 years and was the director of the Reading Clinic at Southern Connecticut State University. Before that, as a secondary English teacher, secondary reading specialist, and an elementary school reading consultant, he worked extensively with achieving and struggling readers. He now teaches a variety of reading methods courses at Central Connecticut State University. Dr. Gunning is a well-known and highly regarded textbook author, having written and revised such titles asAssessing and Correcting Reading and Writing Difficulties(2002) andBuilding Literacy in the Content Areas(2003).

Le Seul et unique Ivan

Author: Katherine Applegate
Publisher: Seuil jeunesse
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 274
View: 5208
Ivan est un gorille, mais il n'a rien d'une bête sauvage. C'est un animal paisible qui vit dans un vieux centre commercial. Ivan s'accommode assez bien de sa condition. Il a ses amis : Stella, la vieille éléphante, Bob, le chien errant, et Julia, la fille du gardien. Il a la télé et, surtout, il a le dessin, car Ivan est un peu artiste. Autrefois, ses œuvres faisaient la joie des clients du centre commercial ; aujourd'hui, Ivan peint surtout pour le plaisir. Et pour ses amis. L'arrivée de Ruby, une petite éléphante innocente et fragile, va changer sa vie. Bouleversé par sa tristesse, Ivan se fait une promesse : grâce à lui, elle retrouvera sa joie de vivre et aura une vie meilleure. Dès lors, il n'aura de cesse de trouver une solution pour quitter ce lieu perdu... Une formidable leçon d'humanité dans ce roman illustré aux personnage si attachants.

Les Penderwick

Author: Jeanne BIRDSALL
Publisher: 12-21
ISBN: 2823812814
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 167
View: 8896
Les Penderwick, ou les aventures drôles et charmantes de quatre soeurs ! Envie de vacances inoubliables? Dépaysement garanti avec les sœurs Penderwick ! Cet été, une surprise attend les quatre filles et leur père adoré. Au lieu du pavillon délabré prévu, la famille se retrouve dans une magnifique propriété. Les filles ne tardent pas à découvrir la magie des vastes jardins, des greniers remplis de trésors, deux lapins timides, et le meilleur pain d'épice au monde. Mais leur plus intéréssante trouvaille, c'est Lucas Tifton, le fils de la glaciale propriétaire des lieux. Un parfait et mystérieux compagnon pour des vacances de rêve...

La semaine de 4 heures

Travaillez moins, gagnez plus et vivez mieux !
Author: Timothy Ferriss
ISBN: 2744064173
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 400
View: 8355
Vous rêvez d'échapper à la routine du métro-boulot-dodo, de gagner de l'argent sans vous épuiser à la tâche, ou tout simplement de vivre mieux en travaillant moins ? Alors, voici ce que vous apprendra ce livre : • comment vous organiser pour gagner en un mois, à raison de 4 heures par semaine, le salaire que vous gagnez jusqu’à présent en un an ; • comment rejoindre les Nouveaux Bienheureux, qui réalisent leurs rêves et jouissent de la vie sans attendre une hypothétique retraite. Plus de bon temps, plus d’argent, plus de mobilité : ce livre est un véritable manifeste pour un changement radical de mode de vie. La recette de Timothy Ferriss est fondée sur sa propre expérience. Il vous démontrera qu’il est possible de diviser par deux sa masse de travail en identifiant les tâches essentielles et les plus rentables, d’utiliser l’assistanat à distance pour mettre en place un « management par l’absence », de cultiver l’ignorance sélective grâce à une diète d’informations... et ceci dans un unique but : mener une belle carrière d’entrepreneur en travaillant seulement 4 heures par semaine ! Cette nouvelle édition contient les témoignages de lecteurs qui ont doublé leurs revenus, délégué la plus grande partie de leurs tâches et réinventé leur vie après avoir lu ce livre. Vous y trouverez des procédures types pour vous libérer de votre dépendance aux mails, apprendre à négocier avec vos clients difficiles, ou rédiger une proposition de télétravail à l’attention de votre patron... Ainsi que les dernières astuces de Timothy Ferriss pour vivre comme un diplomate ou un millionnaire, sans être ni l’un ni l’autre !

Early Childhood Experiences in Language Arts: Early Literacy

Author: Jeanne M. Machado
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305544773
Category: Education
Page: 544
View: 8320
EARLY CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES IN LANGUAGE ARTS: EARLY LITERACY, Eleventh Edition responds to national legislation, professional standards, and public concern about the development of young children's language and foundational literacy skills by providing current research-based instructional strategies in early language development. Activities throughout emphasize the relationship between listening, speaking, reading, writing (print), and viewing in language arts areas. This text addresses the cultural and ethnic diversity of children and provides techniques and tips for adapting curricula. Theory is followed by how-to suggestions and plentiful examples of classic books and stories, poems, finger plays, flannel board and alphabet experiences, puppetry, language games, drama, and phonemic and phonetic awareness activities. Students will also learn how, as teachers, they can best interact with children to promote appropriate language development, and how they can create a print-rich environment in the classroom. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Tika Tika Boum Boum! [French]

Author: Bill Jr Martin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781416941699
Category: Alphabet
Page: N.A
View: 7879
Translation of: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Owen et Mzee : l'histoire vraie d'une amitié incroyable

Author: Isabella Hatkoff,Paula Kahumbu,Craig Hatkoff,Peter Greste
Publisher: Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 9780439940597
Category: Aldabra tortoise
Page: 38
View: 9357
Après le redoutable tsunami de décembre 2004, un bébé hippopotame égaré se lie d'amitié avec une immense tortue de 130 ans. Dès lors se tissent des liens indéfectibles. Leur charmante histoire a fait le tour du monde et apporte encore et toujours un message d'amour, de solidarité et de paix à tous les peuples de la terre.

Understanding and Teaching Reading Comprehension

A handbook
Author: Jane Oakhill,Kate Cain,Carsten Elbro
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317628993
Category: Education
Page: 130
View: 4254
The ultimate aim of reading is not the process but to understand what we read and comprehension can take place at many different levels. There has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of reading comprehension in recent years but despite this there is very little written on this vital topic accessible to trainee and practicing teachers. The Handbook of Reading Comprehension presents an overview of recent findings on reading comprehension and comprehension problems in children. It provides a detailed examination of the characteristics of children who have reading comprehension difficulties, and examines ways in which comprehension can be supported and improved. It is accessibly written for students and professionals with no previous background in the psychology of reading or reading problems. This indispensable handbook asks the question ‘what is comprehension?’ The authors consider comprehension of different units of language: understanding single words, sentences, and connected prose and outline what readers (and listeners) have to do to successfully understand an extended text. This book also considers comprehension for different purposes, in particular reading for pleasure and reading to learn and explores how reader characteristics such as interest and motivation can influence the comprehension process. Different skills contribute to successful reading comprehension. These include word reading ability, vocabulary knowledge, syntactic skills, memory, and discourse level skills such as the ability to make inferences, knowledge about text structure, and metacognitive skills. The authors discuss how each one contributes to the development of reading comprehension skill and how the development of these skills (or their precursors) in pre-readers, provides the foundation for reading comprehension development. Areas covered include:- Word reading and comprehension Development of comprehension skills Comprehension difficulties Assessment Teaching for improvement Throughout the text successful experimental and classroom based interventions will be highlighted, practical tips for teachers and summary boxes detailing key points and explaining technical terms will be included in each chapter