A Glamorously Unglamorous Life

When I was 22 I hopped a plane for New York City, off to pursue my destiny, sure that I'd never look back. This is my story of looking back. Of a journey that took on a whole new meaning and purpose. A year in New York City.

Author: Julia Albain Albain


ISBN: 0786752963

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 100

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When I was 22 I hopped a plane for New York City, off to pursue my destiny, sure that I'd never look back. This is my story of looking back. Of a journey that took on a whole new meaning and purpose. A year in New York City. A year of discovering the best and worst parts of myself. A year of learning the lessons that you can only learn the hard way.
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Pilot Patrick

My glamorously unglamorous life as a jet-set pilot Patrick Biedenkapp. good food
. Like most of us, I was raised in a family where throwing out food was rightly
frowned upon. I asked the captain for permission, then set about helping myself
to ...

Author: Patrick Biedenkapp

Publisher: Riva Verlag

ISBN: 9783745314113

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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Tricky maneuvers, curious passengers, and other kinds of turbulence The star DJ who spontaneously invites the entire flight crew to his concert in Rome, the businessman who has his forgotten cigars flown in by private jet, and the oil millionaire who has the stewardesses crawl through the cabin on all fours to the sound of Pavarotti arias—there's nothing that Pilot Patrick has not experienced in his job. Germany's most famous airline captain takes us on a joyride to the most beautiful places in the world, telling us how he made his dream of flying come true, what really helps against the fear of flying, and what you should consider if you want to become a pilot yourself. From wild party nights on the Côte d?Azur to sex above the clouds, Pilot Patrick gives us an exclusive look behind the normally closed doors of the international jet set—and reveals a secret that, until now, has always flown below the radar.
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The Wealth Dragon Way

achieve things in life, get onto the pitch, figure out where the goalposts are, get
the ball and kick it at goal. It doesn't matter if you ... You may have to do very
unglamorous things in order to have a glamorous lifestyle. But, as we keep
saying, ...

Author: John Lee

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119533108

Category: Business & Economics

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Take control of your financial future with expert guidance from wealth educators and property millionaires John Lee and Vincent Wong The Wealth Dragon Way is an essential guide to creating passive income, building property-based wealth, and achieving financial freedom. This inspiring and informative resource can help you define your financial goals and identify the steps you need to take to achieve them. Exploring common myths and misinformation surrounding wealth—such as “money is the root of all evil”—this book shows how overcoming fear and self-doubt can change the way you think about wealth and your potential for personal growth. Real-world examples illustrate how entrepreneurs can use alternative strategies to acquire properties below market value. Fully updated to reflect the current economic environment, this second edition includes the Top Ten Habits of Successful Wealth Dragons as well as new chapters on the foundations of true wealth and how to adopt abundance mentality. From expanded sections on multiple income streams to a more in-depth look at the psychology behind our approach to money, such as posing the question, “Is money your friend?,” this latest edition offers a roadmap to achieving infinite wealth. Knowing why you want to be wealthy increases your chances of becoming wealthy. This essential guide explores what lies beneath our relationship with money and offers practical methods to attain the freedom that monetary wealth affords and stresses the importance of having high moral wealth. Gain practical guidance delivered with an inspiring motivational message Learn how to define your goals and maximize your likelihood of success Explore the psychological patterns that prevent us from achieving our financial goals Overcome the obstacles standing in the way of your financial freedom It has never been more important to take control of your financial future. Uncertain economic futures, increasing healthcare costs, and unreliable retirement benefits are just a few reasons to start focusing on your financial future today. No matter what your ultimate goal is—whether you want to quit the daily grind, acquire assets for increased security, or build passive income streams to achieve true financial freedom—The Wealth Dragon Way shows you the best way to get there.
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Adamant The Life and Pursuits of Dorothy McGuire

... in which she had starred as unadorned, childish Claudia (1943) and as
unglamorous, despondent Katie Nolan (1945), ... of most people that in
Hollywood she would go through a certain metamorphosis and come out labeled

Author: Giancarlo Stampalia

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 800

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Dorothy McGuire remains one of the most beloved stars of Hollywood. An actress of sincerity, dignity and natural beauty, she graced film, radio, television and theater for nearly half a century, delivering unforgettable performances in such classic movies as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and the suspense thriller The Spiral Staircase. Yet no biography has been written about her—until now. Adamant is intended not as a definitive biography, but rather as an attempt, which investigates, reveals and examines, with microscopic tenacity, the many facets of McGuire’s personal and professional history, drawing on a wide range of sources, including personal reminiscences of friends, colleagues and family and the author’s own frequentation of the actress. The reasons for the author’s self-deprecating definition of Adamant as an attempt hinge on the definition of exactly what one is attempting when one writes a biography. The loose strands of philosophical, literary and spiritual Leitmotifs that are woven through the book’s exploration and culminate in its unusual conclusion make it less a biography than a moral, or alchemical, study of Dorothy McGuire. This loving tribute takes the metaphysical route and makes observations not only about its immediate subject but also about the art of acting, personal evolution and virtues, and, most importantly, the act itself of writing a biography.
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A Technique for Meditation

The Master Musician leads a seemingly glamorous life. But the road to that
glamor was definitely “unglamorous” - usually very mundane. Every day, sun
shining or cloudy, he or she engaged in relatively unglamorous practice.
Relentless ...

Author: Joseph Polansky

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781846944123

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 101

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No matter what your religion or spiritual path, this no nonsense guide will lead you into the techniques for higher consciousness, health and happiness. It is only through meditation that we can access the deepest levels of the mind and spirit.
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The Portable Radio in American Life

Fortune magazine put this into perspective in 1957 : " TV has become a
decidedly unglamorous area of a glamorous industry . ” This would not be
remedied until the early sixties when color finally took off . In 1953 , almost eight
million stand ...

Author: Michael B. Schiffer


ISBN: UOM:39015024952874

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 259

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As an artifact of culture, the portable radio is an unusual but perfect subject for investigation by archaeologist Schiffer. Seeing the history of everyday objects as the history of the life of a people, he shows how the portable radio has reflected changes in American society as surely as clay pots have for ancient cultures.
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British Life and Institutions

It is very easy to get into the doldrums , the grind , the unglamorous side of
restaurants , which is the greater part ... s got a very glamorous façade to it and
there ' s some great food to be had in London , that ' s for sure ; and it ' s got a
fantastic ...

Author: Mark Farrell

Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN: 3125133807

Category: English language

Page: 144

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11. bis 13. Schuljahr Die Neubearbeitung dieser bewährten Landeskunde ist eine Bestandsaufnahme des gegenwärtigen Großbritannien nachder Wahl der neuen Labour-Regierung. Die aktuellen polirtischen,wirtschaftlichen und kulturellen Hintergrundinformationen führen die Schülerinnen und Schüler zum besseren Verständnis des europäischen Nachbarn. Neu gegenüber der bisherigen Ausgabe ist auch die Aufnahme von 10 Interviews. Zum landeskundlichen Lesebuch sind Kassette oder CD erhältlich.
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Middle State

Those teachers dedicated to the life of the mind found that other allegiances were
now in vogue, allegiances that were more visible, glamorous and profitable, both
to them and especially to their administrative superiors. ... As might have been
expected, most of the devotees of the quiet and unglamorous life of fine
distinctions, contemplation, and critical thought found to their dismay that they
had ...

Author: Mike Miller

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456739003

Category: Education

Page: 452

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In his final year of college at Middle State University, senior Chris Warren finds that the courses he needs to graduate are not offered and he will have to return to school for an extra year. As he and Dr. Brumley, a sympathetic instructor, try to remedy the situation, they confront the indifference and increasing hostility of the university administration, whose members, as well as most of Brumley's colleagues at Middle State, are committed largely to their careers and to rising in the university hierarchy. Or as one student has it, to kicking ass from a swivel chair. In their year-long attempt to find justice, Warren and Brumley encounter most of the follies and perversions of modern academia. Collect athletics, the current lunacy of literary studies, student apathy and inability, the menace of particular biological and physical science research, corporate influence in higher education, the dominance of computers - all are targets of Middle State's satire. But behind them is the larger issue: What is an education for?
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Continental Drift

It was a Playboy video and showed a series a of glamorous young women in
misty settings and in various states of ... He swallowed a double scotch as he
watched and longed to be sucked out of his life in the hotel and his unglamorous
life ...

Author: Humphrey Muller

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595095438

Category: Fiction

Page: 452

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Harry Denton is a middle-aged professor who leaves his secure post at a London university on account of the sense of failure and embarrassment caused by his wife Anne’s mounting debts. An inheritance left to him by his father enables him to start a new life by buying a small hotel in the Scottish Borders. But in this new context his marriage to Anne proves to be just as hopeless and loveless. He escapes through flights of fancy, frequently contemplating suicide, and becomes obsessed with one of his guests—Eleanor, who introduces him to the ideas of James Redfield in The Celestine Prophecy. Although, ironically, she comes across as a pretty simpleton married to an uncouth double-glazing salesman, she expresses the thinking that, in time, will transform Denton’s life. It is not before he drifts into the violent world of Apartheid South Africa that he finds his dream.
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Country Life

I know this is not a glamorous subject , and that the likes of Gordon Ramsay and
Jamie Oliver don't even have to think about cold chicken and ... Why Penguin
doesn't reissue this defeats me — but I suppose it is irredeemably unglamorous .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105123018124

Category: Country life


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A Life Ronald Hayman. tological ... These books suggest that a glamorously
unglamorous counterworld is constructed by criminals . “ What I ... My courage
consists in annihilating all the usual reasons for living , and then making up new
ones .

Author: Ronald Hayman

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: UOM:39015013361772

Category: Authors, French

Page: 572

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A biography of the philosopher and activist who was for thirty-five years, the most influential thinker of France and the West.
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Feminist Collections

SIBERIAN GIRL MODEL by Beth Huang ... The contract represents a chance for
Nadya to pull her family out of poverty while enjoying a glamorous Kelsey : And
they're ...



ISBN: UCR:31210024059493

Category: Feminism


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He's soared and sunk more than a few times—and lived to tell the tales. Threads is his off-the-record take on fashion, from the inside out.

Author: Joseph Abboud

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061753985

Category: Design

Page: 256

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Designers are great white sharks, and we roam the waters ourselves. We often pretend to like and admire each other, but sometimes we don't even bother to fake it. The fashion industry is as hardworking, incestuous, and political as any other, and it's virtually impossible, given the size of designers' egos, to sincerely wish someone else well, because behind every false tribute is 'It should have been me.' So writes Joseph Abboud, who fell in love with style at five. There in the dark of the movie house, he wasn't just some Lebanese kid with a babysitter. He was the hero, in tweeds and pocket squares. That's where he learned that clothes represented a better life—a life he wanted, and would grab, for himself. From his blue-collar childhood in Boston's South End to his spread-collar success as one of America's top designers, he has forged a remarkable path through the unglamorous business of making people look glamorous. He transformed American menswear by replacing the traditional stiff-shouldered silhouette with a grown-up European sensuality. He was the first designer to win the coveted CFDA award as Best Menswear Designer two years in a row and the first designer to throw out the opening pitch at Fenway Park. He's been jilted by Naomi Campbell (who didn't show up on the runway for his first women's fashion show) and questioned by the FBI (who did show up in his office right after September 11 because he fit the profile). He's soared and sunk more than a few times—and lived to tell the tales. Threads is his off-the-record take on fashion, from the inside out. With breezy irreverence, he looks at guys and taste, divas and deviousness, fabric and texture, and all those ties. He takes us to the luxe bastion of Louis Boston, where he came of age and learned the trade, and to the seductive domain of Polo Ralph Lauren, where he became associate director of menswear design. He reveals the mystique of department-store politics, what's what at the sample sale, and who copies whom. He explains the process of making great clothes, from conception and sketch to manufacturing and marketing. Whether he's traveling by daredevil horse, plunging plane, Paris Métro, or cross-country limo, Abboud is an illuminating guide to a complex world.
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Star Crossed

“The public wants to see you as larger than life. Even royals are just real people
with lucky bloodlines, ... was too late now. “I am not saying go back to Colton. I'm
not saying fake a glamorous relationship. I'm saying hide the unglamorous ones.

Author: Jennifer Echols

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451677775

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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He said . . . She said. Publicist Wendy Mann has always competed hotly with her rival Daniel Blackstone, but this time they’re headed for a collision. Wendy’s job is on the line if she doesn’t save the image of a spoiled young starlet who’s posting provocative pictures of herself all over the Internet in a snarky attempt at revenge on her former boyfriend. Daniel is representing the ex, a onetime teen heartthrob who never grew up. With the feuding Hollywood pair scheduled to appear on the same Las Vegas awards show, Daniel and Wendy are determined to do whatever it takes to defend their own clients. Unfortunately, the chemistry between Wendy and Daniel is even more explosive than that of their Hollywood stars. L-O-V-E was always a four-letter word for these two ultra-competitors; they never counted on the scorching heat that erupts between them. But Wendy’s high-gloss exterior hides a dark past—one that’s lurking behind the bright Vegas lights. Their careers are on the line, and so is Wendy’s life. . . .
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A Girl from Oz

In this memoir, Lyndall Hobbs bares all. Heartfelt, hilarious and down-to-earth, this book brims with Hobbs' honesty, charm and self-deprecating voice as she comes of age and leaves home to live among the stars.

Author: Lyndall Hobbs


ISBN: 1742708668


Page: 336

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Heartfelt, hilarious and down-to-earth, this book brims with Hobbs' honesty, charm and self-deprecating voice as she comes of age and leaves home to live among the stars. Too large for life in suburbia, at 19 Lyndall left home to pursue her dream of being a journalist. A move to Sydney led to London, New York and LA, which led to wealthy, famous boyfriends, designer clothes and plenty of shoulder-brushing with an impressive list of A-listers. She describes the lavish parties she threw for everyone, from Jack Nicholson to Madonna and Prince Charles (though not all together!), while conveying the homesick, carefree, camera-toting youth she was.
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Lifetime Living

I have a glamorous 19 - year - old in the office now and feel I cannot stand it
much longer . ... of the bad location in the warehouse district and the
unglamorous nature of the business , the setting and the personnel . ... 32



ISBN: CORNELL:31924069513400

Category: Retirement


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... and its advertising images feature decidedly unglamorous real people as well
as a glamorously unglamorous Kate Moss. ... far more intelligent than most, but
one who has spent his life in one of the professions, and seen much of the world,



ISBN: STANFORD:36105021764605

Category: Civilization


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The Future Has a Silver Lining

At first glance , the “ Glamorous ” poster seems to rely upon the same simple
oppositions between text and image found in the ... in a literal sense , the actual
opposite of an unglamorous drag queen should be a glamorous drag queen ,
and not a glamorous woman . ... argument against transgendered communities
being that most transgendered people dedicate their lives to emulating
patronising and ...

Author: Ian Penman

Publisher: Jrp Editions

ISBN: UOM:39015062821635

Category: Art

Page: 248

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Edited by Tom Holert and Heike Munder. Essays by Ian Penman and Terre Thaemlitz.
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... served a vital televisual function – to ( re ) constitute the world of variety
television as a glamorous other toʻreal life ' . ... as an object of derision and as a
figure for identification – the representative of a ' normal – that is , unglamorous
' us ' .

Author: Stephanie Holt

Publisher: Spinifex Press

ISBN: 0908205112

Category: Australia

Page: 220

View: 287

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In this diverse collection of essays, performance pieces, poetry and prose, mother as noun, appendage and agenda is mined for meaning in the context of contemporary Australian society.
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The Make Up Girl

The only problem is that he doesn't exist. I made him up, just like I made up my perfect life and my perfect job. It's what I do. I'm a single, lonely, low-paid, make-up girl and it's far too late to tell my family the depressing truth.

Author: Andrea Semple

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780349402055

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Hi. My name's Faith and I'm living the London dream! I work in a fabulous PR company, have loads of thin, glamorous friends but most of all, I have a perfect, handsome boyfriend. He never wants to watch the football and he always thinks I am the most beautiful girl in the world. The only problem is that he doesn't exist. I made him up, just like I made up my perfect life and my perfect job. It's what I do. I'm a single, lonely, low-paid, make-up girl and it's far too late to tell my family the depressing truth. Except that my sister's just got engaged, which means I've finally run out of reasons why my family can't meet my man... Hi. My name's Faith and I have less than two months to turn my perfect fictional boyfriend into reality. Wish me luck?
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