A Healing Legend

This is accomplished by reading the story about Kidd.Kidd is going through a tough time in his childhood: he's being bullied in school and worries incessantly about the "what-ifs" in life to the point where it is disturbing his school work ...

Author: Garry Flint

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9781456601362

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

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A Healing Legend: Wisdom from the four directionsThis little book teaches a healing process that can change your life.A Healing Legend: Wisdom from the Four Directions was written for children and adults to teach the reader's inner-self a treatment process to move him or her in a positive direction. This is accomplished by reading the story about Kidd.Kidd is going through a tough time in his childhood: he's being bullied in school and worries incessantly about the "what-ifs" in life to the point where it is disturbing his school work and social life.Kidd receives wisdom from an unexpected source. This wisdom included a process that led to change in his problems without any effort on his part. His growth and transformation from an insecure boy to a self-confident being teaches us that change can happen with the right process.In A Healing Legend: Wisdom from the Four Directions, authors Garry A. Flint and Jo C. Willems use a Native American allegory and communication techniques to teach readers of all ages an alternative way of healing personal issues. The fictional story of Kidd is a way to explore the truth that useful healing processes can pass between family and friends.This book can be read to children and used in a school setting.
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The Legend of the Golden Prayers

A kinsman dwelling in yon distant glen Took the two children while we wended
hither , For we had heard there was a holy well By this old chapel , in whose
sainted wave There dwelt a healing virtue for the frame Decay had smitten ; to
this ruin ...

Author: Cecil Frances Alexander


ISBN: PRNC:32101063579823

Category: Christian poetry, English

Page: 228

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Legend of Myself

... face of beauty confers an extraordinary sense of power on the speaker – as if
she were a saint or a healer – and although it is a power she does not use, or
even strictly speaking acquire (she does not dip her fingers into the healing
waters, ...

Author: María Victoria Atencia

Publisher: Aris and Phillips Hispanic Cla

ISBN: 9781908343901

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 172

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In this collection of 65 short poems, Roberta Quance exemplifies the range, vitality and mysticism of work by one of Spain's foremost, if controversial, contemporary female poets, drawing on the contents of a number of Spanish collections. In Atencia's poetry the poetic subject is often seen as someone who occupies an interior space, either crossing over the threshold from the outside world to an inner one (a garden, a house, a castle), or moving from the inner, home space to one even more interior: the world of dreams and imagination and hope, which can project outward into liminal spaces of the sky or the sea. A very basic paradox of Christian mystical experience – of abasement and magnification – haunts Atencia's work. She has made her own one of its fundamental tenets: the purging of self, the shedding of all trace of worldly attachment in order to 'make room' for experience of a different reality: the self's sense of 'nothingness' in the face of beauty is a prized moment in and of itself; it is sublime. Atencia's definitive manner: classically shaped verse in the tradition of the 'pure poetry' of the Generation of 1927, which makes myth of a womanly self, is amply explored in this first major English edition of her work to appear since 1987. Roberta Quance is Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese Studies at Queen's University Belfast. She is author of books on mythology and modernity in modern literature and desire in the poetry of Lorca as well as articles on women writers and artists associated with the Generation of 1927 and translations of work by Carlos Piera.
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Legend of the KamiLah

He pulled Jade close and whispered, “I love you, Jade,” and gave her a healing
kiss. Jade woke up and saw Kai kissing her. When she came up for air, she
smiled. Alexia fell to her knees because she was drained. “I love you too,” Jade ...

Author: J.M. Vrooman

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 9781640823990

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Today is Jade Pamal's sixteenth birthday. Jade is scheduled to take her elementas test today to see whether or not she will be blessed by one of the five elemental spirits. If she is blessed, then she will be attending Fennec School for Elementals like her parents did before her. If no elemental spirit chooses her, then she will continue to live an extraordinary life as a natural. Little does she know that her destiny has a
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The Legend of Death

Can he forebear to slay the previous guardian and seize the fairy-cup of meaning
yet again for always? a new transmission passes. arthur asks. The golden bough
is snapped. a healing usurpation reigns. and old men pass retiring ways to ...

Author: John Milbank

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630874490

Category: Poetry

Page: 192

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The Earth's thin crust of organic matter and the still thinner crust of the spirit is the most concentrated, the most suggestive part of the cosmos. It in every way exceeds itself by pointing above its horizontal surface towards vertical transcendence. However, it can never leave itself behind and always carries itself with itself in every ascent. Poetry attends to the resultant human diagonal. --from the preface to the first sequence, "On the Diagonal: Metaphysical Landscapes"
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A Legend of Reading Abbey

It was a Benedictine from Rome that had studied medicine in the school of
Salerno , that brought a healing potion to the king , and snatched him back to life
from the jaws of the grave . So soon as Stephen could mount his war - horse he ...

Author: Charles MacFarlane



Category: Great Britain

Page: 248

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Poems The Sisters a Scottish Legend

... harshly torn ; And with celestial roses veil'd the thorn That pierc'd their spirits
with its anguish keen ; Softly as dews descend before the dawn , His words
distilld a healing power unseen , And back to hope restor'd the freshness of its
green .

Author: M. A. Roberts


ISBN: BL:A0021687729

Category: English poetry

Page: 102

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Legend of the Infancy of Our Saviour

While , lo ! a healing bounteousness O'erflowed the vessel's brim , Past all the
nations of the earth , And down to ages dim ; As , to the music of far spheres ,
Thus sang the seraphim :XIV . “ The purest maiden in the earth Is a OF OUR

Author: Juliet Hamersley Lewis Campbell


ISBN: CHI:088026454


Page: 36

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A staffordshire legend etc poems by the author of Hoel the hostage

With arms uplift to Heaven , she gave The praise unto her Lord ; And then , with
humble heart and brave , A bounty she implored ;A healing sleep — a gentle
dream Of soothing power , and strengthening theme , Her rest from harm to ward

Author: M E. Jeffreys


ISBN: OXFORD:600082930


Page: 113

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Legends and Records of the Church and the Empire

None therein Might gaze ungladdened by a healing grace ; Round him he
breathed Faith's sweet yet strengthening clime , Like sea - winds sent o'er hills of
rock and thyme . He spake : the Grecian girl with instinct keen Felt that he told of ...

Author: Aubrey De Vere



Category: Christian legends

Page: 310

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The Healing Female in the German Courtly Romance

B. The True Dimensions of the Healing Episode The entire legend , as observed
above in positive terms , is a healing episode . As such , it may be seen as a
dreamlike reworking of the story of Jesus , the Abraham and Isaac story or some

Author: Peter Meister


ISBN: UVA:X001860788

Category: Civilization, Medieval, in literature

Page: 186

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Despite the pressure and demands, Ada refuses to sacrifice her self-worth, and in this she discovers that a strong will overcomes all obstacles.I was asked, "why the questions at the back of the book?

Author: R. A. McDonald


ISBN: 0615412580

Category: Healing

Page: 260

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No sickness, No injuries, No pain, No limits.If you had the power to heal, what would you do?For fifteen-year-old Ada being able to heal others feels more like a curse than a gift. When she learns of the mystery surrounding her mother's disappearance, and sees the indifference of so-called friends, she sets out for Paris to find her.The power to heal protects her, but also has her hunted by a man who sees her as his tree of life. Ada soon realizes her true power is her will to survive, and that her only chance at freedom is to become the best at escaping.Along with action and adventure, Ada, Legend of a Healer also brings to light numerous philosophical issues. Like many middle and high school girls, Ada is introduced to society's harsh realities at a young age, so she's built a wall of anger to strengthen her self reliance, to survive. Despite the pressure and demands, Ada refuses to sacrifice her self-worth, and in this she discovers that a strong will overcomes all obstacles.I was asked, "why the questions at the back of the book?"My answer: Because Girls Like to Think.R.A. McDonald
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Healing Your Mind and Soul Therapeutic Interventions in Quantum Reality

In his groundbreaking book, Healing Your Mind and Soul, Flint approaches healing from the point of view of quantum reality.

Author: Garry Flint

Publisher: eBookIt.com

ISBN: 9780980928914

Category: Psychology

Page: 244

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In his groundbreaking book, Healing Your Mind and Soul, Flint approaches healing from the point of view of quantum reality. He creates a model of quantum reality, which explains ancestral influences, distant treatment, and the cause of our experience of reality. The model shows that we are all connected and created in a logical and orderly relationship with one another to give us more happiness and less pain, which suggests a loving creation process. At the spiritual level, Flint uses the model to define the soul and to discuss prayer and afterlife. He defines Wisdom as a rich resource in the hidden reality. It can be used to cause deep healing of many issues. Examples of the communication between the therapist and patient teaches the reader a way to treat intruding souls, ancestral fields, and to use. Wisdom to treat common issues. Other experimental interventions are given. Healing Your Mind and Soul is an invaluable self-help guide that breaks important new therapeutic ground for both the health professional and the layperson. Dr. Garry A. Flint is a psychologist with over 40 years of clinical experience. He has treated issues in the quantum fields for the last 15 years. He is the author of three previous books, Emotional Freedom, A Theory and Treatment of Your Personality, and A Healing Legend, co-authored with Jo C. Willems. a a brave and provocative book' Lee Pulos, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.
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The Review of Religion

When Amphiaraus , Trophonius , Amynus , and the rest , were healing at their
respective shrines , Asclepius was only ... And since he has argued that this
legend portrayed no magical healer but an ordinary doctor , he concludes that it
could ...

Author: Raymond Collyer Knox


ISBN: UOM:39015024591607

Category: Religion


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A Healing Place

According to Hopi legend : " The Indian people will be in our night time and we
will come into our daytime and become leaders when the eagle lands on the
moon ' . For many years this legend was a riddle which no one understood .

Author: Kayleen M. Hazlehurst


ISBN: UOM:39015040697149

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 274

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Compares innovative programs and policies in Canada and Australia which address addiction, family violence and community breakdown; discusses setting up of alcohol treatment programs and community healing programs; includes workshop methods and techniques.
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A Guide to B C Indian Myth and Legend

They create their own genre : anecdotal cosmology , the heartfelt and intricate
display of a 10 As with Barbeau's Isaac Tens , we see here the efficacy of songs
themselves in the healing process . Or , looked at the other way , the healing ...

Author: Ralph Maud

Publisher: Talonbooks Limited

ISBN: IND:39000005987081

Category: History

Page: 218

View: 610

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This survey of myth-collecting in British Columbia evaluates the work of luminaries such as Boas, Teit, Hill-Tout, Barbeau and Swanton.
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The Celts in Myth and Legend

Author: Timothy Roland Roberts

Publisher: Friedman-Fairfax

ISBN: 1567990924

Category: Religion

Page: 112

View: 462

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Summary: Presents a brief history of the Celts and an overview of their gods, heroes, and legends.
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The Legend s Lady

Now will be a healing time for all of us . . . . ” “ A healing time . . . . ” Stephanie
Eliott , alias Steven E . Winslow , sighed as she straightened the pages strewn all
over the large leather reticule that acted ... Her father was THE LEGEND ' S LADY

Author: Kathryn Hockett

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 0821758470

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

View: 724

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Stephanie Winslow, author extraordinaire, sets out to meet the man she has idolized in the pages of her books, but Clint Tanner is not what she had expected, and as they set out on a journey throughout the Arizona territory, he falls head-over-heels in love with her. Original.
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The Congregationalist

I could easily make you laugh by pointing out the logical absurdities involved in
this old legend ; I prefer rather to make a ... away when the times were evil just
when it was most wanted , just when it seemed powerless to heal the spiritual ills
of ...

Author: Robert William Dale


ISBN: UOM:39015066950216

Category: Congregational churches


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