A Landscape Legacy

Now, in A Landscape Legacy John Brookes tells the story of his life and work and reflects on how his thinking about garden design, and design generally, has developed." -- Provided by publisher.

Author: John Brookes

Publisher: Pimpernel Press

ISBN: 1910258938

Category: Gardening

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"It is no exaggeration to say that John Brookes transformed twentieth-century garden design, not only in his native Britain but throughout the world. He fundamentally changed the way people think about their gardens. In his first book, Room Outside, in 1969, he wrote, 'A garden is essentially a place for use by people not a static picture created by plants; plants provide the props, the colour and texture, but the garden is the stage and its design should be determined by the uses it is intended to fulfil.' Today, nearly fifty years on, he emphasises the importance of reconciling nature and the character of a landscape with the needs and visions of the people living in it. Over those fifty years he has designed gardens - and taught garden design - in the United States, Canada and South America, in Russia and Japan, in Iran and Kashmir, and all over Europe - always consulting the vernacular of an area, its materials and how they are used, as well as its plants. Now, in A Landscape Legacy John Brookes tells the story of his life and work and reflects on how his thinking about garden design, and design generally, has developed." -- Provided by publisher.
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America s Landscape Legacy

W HAT IS A HISTORIC LANDSCAPE ? Historic landscapes are cultural resources that are part of our national heritage . Like historic buildings and districts , these special places reveal aspects of our country's origins and devel- opment ...



ISBN: MINN:31951D01039919Z

Category: Historic sites

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Catalogue Museum of the Old Masters Numbers on Gold Ground

RUISDAEL or RUYSDAEL ( JAMES ) , Dutch Sch . 1625 ? -1681 . 646. The Waterfall , a Landscape in Norway . SNYDERS ( FRANCIS ) , Flem . Sch . 1597-1657 . 647. Display of a great Variety of Fish , natural size . Legacy of the late Max .

Author: Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Belgium)




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Preservation Briefs

Several publications available from the National Park Service deal directly with the preservation of historic landscapes . These include : America's Landscape Legacy , Brochure , Preservation Assistance Division , 1992 .



ISBN: UOM:39015040313382

Category: Architecture

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Visions of Paradise

Glimpses of Our Landscape's Legacy John Warfield Simpson. like scale , proportion , color , and texture . I find this definition too ana- lytical , too cold , too impersonal . The landscape is a living element , not just an abstraction ...

Author: John Warfield Simpson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520213645

Category: Nature

Page: 422

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This book synthesizes views of America's changing environment, and the Ideal of that environment, from the time of the Founding Fathers to the present. It is an exceptionally engaging account of American attitudes toward pristine and altered landscapes which they encountered, settled in, modified, and moved westward from during the last three centuries.
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646. The Waterfall , a landscape in Norway . " SNYDERS ( Francis ) , Flem . Sch . 1597-1657 . 647. Display of a great variety of fishes , life size . Legacy of the late M. Max . Van den Bergh . 1873 . BRAKENBURG ( RICHARD ) , Dutch .

Author: Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (Belgium)


ISBN: UCAL:$B270700

Category: Painters

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Hard Places

Reading the Landscape of America's Historic Mining Districts Richard V. Francaviglia ... Iron , copper , lead , and zinc mining in particular operated around the clock and left a landscape legacy that is still visible today from the ...

Author: Richard V. Francaviglia

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 0877456097

Category: History

Page: 268

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Working with the premise that there are much meaning and value in the "repelling beauty" of mining landscapes, Richard Francaviglia identifies the visual clues that indicate an area has been mined and tells us how to read them, showing the interconnections among all of America's major mining districts. With a style as bold as the landscape he reads and with photographs to match, he interprets the major forces that have shaped the architecture, design, and topography of mining areas. Covering many different types of mining and mining locations, he concludes that mining landscapes have come to symbolize the turmoil between what our society elects to view as two opposing forces: culture and nature.
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The Making of the American Landscape

... but the less obtrusive consequences of such high-speed roadways have filtered far out into suburbia and exurbia and, conversely, back into the inner cities. The landscape legacy of the New Deal is rich and varied in kind and effect, ...

Author: Michael P. Conzen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317793700

Category: Architecture

Page: 546

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The only compact yet comprehensive survey of environmental and cultural forces that have shaped the visual character and geographical diversity of the settled American landscape. The book examines the large-scale historical influences that have molded the varied human adaptation of the continent’s physical topography to its needs over more than 500 years. It presents a synoptic view of myriad historical processes working together or in conflict, and illustrates them through their survival in or disappearance from the everyday landscapes of today.
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Arcadia for All

Here Dennis Hardy and Colin Ward uncover the history of the 'plotlands' of South-East England, telling the fascinating detail of the places people built for themselves on the coast and in the country, and of what happened to them since, ...

Author: Dennis Hardy

Publisher: Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015070898112

Category: Architecture

Page: 308

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From Canvey Island to Jaywick Sands, from Peacehaven to Pitsea; in the first 40 years of last century, thousands of English families made their own place in the sun, without benefit of councils, planners, architects, building societies, or even builders. Were they, as many planners and environmentalists suggested, making rural slums and seaside eyesores, or were they providing a unique example of unaided self-build housing, with lessons for us all today? Here Dennis Hardy and Colin Ward uncover the history of the 'plotlands' of South-East England, telling the fascinating detail of the places people built for themselves on the coast and in the country, and of what happened to them since, drawing parallels with similar developments in other parts of the world.
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Landscapes and Landforms of England and Wales

A further large scale morphology that is related more to the periglacial landscape legacy of both Bodmin Moor and Dartmoor was identified by Waters (1971) as broad, flat-topped interfluves, potentially dictated by the former base of the ...

Author: Andrew Goudie

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030389574

Category: Science

Page: 612

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This book presents the geomorphological diversity of England and Wales. These regions are characterised by an extraordinary range of landforms and landscapes, reflecting both the occurrence of many different rock types and drastic climatic changes over the last few million years, including ice sheet expansion and decay. The book begins by providing the geological and geomorphological context needed in order to understand this diversity in a relatively small area. In turn, it presents nearly thirty case studies on specific landscapes and landforms, all of which are landmarks in the territory discussed. These include the famous coastal cliffs and landslides, granite tors of Dartmoor, formerly glaciated mountains of Snowdonia and the Lake District, karst of Yorkshire, and many others. The geomorphology of London and the Thames is also included. Providing a unique reference guide to the geomorphology of England and Wales, the book is lavishly illustrated with diagrams, colour maps and photos, and written in an easy-to-read style. The contributing authors are distinguished geomorphologists with extensive experience in research, writing and communicating science to the public. The book will not only be of interest to geoscientists, but will also benefit specialists in landscape research, geoconservation, tourism and environmental protection.
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