Chicago Latinos at Work

Chicago has always been a magnet attracting immigrants. Successive waves of newcomers historically flocked to ... Even though Latinos have had a presence in Chicago since the early 1900s, little has been written about their experiences.

Author: Wilfredo Cruz

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9781439624487

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The Latino community of Chicago is a rich ethnic tapestry, not a monolithic group. Latinos have had a presence in Chicago since the early 1900s and came seeking a better life for themselves and their children. As early as 1916, a sizable number of Mexicans settled in Chicago to plant roots and secure a foothold in the city's heavy industries. Puerto Ricans first came to the city in the late 1940s, their migration to the city peaking during the 1950s and 1960s. In subsequent decades, other Latino groups, like Cubans, Guatemalans, and Salvadorans, arrived and called Chicago their home. They too immigrated to Chicago seeking work. Since the 2000 U.S. census, there are now over one million Latinos in Chicago. Latinos undoubtedly shape the character of the city, including its politics, its neighborhoods, and its economy. Chicago Latinos at Work puts a face on the Latino worker in Chicago. It shows many of the jobs they have held in the past and continue to hold in the present.
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Gangs in America s Communities

The heyday of Chicago's White ethnic gangs came to an end soon after Thrasher's research was completed, however. ... Although some Mexican Americans already had a continuous presence in Chicago (Valdés, 1999), the first major wave of ...

Author: James C. Howell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412979535

Category: Social Science

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This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date, and theoretically-grounded approach to gangs and youth violence. It covers significant topics of interest to gang scholars and practitioners and, in doing so, serves to prepare students to work with gang members, develop and manage anti-gang programs, or engage in scholarly endeavors. The book introduces readers to the foundations of gang studies through the origins of gangs, definitions and categories of youth/street gangs (and the distinctions between these arguably different types), national and international trends, distinguishing features of serious street gangs, what works with gangs and what doesn’t, and myths and realities. James Howell’s extensive experience in this area allows access to the most authoritative national survey data on gang trends, providing insight into topics such as female gangs, migration of gang members, small-town gangs versus the major adult gangs in large cities, gang homicides and drug trafficking.
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That was how deals were struck in Chicago; the interested parties — in this case the Police Department, the Tribune, City Hall, ... and while Moran's clout could not compare to Capone's, "Bugs" was still a presence in Chicago.

Author: Laurence Bergreen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780684824475

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Biography of Chicago criminal Al Capone discussing his life, criminal activity, the complex personality of the man, and the Prohibition era.
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Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties

... Vagueness and Overbreadth in Criminal Statutes ; Vagueness Doctrine CHICAGO V. MORALES , 527 U.S. 41 ( 1999 ) The City of Chicago passed an ordinance that was aimed at reducing gang presence in Chicago neighborhoods .

Author: Paul Finkelman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351269636

Category: Political Science

Page: 2570

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Originally published in 2006, the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties, is a comprehensive 3 volume set covering a broad range of topics in the subject of American Civil Liberties. The book covers the topic from numerous different areas including freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. The Encyclopedia also addresses areas such as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, slavery, censorship, crime and war. The book’s multidisciplinary approach will make it an ideal library reference resource for lawyers, scholars and students.
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Hutchins University

istic recollection suggests that the Jewish presence on campus remained at about that same level throughout the 1930s. This, indeed, was the sociological fact that made the College of the University of Chicago unique in the country.

Author: William H. McNeill

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226561714

Category: Education

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The inauguration of Robert Maynard Hutchins as the fifth President of the University of Chicago in 1929 coincided with a drastically changed social and economic climate throughout the world. And Hutchins himself opened an era of tumultuous reform and debate within the University. In the midst of the changes Hutchins started and the intense feelings they stirred, William H. McNeill arrived at the University to pursue his education. In Hutchins' University he tells what it was like to come of age as a undergraduate in those heady times. Hutchins' scathing opposition to the departmentalization of learning and his resounding call for reforms in general education sparked controversy and fueled debate on campus and off. It became a struggle for the heart and soul of higher education—and McNeill, as a student and then as an instructor, was a participant. His account of the university's history is laced with personal reminiscences, encounters with influential fellow scholars such as Richard McKeon, R. S. Crane, and David Daiches, and details drawn from Hutchins' papers and other archives. McNeill sketches the interplay of personalities with changing circumstances of the Depression, war, and postwar eras. But his central concern is with the institutional life of the University, showing how student behavior, staff and faculty activity and even the Hyde Park neighborhood all revolved around the charismatic figure of Robert Maynard Hutchins—shaped by him and in reaction against him. Successive transformations of the College, and the tribulations of the ideal of general or liberal education are central to much of the story; but the memoir also explores how the University was affected by such events as Red scares, the remarkably successful Round Table radio broadcasts, the abolition of big time football, and the inauguration of the nuclear age under the west stands of Stagg Field in 1942. In short, Hutchins' University sketches an extraordinarily vibrant period for the University of Chicago and for American higher education. It will revive old controversies among veterans from those times, and may provoke others to reflect anew about the proper role of higher education in American society.
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Syndemic Suffering

... Mexican presence in Chicago defies the traditional image of Mexicans as a regional minority group (Farr 2006). The distinctness of Chicago as a city and Mexican immigrant Mecca lies in the “city's ethnic and industrial diversity, ...

Author: Emily Mendenhall

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315419442

Category: Health & Fitness

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In a major contribution to the study of diabetes, this book is the first to analyze the disease through a syndemic framework. An innovative, mixed-methods study, Emily Mendenhall shows how adverse social conditions, such as poverty and oppressive relationships, disproportionately stress certain populations and expose them to disease clusters. She goes beyond epidemiological research that has linked diabetes and depression, revealing how broad structural inequalities play out in the life histories of individuals, families, and communities, and lead to higher rates of mortality and morbidity. This intimate portrait of syndemic suffering is a model study of chronic disease disparity among the poor in high income countries and will be widely read in public health, medical anthropology, and related fields.
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Subversive Involvement in Disruption of 1968 Democratic Party National Convention

2 " 0 Astrud Our presence in Chicago caused the guilt - ridden Johnson - Humphrey - Daley administration to bring out into the open the forces of intimidation and political suppression which are used far more brutally and regularly in ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Un-American Activities


ISBN: UCAL:B4915665

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Alice Nielsen and the Gayety of Nations

Her presence in Chicago increases that town's appreciation. The fact she had opened Serenade there is now a civic point of pride. The process of announcing the Nielsen event in Chicago was typical. On January 1, typically-small display ...

Author: Dall Wilson

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365231896

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Alice Nielsen was a magnetic star of Broadway, opera, and concerts. Her mom an Irish musician, dad a Danish troubadour. Born in Nashville, raised in Kansas City, young Alice sang on streets until she took the vaudeville trail to San Francisco. She starred in three bespoke Victor Herbert hits before crossing to opera in 1901 Italy, coached by Bevignini. She debuted in Naples then London's Covent Garden in Mozart, and Puccini with Caruso. She gave joint drama-opera productions with Duse. Returning to America, Nielsen joined Nordica to create a touring opera company regarded as superior to the Met. Boston Opera was built for her in 1909. Famed as America's greatest lyric soprano, this is her first biography. Discover how Alice Nielsen became Americana. “On Tuesday night she sang Lucia, on Wednesday evening she sang Marguerite, on Thursday evening she was Mimi, giving a portrait in harmony that will endure as long as the memories of those who heard and saw her," wrote Otheman Stevens, LA. REVISED 2017
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The Properties of Violence

52 This absence becomes a kind of shorthand for a rural demographic.53 Intricately bound up in this fiction of Till's “before” life, therefore, is the spectral presence of Chicago. Chicago is in the air there servicing our efforts to ...

Author: Sandy Alexandre

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781617036651

Category: Art

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A study in the representative forms of lynching violence and their effects
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Chicago Its History and its Builders Volume 4

He has a pleasing presence, is polished in conversation, refined in manner and genial and courteous at all times. His is a splendid type of an alert, enterprising business man and his record is an indication that success is ambition's ...

Author: Josiah Seymour Currey

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag

ISBN: 9783849686949

Category: History

Page: 574

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Maybe there has never been a more comprehensive work on the history of Chicago than the five volumes written by Josiah S. Currey - and possibly there will never be. Without making this work a catalogue or a mere list of dates or distracting the reader and losing his attention, he builds a bridge for every historically interested reader. The history of Windy City is not only particularly interesting to her citizens, but also important for the understanding of the history of the West. This volume is number four out of five and features hundreds of biographies of the most important Chicago citizens.
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