The Royal Road to Card Magic

Mastering a few card tricks will allow you to do all that and more. With the help of this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of first-rate card tricks.

Author: Jean Hugard

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486408439

Category: Games

Page: 292

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Would you like to confound your friends, amaze your acquaintances, amuse and dazzle crowds at parties and gatherings? Mastering a few card tricks will allow you to do all that and more. With the help of this book, anyone can develop a versatile repertoire of first-rate card tricks. In fact, mastery of just the first chapter will enable you to perform a half-dozen astounding and entertaining sleights of hand. The authors, both noted authorities on magic, present complete, easy-to-understand explanations of shuffles, flourishes, the glide, the glimpse, false shuffles and cuts, the pass, the classic force, and many other techniques. These will enable card handlers to perform over 100 mind-boggling feats of card magic, including Thought Stealer, Gray's Spelling Trick, Do as I Do, Now You See It, Obliging Aces, Rapid Transit, Kangaroo Card, A Tipsy Trick, and dozens of others. Illustrated with more than 120 clear line cuts that make the explanations easy to follow, this exciting introduction to card conjuring will enable even beginners to develop professional-level skill and the ability to perform tricks guaranteed to astound family and friends. Unabridged Dover (1999) republication of the work published by World Publishing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, 1951 (first edition, Harper & Brothers, 1948).
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A Royal Road to Algebraic Geometry

The Greek historian, Herodotus of Halicarnassus in the fifth Century BC, describes the Persian Royal Road in detail. Part of his description is given in the introduction to this book. But there are other such Royal Roads in other ...

Author: Audun Holme

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642192254

Category: Mathematics

Page: 366

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This book is about modern algebraic geometry. The title A Royal Road to Algebraic Geometry is inspired by the famous anecdote about the king asking Euclid if there really existed no simpler way for learning geometry, than to read all of his work Elements. Euclid is said to have answered: “There is no royal road to geometry!” The book starts by explaining this enigmatic answer, the aim of the book being to argue that indeed, in some sense there is a royal road to algebraic geometry. From a point of departure in algebraic curves, the exposition moves on to the present shape of the field, culminating with Alexander Grothendieck’s theory of schemes. Contemporary homological tools are explained. The reader will follow a directed path leading up to the main elements of modern algebraic geometry. When the road is completed, the reader is empowered to start navigating in this immense field, and to open up the door to a wonderful field of research. The greatest scientific experience of a lifetime!
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A Royal Road to Geometry

Robson , Bond - Street ; Becker , Strand ; RoBINSON , Parer - noster Row ; TAYLOR , in Holborn ; and by the AUTHOR , in Poland - Street , Oxford - Road . MDCCLXXIV , 113 , LELA OCT 1926 OXFORD TO Sir CHARLES FREDERICK A ROYAL ROAD.

Author: Thomas Malton


ISBN: OXFORD:600050081


Page: 440

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Byron Improved Method against Memory or a Royal Road to Short Hand etc

Within the last half century , scores of authors have vied with each other in endeavours to attain this end ; all have clearly demonstrated the importance of the art , but all have agreed in concluding “ there is no Royal road to Short ...

Author: G. W. JONES (Stenographer.)


ISBN: BL:A0024420882



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The Royal Road

If we take Arcanum l'to represent our own Prodigal spirit , we find that we too follow the same path as Jesus when we walk the Royal Road to the New Jerusalem . This , to our mind , is the greatest value that comes from studying the ...

Author: George Fathman

Publisher: Health Research Books

ISBN: 0787310530


Page: 252

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1951 a study in sacred numbers & symbols. a detailed study of the Tarot. Contents: Acknowledgment; Introduction; Arcanum 0-22 - illustrated & explained; Conclusion; Appendix a - What is Man; Appendix B - Bible Numbers; Appendix C - The Two Numbe.
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New Mexico s Royal Road

decades since Royal Road first appeared has both complemented and corrected some of Moorhead's findings , his book remains the best scholarly examination of the pre - Mexican War trade over the Santa Fe and Chihuahua trails .

Author: Max L. Moorhead

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 0806126515

Category: History

Page: 234

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The arrival of Missourian William Becknell's party at Santa Fe in 1821 ushered in the era of the annual "Santa Fe trade" between the United States and the Mexican settlements to the south and opened the famous route known as the Santa Fe Trail. Of even greater significance, but largely overlooked today, is the fact that it also opened a road from the United States connecting with a major Mexican high way, for Santa Fe was the terminus of the 1,600-mile Camino Real, the "King's Highway," stretching southward to Chihuahua and the interior cities of Mexico. Over this Royal Road between Santa Fe and Chihuahua lumbered the caravans of the Santa Fe traders, who exchanged American dry goods and hardware for Mexican silver and mules. Over it, too, traveled Colonel Doniphan's Missouri Volunteers, bent on establishing the boundary of Texas at the Rio Grande. Indeed, without this main artery of travel, the history of both the United States and Mexico might have been vastly different. This book tells the exciting story of the Chihuahua Trail, of the volume and value of the frontier commerce, its peculiar trade practices, the risks of the road, and the government controls exercised by both countries. But, more than that, it tells of the traders themselves and their influence on the government and citizenry of New Mexico, an influence strong enough to destroy that province's will to resist when the Mexican War broke out in 1846, and of their role in the war and their importance in making New Mexico into an American territory. Max L. Moorhead was professor of history at the University of Oklahoma and editor of the Santa Fe trader Josiah Gregg's classic account COMMERCE OF THE PRAIRIES, published by the University of Oklahoma Press. Mark L. Gardner is the editor of BROTHERS ON THE SANTA FE AND CHIHUAHUA TRAILS: EDWARD JAMES GLASGOW AND WILLIAM HENRY GLASGOW, 1846-1848.
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On the Royal Road

—Elfriede Jelinek, On the Royal Road: The Burgher King Donald Trump was elected President of the United States on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. One day short of three weeks later, on Monday, December 2016, Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek ...

Author: Elfriede Jelinek

Publisher: Gazebo Books

ISBN: 9780648901143

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

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Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek is known as a writer who works in response to contemporary crises and cultural phenomena. Perhaps none of her works display that quality as clearly as On the Royal Road. Three weeks after Donald Trump's election, Jelinek mailed her German editor the first draft of this monologue, which turns out to be a stunningly prescient response to Trump and what he represents. In this drama we discover that a 'king', blinded by himself, who has made a fortune with real estate, golf courses and casinos, suddenly rules the United States, and the rest of the people of the world rub their eyes in disbelief until no one sees anything anymore. On the Royal Road brings into focus the phenomenon of right-wing populism. Carefully perched somewhere between tragedy and grotesque, high-pitched and squeamish, Jelinek in this work questions her own position and forms of resistance. 'Ms. Jelinek's play is a screed of outrage at the political, economic and cultural forces that have brought us to an unprecedented — and for many, unimaginable — moment of crisis for modern democracy. Mr. Trump is never mentioned by name, but the narration sketches an undisciplined, uncouth monarch who has been propped up by obscene wealth, a nonstop media circus and a remarkable talent for self-aggrandizing...[On the Royal Road] is neither a polemic nor a historical dramatization but an of-the-moment allegory for our deeply troubling political, social and economic reality.' — A. J. Goldmann, New York Times 'Jelinek's work is brave, adventurous, witty, antagonistic and devastatingly right about the sorriness of human existence, and her contempt is expressed with surprising chirpiness: it's a wild ride.' — The Guardian
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