A Small Box of Chaos

The box was an absolute steal at only four hundred dollars. “You see, these puzzle boxes are no longer produced,” Hardwar explained. “They are the relics of a bygone era. Before the Web, before the computer even, before Pakistan or the ...

Author: Alan Robbins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595354306

Category: Fiction

Page: 220

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There are cameras at every turn, smart buildings that know all about you, virtual realities that overcome real ones. And there is instant access to all of it through a computer the size of a credit card. The year is 2040 and constant monitoring is the price you pay for being connected. But can you get away with murder in such a world? That is the problem facing data maven and control freak Aldo Weeks when a single lapse in judgment plunges him into unknown terrain. First there is a midnight tryst with an exotic redhead. Then a murderous duet with a madman. As he tries to outwit the vast net of information, he encounters a strange puzzle box at the center of the whole affair, a box of chaos that might just hold the key to how complexity rules the universe.
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Robust Chaos and Its Applications

(3) The map (10.12) has the following reproducibility from initial conditions property: If one chooses a small box denoted by 2 in Fig. 10.6(b) as a region of uncertainty in initial conditions from the basin of attraction of the ...

Author: Elhadj Zeraoulia

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789814374071

Category: Mathematics

Page: 454

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Robust chaos is defined by the absence of periodic windows and coexisting attractors in some neighborhoods in the parameter space of a dynamical system. This unique book explores the definition, sources, and roles of robust chaos. The book is written in a reasonably self-contained manner and aims to provide students and researchers with the necessary understanding of the subject. Most of the known results, experiments, and conjectures about chaos in general and about robust chaos in particular are collected here in a pedagogical form. Many examples of dynamical systems, ranging from purely mathematical to natural and social processes displaying robust chaos, are discussed in detail. At the end of each chapter is a set of exercises and open problems (more than 260 in the whole book) intended to reinforce the ideas and provide additional experiences for both readers and researchers in nonlinear science in general, and chaos theory in particular.
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Stories at the Edge of Time

“Dreamland” appears as a chapter in the book An Interlude in Dreamland and “The Chaos Box” is a revised version of a chapter from the novel A Small BOX of Chaos, both published by iUniverse in 2005. For Trudy of course.

Author: Alan Robbins

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595471072

Category: Fiction

Page: 164

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A family on the last starship finds that stories themselves may very well save a dying world. In one of those stories, a man dies of radio while another finds a new lease on life in an ancient dingus. A phone that can be used to call a few minutes into the future leads to unexpected turmoil. An anthroid on trial for a murder may be the victim of a faulty linguistic circuit.A retired astronaut who cannot get his footing, the last librarian on earth, tales of a future ghetto where surprise is still a possibility, and a mathematician whose brilliant insight continually slips his mind.These are few of the themes to be found in this collection of mystery science fiction tales in the speculative tradition of the satires of Kurt Vonnegut and the ironies of Jorge Luis Borges from the author of A Small Box of Chaos and the award-winning An Interlude in Dreamland.
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Bullet Kingdom

Chaos smiles as he grabs his guns. A small box appears in front of him. He twirls the guns, “Alpha and Omega, Blaze On!” he yells as he slams the two guns in the panel, causing it to come to life. The engines began to whir when they ...

Author: Will Holloway

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477137154

Category: Fiction

Page: 445

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After being in seclusion for five years, Chaos decides to go on a quest to look for his sister, whos been missing for the five years. Along the journey, he runs into his old team members from his military days, but runs into a past that hes being trying to run away from. Chaos is one of the Thirteen Keys to the apocalypse.
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Order and Chaos in Nonlinear Physical Systems

We partition the phase space into small boxes of linear size e and give the ith box a probability p = M, M equal to the fractional number of times it has been visited by the trajectory. This way, we build a Shannon information I(e), ...

Author: Stig Lundqvist

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781489920584

Category: Science

Page: 469

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This volume is concerned with the theoretical description of patterns and instabilities and their relevance to physics, chemistry, and biology. More specifically, the theme of the work is the theory of nonlinear physical systems with emphasis on the mechanisms leading to the appearance of regular patterns of ordered behavior and chaotic patterns of stochastic behavior. The aim is to present basic concepts and current problems from a variety of points of view. In spite of the emphasis on concepts, some effort has been made to bring together experimental observations and theoretical mechanisms to provide a basic understanding of the aspects of the behavior of nonlinear systems which have a measure of generality. Chaos theory has become a real challenge to physicists with very different interests and also in many other disciplines, of which astronomy, chemistry, medicine, meteorology, economics, and social theory are already embraced at the time of writing. The study of chaos-related phenomena has a truly interdisciplinary charac ter and makes use of important concepts and methods from other disciplines. As one important example, for the description of chaotic structures the branch of mathematics called fractal geometry (associated particularly with the name of Mandelbrot) has proved invaluable. For the discussion of the richness of ordered structures which appear, one relies on the theory of pattern recognition. It is relevant to mention that, to date, computer studies have greatly aided the analysis of theoretical models describing chaos.
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Peerless Martial God 2

There was a small box inside, and it was not locked but opened. "Master of Chaos Beast Training?" Lin Feng opened his eyes wide and looked at one of the yellow booklets. It was very thin, but just from the few words, Lin Feng could tell ...

Author: Captain Q

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781647965617

Category: Fiction

Page: 420

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There was another universe beyond this world, Lin Feng achieved to be the pinnecal without any fearness. There was another universe beyond this world surprisingly. All the supreme gathered here. Lin Feng broke into this universe to fight with these pinnacle. He was so brave that he could face the question and challenge from his opponent. He was bably injured, and he realized the difficulties of battle, While he didn't give up. Instead, he is even more brave. At last, he beated everyone and aroused everyone's wonder. ☆About the Author☆ Captain Q, a male online novelist who does really well in fantasy novels. He has written 2 novels and the one gained a lot attention. Readers are attracted by the quality of not afraid of difficulties that the novel charactor has.
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Rebirth Pamper Ruthless Girl

Even so, Su Mian still stood up and opened the refrigerator to take out a small box of Primal Chaos. This box was made by Nanny Cen the day before yesterday. She knew how to cook and had fed the dog in her previous life, but she never ...

Author: Zong Li

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781649911469

Category: Fiction


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In his previous life, Su Xing was so stupid that he would burn himself to illuminate his enemy. In her second life, she only had one goal, and that was to make her family unhappy. She made use of everything she could take advantage of and did not give her heart to anyone. She got everything she wanted, but in the end, she still discovered that no matter how vicious she was, there would always be someone more vicious than her. "Wei Yan, you really are my ... So you never loved me? " "Wei Yan, everything you did, was just to make up for it?" "Wei Yan, I will never trust you again."
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A Biologist s Guide to Mathematical Modeling in Ecology and Evolution

The dynamics of the model have now entered the world of chaos (Box 4.1). Superficially, chaotic dynamics appear to be entirely erratic and random, but the remarkable thing is that they are, in fact, entirely predictable and ...

Author: Sarah P. Otto

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9781400840915

Category: Science

Page: 744

View: 577

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Thirty years ago, biologists could get by with a rudimentary grasp of mathematics and modeling. Not so today. In seeking to answer fundamental questions about how biological systems function and change over time, the modern biologist is as likely to rely on sophisticated mathematical and computer-based models as traditional fieldwork. In this book, Sarah Otto and Troy Day provide biology students with the tools necessary to both interpret models and to build their own. The book starts at an elementary level of mathematical modeling, assuming that the reader has had high school mathematics and first-year calculus. Otto and Day then gradually build in depth and complexity, from classic models in ecology and evolution to more intricate class-structured and probabilistic models. The authors provide primers with instructive exercises to introduce readers to the more advanced subjects of linear algebra and probability theory. Through examples, they describe how models have been used to understand such topics as the spread of HIV, chaos, the age structure of a country, speciation, and extinction. Ecologists and evolutionary biologists today need enough mathematical training to be able to assess the power and limits of biological models and to develop theories and models themselves. This innovative book will be an indispensable guide to the world of mathematical models for the next generation of biologists. A how-to guide for developing new mathematical models in biology Provides step-by-step recipes for constructing and analyzing models Interesting biological applications Explores classical models in ecology and evolution Questions at the end of every chapter Primers cover important mathematical topics Exercises with answers Appendixes summarize useful rules Labs and advanced material available
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This period-doubling route to chaos is illustrated in Figure 1, in which we are plotting the asymptotic state of the ... and the experiments of Libchaber using liquid helium in a small box to measure bifurcations in convection currents.

Author: José L. Mora-Lopez

Publisher: EOLSS Publications

ISBN: 9781905839520


Page: 460

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Fundamentals of Physics is a component of Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty Encyclopedias. The Theme on Fundamentals of Physics provides an overview of the modern areas in physics, most of which had been crystallized in the 20th century, is given. The Theme on Fundamentals of Physics deals, in three volumes and cover several topics, with a myriad of issues of great relevance to our world such as: Historical Review of Elementary Concepts in Physics; Laws of Physical Systems; Particles and Fields; Quantum Systems; Order and Disorder in Nature; Topical Review: Nuclear Processes, which are then expanded into multiple subtopics, each as a chapter. These three volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College Students, Educators, Professional Practitioners, Research Personnel and Policy Analysts, Managers, and Decision Makers, NGOs and GOs.
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The Water Kite Journey

Everything is automatically saved in small compartments in the brain. At some moments, the compartments get together and create a chaos—or only one compartment opens, and boom! The explosion of that little box brings more than chaos.

Author: Debbie Torrellas

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467870153

Category: Education

Page: 260

View: 235

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Enjoy the very personal journey and passion with water from the healing point of view and personal experiences while coaching and motivating people. The journey is based on a fun perspective of flying a kite as the vehicle in life. You will enjoy and watch as the Author describes health success from over or above water, which brings a different way to draw parallels in life. Have a close encounter with daily health issues and menacing ones that may affect quality of life. In a hilarious and entertaining way the Author describes the health predators, from the gossiping of a medical office to surf health conditions in the net. Meet the pandemic creatures of health which stops people from evolution and transformation. Explore alternative ways to approach the body as water creatures and in a fun way create a love relationship with the self. Open the heart and just listen to the out loud liquid language of the body in the water, through positions, movement and quality of tissue. Experience the uncorking sensation of healing, even when it does not seem to be real. Embrace the liquid success in health easier and faster than imagination, when water is the catalyst to balance the energy which ignites our daily life success. Meet the health challenges of real testimonies of Latin Americans who getting deep in water have balance their brain to work on their benefit and not against them. Share the extraordinary success stories of the healing power of the liquid that brought us to life: water! The proposal of the Water Kite Journey is a simple invitation to get wet and heal. It is the journey of dedication and love transferred in the water to change the lives of people. No matter the condition caused by stress and external circumstances, there is always water to heal all around the Island, and in the ocean of life. It is a personal invitation to personal empowerment of liquid prosperity in health. For those who love helping others to get inspired, and get wet to heal their people. The Water Kite Journey is an invitation for individuals, to explore the amazing healing power of water from an evolutionary and personal transformation perspective. It is an invitation to live in perfect love with the self and keep pain on the beauty side of life, understanding the amazing healing power of water. It is an invitation to enjoy the amazing personal journey while engaged in real anecdotic testimonies of healing presented in the book.Undo
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