Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective

Takes readers inside thirty-six real homes and businesses to discover what they reveal about their owners/tenants.

Author: Valmai Howe Elkins

Publisher: Parkhurst Pub Limited

ISBN: 096989726X

Category: Feng shui

Page: 158

View: 216

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Takes readers inside thirty-six real homes and businesses to discover what they reveal about their owners/tenants.
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The Feng Shui Detective Novels

Author: Nury Vittachi

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: 9780857903242

Category: Fiction

Page: 864

View: 755

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Wacky, original and fun' Independent on Sunday 'Extremely funny' The Daily Telegraph 'Makes you laugh out loud and often' The Age 'Highly entertaining' Time Out A bestselling author and columnist throughout Asia, and described by the BBC as 'Hong Kong's funniest commentator', Nury Vittachi lets rip in these three gloriously feel-good novels which revolve around sleuth and feng shui master CF Wong and his over-enthusiastic sidekick Joyce. In THE SHANGHAI UNION OF INDUSTRIAL MYSTICS the oriental, occidental and accidental collide as CF Wong and Joyce must save the city, a couple of presidents and an explosive white elephant from a group of vegan extremists intent on blowing up the place. THE FENG SHUI DETECTIVE'S CASEBOOK is Vittachi at his witty, innovative best. CF Wong and Joyce are in demand - with a missing Thai film idol, an escaped tiger in a supermarket and a Sydney gym where they seem to be exercising their clients to death. After an ill-advised stationery deal puts him in debt to the Chinese mafia, CF Wong finds himself heading for his least favourite place - the West - to do a feng shui reading of Buckingham Palace. Princes, planes, pens and points of the compass all collide in the final adventure of the Feng Shui Detective, MR WONG GOES WEST.
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Even More Stories and Lessons on Feng Shui

Researching and studying Feng Shui is like being Indiana Jones - there are no
rickety bridges to cross or gun-toting characters that cross our paths, but there's
quite a bit of adventure, travel, and detective work involved. Finding and studying

Author: Joey Yap

Publisher: Joey Yap Research Group

ISBN: 9789833332731

Category: Feng shui

Page: 259

View: 530

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The third follow-up to Joey Yap’s bestselling Stories and Lessons series explores even more interesting accounts and witty anecdotes to present a casual and light-hearted approach to Chinese Metaphysics. From Feng Shui to Date Selection, and from cracking the BaZi of a famous author to analysing the opening dates of Hollywood blockbusters; no particular terrain is off limits to Joey. What You`ll Learn: •The issues and concerns surrounding the practice of the ancient art of Feng Shui in modern times •A 'behind-the-scenes' look at a typical Feng Shui audit for the home •Simple ways to get started in the practice of Feng Shui application •An explanation of the power and effectiveness of proper Date Selection
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Feng Shui

FOR MORE INFORMATION BOOKS Feng Shui : Arranging Your Home to
Change Your Life , Villard Books , 1996 . Brown , Simon ... Elkins , Valmai Howe ,
Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective , Woodley & Watts , 1999 . Lip , Evelyn ,
Feng ...

Author: Zaihong Shen

Publisher: DK

ISBN: 0789467712

Category: House & Home

Page: 192

View: 691

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Offers suggestions and instructions on implementing feng shui principles into home and office interior and exterior design, explaining how such changes can help create prosperity and inner peace.
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Saltarae An Adventure Across Timelines

'Let's just rearrange the feng shui in this room,” he mused. He went around the
table, moved chairs and pulled ... Barkley came in next, followed by another
detective, then two uniformed officers. Dan Samuelson arrived, and finally Mr.

Author: A.M. Brosius

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329199446

Category: Fiction


View: 392

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Mr. Ambros Rothakis is going to the Country Fair. On the run from various enemies, he hopes to disappear into the Fair for a few days. When he stumbles across the unbelievable, and disappears from the Fair, mayhem and madness ensue. Join him on his adventures in Alternate Histories: even in the mysterious Hellenic Commonwealth Line!
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Reconstructing Mabel

The book is an invitation to readers to explore the lives of rebellious women. The author experiences the power of place and a quirky house which continues to create its own magical world.

Author: Valmai Howe Elkins

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 9781611395730

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

View: 429

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High in the mountains of New Mexico, Taos has long been a magnet for artists. When writer Valmai Howe Elkins, escaping brutal east coast winters, buys a tiny house without even seeing inside, lured by the way the light shimmers between the branches of an old apple tree, she is intrigued by the startling adobe house at the top of the lane. “That’s the Mabel Dodge Luhan House,” the realtor tells her. “Mabel was a wealthy socialite who became a patron of the arts. She married Tony Luhan from the Pueblo and they built that house. She was the person who invited Georgia O’Keeffe to the American Southwest.” Mabel, born in 1879, turned her back on a glittering life in Florence, Italy and New York to savor the simple pleasures of Taos and her people. Inspired by Mabel’s book, Winter in Taos, together with the extraordinary house and its view across the sage plains to the Sacred Mountain, Elkins regains her health, makes friends and plunges into Taos adventures. The book is an invitation to readers to explore the lives of rebellious women. The author experiences the power of place and a quirky house which continues to create its own magical world.
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Women Authors of Detective Series

... an expert on feng shui, the Chinese art of placing special objects around the
house so things go better—harmony and ... Twanged portrays Regan at 3¡—still
young enough that Carol Higgins Clark fans can count on many more adventures

Author: Moira Davison Reynolds

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786450695

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 190

View: 160

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While the roots of the detective novel go back to the 19th century, the genre reached its height around 1925 to 1945. This work presents information on 21 British and American women who wrote during the 20th century. As a group they were largely responsible for the great popularity of the detective novel in the first half of the century. The British authors are Dora Turnbull (Patricia Wentworth), Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Elizabeth Mackintosh (Josephine Tey), Ngaio Marsh, Gladys Mitchell, Margery Allingham, Edith Pargeter (Ellis Peters), Phyllis Dorothy James White (P.D. James), Gwendoline Butler (Jennie Melville), and Ruth Rendell, and the Americans are Patricia Highsmith, Carolyn G. Heilbrun (Amanda Cross), Edna Buchanan, Kate Gallison, Sue Grafton, Sara Paretsky, Nevada Barr, Patricia Cornwell, Carol Higgins Clark, and Megan Mallory Rust. A flavor of each author’s work is provided.
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The Detective Inspector Chen Novels Volume Two

Lots of adventures on the way. I'm not sure I'd be prepared for you to film it,
though. I don't ... There are magical wards on this building—feng shui guards and
some customized stuff, too. We're set up for all eventualities.” “Impressive,” Go

Author: Liz Williams

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781504054737

Category: Fiction

Page: 975

View: 207

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Two paranormal mysteries in an “exotic amalgam of police procedural, SF, comic fantasy, and horror . . . a delight from start to finish” (Locus). Det. Inspector Wei Chen of Singapore Three’s Thirteenth Precinct is “a detective whose beat reaches to the fringes of Heaven and Hell” (Booklist). Along with his demon partner from Hell’s vice squad, Zhu Irzh, Chen is the man to turn to for paranormal problems that are literally out of this world. The Shadow Pavilion: An assassin is trying to kill the Emperor of Heaven, and Detective Inspector Chen does not have his demonic partner, Zhu Irzh, to fall back on. Irzh has vanished, Chen’s wife is in danger, and a psychotic Bollywood star is on the warpath. Good thing the occult detective is no stranger to chaos—because if he doesn’t restore order quickly, this could be the end of the universe. “[A] clever mix of Chinese folklore and police procedural . . . The plot zips along . . . Williams seamlessly blends the occult with modern issues like feminism and illegal immigration to create a thoroughly original fantasy.” —Publishers Weekly The Iron Khan: No mortal has ever heard of the Book. Few in Heaven even believe it is real. But Mhara, the Emperor of Heaven, knows the Book is very real, very powerful, and very much missing. It has a mind of its own, and it appears to have wandered off—taking the secrets of the universe with it. No ordinary mortal, Detective Inspector Chen has a lot on his plate: His wife is pregnant, his demonic partner is tracking the movement of an immortal horde, and he’s the only one who can retrieve the Book and restore order to the cosmos. Before all Hell breaks loose . . . “Williams continues to expand her unique future Asia, stuffing it with lively characters, chop-socky action, demonic intrigue, amazing magic, and a tasty dash of screwball comedy. This fantasy mystery adventure will delight readers who crave originality and excitement.” —Publishers Weekly
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Children s Books in Print 2007

Adventures of a Cool Cat: More Journals of Blackie "Ice" Berg. Idabelle L. Berg.
Illus. by Idabelle L. Berg. 2001. (Elus.). 192p. (J), (gr. 6 up). 22.95 (978-0-
9677583-4-3(3)) Quixote Pubns. Adventures of a Feng Shui Detective. Valmai



ISBN: 0835248518

Category: Authors


View: 996

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Critical Survey of Mystery and Detective Fiction

Moto is more representative of the Oriental concept of feng-shui, or balance, of
which Marquand learned in China. ... In Mr. Moto Is So Sorry (1938), Moto is
working to prevent further Japanese military adventures in Mongolia; the
Japanese are ...

Author: Frank Northen Magill


ISBN: 0893564893

Category: Authors

Page: 1748

View: 767

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Presents critical studies of more than 290 authors of detective and mystery fiction from around the world dating from the mid-eighteenth century to the present day.
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The Feng Shui of Love

I love challenges and adventures . _ 13 . I am very vulnerable to cold weather . _
14 . I am very ... Because I have strong powers of concentration , I am an
excellent detective . _ 17 . Because I pursue my desires passionately , I become
angry ...

Author: T. Raphael Simons

Publisher: Gramercy Books

ISBN: 0517228548

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 228

View: 428

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T. Raphael Simons, America's leading feng shui expert, teaches readers how to transform their homes to attract, enhance, and enrich romantic love in their lives. Based on ancient Taoist secrets that join feng shui and Chinese astrology, Simons’ method is personalized through questionnaires and individualized charts. Readers will learn how to use their own personal styles of relating, relationship elements, and areas of special interest to arrange their homes in a personally meaningful and effectual way. With THE FENG SHUI OF LOVE you can: · Read your personal horoscope and your astrological compatibilities with others in your life · Read your romantic fortune according to your door’s compass direction · Discover your personal element, your relationship element, auspicious compass directions for aligning your furniture, and auspicious colors · Discover your yin/yang style of relating · Discover which element you favor most in your life and what it means for you · Learn how to neutralize negative energy through the use of objects and colors · Learn how to achieve perfect harmony and balance in your environment · Learn detailed yet practical solutions for achieving a nurturing, loving environment
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The Kama Sutra of Business

The title of this book may have some readers thinking it contains “64 positions in which you can screw your business rivals, complete with diagrams.” What it really contains is far more interesting than that.

Author: Nury Vittachi

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470822234

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 524

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Timeless management wisdom taken from the classics of Indian literature Most people don't know The Kama Sutra isn't just about sex; much of it is about wise leadership. The Kama Sutra of Business is based on Indian history and literature, drawing lessons for business and life from the remarkable stories of great leaders and their adventures. Vittachi uses these sources, including The Bhagavad-Gita and The Kama Sutra to present valuable management lessons and introduce the world's first management guru, who wrote a classic text on economics some 2,000 years ago. Peppered with fascinating facts and ageless business and management wisdom, The Kama Sutra of Business looks at good business practices from a fascinating historical perspective. Nury Vittachi (Hong Kong) is Hong Kong's bestselling English-language author. He wrote the popular "Traveller's Tales" in the Far Eastern Economic Review and has also written for the South China Morning Post.
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Stepford USA

Leave it to Jade to expose what's hidden and to shake up the status quo... if she can survive an attraction to the enigmatic convicted rapist and the encounter with a desperate killer.Warning: contains enough psychology, mystical happenings ...

Author: Lada Ray

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 1484034864

Category: Fiction

Page: 294

View: 213

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Experience Jade Snow's humble beginnings as a sexy international super-sleuth in "Small Town USA," before she turns spy extraordinaire in GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure). Not all conspiracies are global; some are well-hidden in small towns with perfect facades. Married and pregnant, international journalist, Jade Snow, must exchange her exotic and dangerous lifestyle for a boring existence in sheltered Stepford, MA, where nothing is what it seems. Leave it to Jade to expose what's hidden and to shake up the status quo... if she can survive an attraction to the enigmatic convicted rapist and the encounter with a desperate killer. Warning: contains enough psychology, mystical happenings, amazing pets, virtual reality, romance, and humor to be a thrillingly delightful, yet dangerously sobering read! Accidental Spy Series: GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure) GREEN DESERT (Accidental Spy Iraq Prequel) Next: DRAGON GATE (Accidental Spy Asia Adventure)- release TBD Also by Lada Ray: New release! THE EARTH SHIFTER, a top-rated visionary fantasy/thriller CATHARSIS, Legend of the Lemurians (Earth Keepers Chronicle 1) Coming Spring 2013: Lemurian Crystal, Earth Keepers Chronicle 2 Atlantis, Earth Keepers Chronicle 3 Earth Keepers Chronicles: Origins AUTHOR WEBSITE BLOG
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Bobbie Faye s kinda sorta not exactly Family Jewels

"--Publisher's Weekly, starred review "It's about time women had an Amazon to look up to... Bobbie Faye is a hurricane-force heroine who makes this novel the perfect adventure yarn.

Author: Toni McGee Causey

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781429938549

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 678

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Praise for Bobbie Faye's Very (very, very, very) Bad Day "Causey doesn't miss a beat in this wonderful, wacky celebration of Southern eccentricity."--Publisher's Weekly, starred review "It's about time women had an Amazon to look up to... Bobbie Faye is a hurricane-force heroine who makes this novel the perfect adventure yarn."-- The Tampa Tribune "If you like Janet Evanovich, if you're looking for a lot of unlikely action (when is the last time someone you know escaped a burning boat by lassoing an oil rig?), or if you're simply having a bad day, go out and find Bobbie Faye. She's an outrageous hoot."--The New Orleans Times-Picayune "Bobbie Faye, Southern, eloquent, kick-ass, highly accomplished and just plain nuts, is a magnet for the most colorful collection of riff-raff and the most sexually compelling males south of Minneapolis. Throw in an unlikely MacGuffin and you've got a very, (very, very, very) entertaining book."--Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity award-winning author of Dating Dead Men It had been a whole freaking month since Bobbie Faye Sumrall had blown up anything or been shot at, and that was almost a new record. Then her diva cousin Francesca waltzed up to where she manned the gun counter in Ce Ce's Cajun Outfitter and Feng Shui Emporium and everything just went to hell. Fast. Francesca's mom has disappeared with exceptionally valuable diamonds swiped from Francesca's dad (difficult marriage) so of course Francesca broadcast to every insane psycho that Bobbie Faye could recover the ersatz family jewels. Accused of one man's murder, Bobbie Faye's on the run as an unintentional Pied Piper to a rabid band of thieves. She has to find the diamonds, figure out the motives of the dead sexy FBI agent who's pressing her for more than just the jewels, all while racing to side-step her steamy (and steamed) detective ex-boyfriend before the deadline arrives and the diamonds disappear. Bobbie Faye Sumrall is back in fighting form in this second installment of crazy, wacky adventure through Cajun country.
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Canadian Books in Print 2002

Author: Marian Butler


ISBN: 0802049745

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 2832

View: 103

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CBIP is the complete reference and buying guide to English-language Canadian books currently in print; consequently, the Author and Title Index, Subject Index and microfiche editions are indispensable to the book profession. With submissions from both small and large publishers, CBIP provides access to titles not listed anywhere else. Containing more than 48,000 titles, of which approximately 4,000 have a 2001 imprint, the Author and Title Index is extensively cross-referenced. The Subject Index lists the titles under 800 different subject categories. Both books offer the most complete directory of Canadian publishers available, listing the names and ISBN prefixes, as well as the street, e-mail and web addresses of more than 4,850 houses. The quarterly microfiche service provides updated information in April, July and October. CBIP is constantly referred to by order librarians, booksellers, researchers, and all those involved in book acquisition. In addition, CBIP is an invaluable record of the vast wealth of publishing and writing activity in the scientific, literary, academic and arts communities across Canada. A quarterly subscription service including the annual Author and Title Index (March 2001) plus quarterly microfiche updates (April, July, and October 2001) is also available. ISBN 0802049567 $220.00 NET.
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Conference on the Theory of Chinese Narrative

Robert E . Hegel , Case Western Reserve University Summary of Presentation :
Sui - T ' ang Yen - i appears like a ... ( Feng shen yen - i ) - - Romance of Knight
Errantry ( Wu - hsia hsiaio - shuo ) Romance of Detective Adventure ( Kung - an ...



ISBN: UOM:39015022782992

Category: Chinese fiction


View: 789

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Media Review Digest

Author: C. Edward Wall


ISBN: UOM:39015046786573

Category: Audio-visual education


View: 273

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Canadian Book Review Annual

... cultural flavor with Chinese proverbs, descriptions of Chinese astrology, and
Chinese practices like as feng shui and tai chi. ... Alan refers to past adventures
with Norbert but readers do not need to be familiar with the previous books —
The Nose ... This compelling story — one that is made palatable for teen readers
because it balances the serious issues with the entertainment of a girl-detective
novel ...

Author: Joyce M. Wilson


ISBN: 0968242197

Category: Books


View: 713

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