Agent Storm

My Life Inside al-Qaeda
Author: Morten Storm,Paul Cruickshank,Tim Lister
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241968801
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 432
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Agent Storm - My Life Inside al-Qaeda by Morten Storm Morten Storm was an unlikely Jihadist. A 6'1" red-haired Dane, Storm spent his teens with a biker gang or in jail. But after converting to Islam he embarked on a transformation that led from a militant madrassa in Yemen to a close friendship with Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who would emerge as al-Qaeda's greatest threat to the West. Then Storm's story took another dramatic twist. He lost his faith and was recruited by the CIA, MI6 and MI5, becoming a double agent. His ultimate mission: to bring down his mentor al-Awlaki. This is the searing memoir of a man who sought purpose in a community of believers before rejecting their extremist ideology. In a quest for atonement he lived undercover for five years, travelling the world to complete high profile missions. As well as single-handedly thwarting multiple terrorist attacks, he led the intelligence services to some of al-Qaeda's most dangerous terrorists, all the while knowing his own life was expendable. Agent Storm takes readers inside the Jihadist world like never before, showing the daily life of zealous men set on mass murder: from dodging drones with al-Qaeda leaders in the Arabian desert to Jihadist gyms in Birmingham. It also gives a rare look inside the world's most powerful spy agencies, including their tradecraft, after-hours carousing - and their ruthless use of a beautiful blonde in a honey trap. Filled with hair-raising close calls, coded messages and chilling duplicity, Agent Storm is a captivating real-life thriller.

Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: Book 13: The Hunt for the Yeti Skull: Nepal

Author: Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1602861552
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 128
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The Hunt for the Yeti Skull (Book 13) Jack has become the most decorated secret agent for the Global Protection Force, but during the day he's still just an ordinary kid who has to put up with annoying people-like Marko Mayer, a new student in Jack's rock-climbing class. When Jack and Marko race to the top of the wall, Marko stomps on Jack's hand and wins-then has the nerve to gloat! But Jack has no time to sulk-the GPF needs him in Nepal. A plane carrying a team of scientists has gone missing over Mount Everest. They were thought to be carrying the first true Yeti skull ever recovered-proof that the legendary Abominable Snowman really existed. Jack quickly discovers that a greedy collector is behind the theft-and he may have hired Jack's archnemesis for the job. Can Jack and his fellow agents use their climbing skills to brave the highest mountain on earth and recover the priceless skull?

Mi vida en Al Qaeda

La historia del yihadista danés que espió para la CIA
Author: Morten Storm,Paul Cruickshank,Tim Lister
Publisher: Grupo Planeta Spain
ISBN: 8499424473
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: N.A
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Morten Storm siempre fue un yihadista poco convencional. Danés, pelirrojo y de metro ochenta y cinco de altura, pasó su adolescencia metiéndose en líos con su banda de moteros y entrando y saliendo de la cárcel. Hasta que un día leyó un libro sobre Mahoma que le cautivó y se embarcó en una metamorfosis que lo llevaría a una escuela de yihadistas en Yemen, a llamar a su hijo Osama —en homenaje a Bin Laden— y a convertirse en amigo personal de Anuar al-Aulaki, el rostro más conocido de Al Qaeda en la península arábiga. Durante diez años, Storm buscó darle sentido a su vida a través del salafismo más radical. Luego, tan rápido como había venido, su fe se diluyó y Morten se dejó seducir por los cantos de sirena de las agencias de espionaje más importantes del mundo, muy interesadas en su red de contactos. Así fue como acabó trabajando para los servicios secretos daneses, el MI5 y la CIA, en misiones de altos vuelos en las que durante cinco años se jugó la vida. Todas con un solo objetivo final: acabar con al-Aulaki. «Como un guión para una película de James Bond escrito por los hermanos Coen.» Washington Post «Escalofriante. El sargento Brody de Homeland hecho carne y hueso.» GQ «Es tanto una lectura apasionante como un relato desde dentro del espionaje occidental en la era de Al Qaeda, y una valiosa mirada a los dos bandos de una guerra subterránea y letal.» The New York Times Book Review «No existe ningún otro libro en el que el protagonista haya tenido un papel tan principal para los servicios secretos occidentales y, aún más importante, esté preparado para revelar tanto.» The Guardian

The Business of Sports Agents

Author: Kenneth L. Shropshire,Timothy Davis
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 0812209168
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 224
View: 9961
The legendary Charles C. "Cash and Carry" Pyle, considered by most to be the first sports agent, negotiated a $3,000-per-game contract for Red Grange to play professional football for the Chicago Bears in 1933. Today, salaries in the tens of millions of dollars are commonplace, and instead of theatrical promoters and impresarios, professionally trained businessmen and lawyers dominate the business. But whereas rules and penalties govern the playing field, there are far fewer restrictions on agents. Incidents of agents' manipulating athletes, ranging from investment scams to outright theft of a player's money, are far too frequent, and there is growing consensus for reform In The Business of Sports Agents, Kenneth L. Shropshire and Timothy Davis, experts in the fields of sports business and law, examine the history of the sports agent business and the rules and laws developed to regulate the profession. They also consider recommendations for reform, including uniform laws that would apply to all agents, redefining amateurism in college sports, and stiffening requirements for licensing agents. This revised and expanded second edition brings the volume up-to-date on recent changes in the industry, including: - the closing of one of the largest agencies - high-profile personnel moves - passage of the federal Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act - the National Football League's aggressive and high-profile efforts to regulate agents


Publisher: Abbott Press
ISBN: 1458207102
Category: Fiction
Page: 362
View: 4960
The line between justice and the rule of law can get a little fuzzy at times. Juryn Rayne’s younger brother is almost killed defending his fiancée from a vicious rape attack. As Juryn sits in the hospital, watching her brother struggle for life, she makes a vow to rid the world of rapists. She drops out of Special Forces and joins the FBI’s Serial Homicide Division, where she learns forensics and other skills to help her fulfill her vow. She leaves the FBI to go to law school, where she learns how to get away with murder. Now, ten years later, Juryn is a lawyer with a dark secret, a secret she kept hidden during her time at the FBI, a secret she concealed from her law school, a secret that could get her the death sentence. Juryn’s old team at the FBI has taken an interest in a serial killer who has been killing rapists. No one on the team is aware that Juryn is the killer they are after. Can she protect her secret and continue dispensing the justice she has vowed to bring? Or will she be found out and brought to justice by the very people who were once her friends?

Mirror Opposites

Author: J L Daniels
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 149187161X
Category: Fiction
Page: 790
View: 6175
The stock market crash October 19,1987 becomes a pivotal life-changing event for identical twins Tom and Glenn Lonardo. The fallout from this calamitous market collapse triggers actions and events that inexorably engulf the brothers, sucking them into a vortex called disaster. It is a tale of “cool” assassins, a unique Las Vegas casino with its enforcers, Wall Street players and pundits and beautiful women. It is replete with a host of unforgettably bizarre characters including a Jewish midget who is part Eskimo and a FBI agent who yodels, and a background true to life story of brothers brought up in contrasting cultures. It is a story of larceny, love and lust; greed and deceit; a fugitive on the run and murder! While it is suspenseful and has its unspeakably tragic twists and turns, it is highly entertaining and always amusing. It will keep a reader’s eyes open! A work of FICTION, it borrowed from much that was true.

Cowboy Cop

Author: Rita Herron
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459249690
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
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Miles McGregor had dedicated his life to justice, and with his latest arrest behind bars, the detective finally had more time to spend with his son, Timmy. Then the unthinkable happened—Timmy's mother was murdered before his eyes. Miles's only choice was to bring his little boy to the Bucking Bronc Lodge, a ranch where young boys heal…. Jordan Keys is an expert at rehabilitating children. But when it comes to Miles, she is lost. The sexy detective is harder to reach…and a whole lot less willing to try. Before long, though, a killer comes calling and Jordan witnesses the true power of Miles McGregor. And just how far he'll go to rescue them from this living nightmare.

Storm of Deception

Author: John T. Lancaster
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1453537317
Category: Fiction
Page: 349
View: 9380
Seth Jarret is a police chief in a small beach community in North Carolina. Seths friend is killed in a weapons heist from a military installation. Rachel Dugen, a Naval Intelligence Officer, is the sister of this slain friend. Collaborating to find the killer will take Seth and Rachel on an adventure of unexpected events in NC, Florida, Cuba, and France. What begins with a murder investigation will lead to missing military weapons that involve paramilitary, insurgent, and government webs of deceit.

Wild Storm

A Derrick Storm Novel
Author: Richard Castle
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1783293993
Category: Fiction
Page: 352
View: 7147
Derrick Storm, the superspy whose heroics turned Richard Castle into one of America's most beloved authors, has never faced anything like this before. Airliners are dropping from the sky, shot down by a terrifying futuristic weapon. The intelligence community is blindsided and scrambling for answers. The media is calling it another 9/11. But the terrorists have aimed their weapon at the one man who can't be brought down: Derrick Storm—who saves his own plane from certain doom, then is enlisted by shadowy CIA boss Jedediah Jones to track down the force responsible for the tragedy. The trail takes Storm from the side of the Panama Canal, where a wealthy businessman toasts the death of one of the victims; to the decks of a mega-yacht, where a shipping mogul mourns the loss of another; to the Sahara Desert, where bandits who are stealing treasures of Egyptian antiquity may be more than what they seem. Better batten down the hatches: It's going to be a Wild Storm!

Preliminary data summary airport deicing operations.

Author: N.A
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 1428905790
Page: N.A
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Stalin's Agent

The Life and Death of Alexander Orlov
Author: Boris Volodarsky
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191045535
Category: Political Science
Page: 832
View: 6233
This is the history of an unprecedented deception operation - the biggest KGB deception of all time. It has never been told in full until now. There are almost certainly people who would like it never to be told. It is the story of General Alexander Orlov. Stalin's most loyal and trusted henchman during the Spanish Civil War, Orlov was also the Soviet handler controlling Kim Philby, the British spy, defector, and member of the notorious 'Cambridge Five'. Escaping Stalin's purges, Orlov fled to America in the late 1930s and lived underground. He only dared reveal his identity to the world after Stalin's death, in his 1953 best-seller The Secret History of Stalin's Crimes, after which he became perhaps the best known of all Soviet defectors, much written about, highly praised, and commemorated by the US Congress on his death in 1973. But there is a twist in the Orlov story beyond the dreams of even the most ingenious spy novelist: 'General Alexander Orlov' never actually existed. The man known as 'Orlov' was in fact born Leiba Feldbin. And while he was a loyal servant of Stalin and the controller of Philby, he was never a General in the KGB, never truly defected to the West after his 'flight' from the USSR, and remained a loyal Soviet agent until his death. The 'Orlov' story as it has been accepted until now was largely the invention of the KGB - and one perpetuated long after the end of the Cold War. In this meticulous new biography, Boris Volodarsky, himself a former Soviet intelligence officer, now tells the true story behind 'Orlov' for the first time. An intriguing tale of Russian espionage and deception, stretching from the time of Lenin to the Putin era, it is a story that many people in the world's intelligence agencies would almost definitely prefer you not to know about.

Quiet Storm

Author: Valda Mutakabbir
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 143493103X
Category: Intelligence officers
Page: 198
View: 1681
Quiet Storm is about a Federal and International Intelligence Agent turned mercenary. He is hired by governments to infiltrate adversarial governmental infrastructures, steal top secrets and classified documents on clandestine operations and destroy those nations from within¿if necessary. Someone gave an order to assassinate Satin Masters and murder his family and destroy the Venus Corporation. Agent Dawn Takabbir, the beautiful and perilous International Intelligence Agent, is thought to be the World¿s best Clandestine Operative¿she does not exist in government files. She must find out whether Satin Masters is alive, determine who he is posing, and know for a fact that he has signed a contract to take control of America¿s economical and political structure. Now, after years gathering intelligence, she is ready to apprehend Satin Masters. Her superiors fear for her life, after an unsuccessful raid on Beyond Time¿s Elite Security Facilities. Forensic teams only found Special Forces and Intel Agents¿ corpses, and removed government issued slugs and casings. The IIA Assistance Director orchestrates her abduction like they staged her family¿s death.

A Perfect Moral Storm

The Ethical Tragedy of Climate Change
Author: Stephen M. Gardiner
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199910456
Category: Philosophy
Page: 512
View: 8583
Climate change is arguably the great problem confronting humanity, but we have done little to head off this looming catastrophe. In The Perfect Moral Storm, philosopher Stephen Gardiner illuminates our dangerous inaction by placing the environmental crisis in an entirely new light, considering it as an ethical failure. Gardiner clarifies the moral situation, identifying the temptations (or "storms") that make us vulnerable to a certain kind of corruption. First, the world's most affluent nations are tempted to pass on the cost of climate change to the poorer and weaker citizens of the world. Second, the present generation is tempted to pass the problem on to future generations. Third, our poor grasp of science, international justice, and the human relationship to nature helps to facilitate inaction. As a result, we are engaging in willful self-deception when the lives of future generations, the world's poor, and even the basic fabric of life on the planet is at stake. We should wake up to this profound ethical failure, Gardiner concludes, and demand more of our institutions, our leaders and ourselves. "This is a radical book, both in the sense that it faces extremes and in the sense that it goes to the roots." --Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews "The book's strength lies in Gardiner's success at understanding and clarifying the types of moral issues that climate change raises, which is an important first step toward solutions." --Science Magazine "Gardiner has expertly explored some very instinctual and vitally important considerations which cannot realistically be ignored. --Required reading." --Green Prophet "Gardiner makes a strong case for highlighting and insisting on the ethical dimensions of the climate problem, and his warnings about buck-passing and the dangerous appeal of moral corruptions hit home." --Times Higher Education "Stephen Gardiner takes to a new level our understanding of the moral dimensions of climate change. A Perfect Moral Storm argues convincingly that climate change is the greatest moral challenge our species has ever faced - and that the problem goes even deeper than we think." --Peter Singer, Princeton University

TheBbrown Swiss bulletin

Author: N.A
Publisher: N.A
Page: N.A
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Derrick Storm Shorts - A Raging Storm

Author: Richard Castle
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1781166366
Category: Fiction
Page: 88
View: 2254
Days after being brought out of retirement to investigate a kidnapping, Derrick Storm has a dead US senator on his hands, an assassin to track down, and nearly six billion dollars' worth of gold bars, hidden by the Communist Party somewhere in the former USSR, to uncover. And while the CIA mission is getting heated, it's nothing compared to the growing sexual tension between Storm and Showers...

Nick Stone Secret Agent

The Jerusalem Incident
Author: Lee King
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595858368
Category: Fiction
Page: 54
View: 6647
Nick Stone rocks in this one! The U.S. Government sends Nick Stone, America's new suave secret agent on a mission to capture or eliminate Al-Qaeda's #2 most wanted terrorist in the world. Come along for the explosive ride and you better believe, sparks fly in this one! It is a roller coaster thrill ride from beginning to end. Nick Stone tracks the terrorist, Abdul Mohammed, in the Middle East. Abdul Mohammed's terrorist assassin thugs try to stop Nick at every turn! The terrorist, Abdul Mohammed is a madman bent on destroying Israel and bringing on the start of Armageddon! Join Nick and his comrades as they take you to desolate mountain regions and a lush green oasis in the middle of the desert, as they hunt for a madman! Nick Stone is an ex-navy seal and a gulf war veteran of Desert Storm. Stone is a gambling man and he will do whatever it takes to win. Will Abdul Mohammed carry out his evil plan or will Nick Stone stop him in time?

Storm of Unity

Author: Ronald Bradford
ISBN: 0557143241
Page: N.A
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After Desert Storm: The United States Army and the Reconstruction of Kuwait

Author: N.A
Publisher: Government Printing Office
ISBN: 9780160869266
Page: N.A
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Storm Damage

Author: Ed Kovacs
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 142998242X
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 8021
In a city overwhelmed with murder and mayhem, the last homicide before a Category 5 hurricane wipes out New Orleans is quickly forgotten and remains unsolved. Until now. Calling to mind Chinatown's Jake Gittes or Chandler's Philip Marlowe comes a new kind of private detective—a mixed-martial arts coach and bare-knuckled former cop who investigates a curious missing persons/murder case. The cold trail quickly heats up, propelling him into a battle of wits and brawn with the deadliest killers operating in the apocalyptic, post-hurricane ruins of New Orleans. With no forensic evidence, a destroyed crime scene, and no corpse, Cliff St. James, who's practically homeless and on the verge of bankruptcy, tenaciously navigates the gritty aftermath of a city that's barely functioning. The more layers of deceit he peels away surrounding the case, the grander is the conspiracy that comes into focus, placing him squarely in the cross-hairs of those who specialize in remaining unknown.