Yesterday Came Suddenly


Author: Robert Cepican

Publisher: Arbor House Publishing Company

ISBN: UCSD:31822030987754

Category: Music

Page: 287

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The Beatles through a Glass Onion

Tariq Ali, one of the Black Dwarf editors who had participated in the “Dear John
Letters” episode, captured the mood of Euro-left radicals when he said, “A wave
of joy and energy rebounds around the world and millions more are suddenly, ...

Author: Mark Osteen

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472074082

Category: Music

Page: 334

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The Beatles, the 1968 double LP more commonly known as the White Album, has always been viewed as an oddity in the group’s oeuvre. Many have found it to be inconsistent, sprawling, and self-indulgent. The Beatles through a Glass Onion is the first-ever scholarly volume to explore this seminal recording at length, bringing together contributions by some of the most eminent scholars of rock music writing today. It marks a reconsideration of this iconic but under-appreciated recording and reaffirms the White Album’s significance in the Beatles’ career and in rock history. This volume treats the White Album as a whole, with essays scrutinizing it from a wide range of perspectives. These essays place the album within the social and political context of a turbulent historical moment; locate it within the Beatles’ lives and careers, taking into consideration the complex personal forces at play during the recording sessions; investigate the musical as well as pharmaceutical influences on the record; reveal how it reflects new developments in the Beatles’ songwriting and arranging; revisit the question of its alleged disunity; and finally, track its legacy and the breadth of its influence on later rock, pop, and hip-hop artists. The Beatles through a Glass Onion features the scholarship of Adam Bradley, Vincent Benitez, Lori Burns, John Covach, Walter Everett, Michael Frontani, Steve Hamelman, Ian Inglis, John Kimsey, Mark Osteen, Russell Reising, Stephen Valdez, Anthony D. Villa, Kenneth Womack, and Alyssa Woods. John Covach’s Afterword summarizes the White Album’s lasting impact and value. The Beatles through a Glass Onion represents a landmark work of rock music scholarship. It will prove to be an essential and enduring contribution to the field.
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Muhammad Ali

And suddenly, in Cassius Clay, before he become Muhammad Ali and after, you
had a fighter that, I don«t know whether ... On February 18, less than a week
before the bout, the Beatles were scheduled to meet Sonny Liston, but the champ
did ...

Author: Barbara L. Tischler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317691204

Category: History

Page: 218

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Muhammad Ali was not only a champion athlete, but a cultural icon. While his skill as a boxer made him famous, his strong personality and his identity as a black man in a country in the midst of the struggle for civil rights made him an enduring symbol. From his youth in segregated Louisville, Kentucky, to his victory in the 1960 Olympics, to the controversy that surrounded his conversion to Islam and refusal of the draft during the Vietnam War, Ali's life was closely linked to the major social and political struggles of the 1960s and 70s. The story of his struggles, failures, and triumphs sheds light on issues of race, class, religion, dissent, and the role of sports in American society that affected all Americans. In this lively, concise biography, Barbara L. Tischler introduces students to Ali's life in social and political context, and explores his enduring significance as a symbol of resistance. Muhammad Ali: A Many of Many Voices offers the perfect introduction to this extraordinary American and his times.
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The Beatles Encyclopedia

Author: Bill Harry

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited

ISBN: UOM:39015050534117

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1198

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The Beatles Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book on the fab four ever produced. Fully revised and updated, and with over 1500 entries and half-a-million words, this A-Z of Beatledom will clarify any query and settle any argument. Every record ever released, every song written and every gig played is included. Yet The Beatles Encyclopedia is much more than a reference book. Biographies of over 500 people associated with the group reveal stories of love affairs, drugs, court cases and internal disputes. Myths are shattered involving touring days, early girlfriends and rock rivalries. From the Abbey Road studios to the Zodiac Coffee Club, The Beatles Encyclopedia has everything you ever wanted to know about the world's greatest band.
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The Upswing

51 Barry Miles, The Beatles Diary, Volume 1: The Beatles Years (London:
Omnibus, 2001). 52 Dan Piepenbring, “George Plimpton on Muhammad Ali, the
Poet,” The Paris Review, June 6, 2016,
/06 /06 ...

Author: Robert D. Putnam

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781982129149

Category: History

Page: 480

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An eminent political scientist’s brilliant analysis of economic, social, and political trends over the past century demonstrating how we have gone from an individualistic “I” society to a more communitarian “We” society and then back again, and how we can learn from that experience to become a stronger, more unified nation—from the author of Bowling Alone and Our Kids. Deep and accelerating inequality; unprecedented political polarization; vitriolic public discourse; a fraying social fabric; public and private narcissism—Americans today seem to agree on only one thing: This is the worst of times. But we’ve been here before. During the Gilded Age of the late 1800s, America was highly individualistic, starkly unequal, fiercely polarized, and deeply fragmented, just as it is today. However as the twentieth century opened, America became—slowly, unevenly, but steadily—more egalitarian, more cooperative, more generous; a society on the upswing, more focused on our responsibilities to one another and less focused on our narrower self-interest. Sometime during the 1960s, however, these trends reversed, leaving us in today’s disarray. In a sweeping overview of more than a century of history, drawing on his inimitable combination of statistical analysis and storytelling, Robert Putnam analyzes a remarkable confluence of trends that brought us from an “I” society to a “We” society and then back again. He draws inspiring lessons for our time from an earlier era, when a dedicated group of reformers righted the ship, putting us on a path to becoming a society once again based on community. Engaging, revelatory, and timely, this is Putnam’s most ambitious work yet, a fitting capstone to a brilliant career.
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Ali A Life

Conrad figured that Clay and the Beatles had enough in common — they were
young, they were new, they were smart-alecks — to justify getting them in the
same room. When the musicians arrived, walking up the worn wooden steps to
the ...

Author: Jonathan Eig

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471155963

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

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BRITISH SPORTS BOOK AWARDS SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR. SHORTLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR PRIZE 2017. SHORTLISTED FOR THE JAMES TAIT BLACK BIOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR. WINNER OF THE PEN/ESPN AWARD FOR LITERARY SPORTS WRITING. THE TIMES SPORTS BOOK AWARDS BIOGRAPHY OF THE YEAR. The most comprehensive and definitive biography of Muhammad Ali that has ever been published, based on more than 500 interviews with those who knew him best, with many dramatic new discoveries about his life and career. When the frail, trembling figure of Muhammad Ali lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta in 1996, a TV audience of up to 3 billion people was once again gripped by the story of the world's most famous sporting icon. The man who had once been reviled for his refusal to fight for his country and for his fast-talking denunciation of his opponents was now almost universally adored, the true cost of his astonishing boxing career clear to see. In Jonathan Eig's ground-breaking biography, backed up with much detailed new research specially commissioned for this book, we get a stunning portrait of one of the most significant personalities of the second half of the twentieth century. We are not only taken inside the ring for some of the most famous bouts in boxing history, we also learn about his personal life, his finances, his faith and the moments when the first signs of his physical decline began to show. Ali was a symbol of freedom and courage, a hero to many, but this is also a very personal story of a warrior who vanquished every opponent but was finally brought down by his own stubborn refusal to quit. An epic tale of a fighter who became the world's most famous pacifist, Ali: A Life does full justice to an extraordinary man. ‘Ali: A Life is the business – 640 pages of patient scholarship and intelligent reassessment written in crackly prose’ Giles Smith, The Times ‘[A] richly researched, sympathetic yet unsparing portrait ... Ali: A Life is an epic of a biography’ Joyce Carol Oates, New York Times
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The Beatles Records on Vee Jay


Author: Vee-Jay Records

Publisher: Four Ninety-Eight Productions Llc

ISBN: UOM:39015042470578

Category: Music

Page: 242

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The Beatles Who s who

He wrote a major feature on The Beatles for the Saturday Evening Post and
interviewed the group on several occasions . As a going - away present when he
reluctantly left Liverpool he Muhammed Ali Three times World Heavyweight ...

Author: Bill Harry


ISBN: STANFORD:36105002645534


Page: 192

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A guide to friends, family, acquaintances, and others surrounding the Beatles.
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The Beatles are Coming


Author: Bruce Spizer

Publisher: Four Ninety-Eight Productions Llc

ISBN: STANFORD:36105131786373

Category: Music

Page: 246

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An account of the explosion of the Beatles' popularity in the U.S. includes 450 photos and images from period publications, album art work, merchandising and publicity materials, and documents from various legal tussles between record labels after the Beatles' worth became evident.
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Muhammad Ali His Life and Times

And Ali, along with Robert Kennedy andtheBeatles in thepersona of John
Lennon, capturedthe sixtiesto perfection. Ali, like RobertKennedy and the Beatles
, wasfull of passionand willing to challenge authority. In arapidly changing world,

Author: Thomas Hauser

Publisher: Anova Books

ISBN: 9781907554902

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 544

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One of the most recognisable, respected and inspirational men on earth, Muhammad Ali is the world's most famous boxing hero. Ali brought unprecedented speed and grace to the sport, and his charm and wit changed forever what the world expects of a champion athlete. In the words of over two hundred of Ali's family members, associates, opponents, friends and enemies, this comprehensive and honest portrait relates his legendary sporting accomplishments, as well as the high drama of life outside the boxing ring. From Olympic gold in Rome, to stunning victory over George Foreman in Zaire, every historic victory and defeat of Ali's career is covered. His controversial embrace of the Nation of Islam - with the renunciation of his 'slave name', Cassius Clay - and the historic refusal to be inducted into the US Army makes for compelling reading. Ali became America's first national conscientious objector, and with a willingness to stage his fights in Third World locales, he continued his advocacy for people in need which was honoured in 2000 when he became a United Nations Messenger of Peace. Charismatic, dedicated and a skilful self-publicist, Ali is the living embodiment of the American Dream. This is the biography to match his achievements.
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Beatles Vs Stones

Along with some other sainted and iconic figures from the '60s—Martin Luther
King, Jr., and Muhammad Ali both come to mind—the Beatles have become
almost immune from baby boomer criticism. It bears remembering, though, that
the ...

Author: John McMillian

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781439159705

Category: Music

Page: 320

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A lively examination of the most legendary (and least understood) rivalry in the annals of rock ’n’ roll: “Beatles vs. Stones is one of the best rock biographies I have seen this year…If you thought you knew everything there was to know about these two groups, think again” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer). In the 1960s an epic battle was waged between the two biggest bands in the world—the lovable Beatles and the bad-boy Rolling Stones. Both groups liked to maintain that they weren’t really “rivals”—that was just a media myth, they politely said—and yet they plainly competed for commercial success and aesthetic credibility. On both sides of the Atlantic, fans often aligned themselves with one group or the other. In Beatles vs. Stones, John McMillian gets to the truth behind the ultimate rock and roll debate. Painting an eye-opening portrait of a generation dragged into an ideological battle between Flower Power and New Left militance, McMillian reveals how the Beatles-Stones rivalry was created by music managers intent on engineering a moneymaking empire. He explores how the Beatles were marketed as cute and amiable, when in fact they came from hardscrabble backgrounds in Liverpool. By contrast, the Stones were cast as an edgy, dangerous group, even though they mostly hailed from the chic London suburbs. For many years, writers and historians have associated the Beatles with the gauzy idealism of the “good” sixties, placing the Stones as representatives of the dangerous and nihilistic “bad” sixties. Beatles vs. Stones is “balanced, informed, yet still passionate…Even the most gnarled and intransigent veterans of the debate will emerge enlightened by this book….McMillian negotiates these thickets with insight, care, and a willingness to unsettle clichés” (The New York Times Book Review).
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Here Come The Beatles

For example , while John staged his protest , Cassius Clay ( later Mohammed Ali
) refused to serve in the army after embracing Islam and the US authorities
withdrew his licence , dealing a fatal blow to the career of the greatest boxer of all
time ...

Author: Enzo Gentile


ISBN: UCSC:32106019813101

Category: Music

Page: 245

View: 431

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A sophisticated and lavishly illustrated study of the iconic rock-and-roll band's cultural legacy is a mosaic of period memorabilia, from advertisements and books to film clips and posters, that explores their influence on music, style, and attitude.
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The Beatles Album

SHANKAR The self - described dark horse of the group , the introspective George

Author: Geoffrey Giuliano

Publisher: Studio

ISBN: 0140237771

Category: Music

Page: 256

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Featuring rare photographs from their pre-fame days, a complete visual record of the career of the Beatles offers more than 1,500 previously unexhibited or rare items, including never-before-published promotional materials. Reprint.
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Listening to the Beatles

(Australia) The Beatles Singles Collection Australian 20th Anniversary 1962-
1982 Parlophone AlI 115 Master Number 7YCE_21783. 3. (England) The
Beatles Singles Collection Parlophone R6013 Master Number 7YCE 21783-1. 4.
(Japan) ...

Author: David Schwartz

Publisher: Popular Culture Inc

ISBN: 1560750057

Category: Music

Page: 330

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Volume 1: Bootlegs and singles.
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16.00 18. BEATLES THE SOUND CHECK ( REAL CASE LP - 2LP ) $ 16.00 8 ...



ISBN: UCSC:32106018608627

Category: Rock music


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Goa Today

Hurt , the third Mrs . Burton Looks like this might be her love the Beatles , Ali is
hopSadpess and tears followed is pregoapt — although she last , she has
slowed down ing to convince them . But Peter Finch ' s wife , as he denies the
premature ...



ISBN: UOM:39015084364911

Category: Goa, Daman and Diu (India)


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One Two Three Four The Beatles in Time

WINNER OF THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE 2020 A Spectator Book of the Year • A Times Book of the Year • A Telegraph Book of the Year • A Sunday Times Book of the Year From the award-winning author of Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of ...

Author: Craig Brown

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780008340025

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

View: 890

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From the award-winning author of Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret comes a fascinating, hilarious, kaleidoscopic biography of the Fab Four.
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Presenting Robert Lipsyte

Perhaps it was inevitable that Lipsyte would write a biography of the heavyweight
boxing champion Muhammad Ali , not only ... Waiting impatiently for Clay to show
up for his daily workout , Lipsyte was improbably joined by the Beatles — yes ...

Author: Michael Cart

Publisher: Twayne Pub

ISBN: UOM:39015034416340

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 163

View: 227

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In 1967 the celebrated sportswriter Robert Lipsyte published The Contender, a novel that almost singlehandedly transformed the superficial, idealistic fare known as teenage fiction into the serious, realistic genre of young adult literature. In The Contender and other young adult novels - among them One Fat Summer, Jock and Jill, The Chemo Kid, and The Brave - Lipsyte explores with palpable authenticity such issues as social consciousness, self-transformation, and male identity. With Presenting Robert Lipsyte, Michael Cart contributes the first study devoted to the writer and his work, a thoughtful examination informed not only by personal interviews with Lipsyte but by Cart's own extensive knowledge of young adult literature. Beautifully written and filled with aptly chosen quotations by and about the writer, Presenting Robert Lipsyte will be applauded by teachers and librarians and embraced by students from secondary through graduate school. Included are a preface, a chronology, notes and references, a selected bibliography, an appendix listing Lipsyte's awards and honors, and an index.
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On the Record

Meet the Beatles , the Beatles Hotel California , The Long Run , and One of these
Nights , the Eagles The Best of Van Morrison Aja , Steely Dan Did you have any
posters on your bedroom walls as a kid ? Of whom ? Muhammad Ali with the ...

Author: Guy Oseary

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: UOM:39015057497821

Category: Music

Page: 475

View: 186

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In an inspirational, insider's guide to the world of music, more than 150 of the most creative and talented people in music reflect on their own path to success, their dreams of stardom, determination and hard work, lucky breaks, complications along the way, and more, with advice from Madonna, Moby, Quincy Jones, Alicia Keys, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Elton John, and other notables. Original.
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The Beatles And Beyond

A treasure trove of revealing untold stories & sensations from a showbusiness journalist in the golden age of entertainment. Short toured the world with The Beatles & was credited with coining 'Beatlemania'.

Author: Don Short

Publisher: Wymer UK

ISBN: 1912782340


Page: 224

View: 878

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A treasure trove of revealing untold stories & sensations from a showbusiness journalist in the golden age of entertainment. Short toured the world with The Beatles & was credited with coining 'Beatlemania'. He was a bodyguard for Mick Jagger & a confidante of Hollywood's greatest: Liz Taylor; Roger Moore; Elvis Presley; Muhammad Ali & many more
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