Classic Book of Rude Jokes

For jokesters who like their humor on the dark side, this Classic Book of Rude Jokes compiles the most hilariously crass jokes out there in one compact volume.

Author: Scott McNeely

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452129815

Category: Humor

Page: 156

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For jokesters who like their humor on the dark side, this Classic Book of Rude Jokes compiles the most hilariously crass jokes out there in one compact volume. Scott McNeely, author of Ultimate Book of Jokes, has mined decades of rude joke history in search of the best of the worst jokes that were too shocking to include in his first collection. From dirty blonde jokes and tasteless religious jokes to the just plain sick and twisted, no one escapes offense in this collection of gags that is sure to please even the crudest comedian.
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A classic dumb-blonde joke? ... A little research, however, lead us to a former
Bayliner designer who says the incident actually took place in Washington State
and involved a male customer who, yes, launched his boat trailer and all.





Page: 172

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The New Rules for Blondes

How many of these classic blonde jokes have you heard before? ... Historically,
society has embraced old rules of blondeness that characterize all blondehaired
ladies as either clueless, naïve simpletons or golddigging, unrepentant sexpots.

Author: Selena Coppock

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062131829

Category: Humor

Page: 256

View: 676

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Writer, comedienne, and full-time Blonde, Selena Coppock offers up adventures, misadventures, and golden-hued nuggets of wisdom in a laugh-out-loud anthem for those of us who really do have more fun. . . . The modern blonde is savvy, wise, confident, capable, and not afraid to laugh at herself when the occasion calls for it. She knows who she is and is prepared to subvert all stereotypes (although she's not above wielding her golden tresses to her advantage), and knows how to be both classy and a little brassy. In the way only a Boston-bred New Yorker who once won "Best Hair" in her high school graduating class could, Coppock doles out tongue-in-cheek advice about avoiding hair disasters, the consequences of dating a man who cares a little too much about his own hair product, and so much more in an outrageous essay collection that will have even the staunchest of raven-haired beauties considering a trip to the nearest salon.
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The Everything Big Book of Jokes

A BLONDE GOES TO SEE a ventriloquist act. All is well until halfway through,
when the ventriloquist makes a blonde joke. The blonde stands up. “That is very
offensive, to judge people on how they look! You owe me, and every blonde in
the ...

Author: Evan C Thomas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781440576973

Category: Humor

Page: 272

View: 817

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Presents a collection of miscellaneous jokes, divided into such categories as marriage, politics, sports, health, animals, and everyday life.
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The Biggest Joke Book Ever

Axf) This blonde decides one day that she is sick and tired of all these blonde
jokes and how all blondes are perceived as ... Studying the machine carefully,
she pushed the button for Coke classic and out came a Coke classic and 50
cents ...

Author: Jack Jacoby

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781425145415


Page: 688

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An amazing collection of thousands of jokes - great for any occasions or just to get a great belly-laugh.
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Engaging Humor

Exploring the structure, motives, and meanings of humor in everyday life

Author: Elliott Oring

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252075933

Category: Humor

Page: 208

View: 574

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Exploring the structure, motives, and meanings of humor in everyday life
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ODS IEVADA LGD BUMPS Dolly Parton I ' m not offended by all the dumb blonde
jokes because cause I know , I ' m not ... There ' s the classic sociocultural
reasoning - that we are bombarded by images of perfect bodies and we
internalise ...

Author: Gee Thomson


ISBN: UOM:39015079152461

Category: Contagion (Social psychology)

Page: 238

View: 234

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Gee Thomson deconstructs contemporary culture in a new and exciting way. From faith to fashion, psycho-babble to cyber-sex, the book examines the viral nature of memes, those ubiquitous spells and social prescriptions that drive and shape global behaviour.
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Once Upon a Time

Yes , she even slept . I discovered that my daughter is a classic auditory learner .
... But all of this came AFTER her operation . ( Professionally speaking for a ...
blonde ” well together . We can be silly and a perfect parody for “ blondejokes .

Author: Jody Capehart

Publisher: Victor Books

ISBN: 1564763382

Category: Mothers

Page: 180

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The Internet Yellow Pages

Blonde jokes, answering machine messages, lawyer jokes, things that are
politically incorrect, and a list of people in ... FTP: Address: Path: /
pub/cathouse/humor Classic Practical Jokes Read about some of the best
practical jokes ...

Author: Harley Hahn

Publisher: Osborne Publishing

ISBN: 0078821827

Category: Computer network resources

Page: 830

View: 786

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Lists and describes Internet resources on subjects ranging from agriculture to zoology, pointing out those that are useful, bizarre, or otherwise noteworthy.
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Foreign Service Journal

While not all of the jokes are new , their presentation is unique and charming . A
veteran of brief verse , Wachob skillfully conveys classic and newly crafted humor
through 105 short , memorable poems . Although the collection consists entirely
of “ dumb blonde " jokes , Wachob takes great pains to remove the groan ...



ISBN: PSU:000061867031

Category: Diplomatic and consular service, American


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101 Classic Jewish Jokes

... cure your insomnia , you have to stop taking your trouble to bed with you . " “ I
know , but I can ' t , ” the patient replied . “ My wife refuses to sleep alone . " A
buxom blonde at a charity ball was boasting to a friend about her new diamond
ring .

Author: Robert Menchin

Publisher: Mustang Publication

ISBN: UOM:39015060821363

Category: Humor

Page: 95

View: 275

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Discusses the background of American Jewish humor, offers jokes on families, food, assimilation, and other subjects, and briefly profiles leading Jewish comedians
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Ultimate Book of Jokes

From road-crossing chickens and classic knock knock jokes to the naughty, nice, and totally soused, no subject goes unmocked in this collection of over 1,500 jokes, packaged in a deluxe embossed board cover with 2-color line art throughout.

Author: Scott McNeely

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452113159

Category: Humor

Page: 352

View: 558

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Whether you re making a toast at a wedding, trying to break the ice at a party, or just want to make your boss giggle, the Ultimate Book of Jokes is the first and last resource you'll ever need. From road-crossing chickens and classic knock knock jokes to the naughty, nice, and totally soused, no subject goes unmocked in this collection of over 1,500 jokes, packaged in a deluxe embossed board cover with 2-color line art throughout. Scott McNeeley, author of Ultimate Book of Card Games, mined decades worth of jokes to find chuckle-inducing punch lines for joke lovers of all stripes from yo mamma aficionados to naughty limerick connoisseurs.
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A Classic Collection of Golf Jokes Quotes

... green ahead , a fellow golfer suggested trying “ 3 . 98 . ” “ Really , I can ' t play
golf , " said the dumb blonde . “ I don ' t even know how to hold the caddie . " WO
women were an 1 Two women were returning from Golf Jokes and Quotes 125.

Author: Bob Phillips

Publisher: Harvest House Pub

ISBN: 0736906940

Category: Humor

Page: 175

View: 489

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Golfers know they have to laugh at themselves or theyre in big trouble! To help them along, bestselling author Bob Phillips has gathered together terrific golf-related quotes and jokes, including:He has given up golf for painting(it takes fewer strokes.(Bob HopeMy game is so bad that the flags ought to be at half-staff.(Al MelestaSome golfers blast their ball from traps; with one adroit explosion; but others, out in ten perhaps; depend upon erosion.(Richard ArmourReaders will tee up for 18 holes worth of hilarity in a book where laughter is par for the course!.
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Seeing Ourselves

Classic, Contemporary, and Cross-cultural Readings in Sociology John J.
Macionis, Nijole Vaicaitis Benokraitis ... In at least seven mother - in - law jokes ,
dumb blonde jokes , woman cases , girls from ten to sixteen years old said they
driver ...

Author: John J. Macionis

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 013111557X

Category: Social Science

Page: 501

View: 795

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This best-selling collection is the only reader that systematically weaves together three types of articles-classic, contemporary,""" "and cross-cultural-for each general topic typically covered in a sociology course. "Seeing Ourselves "conveys sociology' s diversity of viewpoints and methodologies and includes important issues and debates that capture the fascinating complexity of the social world.
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Canadian Folklore

Freud , Sigmund , Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious , trans . James
Strachey , New York , W.W. ... Slywka , Randy E.W , 101 Classic Blonde Jokes ,
Edmonton , Phantom Group of 7 Global Marketing , 1992 . Sochen , June , ed .



ISBN: IND:30000028862484

Category: Canada


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... the basic script has been revised , befitting a postfeminist culture in which there
are dumb - blonde jokes but no dumb blondes . ... In other words , the Workout
was dedicated to the ideals of classic femininity and youth that later prompted Ms
. Fonda to get breast implants . ... feminism had to be , for many women , what it
must have been for Jane Fonda , a fashion with all the substance of tulle skirts .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105006965508

Category: Men


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Qui Parle

All know how a word can become a cosh . A categorical word as a ... The
linguistic vignette in which I interpose myself to cut the throat of the goat on my
own behalf has an unlikely cousinship to a classicblonde girl joke . " ( As a
platinum ...



ISBN: WISC:89089370191

Category: French literature


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