Always Loving You

I was always helpless in the other dreams, but thisone, Inever felt that way.I felt likeIcould save myself ... you know, ifIjust fought hard enough.” “But you've neverslept with a man since that happened toyou,right?

Author: Sydney Landon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698182677

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Ava Stone has spent her entire life looking over her shoulder—waiting for the past to catch up with her.... After surviving a horrific attack as a teenager, Ava has never been able to truly overcome her fears. The incident was covered up by her family so she wouldn’t have to deal with it publicly—yet only one person understands what she had to endure in private: her brother’s best friend, MacKinley Powers, who found her the night of the attack. But even he doesn’t know everything—and she’s afraid to open up to him. Mac has loved Ava for most of his life—and being in close contact with her every day as head of security for Danvers International isn’t helping. In fact, it makes him realize the painful truth: He has to walk away to keep his sanity. But when Ava is forced to rely on the only man who has never let her down, can Mac break through the protective walls she’s needed for so long?
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Loving You From Here

A LASTING TRIBUTE With all the digital tools now at our disposal it has never been easier to create a lasting tribute to your baby, which will be a reflection of the enduring bond you have created. A Sands Always Loved tribute, ...

Author: Susan Clark

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529384246

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

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Few experiences can compare to the trauma and pain of losing a baby; and the wall of silence that often surrounds that loss can make grieving even harder. Loving You From Here explores the traumatic impact of losing a baby through stillbirth and neonatal death. It features the moving stories of multiple families; some affected recently, some decades ago, but still living with the loss. This book is a practical guide for grieving parents in the grips of tragedy, and those around them who want to be able to offer support. From managing those initial feelings of shock, grief, guilt and anger, this book will also show families how it is possible to grow around that grief and eventually form an enduring bond with their baby. This profound and insightful book will help everyone impacted by the loss of a baby - before, during or after birth - including those who have suffered an early or a late miscarriage and those who have had an ectopic pregnancy, and provides sensitive and reassuring advice on all aspects of loss and bereavement, as well as practical advice on how to find a new normal. This groundbreaking book breaks through the suffocating silence that surrounds the death of a baby and gives a voice to all those affected by baby loss.
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The Hardest Thing Was To Continue Loving You

Since you have always been killed by the soul of Kusum (on this birth): someone who always loved you and you didn‟t, better to say the third one, the outsider and not by your lover, destiny gets obliged to give another chance to the ...

Author: Hemant Tigga

Publisher: Educreation Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 226

View: 121

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It's not a one-sided love story, it's not a predictable story, it's a completely new ingredient and I assure you would have never heard such a story. Rahul the main protagonist always finds Sonali mysterious; sometimes he would think she must be a ghost. However, he is passionately in love with her he only gets a part of her; a part that is seeking love or attention -a part that is not even sure what exactly it wants and a part of her has a disturbing personal history that went deeper into her experimental sexual nature and gets darker as it unfolds, also the bisexual side. A hidden part which has traces in their past lives, and he gets introduced to it by a chance encounter with Kusum which later comprehended as a plan of destiny. He is intensely curious to know his past for which he must embark a personal spiritual journey- which will be to invoke his hidden intuition power, in this journey he is helped by Kusum. But why Kusum is helping him? And how his finding of past is going to shape his relations with both of them?
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Love Heals 31 Days of Loving You and Other Poems

I have loved you always; I cannot remember a time when you were not here. Love is. There is no beginning; there is no end. What lifetime shall mark our anniversary? What monumental event shall we celebrate? Our love has always been.

Author: Robert E. Kogan

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595143443

Category: Poetry

Page: 208

View: 668

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Love Heals: 31 Days of Loving You and Other Poems is the second volume of poetry by Robert E. Kogan. Dr. Kogan shares his life’s experiences through poetry. He stirs the reader through the intensity of his feelings on the subjects of love, life, faith, and social commentary.
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Made For Loving You

you again. That's on me. I don't blame you for not feeling the same.” Unable to listen to any more of this, ... I love you. I've always loved you. And even though I fucked up, even though I hurt you, and I have no right to ask for ...

Author: Kait Nolan

Publisher: Take The Leap Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 200

View: 603

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A wounded warrior After the catastrophic loss of his best friend in battle, Army Ranger Tyson Brooks trades in his fatigues for a badge, moving to Eden’s Ridge, Tennessee to rebuild his life and find a way to live in a world without Garrett. But no amount of protecting and serving the citizens of Stone County is enough to override the guilt that he simply didn’t do enough. An incurable romantic Romance author Paisley Parish has spent her whole career chasing the perfect hero and finding all the real life options lacking. Until she runs into her high school sweetheart—the one who left her for the Army. The old spark is definitely still alive, but the man carries far more scars than the boy. A second chance to save each other When Paisley becomes the target of malicious harassment, the police have no suspects, no leads, no way to make her feel safe. As her stalker escalates, she turns to the one guy she knows can protect her. Ty’s determined to put a stop to the harassment, even if it means moving in with the woman who’s so much more than the girl he used to love. He just has to remember to guard his own heart in the process.
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Addicted to Loving You The Paranoid and Domineering Boss s Convicted Wife

"Did you call my mom... Mom?" she asked in a mutter. "We're already married. Your mother is my mother. Is it wrong for me to call her Mom?" he asked with amusement. There was... nothing wrong with it, but she had always thought that the ...

Author: Gu family's Little Bamboo

Publisher: Singapore New Reading Technology Pte Ltd


Category: Fiction

Page: 151

View: 419

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Ling Yiran had been sentenced to three years in prison due to the car accident that killed the fiancée of Yi Jinli, the richest man in Shen City. When released from prison, she somehow ended up catching the attention of Yi Jinli. She kneeled on the ground and begged him, "Yi Jinli, can you let me go?" But he only smiled and said, "Sister, I will never let you go." It was said that Yi Jinli was completely indifferent to anyone and everyone, but for some reason, he did everything he could to please a sanitation worker girl who had been in prison for the past three years. However, the truth of the car accident that year had robbed her of all her love for him, and she ran away. Many years later, he begged her while on the ground, "Yiran, as long as you return by my side, I will do anything for you." But she only stared at him coldly and said, "Then, go die."
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If Loving You Was a Lonely Story

Every time he felt sad, there was always his consolation and encouragement. I cherish, future wind and rain we will walk together. Only this time I learned how to love. I also believe in your him. It will give you happiness.

Author: , Zhenyinfang

Publisher: Funstory

ISBN: 9781648145490

Category: Fiction


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If love you is my lonely heart
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Loving You Thinking of You Don t Forget to Pray

To my grandchildren: may God keep you strong. I thank my mother, who believed in God and taught me to believe. Her belief encouraged me to become the bearer of high expectations. My mother has always loved her first-born grandson, ...

Author: Jacqueline L. Jackson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781948924337

Category: Social Science

Page: 286

View: 807

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“In words that moved me to tears and made me laugh, Mrs. Jacqueline Jackson’s love for her son, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., comes through every page.” —Donna Brazile, Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Jacqueline Jackson promised her son, Congressman Jesse L. Jackson, Jr., that she would write him every day during his incarceration in prison while he served his thirty-month sentence. This book is an inspiring and moving selection of the letters she wrote him. Together, they comprise a powerful act of love—nurturing and ministering to her son’s heart, health, and mind and maintaining his essential connection with home. Frank, anecdotal, imbued with faith, and sometimes humorous, they offer intimate details from the family’s daily life, along with news of friends and the community and glimpses of such figures as Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, and Mayor Marion Barry. They also touch eloquently on issues of social justice, politics, and history, as when Mrs. Jackson recalls growing up in Jim Crow Florida, and they reflect the qualities, instilled by her own mother, that made her a role model for much of her life. Ultimately, these letters offer a blueprint for why we have to support our families not just as they elevate but when they fall. This collection is Mrs. Jackson’s contribution to healing during a time when our prisons are full and our communities are suffering. She provides the road map for ensuring that the individuals serving sentences understand that prison is where they are, not who they are and for helping them sustain the courage to keep hope alive. “Inspiring, moving, frank, and sometimes funny.” —Salon
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Christmas at Emelia s

“Gabe, I know I've always loved you, but it wasn't just because you're hot.” I smirk, but from the look on her face, I can see that she still wants to say more so I lay back caressing her face. “You've always been one of the most loving ...

Author: Lexi Buchanan

Publisher: HFCA Publishing House


Category: Fiction

Page: 300

View: 638

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This Christmas join the De La Fuentes and McKenzies in Blossom Creek as they celebrate the grand opening of Emelia’s Restaurant. Over twenty years after Levi De La Fuente's parents opened the first Emelia’s, Levi and his cousin Ryan are getting ready to open a second location. Emma De La Fuente manages the first Emelia’s in Essex, Vermont for her parents. She’s in town to assist her brother and cousin in getting the new restaurant ready for its grand opening. However, she didn’t plan on the strong attraction she feels toward the town Sheriff. The man with his sweet words and heated looks has managed to derail her plans on returning home. While his sister is distracted, Levi finds himself in need of rescuing from a rather embarrassing situation. Luckily for him, Vivien Taylor, owner of Temptations, Blossom Creek’s handmade chocolate store, appears just at the right time. If only he didn’t crave the sweet woman, then maybe, this situation wouldn’t be so awkward. Blossom Creek just might be warm enough to melt the snow this holiday season.
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Are You Loving What Is Not Loving You

Why is that a woman or women are always loving a man that does not love them back the way they wish to be loved? Before we begin to go deep within this volume of factional knowledge and experience. I must inform the reader, ...

Author: Delady

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496908872

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 54

View: 706

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We all have a lot to learn in this upside down world that's presently presenting many facets of trials and demanding endeavors. Economics is driving women and men to be emotional in some form and fashion. Today women and men are faced with many emotional encounters of sadness and madness. This emotional darkness is causing many of us to give little thought to our present issues, and react without thinking of the consequences that are very costly. Marriages and relationships are not lasting like the days of our grandparents, due to many catastrophic environmental and personal changes. Kids are lost because of the parents' issues of emotional stresses and emotional blindness. Parents are stressing and blaming the politicians for playing political games of power. Something has to be done about this topsy-turvy world of chaos! Only a few of us know that order comes out of chaos, but times has shown us that we have gone too far to turn back the stages of destruction! Or can we?
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