Always the Children

A Nurse's Story of Home and War
Author: Anne Watts
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0857208268
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 400
View: 7492
Anne Watts grew up in a small village in north Wales in the 1940s. Inspired by school geography lessons that told of far-off lands, she broke out of the conventional options open to women in post-war Britain, defying her Merchant Navy father's dated views. She trained as a nurse and midwife, joined the Save the Children Fund, and was posted to Vietnam in 1967. One of only three British nurses in the region, Anne was faced with a vision of hell that her training at Manchester's Royal Infirmary had barely prepared her for. Thrown in at the deep end, she witnessed the random cruelty of warfare, nursing injured and orphaned children and caring for wounded and dying servicemen. She went on to take her skills to the victims of Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, to Lebanon during the Israeli occupation, and Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. Over some forty-five years Anne has brought her courage and compassion to those most in need of help. Woven into this vivid, compelling memoir is perhaps the most moving story of all - how Anne's idyllic childhood was shattered by a shocking family tragedy when she was 10 years old. A tragedy that was to shape her destiny.

The Children of the Republic

Author: N.A
Publisher: Usman Aliyu
ISBN: 9780887792
Page: N.A
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Always the Fat Kid

The Truth About the Enduring Effects of Childhood Obesity
Author: Jacob Warren,K. Bryant Smalley
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 1137324198
Category: Psychology
Page: 256
View: 1318
Childhood obesity in the United States has tripled in a generation. But while debates continue over the content of school lunches and the dangers of fast food, we are just beginning to recognize the full extent of the long-term physical, psychological, and social problems that overweight children will endure throughout their lives. Most dramatically, children today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, something never before seen in the course of human history. They will face more chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes that will further burden our healthcare system. Here, authors Jacob Warren and K. Bryant Smalley examine the full effects of childhood obesity and offer the provocative message that being overweight in youth is not a disease but the result of poor lifestyle choices. Theirs is a clarion call for parents to have "the talk" with their kids, which medical professionals say is a harder topic to address than sex or drugs. Urgent, timely, and authoritative, Always the Fat Kid delivers a message our society can no longer ignore.

The Exceptional Child: Inclusion in Early Childhood Education

Author: Eileen K. Allen,Glynnis Edwards Cowdery
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1285432371
Category: Education
Page: 624
View: 3581
Filled with classic and current research about all aspects of educating young children with special needs, THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD: INCLUSION IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, 8th Edition, discusses key approaches and tools needed to provide an optimal setting for young exceptional children with special needs and their families. Many checklists and forms are included for use within the classroom to aid teachers and caregivers in developing a developmentally appropriate environment. The book's friendly and easy-to-use format is useful whether you are an educator or parent/caregiver. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Guidelines for Identification, Assessment, and Case Management
Author: Marilyn Strachan Peterson,Michael Durfee,Kevin Coulter
Publisher: Volcano Press
ISBN: 9781884244216
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 370
View: 3635
This book written for multidisciplinary child protection teams and presents guidelines for identification, assessment and case management on various forms of child maltreatment.

The Children of the Valley

Author: Harriet Prescott Spofford
Publisher: THOMAS Y. CROWELL & CO.
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 39
View: 5744
Example in this ebook I. ALLY AND THE CHILDREN OF THE HILL. Ally was lost—the little blue-eyed dear! That is to say, she was nowhere to be found. And of course there was commotion in the Valley. Michael, the gardener, was going one way; and John, the house-man, another; and Pincher, one of the loggers, was making for the hills with Uncle Billy in one direction, and Old Uncle and Will and Charlie had gone up in another; and Aunt Rose and Aunt Susan were hunting through the house; and Janet and Essie were running this way and that—and it was noon, and still they hadn’t found her. Will was sure Ally would be found in the strawberry-patch on the farther edge of the intervale across the river, and as the boat was on the other side he had offered to swim over and fetch it. Charlie had been equally sure that she was looking for bear-cubs again in the hollow half-way up Blue Top. Aunt Susan was convinced that she had fallen asleep somewhere under a bush, when she could not be found in the house. Aunt Rose thought she might have been taken to drive by people passing through the Valley—sometimes some of them were—and they would bring her back. “Of course,” said Old Uncle, “they’ll bring her back! Ally’ll turn up all right—she makes more noise, when she sets about it, than all the rest of you put together!” Nevertheless, Old Uncle—who believed in whipping, at least he said he did—was making for the hollows of Blue Top as he said it. For Ally was really the darling of the household, always bright and sweet-tempered, and daring and ready for anything. Essie, who was Ally’s twin, felt indignant with Old Uncle for talking so when no one knew what had become of Ally; she gave it as her opinion that the fairies had taken her into their own invisible country—the fairies who haunted the Valley, as every one knew, or else why should they be seen sailing away on the early breeze in chariots like cobwebs, leaving their coverlets, long spreads of jewels, shining on the sides of all the slopes of Blue Top and Green Ridge. But Essie was always imagining something that wasn’t so, Will said. Janet said nothing. In her own mind, although she didn’t like to speak of it, she believed Ally had gone up into the clouds round Blue Top to find Aunt Susan’s baby who, they understood, had been taken away by the Children of the Hill. Janet knew that Ally had carried a sore spot in her tender heart ever since that day last fall when Aunt Susan was up in the garret, and not knowing that the twins were there, had kissed the tiny shirt. Janet was a little older than the twins, and she was not quite sure that they had understood correctly what Aunt Rose had said one day after Aunt Susan had come home from a long walk, trying to hide that she had been crying—Aunt Rose had whispered that Aunt Susan had been up to the Children of the Hill. Yes, plainly, to Janet’s mind, Ally had taken it into her own hands to discover if they were right or wrong. For it was brave little Ally who, if there was anything to adventure about, always adventured. It was Ally to whom things were always happening. If there was a scrape round, Ally was always the one sure to get into it, although she usually contrived to come out on top—except on those two dreadful times of which you shall hear—for she had a courageous little spirit and a loving little heart. And it was this courageous spirit, and this loving heart full of childish sympathy for Aunt Susan, that had taken Ally away now all by herself. She loved everything so much that she had no thought of being harmed by anything. So Janet reasoned. And when, by and by, you learn where she had really gone, and what it was she brought home, perhaps you will think that the result of this particular adventure of Ally’s was one of the pleasantest things that ever befell the Children of the Valley. To be continue in this ebook

Divorcing with Children: Expert Answers to Tough Questions from Parents and Children

Expert Answers to Tough Questions from Parents and Children
Author: Jessica G. Lippman,Paddy Greenwall Lewis
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313087350
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 184
View: 4547
It's a sad reality but one we must face and understand for the children's sake. Each year, hundreds of thousands of parents separate or divorce, and their marital breakdown is most often heartbreaking, mystifying, and painful for their children. The youngsters, regardless of age, may or may not get honest, open explanations. They may or may not understand. Reasons for the breakdown aside, it is a loss for the children, something to grieve. Many parents make it more difficult by putting the children in the middle, or telling them things to alienate them against the other parent. The children learn poor lessons that can last a lifetime and affect their own future relationships. This book is for separated, divorcing, and divorced parents who want to minimize or remove the fallout for the kids. Those just contemplating separation or divorce will find this text of great help in enabling them to be proactive, set a plan to avoid possible problems, and to deal with those that will inevitably surface. Therapists Lippman and Lewis share with us the beneficial experience and positive lessons discovered in their decades working with men, women, and children to navigate divorce and still keep the security, stability, and emotional health of the children intact. Vignettes from and interviews with parents, children, and other therapists are included, and the tragic story of broken marriage is told through letters from mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents, and through the authors' answers to those letters. The responses highlight strong needs and sound approaches, to empower good times and help families face, deal with, then minimize the bad. Topics addressed include when and how to tell the children, moving out, setting schedules and visits, the need for flexibility, handling anger and frustration and assuring it does not get directed at the children, communicating, avoiding secrets, and maintaining relationships with grandparents and other relatives. At the core of this book lies one simple truth: though adult relationships may change, the love for children remains constant. Here, Lippman and Lewis educate us—in mind and heart—about how to best love and nurture our children during what can be one of the deepest losses they will face in their lifetimes.

Early Childhood Curriculum for All Learners

Integrating Play and Literacy Activities
Author: Ann M. Selmi,Raymond J. Gallagher,Eugenia R. Mora-Flores
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483322556
Category: Education
Page: 504
View: 8101
Early Childhood Curriculum for All Learners: Integrating Play and Literacy Activities is designed to teach early childhood professionals about the latest research on play and early literacy and then to show them practical methods for adapting this research to everyday classroom practices that will encourage the development of learning skills. The authors link solid, play-based research to specific developmentally appropriate practices. By combining these two areas, the text demonstrates that academic learning and play activities are highly compatible, and that children can and do develop academic skills through play. In addition, the text focuses on socio-dramatic play, a recently acknowledged, essential aspect of child-initiated play interactions. It provides specific strategies that link these interactive behaviors with the early academic skills needed for the initial primary grades. Implementation of the information presented in this book will enable children to experience a richer transition into primary education classrooms.

The Environment for Children

Understanding and Acting on the Environmental Hazards That Threaten Children and Their Parents
Author: David Satterthwaite,et al
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134172850
Category: Medical
Page: 286
View: 4618
Each year, millions of children die of environmental causes and many more suffer serious illness or injury. Children are often the most vulnerable to the condition of their environment -and their health is an index of its quality - but their wellbeing is rarely given priority by governments or aid agencies. Ironically, the problems can be traced back to matters which can be treated straightforwardly and at relatively low cost - poor drinking water or food, or infectious diseases which can be controlled. This book gives a multidisciplinary account of the environmental health hazards threatening children and the range of impacts they can have. It also explains what can be done, by communities as well as governments and aid workers, to provide safe and healthy environments for children. The book looks at conditions in a range of cities in the developing world, as well as pollutants and other health problems affecting children in the North. Published in association with UNICEF, and written by some of the same authors as Environmental Problems in Third World Cities (Earthscan, 1993), this provides excellent course material, and will be useful for practitioners working on child development, infant and maternal health, environmental health and community development. David Satterthwaite is Director of the Human Settlements Programme at the International Institute for Environment and Development, and principal author of Environmental Problems in Third World Cities (1993) and Squatter Citizen(1989).

A Textbook of Children's and Young People's Nursing E-Book

Author: Dr Jim Richardson,Edward Alan Glasper
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702044407
Category: Medical
Page: 776
View: 5962
nurse for life – electronic access only Get to all of the high-quality content from Elsevier faster than ever! Your favourite textbooks are now available as e-books through nurse for life, allowing you to: Electronically search the book Create and share notes and highlights Save time with automatic referencing Load it up and change the way you learn! What do I get? You will be emailed a PIN code that will give you perpetual access to the electronic version of the book through nurse for life. Book description This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Covering the full age and specialty spectrum this text brings together for the first time, individual chapters from among the most respected children's nurses. This textbook is rooted in child-centred health care within a family context and draws upon best contemporary practice throughout the UK and further afield. This innovative text harnesses new design parameters in enquiry-based/problem-based learning, providing up-to-date information on a wide range of topics. In an exciting addition each chapter offers readers additional material on an Evolve website. Full Microsoft PowerPoint presentations augment the written chapters and provide extra information that includes case studies, moving image, photographs and text. Each chapter offers readers additional material on an Evolve website. Full Microsoft PowerPoint presentations augment the written chapters and provide extra information that includes case studies, moving image, photographs and text. Aims, objectives, learning outcomes, a summary box in each chapter and key points assist learning and understanding Professional conversation boxes enliven the text on the page and make it more interesting to dip into Suggestions for seminar discussion topics to help teachers Case studies help to relate theory to practice Prompts to promote reflective practice Activity boxes/suggested visits Evidence based practice boxes which highlight key research studies, annotated bibliographies including details of web-sites and full contemporary references to the evidence base Resource lists including recommended web-site addresses

A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children

Expert Consult: Online and Print
Author: Charles J. Cote,Jerrold Lerman,I. David Todres
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 1437710816
Category: Medical
Page: 1192
View: 6761
Extensively revised and updated, and in full-color throughout, the new edition of this popular text delivers practical advice on the safe, effective administration of general and regional anesthesia to infants and children. More than 50 internationally renowned experts-and a brand-new editor-discuss standard techniques as well as the very latest advances in pediatric anesthesiology, keeping you on the cusp of today’s best practices. Chapter after chapter, you’ll find authoritative guidance on everything from preoperative evaluation through neonatal emergencies to the PACU, as well as more than 1,000 illustrations that clarify concepts. And, as an Expert Consult title, this thoroughly updated 4th edition comes with access to the complete fully searchable contents online as well as video clips of pediatric anesthesia procedures, pediatric drug dosage calculators, extended references, and downloadable images for use in electronic presentations. Reviews underlying scientific information and addresses preoperative assessment and anesthesia management in detail to help you make better informed decisions. Provides guidelines for postoperative care, emergencies, and special procedures in one single source for your reference convenience. Includes access to the complete fully searchable contents online as well as video clips of pediatric anesthesia procedures, pediatric drug dosage calculators, extended references, and downloadable images. Discusses the full range of pediatric anesthesiology from preoperative evaluation through neonatal emergencies to the PACU to prepare you for any situation you encounter. Incorporates sweeping revisions and updates throughout, including new chapters on congenital heart disease, conscious sedation, and anesthesia in developing countries that keep you apprised of the latest techniques and procedures. Features a new editor, Dr. Jerrold Lerman, who contributes a wealth of experience in pediatric anesthesiology. Provides new insights from neonatologists and neonatal pharmacologists who give you a clear, up-to-date picture of the pharmacologic responses of neonates. Incorporates numerous figures and tables throughout for easy retention of information. Presents a new full-color format and hundreds of new color illustrations that clarify complex principles of techniques.

The Gothic Child

Author: Margarita Georgieva
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137306076
Category: Social Science
Page: 220
View: 8345
Fascination with the dark and death threats are now accepted features of contemporary fantasy and fantastic fictions for young readers. These go back to the early gothic genre in which child characters were extensively used by authors. The aim of this book is to rediscover the children in their work.

Journals of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, 2003-2008

Author: Mary Fox
Publisher: LiturgyTrainingPublications
ISBN: 1568542747
Category: Catechetics
Page: 198
View: 1832

A Question of Commitment

Children’s Rights in Canada
Author: R. Brian Howe,Katherine Covell
Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press
ISBN: 1554587085
Category: Political Science
Page: 456
View: 2693
In 1991, the Government of Canada ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, requiring governments at all levels to ensure that Canadian laws and practices safeguard the rights of children. A Question of Commitment: Children’s Rights in Canada is the first book to assess the extent to which Canada has fulfilled this commitment. The editors, R. Brian Howe and Katherine Covell, contend that Canada has wavered in its commitment to the rights of children and is ambivalent in the political culture about the principle of children’s rights. A Question of Commitment expands the scope of the editors’ earlier book, The Challenge of Children’s Rights for Canada, by including the voices of specialists in particular fields of children’s rights and by incorporating recent developments.

More Help! For Teachers of Young Children

99 Tips to Promote Intellectual Development and Creativity
Author: Gwen Snyder Kaltman
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483364003
Category: Education
Page: 232
View: 2163
Includes 99 ready-to-use tips to build early skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, creativity, music, and movement. For teachers of children ages 2-5.

Children's Perceptions of Learning with Trainee Teachers

Author: Hilary Cooper,Rob Hyland
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134605404
Category: Education
Page: 224
View: 5935
This book is unique as it focuses on pupils' perceptions of their learning with trainee teachers in primary schools. It aims to raise trainee teachers' awareness of the importance of considering pupils' perceptions in evaluating their teaching and provides frameworks for doing so. It enables teachers to make links between theory, research and practice as part of their on-going development. The text includes: *interviews with primary pupils *examples of new teaching approaches *case studies offering pupil insights into curriculum subjects *chapter summaries giving suggestions for teaching strategies, discussions with mentors and tutors and further reading

What Does the Lord Require?

Meditations on Major Moral and Social Issues
Author: James L. Killen
Publisher: CSS Publishing
ISBN: 0788023063
Category: Religion
Page: 189
View: 5963
Contemporary life is filled with a host of contentious moral and social issues. There are many thorny topics, both personal and political, which bring out a cacophony of opinions that can overwhelm us. While we are inundated with questions, there often seem to be no clear answers. So how should we respond? As Christians, we must constantly ask ourselves, What does the Lord require of me?In this outstanding collection of meditations, James Killen examines many of today's hot-button issues with an eye toward helping readers think through their beliefs and responsibilities. Mindful of our call to live in faithfulness to God's purpose, each essay draws on the Bible and the Christian faith to discern how God would have us respond to the emerging situations of our world's history.What Does The Lord Require? is topical, inspiring reading -- and with thoughtful discussion questions at the end of each meditation, it's an excellent resource for adult classes or study groups, as well as for a sermon series that is sure to connect with congregations.Among the issues addressed are: * religious pluralism* economic justice* materialism* environmental stewardship* gender roles* suicide* abortion* personal integrity* homosexuality* AIDS* race relations* warThe timid pulpit is too often the platform of pastors who choose not to unsettle their parishioners. As a result, words that address the critical social and moral issues of our day go unspoken. The messages of this book inspire the reader to new heights of courage as these difficult issues are presented with clear, forthright challenges. You will be informed and motivated as the cost of discipleship awakens your Christian journey in the 21st century.Joe A. WilsonUnited Methodist bishopJames Killen does a remarkable job of reminding us that being a Christian is more than individual religiosity. Rather, it encompasses every facet of our existence, personal and corporate. These meditations explore issues that Christians cannot afford to ignore. A must read!Brig. Gen. Hiram Doc Jones, USAF (retired)Former Deputy Chief, Air Force Chaplain ServiceJames L. Killen has pastored a variety of congregations during a 45-year career in the ministry, ranging from a small open country parish in northeast Texas to Trinity United Methodist Church in Beaumont, Texas, a 2,000-member church with a television ministry serving all of southeast Texas and southwestern Louisiana. A graduate of the University of Houston and Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, Killen's work has appeared in several publications, including Preaching, Pulpit Digest, Circuit Rider, The Upper Room, and the Abingdon Preaching Annual. He is also the author of Who Do You Say That I Am?

Children's Language

Author: Gina Conti-Ramsden,Catherine E. Snow
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1317784243
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 352
View: 4726
This volume presents current research findings on vital issues in language development compiled by an international group of leading researchers. The data are drawn from studies of the acquisition of Swedish, Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian, and English. Themes emphasized in all the chapters include the importance of the social context of acquisition, the existence of interconnections among various domains of language development, and the impossibility of understanding acquisition using a simple theory or a single methodological approach.

Mother & Child

A Novel
Author: Carole Maso
Publisher: Catapult
ISBN: 1619020904
Category: Fiction
Page: 287
View: 2212
A mediation on life and death, being and non-being, and the intense mystery and beauty of existence, Masos new novel follows a mother and child as they roam through wondrous and increasingly dangerous psychic and physical terrain A great wind comes, an ancient tree splits in half and a bat, or is it an angel, enters the house where the mother and child sleep, and in an instant a world of relentless change, of spectacular consequences, of submerged memory, and uncanny intimations is set into motion. It is as if a veil has lifted, and what was once hidden is now in plain sight in all its splendor and terror as the mother and child are asked to bear enormous transformations and a terrible wisdom almost impossible to fathom. As the outside can no longer be separated from the inside, nor dream from reality, the mother and child continue, encountering along the way all kinds of characters and creatures as they move through a surreal world of grace and dread to the end. The bond between Mother and Child is untouchable, unrealizable until it is lost, and this meditation pushes the envelope, inching ever closer to touching it, to realizing it.

Human Development

Author: D. A. Louw
Publisher: Pearson South Africa
ISBN: 9780798647083
Category: Adulthood
Page: 753
View: 9448