Animals Without Backbones

An Introduction to the Invertebrates
Author: Ralph Buchsbaum,Mildred Buchsbaum,John Pearse,Vicki Pearse
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022607627X
Category: Science
Page: 582
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Animals Without Backbones has been considered a classic among biology textbooks since it was first published to great acclaim in 1938. It was the first biology textbook ever reviewed by Time and was also featured with illustrations in Life. Harvard, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and more than eighty other colleges and universities adopted it for use in courses. Since then, its clear explanations and ample illustrations have continued to introduce hundreds of thousands of students and general readers around the world to jellyfishes, corals, flatworms, squids, starfishes, spiders, grasshoppers, and the other invertebrates that make up ninety-seven percent of the animal kingdom. This new edition has been completely rewritten and redesigned, but it retains the same clarity and careful scholarship that have earned this book its continuing readership for half a century. It is even more lavishly illustrated than earlier editions, incorporating many new drawings and photographs. Informative, concise legends that form an integral part of the text accompany the illustrations. The text has been updated to include findings from recent research. Eschewing pure morphology, the authors use each group of animals to introduce one or more biological principles. In recent decades, courses and texts on invertebrate zoology at many universities have been available only for advanced biology majors specializing in this area. The Third Edition of Animals Without Backbones remains an ideal introduction to invertebrates for lower-level biology majors, nonmajors, students in paleontology and other related fields, junior college and advanced high school students, and the general reader who pursues the rewarding study of the natural world.

Animals Without Backbones

Author: Bridget Anderson
Publisher: Charlesbridge Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9781890674144
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 48
View: 1945
Discusses what invertebrates are and how they are classified, and provides in-depth information about many specific invertebrates, such as insects, sponges, and jellyfish.

Animals Without Backbones

Author: Elaine Pascoe
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
ISBN: 9780823963119
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 4198
Describes the physical characteristics, behavior, and habitat of animals that do not have internal skeletal systems.

A First Look at Animals with Backbones and a First Look at Animals Without Backbones

Author: Millicent E. Selsam,Joyce Hunt
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595291228
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 68
View: 4704
An introduction to the characteristics of the major groups of invertebrates and vertebrates.

Animals Without Backbones

Author: Bobbie Kalman
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company
ISBN: 9780778732792
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 32
View: 430
Describes the different kinds of invertebrates and how they function without backbones, including sponges, worms, squids, crustaceans, insects, and spiders.

Sex Lives of Animals Without Backbones

Author: Haig Hagop Najarian
Publisher: Krieger Publishing Company
Category: Invertebrates
Page: 115
View: 2256

Animals Without Backbones

An Introduction to the Invertebrates
Author: Ralph Morris Buchsbaum
Publisher: N.A
Category: Invertebrates
Page: 371
View: 3365

Animals Without Backbones

Author: Jo Ellen Moore,Cindy Davis,Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Publisher: Evan-Moor Corporation
ISBN: 9781557996848
Category: Education
Page: 80
View: 6008
Animals with Backbones covers these concepts:animals with backbones are called vertebrates,body characteristics and growth of vertebrates,hunting, gathering, and eating habits of vertebrates,vertebrate adaptation and self defense,where vertebrates live.A variety of engaging activities present the concepts in ways that students can understand. Each concept presented includes:

The Inside-Out Stomach

An Introduction to Animals without Backbones
Author: Peter Loewer,Jean Jenkins
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 9781481421584
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction
Page: 72
View: 8768

Interesting Invertebrates

A Look at Some Animals Without Backbones
Author: Elaine Landau
Publisher: Franklin Watts
ISBN: 9780531200360
Category: Invertebrates
Page: 63
View: 4742
An introduction to the physicaL characteristics, habits, and natural environment of a variety of animals without backbones such as sponges, jellyfishes, sea anemones, worms, octopuses, and oysters.

Keepers of the Animals

Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children
Author: Michael J. Caduto,Joseph Bruchac
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
ISBN: 9781555913861
Category: History
Page: 266
View: 5061
A program for wildlife ecology, interweaving Native American cultural heritage with environmental lessons.


A Search For Order In Complexity
Author: Leslie MacKenzie,David K. Arwine,Edward J. Shewan,Michael J. McHugh
Publisher: Christian Liberty Press
ISBN: 9781930367920
Category: Science
Page: 420
View: 612
When Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity was originally released in the early 0970s, it was the first text of its kind to challenge the long-standing assumption that a study of biology must be predicated upon the atheistic philosophy of Darwinian evolution. Now, over three decades later, as the so-called theory of evolution faces a deepening crisis, Christian Liberty Press is pleased to present a newly updated and improved version of the textbook that first challenged the modern scientific community with the validity of biblical creationism.Biology: A Search for Order in Complexity, Second Edition, is the culmination of over two years of diligent study and labor by a team of educators and scientists who are committed to giving students a greater understanding of and appreciation for the handiwork of Almighty God. Every effort has been made to ensure that this biology text is scientifically accurate and relevant to the needs of students in the twenty-first century. With gratefulness to the Creator of the whole earth, we humbly present this new edition to the public in the hope that it will be a powerful influence in the lives of those who are seeking true science and an understanding of life.

Cyber Science 5' 2007 Ed.

Author: N.A
Publisher: Rex Bookstore, Inc.
ISBN: 9789712347115
Page: N.A
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