Armageddon s Arrow

An all-new novel of The Next Generation expanded universe from the New York Times bestselling author!

Author: Dayton Ward

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476782706

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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An all-new novel of The Next Generation expanded universe from the New York Times bestselling author! It is a new age of exploration, and the U.S.S. Enterprise is dispatched to “the Odyssean Pass,” a region charted only by unmanned probes and believed to contain numerous inhabited worlds. Approaching a star system with two such planets, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew find a massive alien vessel, drifting in interstellar space for decades. Sensors detect life aboard the derelict—aliens held in suspended animation. Thought to be an immense sleeper ship, the vessel actually is a weapon capable of destroying entire worlds...the final gambit in a war that has raged for generations across the nearby system. Captain Picard is now caught in the middle of this conflict and attempts to mediate, as both sides want this doomsday weapon…which was sent from the future with the sole purpose of ending the interplanetary war before it even began!
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Fire Arrow Zero Two hook east at twenty thousand and standby also....” In a very
short time he had a plan in place to divide up the massed guns protecting the
silos, he had no doubt that it would work because the defenders could not afford
not ...



ISBN: 9781326184209

Category: Fiction

Page: 466

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The world is at war, from the steamy jungles of South America to the high ice of mountain glaciers. This is the third of a five part tale of global war, and the people under arms, on both sides of the conflict. NATO won the Battle of the Atlantic at terrible cost, and not only in men, women and material but to the planet also. In Europe the NATO army is close to exhaustion, grimly holding its ground along the Elbe and Saale rivers, buying time for the US and Canadian 4 Corps to arrive, but their grit and determination are frustrating an enemy becoming ever more desperate and a finger hovers over a button marked 'Nuclear Release'.
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Bright arrows lead along the hallways: yellow for pathology and lab services,
green for respiratory therapy, red for support services. I follow the yellow arrow. It
deadends at an empty alcove with chairs, magazines thrown on the floor. And
three ...

Author: Gardner Dozois

Publisher: Baen Publishing Enterprises

ISBN: 9781625791078

Category: Fiction

Page: 179

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Its the end of the world¾but not as we know it. . . As the new millennium approaches, speculations about Earth's destruction abound. This collection presents twelve world-ending scenarios that are all too frightening -- and all too real. _Fermi and FrostÓ by Frederik Pohl _A Desperate CalculusÓ by Gregory Benford _EvolutionÓ by Nancy Kress _A Message to the King of BrobdingnagÓ by Richard Cowper _. . . The World, As We KnowtÓ by Howard Waldrop _The PeacemakerÓ by Gardner Dozois _The Screwfly SolutionÓ by Raccoona Sheldon _A Pail of AirÓ by Fritz Leiber _The Great Nebraska SeaÓ by Allan Danzig _Inconstant MoonÓ by Larry Niven _The Last SunsetÓ by Geoffrey A. Landis _Down in the DarkÓ by William Barton At the publisher's request, these titles were sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).
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Armageddon s Children

Once, he would have carried a Tyson Flechette, a brace of Arrow Stunners, and a
KBar Classic. He would have worn body armor and a helmet with night vision
built into the visor. But that was a long time ago, before he became a Knight of the

Author: Terry Brooks

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748125548

Category: Fiction

Page: 448

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***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD*** THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES IS NOW A MAJOR TV SERIES 'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip Pullman Fifty years from now, our world is unrecognisable. Pollution and warfare have poisoned the skies, the water and the soil. Pockets of society still exist, living in highly fortified strongholds, while those outside the walls roam the landscape - either predator or prey. But even these isolated compounds are not safe; armies of demons and once-men assault their defences, and inevitably, one by one, they succumb. Civilisation has fallen and anarchy is the only law. Logan Tom and Angel Perez are the last two Knights to stand against the forces of chaos. These two extraordinary people have the ability to resist the dark tide, and to them will fall twin tasks: to find and protect a very old and a very new magic. They are humanity's last hope. Although the odds are stacked against them, Logan and Angel have the power to halt the destruction of the Old World. It will be up to others to usher in the New . . . Praise for Terry Brooks: 'A master of the craft . . . required reading' Brent Weeks 'I can't even begin to count how many of Terry Brooks's books I've read (and re-read) over the years' Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Name of the Wind 'I would not be writing epic fantasy today if not for Shannara' Peter V. Brett, author of The Painted Man 'If you haven't read Terry Brooks, you haven't read fantasy' Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon The Genesis of Shannara trilogy: ARMAGEDDON'S CHILDREN THE ELVES OF CINTRA THE GYPSY MORPH
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Star Trek Waypoint

Short stories that run the gamut of Star Trek's history, set during the Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and more, featuring all your favorite characters.

Author: Dayton Ward

Publisher: Star Trek

ISBN: 1684050170

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 144

View: 578

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A blockbuster anthology to celebrate 50 years of STAR TREK, featuring short stories across all Treks.
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... that great battle which takes place in Israel prior to the Millennium , will be a
terrible slaughter of armies . To prevent total annihilation , Jesus will , at the peak
of Armageddon's fury , smite the bow and arrows out of the hand of His enemies .

Author: George Otis

Publisher: Albury Pub

ISBN: 1577781279

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 301

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Let this book's vivid description of what the thousand-year reign of Jesus means, inspire you.
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Division of Spoils

Machine - made Armageddons – tanks Or missile shields in outer space –
Threaten always to turn against The false - hearted power they excite . What
draws attack is self - defence , A target for the arrow ' s flight . ) And at its very
centre , a ...

Author: J. D. McClatchy

Publisher: Spotlight Poets

ISBN: STANFORD:36105113673680


Page: 89

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W H Auden

... of political discourse ( “ Machine - made Armageddons — tanks / Or missile
shields in outer space - / Threaten always to turn against / The false - hearted
power they excite . / What draws attack is self - defense / A target for the arrow ' s
flight ...

Author: David Garrett Izzo


ISBN: UOM:39015055860707

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 510

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The Outreach University

Lucius Fairchild and the " Iron Brigade " at Gettysburg , the " Red Arrow " and the
" Rainbow " Divisions in the Meuse - Argonne ... To the spectators in the Stadium
at the time , the thunder and lightning were symbolic only of past Armageddons ...

Author: Clay Schoenfeld


ISBN: STANFORD:36105032652757

Category: Universities and colleges

Page: 226

View: 793

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Five Missouri Poets

... an old pro coach they talk about their eyes raining pantheons and
armageddons and the texas rose is blowing with joy ... window my arrow shot
through a steamy heart he laughs rubs it all out why what if his friends saw what
his father wrote ...

Author: Jim Barnes


ISBN: UCAL:B4376098

Category: American poetry

Page: 124

View: 726

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The Compass

I returned with a new confidence and a complete personality change that has
served me well through many Armageddons since . I believe that is why the
voyage on the Sylvan Arrow remains so vividly impressed on my memory . “
Guess you'll ...



ISBN: UOM:39015024193792

Category: Merchant marine


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Nearly all the vegetable products of the region , are trapped between two
Armageddons ; and those who deal until ... day . reptiles abound , fever is
prevalent , arrow- and dart - heads Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs , the author of
Tarzan and a are ...

Author: Mark Lemon


ISBN: UCSC:32106019662284

Category: English wit and humor


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Baxter on Magic

When facing a heavy creature deck you should focus on casting an early
Serrated Arrows . The Arrows will allow you to clear ... Most Counterspell decks
will save counter magic to stop your Armageddons . If your opponent allows you
to cast ...

Author: George Baxter

Publisher: Wordware

ISBN: 1556225237

Category: Magic: The Gathering (Game)

Page: 183

View: 462

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Tornament champion and pro player George Baxter explains all the nuances and proper techniques of tournament-level Magic play. While most books on Magic: The Gathering focus on strategy and deck construction, Baxter on Magic is the first book to emphasize playing techniques. With graphic illustrations of different playing situations, readers will quickly learn the finer points of tournament playing style
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19 social and moral Armageddons shaping . ... World do verily Carlyle asserted
that Emerson's specu- require to have sun - arrows shot into lative habit unfitted
him for practical them and red - hot pokers struck through and immediate affairs .



ISBN: STANFORD:36105012584889

Category: American literature


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All Gods Children

The Church of Armageddon's attitude toward the two men's deaths is that they
were “ disobedient " and died as just ... had an " armory of knives , bows and
arrows , and sling shots which male cult members had learned to use with great ...

Author: Carroll Stoner

Publisher: Chilton Book Company

ISBN: 0801966205

Category: Religion

Page: 324

View: 149

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Examines the new religious groups that have attracted idealistic young Americans, paying special attention to Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, Children of God, Hare Krishna, Divine Light Mission, and Scientology
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I Omega

The life and death of a top secret military unit designed to speed the reunification of a divided Germany, only to become a Death Squad. The story of this unit's commander and sole survivor.

Author: Galleon Press

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781552129937

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 257

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The life and death of a top secret military unit designed to speed the reunification of a divided Germany, only to become a Death Squad. The story of this unit's commander and sole survivor.
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Best Books for High School Readers

Author: John Thomas Gillespie

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated

ISBN: UOM:39015059323223

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1182

View: 589

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Provides an annotated listing of recommended reading material for students in grades nine through twelve, or ages fifteen through eighteen.
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Doomsday Men

... Curse', Longman's, 28 (Sep. 1896), 469-84. Dann, Jack and Dozois, Gardner,
eds., Armageddons ... Disch, Thomas M, ed., The Ruins of Earth (London: Arrow
Books, 1975; 1st edn 1973). Doblin, Alfred, Berge Meere und Giganten (Olten: ...

Author: Peter Daniel Smith


ISBN: IND:30000116726385

Category: Atomic bomb

Page: 552

View: 855

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This is the untold story of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. In 1950, Hungarian-born scientist Leo Szilard made a dramatic announcement on American radio: science was on the verge of creating a doomsday bomb, a huge cobalt-clad H-bomb that would pollute the atmosphere with radioactivity and end all life on earth. For the first time in history, mankind had within his grasp a truly godlike power, the ability to destroy life itself. The shockwave from this statement reverberated across the following decade and beyond - for many people there was now little to distinguish real scientists from that "fictional master of megadeath," Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove. Indeed, as science historian Smith shows, the dream of the superweapon to end all war begins in popular culture - iconic films and fictions, from H.G. Wells forward - and the scientists responsible for these terrible weapons grew up in a culture dreaming of superweapons and Wellsian utopias. - From publisher description.
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