Routledge Handbook of Art Science and Technology Studies

Van Maanen (2009) also notes the other actors in art worlds that mediate the relationship between the artist and the ... while the collectors and conservationists used and marked the map as an average person might use a road map: to ...

Author: Hannah Star Rogers

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429792830

Category: Social Science

Page: 702

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Art and science work is experiencing a dramatic rise coincident with burgeoning Science and Technology Studies (STS) interest in this area. Science has played the role of muse for the arts, inspiring imaginative reconfigurations of scientific themes and exploring their cultural resonance. Conversely, the arts are often deployed in the service of science communication, illustration, and popularization. STS scholars have sought to resist the instrumentalization of the arts by the sciences, emphasizing studies of theories and practices across disciplines and the distinctive and complementary contributions of each. The manifestation of this commonality of creative and epistemic practices is the emergence of Art, Science, and Technology Studies (ASTS) as the interdisciplinary exploration of art–science. This handbook defines the modes, practices, crucial literature, and research interests of this emerging field. It explores the questions, methodologies, and theoretical implications of scholarship and practice that arise at the intersection of art and STS. Further, ASTS demonstrates how the arts are intervening in STS. Drawing on methods and concepts derived from STS and allied fields including visual studies, performance studies, design studies, science communication, and aesthetics and the knowledge of practicing artists and curators, ASTS is predicated on the capacity to see both art and science as constructions of human knowledge- making. Accordingly, it posits a new analytical vernacular, enabling new ways of seeing, understanding, and thinking critically about the world. This handbook provides scholars and practitioners already familiar with the themes and tensions of art–science with a means of connecting across disciplines. It proposes organizing principles for thinking about art–science across the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and arts. Encounters with art and science become meaningful in relation to practices and materials manifest as perceptual habits, background knowledge, and cultural norms. As the chapters in this handbook demonstrate, a variety of STS tools can be brought to bear on art–science so that systematic research can be conducted on this unique set of knowledge-making practices.
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Passion killers The art of passion killing in the age of stress and anxiety

Valuing people. Available at: valuing-people (Accessed: 19th February 2021). (The) Chartered Management Institute (CMI) (2015). Watch: the curse of the accidental manager ...

Author: Phillip Walden Bowen

Publisher: Vernon Press

ISBN: 9781648893179

Category: Psychology

Page: 518

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There is growing pressure and stress placed on organisations to fight for customers and service/product placement in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. It has, therefore, never been more important to get the best out of the workforce. To achieve this, the role of the leader can be a fundamental factor in organisational success or failure. Leaders need to have the requisite skills to reflect the demands placed upon them in the 21st century. There are the “accidental managers” who just drop into the role of leadership and others who may develop skills and knowledge in readiness for a leadership role. There are also those who may have the innate ability to lead. Within the mix are those who are characterised by traits associated with the “dark triad” or who may use “pathocratic influence” on others to conform, reinforcing values (or lack of values) associated with toxic leadership. They create damage and harm. They become “passion killers”. The result can lead to a “pathocracy”. This book discusses the role emotional intelligence plays in helping people deal with stressful and challenging experiences, suggesting different ways to cope. The author reflects on the values that are integral to the success or failure of an organisation. “Passion” is identified as an added value that can differentiate one organisation from another. If passion is harmed, it can affect motivation, creativity, output, performance, and productivity. Therefore, this book provides the reader with examples of “passion killing” while making suggestions as to factors that can be adopted to engage and encourage passion. Conclusions are drawn and recommendations made to support those faced with “passion killers”. This book is aimed at those of all ages and educational backgrounds interested in developing their leadership knowledge and skills. It is also aimed at those interested in learning more about differences in personality, emotional intelligence, stress, coping, values, and the importance of understanding the impact of “passion killers”.
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Art Of Modern Oriental Management Applying The Chinese Japanese And Korean Management Styles At Work

Lenovo's chairman, Liu Chuanzhi, adopted the strategy of keeping all IBM sales people to maintain the relationship with its clients. At the same time, he introduced plans to integrate Chinese and American managers.

Author: Yu Sing Ong

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9789813220348

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 124

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This book aims to present an overview of Chinese, Japanese and Korean modern management styles. The cultures of China, Japan and Korea are influenced by Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism. As such, there are some basic similarities in their management styles. As business operations become more internationalised, the management styles among Chinese, Japanese and Korean companies have blurred the lines of distinction between Western and Eastern cultures. The need for Western managers to adapt to Asian way of doing business, and likewise for Asian companies to understand Western business practices, means that managers have to bridge the gaps and adopt the best management practices containing both Western and Eastern elements. Unlike the traditional approach of setting clear differentiation between Western and Eastern cultures, this book looks at Oriental management from a modern perspective, that is, the fusion of Western and Eastern management styles. By using a multifaceted approach to understanding modern Oriental management, the author stresses the complexities of the business environment in China, Japan and Korea. He suggests that Western theories of management are applicable to Eastern cultural context with some adaptations to the local environment. The author also offers valuable insights into the management styles of Oriental managers by providing a critical perspective of their thought processes in simple yet highly relevant illustrations of models and frameworks. This book is recommended for those who are interested in attaining a deeper knowledge of Oriental management practices.
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This Business of Artist Management

The Standard Reference to All Phases of Managing a Musician's Career from Both the Artist's and Manager's Point of View Xavier M. ... It takes a great deal of time to properly organize and map out long- and short-term career strategy, ...

Author: Xavier M. Frascogna, Jr.

Publisher: Billboard Books

ISBN: 9780307874993

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 359

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This authoritative reference on artist management in the music industry is the standard for all phases of managing a musician's career from both the artist's and manager's point of view. This substantially updated edition covers the major changes that have transformed the business world and music industry over the past six years. Particular emphasis is given to the impact of the Internet, including the MP3 controversy and its lingering ramifications, copyright licensing on the Web, navigating trade identity issues on the Net, domain names, and the high-tech fight against cyberpiracy. Included are real-world examples-as well as new interviews with top booking agents, personal managers, concert promoters, record company executives, road managers, and artists. • For aspiring and professional managers in the music/entertainment field as well as musicians, music publishers, and record company personnel • Winner of the presigious ASCAP Deems Taylor Award for excellence in music publishing • This replaces 0-8230-7705-5, which sold more than 25,000 copies
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The Art of Agile Practice

Aptitude is the interest and desire ofa particular person to use the skill (always keeping inmindthat Agile isa ... an Agile practice throughthequartet of skills–aptitude–experience–influence is crucial intheir usein process maps as ...

Author: Bhuvan Unhelkar

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781466588691

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 527

View: 149

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The Art of Agile Practice: A Composite Approach for Projects and Organizations presents a consistent, integrated, and strategic approach to achieving "Agility" in your business. Transcending beyond Agile as a software development method, it covers the gamut of methods in an organization—including business processes, governance standards, project management, quality management, and business analysis—to show you how to use this composite approach to enhance your ability to adapt and respond to evolving business requirements. The book is divided into three parts: Introduces Agility and identifies the challenges facing organizations in terms of development and maintenance approaches Presents Composite Agile Method and Strategy (CAMS) as a carefully constructed combination of process elements and illustrates its application to development, business management, business analysis, project management, and quality Includes two Agile case studies, a comprehensive index, definitions of key acronyms, and appendices with a current list of Agile methods and interview summaries The book describes relevant metrics for the entire CAMS lifecycle and explains how to embed Agile practices within formal process-maps in projects. Filled with figures, case studies, and tables that illustrate key concepts, the text is ideal for a two- or three-day training course or workshop. It is also suitable for a 13-week education course for higher degree students that includes process discussions and consideration of Agile values at both software and business levels. The chapters are organized to correspond roughly to such lectures with an option to choose from the case study chapters.
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A Tree is Your Key Unlock the Art of Tree Drawing Interpretation to Woo and Wow Everyone You Meet

After you identify some of the person's unique characteristics, conversations quickly develop that have meaning and relevance to both of you. The relationship develops based on comfortable communication. Even if you are shy and feel ...

Author: Dr. Janet R. Crain


ISBN: 9781300792208



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Janet Crain brings fun, focus and freedom into the lives of people who are looking for meaningful relationships and success in all aspects of their lives. She teaches you how to interpret a simple tree drawing using a fun easy-to-learn eight step approach that is precise and consistent. The best part is you don't need to memorize anything. From the Garden of Eden to the Kabalistic Tree of Life, a tree has been a symbol or metaphor that represents an individuals nature. You don't have to have any artistic ability to draw a tree. Anyone can participate without being self-conscious about their tree. No matter how a person draws a tree, you can gain insight into their personality that will help you start a conversation or develop a greater understanding of the person. Your confidence will soar when you are able to intrigue someone with accurate information about themselves at a party, on a date. or at a networking event. Learn more about Tree Reading at
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Insider s Guide to the Art of Persuasion

Each zone contains all the related MAPS for that particular subject, idea or information. What is acceptable, what is un-acceptable, and whatever. If you want people to accept change, you need to invest some time in planning and ...

Author: Rick Kirschner


ISBN: 9780615156316

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 108

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A comprehensive communication and persuasion training for anyone wanting to use their influence to change the world. Ideal for parents, managers, business owners, community leaders, project managers, networkers, and advocates for change.
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Countryside Management

'Making community involvement work' is therefore near the top of the agenda for countryside managers for the end of the ... The relationship between art and nature has always been close in Britain - landscape painters' and the British ...

Author: Mr Peter Bromley

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781136736810

Category: Architecture

Page: 378

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This management handbook explains the skills and systems needed by all those involved in managing the countryside. It deals with the process of management, national trends, establishing local policies and priorities, implementing schemes, as well as the legislation which surrounds countryside management.
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Strategic Management

In addition to having a map, a map of the South Pole for instance will be no good if we find ourselves being in the North Pole. ... We have mastered the art of having stable work habits that are conducive to change, and influences.

Author: Reinier Geel

Publisher: Reinier Geel

ISBN: 9781426959929

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 592

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Studies have shown that coming up with strategies and executing them with success requires specific strategic competencies. It is no longer just about the big idea. Moving beyond a broad, fuzzy picture, however, requires strategic thinking and understanding the management matrix. This guidebook can help you * identify critical functions of strategy, such as the alignment of operations, the continual improvement and innovation of systems design, and the allocation of effective recourses; * learn the six required competencies for strategic genius along with methods how to excel at each one; * reinvent thought processes so you can achieve organizational goals; * successfully navigate your way through office politics; * and answer many other questions tied to strategic management. Take a trip with author Reinier Geel as he shares a detailed study of the make-or-break factors of planning and execution. This guidebook sets a new paradigm for the strategic arena and is backed up with the essential knowledge so you can empower yourself and your organization.
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Human Interface and the Management of Information Information in Intelligent Systems

is increasing, while studies on wayfinding map design only involved color, view, landmarks, level of detail and so on. ... Map design, a combination of art and science, directly affects users' performance and feelings.

Author: Sakae Yamamoto

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783030226497

Category: Computers

Page: 582

View: 531

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This two-volume set LNCS 11569 and 11570 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Thematic Area on Human Interface and the Management of Information, HIMI 2019, held as part of HCI International 2019 in Orlando, FL, USA. HCII 2019 received a total of 5029 submissions, of which 1275 papers and 209 posters were accepted for publication after a careful reviewing process. The 91 papers presented in the two volumes were organized in topical sections named: Visual information; Data visualization and analytics; Information, cognition and learning; Information, empathy and persuasion; Knowledge management and sharing; Haptic and tactile interaction; Information in virtual and augmented reality; Machine learning and intelligent systems; Human motion and expression recognition and tracking; Medicine, healthcare and quality of life applications.
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