Bush at War

Author: Bob Woodward
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743215381
Category: Political Science
Page: 400
View: 3579
With his unmatched investigative skill, Bob Woodward tells the behind-the-scenes story of how President George W. Bush and his top national security advisers, after the initial shock of the September 11 attacks, led the nation to war. Extensive quotations from the secret deliberations of the National Security Council -- and firsthand revelations of the private thoughts, concerns and fears of the president and his war cabinet -- make Bush at War an unprecedented chronicle of a modern presidency in time of grave crisis. Based on interviews with more than a hundred sources and four hours of exclusive interviews with the president, Bush at War reveals Bush's sweeping, almost grandiose, vision for remaking the world. "I'm not a textbook player, I'm a gut player," the president said. Woodward's virtual wiretap into the White House Situation Room reveals a stunning group portrait of an untested president and his advisers, three of whom might themselves have made it to the presidency. Vice President Dick Cheney, taciturn but hard-line, always pressing for more urgency in Afghanistan and toward Iraq. Secretary of State Colin Powell, the cautious diplomat and loyal soldier, tasked with building an international coalition in an administration prone to unilateralism. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, the brainy agitator and media star who led the military through Afghanistan and, he hopes, through Iraq. National security adviser Condoleezza Rice, the ever-present troubleshooter who surprisingly emerges as perhaps the president's most important adviser. Bush at War includes a vivid portrait of CIA director George Tenet, ready and eager for covert action against terrorists in Afghanistan and worldwide. It follows a CIA paramilitary team leader on a covert mission inside Afghanistan to pay off assets and buy friends with millions in U.S. currency carried in giant suitcases. In Bush at War, Bob Woodward once again delivers a reporting tour de force.

Griots at War

Conflict, Conciliation, and Caste in Mande
Author: Barbara G. Hoffman
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253108937
Category: History
Page: 320
View: 2727
Griots at War Conflict, Conciliation, and Caste in Mande Barbara G. Hoffman An extraordinary account of conflict and peacemaking among griots. "... a compelling study of how social identities and relationships are constructed and reconstructed through action, specifically through speech.... The book succeeds marvelously in conveying the voice of the people who are, in every sense of the word, its subject." -- Robert Launay In 1985, while she was an apprentice griot or jelimuso, Barbara G. Hoffman saw and recorded a remarkable event in the small town of Kita, Mali. For four days, thousands of griots from all parts of the Mande world gathered to talk, sing, and make music in celebration of the opening of the new Hall of Griots and the installation of the recently named Head Griot. This unprecedented assembly also marked the end of a deadly two-year conflict fought with griot weapons -- words, reputations, and sorcery. Hoffman captures griots making speeches, singing songs of praise, and dancing in honor of their restored unity. Her discerning interpretations of the speeches not only explore the art of griot oratory but show how the use of history, metaphor, religion, proverbs, and praise can mend a community torn apart by war. The speeches, often marked by a keen edge, also reveal what it means to be a griot in a casted society and to demand that other castes recognize and respect this unique identity. The griot's formidable linguistic abilities come to the fore as they negotiate, reestablish, and assert their cultural power. This exceptional book, including generous extracts from the griots' speeches in Mande and in translation, offers surprising and important insights into the multiple meanings of Mande culture, caste, and identity. Barbara G. Hoffman is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Cleveland State University. She is author of many essays on Mande culture and producer of ethnographic videos on East and West African cultures. She is known to the Mande griot community as Jeli Jeneba Jabate. Contents Prologue: An Invitation to War Power and Paradox: Griots and Mande Social Organization In the Hands of Speech: Mande Discourse A History of Fadenya: Interpretations of the Kita Griot War Making Boundaries: When Griots Speak before Nobles Breaking Boundaries: When Nobles Speak before Griots The Healer Who Is Ill Must Swallow His Own Saliva: When Griots Speak to Griots Caste, Mande Style Epilogue: A Wound Cannot Heal on Pus

Alaska at War, 1941-1945

The Forgotten War Remembered
Author: Fern Chandonnet
Publisher: University of Alaska Press
ISBN: 1602231354
Category: History
Page: 474
View: 1738
Over the course of the past two hundred years, only one United States territory has experienced foreign occupation: Alaska. Available for the first time in paperback, Alaska at War brings readers face to face with the North Pacific front in World War II. Wide-ranging essays cover the war as seen by Alaskan eyes, including the Japanese invasion of the Attu and Kiska islands, the effects of the war on Aleutian Islanders, and the American campaign to recover occupied territory. Whether you’re a historian or a novice student interested in this pivotal period of American history, Alaska at War provides fascinating insight into the background, history, and cultural impact of war on the Alaskan homefront.

Children at War

Author: Peter W. Singer
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101970057
Category: Political Science
Page: 288
View: 9171
Children at War is the first comprehensive book to examine the growing and global use of children as soldiers. P.W. Singer, an internationally recognized expert in twenty-first-century warfare, explores how a new strategy of war, utilized by armies and warlords alike, has targeted children, seeking to turn them into soldiers and terrorists. Singer writes about how the first American serviceman killed by hostile fire in Afghanistan—a Green Beret—was shot by a fourteen-year-old Afghan boy; how suspected militants detained by U.S. forces in Iraq included more than one hundred children under the age of seventeen; and how hundreds who were taken hostage in Thailand were held captive by the rebel "God's Army," led by twelve-year-old twins. Interweaving the voices of child soldiers throughout the book, Singer looks at the ways these children are recruited, abducted, trained, and finally sent off to fight in war-torn hot spots, from Colombia and the Sudan to Kashmir and Sierra Leone. He writes about children who have been indoctrinated to fight U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan; of Iraqui boys between the ages of ten and fifteen who had been trained in military arms and tactics to become Saddam Hussein's Ashbal Saddam (Lion Cubs); of young refugees from Pakistani madrassahs who were recruited to help bring the Taliban to power in the Afghan civil war. The author, National Security Fellow at the Brookings Institution and director of the Brookings Project on U.S. Policy Towards the Islamic World, explores how this phenomenon has come about, and how social disruptions and failures of development in modern Third World nations have led to greater global conflict and an instability that has spawned a new pool of recruits. He writes about how technology has made today's weapons smaller and lighter and therefore easier for children to carry and handle; how one billion people in the world live in developing countries where civil war is part of everyday life; and how some children—without food, clothing, or family—have volunteered as soldiers as their only way to survive. Finally, Singer makes clear how the U.S. government and the international community must face this new reality of modern warfare, how those who benefit from the recruitment of children as soldiers must be held accountable, how Western militaries must be prepared to face children in battle, and how rehabilitation programs can undo this horrific phenomenon and turn child soldiers back into children.

Albania at War, 1939-1945

Author: Bernd Jürgen Fischer
ISBN: 9781850655312
Category: Albania
Page: 338
View: 7961
This work reviews the most important developments in Albania from the Italian invasion of the country in 1939 to the accession to power of the Albanian Communist Party and the establishment of a people's democracy in 1946. The author analyzes in great detail Italian goals and objectives in Albania and explains the eventual failure of Rome's policy, the subsequent German invasion of the country, and the rise of organized resistance movements against the Axis Powers.

Vietnam at War

The History, 1946-1975
Author: Phillip B. Davidson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195067927
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 838
View: 794
In a work described by Kirkus Reviews as "Monumental, measured, and masterful . . . Promises to be the standard reference on Vietnam's martial past for years to come", Phillip Davidson weaves together the histories of three distinct conflicts and follows the entire course of the Vietnam War--from the intial skirmishes in 1946 to the dramatic fall of Siagon nearly 30 years later.

Words at War

The Civil War and American Journalism
Author: David B. Sachsman,S. Kittrell Rushing,Roy Morris
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 9781557534903
Category: History
Page: 412
View: 9793
Words at War: The Civil War and American Journalism analyzes the various ways in which the nation's newspaper editors, reporters, and war correspondents covered the biggest story of their lives during the Civil War, and in doing so, they reflected and shaped the responses of their readers. The four sections of the book, "Fighting Words," "Confederates and Copperheads," "The Union Forever," and "Continuing Conflict" trace the evolving role of the press in the antebellum, wartime, and postwar periods.

Women at War

Gender Issues of Americans in Combat
Author: Rosemarie Skaine
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786481736
Category: Social Science
Page: 311
View: 7052
The Persian Gulf War changed the face of combat. It brought women’s military roles into the spotlight, in large part via the mass media, and showed that many women performed combat roles similar to those of men during the conflict. The war was thus an impetus for changes in laws that had prevented women from serving in combat assignments. In past centuries, because it was not culturally acceptable for women to serve in combat, surprising numbers joined secretly under assumed male names. After defining exactly what is meant by “war” and “combat,” this work presents historical and present-day views of the involvement of women in the military. The impact of regulations on women in combat is analyzed, as is the role of the American public in the controversy. Female combat is put into context with sociological theory; also discussed are readiness, cohesion, ability, sexuality, equal opportunity and family issues.

Law at War

The Law as it was and the Law as it Should be
Author: Ola Engdahl,Pål Wrange
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004170162
Category: Law
Page: 325
View: 7725
The authors of this volume have been inspired by the scholar to which this "Liber Amicorum" is dedicated - Professor Ove Bring - to look into both the past and the future of international law. Like Ove Bring, they have dealt with many aspects of the law governing the use of force, from arms control to human rights, international criminal law, the UN Charter, and, of course, international humanitarian law. Like Professor Bring, they have allowed themselves to draw trajectories from history and into the future, and have shunned away from neither the controversial nor the speculative, be it on the Middle East, the invasion of Iraq or the independence of Kosovo. This collection brings together insights from a former UN Legal Counsel, a former Executive Chairman of UNMOVIC, present and former judges of the European Court of Justice, the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, one present and one former member of the International Law Commission, as well as law professors and practitioners, from all Nordic countries, Germany and Australia. Together they form a highly challenging mosaic of perspectives on topical issues like cluster munitions, targeting, human rights in peace operations and the purposes of sentencing in international tribunals. The volume also contains a bibliography and a presentation of Professor Bring's work.

Society at War

The Experience of England and France During the Hundred Years War
Author: C. T. Allmand
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 9780851156729
Category: History
Page: 236
View: 485
Primary sources for the Hundred Years War present the realities of the medieval experience of warfare in England and in France.

Rhanna at War

Author: Christine Marion Fraser
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1444768239
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 5149
To the warm, tight-knit community of Rhanna, the little island in the peaceful Hebrides seemed remote from the horrors of war. For Shona McKenzie, coming home on leave would give her the chance to recover from the nightmare of the bombing, and from her broken heart. Then the German bomber crashed - and the islanders realized that Rhanna's lonely beauty gave no protection against the chill reality of battle. They were indeed an island at war. And Shona discovered that not all battles are between nations, the fiercest are those between lovers.

The Chinese People at War

Human Suffering and Social Transformation, 1937-1945
Author: Diana Lary
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521144108
Category: History
Page: 231
View: 1961
Diana Lary, one of the foremost historians of the period, tells the tragic history of China's War of Resistance and its consequences from the perspective of those who went through it. Using archival evidence only recently made available, interviews with survivors, and extracts from literature, she creates a vivid and highly disturbing picture of the havoc created by the war, the destruction of towns and villages, the displacement of peoples, and the accompanying economic and social disintegration. As the author suggests in a new interpretation of modern Chinese history, far from stemming the spread of communism from the USSR, which was the Japanese pretext for invasion, the horrors of the war, and the damage it created, nurtured the Chinese Communist Party and helped it to win power in 1949.

Physicians at War

The Dual-Loyalties Challenge
Author: Fritz Allhoff
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781402069123
Category: Philosophy
Page: 274
View: 7803
Recently, there has been a tremendous interest in the ethical issues that confront physicians in times of war, as well as some of the uses of physicians during wars. This book presents a theoretical apparatus which underpins those debates, namely by casting physicians as being faced with dual-loyalties during times of war. While this theoretical apparatus has been developed in other contexts, it has not been specifically brought to bear on the ethical conflicts that wars bring.

Media at War

The Iraq Crisis
Author: Howard Tumber,Jerry Palmer
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9781412901826
Category: Political Science
Page: 188
View: 8511
'Tumber and Palmer have provided an invaluable review of how journalists covered and reported the Iraq war and its aftermath. Their exhaustive research has resulted in an impressive analysis that makes this book essential reading' - John Owen, Executive Producer of News Xchange and Visiting Professor of Journalism, City University 'This is a meticulously researched book that lays bare the way the war was reported. Decide for yourself whether the media 'embeds' - of whom I was one - were the world's eyes and ears inside the military, or merely the puppets of the Pentagon and the Ministry of Defence in London' - Ben Brown, BBC 'Media at War offers insights into the ways in which media at war inevitably become participants in both the military and the political wars' - Professor Michael Gurevitch, University of Maryland International media coverage of the war in Iraq provoked public scrutiny as well debate amongst journalists themselves. Media at War offers a critical overview of the coverage in the context of other preceding wars, including the first Gulf War, and opens up the debate on the key questions that emerged during the crisis. For example, - What did we actually gain from 'live, on the spot' reporting? - Were journalists adequately trained and protected? - How compromised were the so-called 'embedded' journalists? Tumber and Palmer's analysis covers both the pre-war and post war phase, as well as public reaction to these events, and as such provides an invaluable framework for understanding how the media and news organisations operated during the Iraq Crisis.

At War with Metaphor

Media, Propaganda, and Racism in the War on Terror
Author: Erin Steuter,Deborah Wills
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739121993
Category: Political Science
Page: 245
View: 8683
At War with Metaphor offers a compelling analysis of our public discussions of the war on terror and the binding conceptual metaphors through which they are framed. Examining the images of animal, insect, and disease that shape and limit our understanding of the war, and tying these images to historical and contemporary uses of propaganda and media filters, the authors explore how news media, including political cartoons and talk radio, are enmeshed in this damaging, dehumanizing language.

El Salvador at War

An Oral History of Conflict from the 1979 Insurrection to the Present
Author: Max G. Manwaring Court Prisk,Max G. Manwaring
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
ISBN: 9780788121616
Page: 500
View: 7828
Tells what key individuals think about the war, what the really important lessons are and what the participants should have learned. Chronology and list of witnesses. 30 photos, maps and charts.

Nations at War

A Scientific Study of International Conflict
Author: Daniel S. Geller,J. David Singer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521629065
Category: Political Science
Page: 242
View: 6853
This book provides a scientifically-derived explanation of war.

The All-Americans at War

The 82nd Division in the Great War, 1917-1918
Author: James J. Cooke
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275957407
Category: History
Page: 142
View: 796
The evolution of a World War I conscript infantry division from a mismatched collection of immigrants and American farm boys to an effective combat unit on the front lines of St. Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne.

Islam at War

A History
Author: George F. Nafziger,Mark W. Walton
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275981013
Category: History
Page: 278
View: 2738
This book introduces some of the most important military figures and events in Islamic military history.

Women at War

The Story of Fifty Military Nurses who Served in Vietnam
Author: Elizabeth M. Norman
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812213171
Category: Medical
Page: 211
View: 2563
Norman tells the dramatic story of fifty women--members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force Nurse Corps--who went to war, working in military hospitals, aboard ships, and with air evacuation squadrons during the Vietnam War. Here, in a moving narrative, the women talk about why they went to war, the experiences they had while they were there, and how war affected them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.