Birds of the Carolinas

The wild and remote sandy shores of the Carolinas once teemed with bird life and provided nesting sites for ... inlets or ship channels are similar enough to rocky shorelines to attract birds associated with that habitat farther north.

Author: Eloise F. Potter

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469625652

Category: Nature

Page: 416

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The well-loved standard reference for bird-watchers and nature lovers in North Carolina and South Carolina, Birds of the Carolinas collects information on all avian species known to have occurred in the region since 1900. This thoroughly revised second edition describes more than 460 individual species, including more than 60 new species that have been recorded since the publication of the first edition in 1980. Updated entries for all species reflect the current status of bird life as well as major changes in taxonomy and nomenclature. Each species account indicates when and where the bird is most likely to be found in the Carolinas, its nesting habits, feeding habits, and descriptive information useful in identifying the species. Generously illustrated with 350 color photographs, this comprehensive guide to regional birds and their behavior will quickly earn a prominent place on the bookshelf of every bird-watcher in the Carolinas.
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Attracting Birds in the Carolinas

Covering the Carolinas from up-country to the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain, this book is an in-depth yet accessible primer on the many ways that Carolinians can attract birds--from large wildlife refuges to private sanctuaries, and from ...

Author: James F. Parnell

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 9781469662268

Category: Nature

Page: 160

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Covering the Carolinas from up-country to the Piedmont to the Coastal Plain, this book is an in-depth yet accessible primer on the many ways that Carolinians can attract birds--from large wildlife refuges to private sanctuaries, and from farms to suburban homes and even apartments. The first book to focus specifically on attracting birds in both states, Attracting Birds in the Carolinas includes information on birds' basic needs and their annual reproduction and migration cycles, and provides helpful tips on how to modify your outdoor space to invite avian visitors. In addition to helpful information on attracting particular species, this guide offers practical advice for managing problem species—both avian, such as the European Starling and Mute Swan, and nonavian, such as squirrels and snakes.
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Attracting Birds and Butterflies

siZe: 51⁄4 carolina black-capped These two small, charming woodland sprites are nearly identical in appearance. Inquisitive by nature, they are often the first birds to visit a new feeder in the backyard. field marks A dark cap and ...

Author: Barbara Ellis

Publisher: Home Grown Gardening

ISBN: 9780358106425

Category: Gardening

Page: 272

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A quick-reference guide to attracting birds and butterflies for gardeners with little experience and time. In the eye of a bird or butterfly, the typical suburban landscape resembles an unfriendly desert. Closely mowed lawns, tightly clipped shrubs, raked-up borders, and deadheaded flowers mean no place to nest, no food to eat, and nowhere to hide. To the humans who live there, this means no bird songs, no colorful butterflies, no dazzling hummingbirds, no night-sparkling fireflies. Creating a garden that welcomes these creatures may seem like a confusing and complicated task, but the principles involved are relatively simple. Essentially, wildlife needs food, water, and shelter, just like we do, and this lavishly illustrated guide shows which plants attract which creatures, and how to plant and care for them.
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The North Carolina Birding Trail

Birding North Carolina, edited by Marshall Brooks and Mark Johns. 2005. ... Limit the use of recordings and other methods of attracting birds, and never use such methods in heavily birded areas, or for attracting any rare species. 2.

Author: North Carolina Birding Trail

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807888827

Category: Nature

Page: 176

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North Carolina harbors an incredible diversity of habitats that provide food and shelter for more than 440 bird species throughout the year, making the state a destination for birders and nature lovers. The North Carolina Birding Trail is a driving trail linking birders and tourists with great birding sites across the state and the local communities in which they are found. The second of three regional guides, the Piedmont Trail Guide presents 103 premier birding destinations in the North Carolina piedmont, most within an easy drive of the state's urban centers, between Charlotte on the west and Interstate 95 on the east. The spiral-bound volume features maps, detailed site descriptions, and color photographs throughout. Each site description includes directions as well as information on access, focal species and habitats, and on-site visitor amenities. Special "while you're in the area" listings accompany each of fourteen site groupings, so visitors can travel to a cluster of birding destinations and enjoy other local highlights and attractions along the way.
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Attracting Birds to Your Yard

A white house may be cooler in summer , but bluebirds don't seem to choose bright houses that might attract attention . Dark - painted houses absorb ... The Youth Conservation Corps in South Carolina built 700 bluebird houses in 1979.

Author: William J. Weber

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486289273

Category: Nature

Page: 92

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Easy-to-follow guide offers advice on how to attract the greatest diversity of birds: birdhouses, feeders, water and waterers, much more.
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How to Attract Birds in the East Central States

73 Bobwhite , downy woodpecker , yellow - shasted flicker , eastern phoebe , meadow lark , chewink , tree swallow , white - eyed vireo , myrtle warbler , brown thrasher , catbird , Carolina wren , blackcapped chickadee , hermit thrush ...

Author: Waldo Lee McAtee


ISBN: IND:30000091981740

Category: Bird attracting

Page: 14

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Attracting Birds to Your Backyard

536 Ways To Turn Your Yard and Garden Into a Haven For Your Favorite Birds Sally Roth ... A black - capped chickadee look - alike , the Carolina chickadee lives in the Southeast and northward to New Jersey , Ohio , and west to Missouri ...

Author: Sally Roth

Publisher: Rodale

ISBN: 0875967906

Category: Nature

Page: 320

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Describes how to create an asthetically-pleasing natural setting that will not only attract birds, but will also provide them with food and shelter
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Planting Native to Attract Birds to Your Yard

... 138, 139 bubbling rock, 71, 188‒89 Buchloë dactyloides, 202‒03 buffalo grass, 202‒03 bugs, v; bird babies and, 4; ... 88 Carolina cherry laurel, 193 Carolina Chickadee, 17, 19, 22, 29, 88, 102,115, 133, 147, 150 Carolina hemlock, ...

Author: Sharon Sorenson

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780811767439

Category: Nature

Page: 232

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Welcoming birds to your yard isn’t about choosing the right feeders and bird food. If you want to attract the widest range of birds to your home, you need to plant a diversity of native plants. Why go green? Native plants live longer; they are drought resistant, take less water and fertilizer, they cost less, are less work and easier to maintain. And a big plus—they are good for the environment. In 2007, Douglas Tallamy published the groundbreaking book, Bringing Nature Home, on going native to protect wildlife. Since then Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, the National Wildlife Federation, and National Audubon have all endorsed and encouraged gardening with native plants. Planting Native to Attract Birds to Your Yard is the first book to cover planting native to specifically attract birds. The book recommends plants for all types of backyards, no matter how large or small—from large plots to container gardens. Sorenson gives state-specific recommendations for 31 Eastern U.S. states for native plants that support birds during the four seasons. The book covers the full gamut of native plants—76 species of trees, shrubs, bushes, vines, grasses, perennials, and annuals—and gives details on why specific plants are bird friendly and how to choose plants that work successfully in attractive home landscapes. Includes 66 bird species, all shown in dramatic color photos. Birders, gardeners, and landscapers—all who love birds and beautiful gardens—will find this book a must.
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A Farm management Study in Anderson County South Carolina

Food of Some Well Known Birds of Forest , Farm , and Garden . ( Farmers ' Bulletin 506. ) Bird Houses and How to Build Them . ( Farmers ' Bulletin 609. ) How to Attract Birds in Northeastern United States . ( Farmers Bulletin 621. ) ...

Author: Alfred Glaze Smith


ISBN: STANFORD:36105019619449

Category: Agriculture

Page: 32

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Pp. 3.
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Trees Shrubs and Vines for Attracting Birds

Mallard Wild Turkey * Northern Bobwhite * Rock Dove * Mourning Dove Yellow - bellied Sapsucker Black - capped Chickadee Carolina Chickadee Carolina Wren European Starlingt Red - winged Blackbird Northern Cardinal Evening Grosbeak ...

Author: Richard M. DeGraaf

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584652152

Category: Gardening

Page: 169

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A new edition of the classic guide to creating a habitat to attract birds.
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