Cross Channel Aviation Pioneers

In his speech, the Lord Mayor of London said that Blériot's flight was the harbinger of a 'stupendous change in locomotion'. He added: In the not very distant future we should be able to hail an aeroplane, and say, 'I should like to be ...

Author: Bruce Hales-Dutton

Publisher: Air World

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On 25 July 1909, a dapper, mustachioed Frenchman flying a flimsy, diaphanous airplane changed the status of a great nation. "England is no longer an island," declared the Daily Mail. Lord Northcliffe, the newspaper’s proprietor, had put up the £1,000 prize for the first flight of the English Channel by the pilot of an airplane. In securing the prize for one of aviation’s most celebrated firsts, Louis Blériot had beaten his Anglo-French rival Hubert Latham. Six days earlier, Latham had become the first airman to make a forced landing on water when the engine of his elegant Antoinette monoplane failed while he was attempted the crossing. In this book, the author explores the many and varied milestones in cross-channel flight, beginning back in July 1785 when John-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries made the first crossing, by balloon. Other flyers quickly followed Blériot so that Pierre Prier made the first non-stop London-Paris flight in April 1911 and Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly the Channel a year later. The book will chart other significant events in cross-Channel aviation such as the first mid-air collision between airliners flying between the UK and France, which led to a rudimentary system of air traffic control, the popularity of car ferry services in the 1950s and 1960s, and the coming of the jets. Other big changes were on the way. In 1994 Eurostar rail passenger services from London using the Channel Tunnel were launched. In October 2001, following chronic air traffic delays during the late 1980s, the European Commission adopted proposals for a Single European Sky but it comes as no surprise to learn that during the second decade of the 21st century this has become bogged down in intra-European politics.
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Aviation Pioneers of Canada 7 Book Bundle

He doggedly tracked down aviation pioneer William Gibson's original aircraft motor — the first Canadian aircraft engine. He hunted for and found one of the two homemade propellers that were built at Fort Simpson and used to fly the ...

Author: Peter Pigott

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The Aviation Pioneers of Canada 7-Book Bundle presents the high-flying insight of Peter Pigott, in a special collection chronicling the aviators, aircraft, and drama of over a century of Canadian flight. From the Avro Arrow and the Silver Dart to the adventurers and visionaries who pushed Canadian airways to new heights, Pigott covers it all with his trademark breezy style and incredible historical photographs. Includes Brace for Impact: Air Crashes and Aviation Safety Air Canada: The History Flying Canucks: Famous Canadian Aviators Flying Canucks II On Canadian Wings: A Century of Flight Taming the Skies: A Celebration of Canadian Flight Wings Across Canada: An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation
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Across the Atlantic The Adamowicz Brothers Polish Aviation Pioneers

The authors are giving those aviation pioneers their second chance in history. ~ Anna D. Jaroszynska-Kirchmann, Professor of History Zofia Reklewska-Braun and Kazimierz Braun's book narrates the many entanglements and paradoxes of ...

Author: Zofia Reklewska-Braun


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During the summer of 1934, two Polish amateur-pilots, Joe (Jozef) and Ben (Boles"
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Shorty an Aviation Pioneer

On the social side Shorty was rapidly becoming a member of the unofficial fraternity of aviation “Old Boys”. In 1961 , George Wakeman organized a number of aviation pioneers to make a presentation to Mrs. J .A.McCurdy, the widow of the ...

Author: James Glassco Henderson

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Victor John "Shorty" Hatton started his aviation career in a near fatal crash of an Avro 504K and ended it with another Avro aircraft, the Arrow. The story of his working life, from the First World War to the Cold War, is the history of aviation.
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Glenn H Curtiss Aviation Pioneer

Curtiss , his engines , and his airplanes dominated the world of early aviation on this side of the Atlantic . Glenn H. Curtiss : Aviation Pioneer charts Curtiss's breakneck course across two continents , North America and Europe ...

Author: Charles R. Mitchell

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738505196

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Glenn Curtiss beat even the Wright brothers (who sued him bitterly) to get pilot's license No. 1 in America. He teamed with Alexander Graham Bell, helped develop the moving wing part known as the aileron, introduced tricycle landing gear, made the first airplane sales, and turned aeronautics into a multimillion dollar business. His innovations ranged from the Curtiss Pusher to the hydroaeroplane, the flying boat, and the Curtiss Jenny. Curtiss, his engines, and his airplanes dominated the world of early aviation on this side of the Atlantic. Glenn H. Curtiss: Aviation Pioneer charts Curtiss's breakneck course across two continents, North America and Europe, setting speed and distance records, experimenting with military applications, always striving for a safer, faster airplane. Fostering both water flyers and shipboard landing, he became the Father of Naval Aviation. But even the skies were not wide enough for the busy brain of Curtiss. Glenn H. Curtiss: Aviation Pioneer also tracks his dizzying ride from a village bicycle shop to record-smashing motorcycle races, futuristic travel trailers, and city building in the Florida land boom.
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The Early Development of the Aviation Industry

In the interwar years, the industry struggled, but unlike many of the French and American pioneer aviators who had left the industry, many British aviation pioneers stayed in the industry, surviving the interwar period and lasting into ...

Author: Malcolm Abbott

Publisher: Routledge

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The Early Development of the Aviation Industry: Entrepreneurs of the Sky provides an introduction to the world of the early aviation industry and the business endeavours of the original aviators. Many of the first pioneers who flew heavier-than-air planes went on to develop considerable industrial concerns. In doing so they exhibited a number of entrepreneurial qualities, which provide useful case studies for those interested in studying how successful entrepreneurs create or develop opportunities at the inception and emergence of high-tech industries. This book looks at the careers of pioneer aviators in the United States, Britain and France such as A.V. Roe, Thomas Sopwith, Glenn Curtiss and William Boeing. It examines this group of entrepreneurs during the start-up and early development stages of an emerging industry undergoing considerable technological change, and relates this experience to contemporary studies and experiences of entrepreneurship. The book explores what made these men successful in their entrepreneurial endeavours to help promote a better understanding of what makes an entrepreneur and what business and economic conditions are needed to allow such men to be successful. This book makes a major contribution to our knowledge of the development of the twentieth century economy and is essential reading for students and academics who are interested in the development of aviation and the nature of entrepreneurial behaviour.
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The Modern Hobby Guide To Topps Chewing Gum 1938 To 1956


Author: David Hornish


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A Place in the Sky

Already , she use in aircraft . a crew which included entertainer has made it to Detroit and back . Not OX5 Aviation Pioneers , formerly Arthur Godfrey . long ago , she was caught in a storm OX5 Club of America , started its Palmer ...

Author: Richard David Wissolik

Publisher: SVC Northern Appalachian Studies

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The history of the Arnold Palmer Regional airport in Latrobe, Westmoreland Country, Pennsylvania.
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Aero Digest

... pioneers of the automotive field to celebrate the 50th anni- has given them an insight into the possibilities of ... an internationally known aircraft designer , working out try , most of the aviation pioneers have banded together ...



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