Loosely based on the Haitian slave insurrection of 1791, Babouk is a biting account of colonialism at its peak.

Author: Guy Endore

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780853457459

Category: Fiction

Page: 199

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Jamaica Kincaid

She later remarked on the uniqueness of her writing voice, which made her feel individual and unconnected to any geography, ... African slaves in the introduction to Babouk: Voices of Resistance (1991), Vermont stonemasons in My Garden ...

Author: Mary Ellen Snodgrass

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786435807

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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Changing her name early in her career because her parents disapproved of her writing, Jamaica Kincaid crossed audiences to embrace feminist, American, postcolonial and world literature. This book offers an introduction and guided overview of her characters, plots, humor, symbols, and classic themes. Designed for students, fans, librarians, and teachers, the 84 A-to-Z entries combine commentary from interviewers, feminist historians, and book critics with numerous citations from primary and secondary sources and comparative literature. The companion features a chronology of Kincaid's life, West Indies heritage and works, and includes a character name chart.
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Writing from the Left

Babouk , a 1934 work just republished in Monthly Review's “ Voices of Resistance ” series , is an early example of an effort to negotiate this tension in the form of an experimental novel . In this case , the Western author and colonial ...

Author: Alan M. Wald

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 1859840019

Category: Social Science

Page: 243

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In this collection of essays, the author combines a series of assessments of "classic" and "lost" texts in the US Marxist literary tradition, and analyzes developments in Marxist scholarship by Robin Kelley, Michael Lowy, James Murphy, Paula Rabinowitz and Alexander Saxton.
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Jamaica Kincaid and Caribbean Double Crossings

Foreword to Babouk , by Guy Endore . Voices of Resistance . New York : Monthly Review Press . 1991. “ On Seeing England for the First Time . ” Transition 51 ( 1991 ) : 32–40 . 1991. “ Out of Kenya . ” With Ellen Pall .

Author: American Comparative Literature Association

Publisher: University of Delaware Press

ISBN: 0874139287

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 171

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Original versions of these contributions were presented at the 2002 conference of the American Comparative Literature Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
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Trouillot Remixed

Afterword to Babouk: Voices of Resistance, by Guy Endore. New York: Monthly Review Press. 1991. Review of Voodoo and Politics in Haiti, by Michel S. Laguerre. American Ethnologist 8, no. 2: 397–98. 1992. “The Vulgarity of Power.

Author: Michel-Rolph Trouillot

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 9781478021537

Category: Social Science

Page: 453

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This collection of writings from Haitian anthropologist Michel-Rolph Trouillot includes his most famous, lesser known, and hard to find writings that demonstrate his enduring importance to Caribbean studies, anthropology, history, postcolonial studies, and politically engaged scholarship more broadly.
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Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny


ISBN: UOM:39015023708301

Category: American literature


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Monthly Review

Babouk , a 1934 work just republished in Monthly Review Press's “ Voices of Resistance ” series , is an early example of an effort to negotiate this tension in the form of an experimental novel . ? In this case , the Western author and ...



ISBN: UOM:39015081708151

Category: Socialism


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Modernist Work

31 This is made easier by Endore's resistance to exoticizing treatments of vodou. When Babouk's narrator describes the slaves' supernatural beliefs as “the last refuge their minds possessed,” without which “they must resign themselves ...

Author: John Attridge

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 9781501344039

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

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Through a wide-ranging selection of essays representing a variety of different media, national contexts and critical approaches, this volume provides a broad overview of the idea of work in modernism, considered in its aesthetic, theoretical, historical and political dimensions. Several individual chapters discuss canonical figures, including Richard Strauss, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, Franz Kafka and Gertrude Stein, but Modernist Work also addresses contexts that are chronologically and geographically foreign to the main stream of modernist studies, such as Swedish proletarian writing, Haitian nationalism and South African inheritors of Dada. Prominent historical themes include the ideas of class, revolution and the changing nature of women's work, while more conceptual chapters explore topics including autonomy, inheritance, intention, failure and intimacy. Modernist Work investigates an important but relatively neglected topic in modernist studies, demonstrating the central relevance of the concept of “work” to a diverse selection of writers and artists and opening up pathways for future research.
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