Becoming Your Real Self

A Practical Toolkit for Managing Life's Challenges
Author: Dr Eddie Murphy
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0241971489
Category: Self-Help
Page: 384
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If you're in a good place in your life, how do you stay there? If you're in a bad place in your life, how do you get out of it? Here's how . . . Dr Eddie Murphy knows what makes people tick. His work as a clinical psychologist has given him a bedrock of understanding about the everyday problems of everyday people. He is a regular on the media because his core message is positive - given the right tools, most people can solve their emotional issues. Now, in Becoming Your Real Self, Eddie shares his methods for building and maintaining mental fitness. He explains how faulty thinking and behaviour patterns sustain emotional problems, how to fix these, and how to cope with the demands on your life. In his book Eddie offers simple but amazingly effective tools for being the best you can be. You will learn how to transform: stress into relaxation; depression into hope; anxiety into freedom; anger into calm; social anxiety into confidence; low self-esteem into self-worth; emotional eating into self-control. With Becoming Your Real Self as your handbook, you can release yourself from the tyranny of negative emotions and embrace the life you deserve.

Becoming Yourself

Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse
Author: Alison Miller
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429911254
Category: Psychology
Page: 408
View: 3066
In contrast to the author's previous book, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control, which was for therapists, this book is designed for survivors of these abuses. It takes the survivor systematically through understanding the abuses and how his or her symptoms may be consequences of these abuses, and gives practical advice regarding how a survivor can achieve stability and manage the life issues with which he or she may have difficulty. The book also teaches the survivor how to work with his or her complex personality system and with the traumatic memories, to heal the wounds created by the abuse. A unique feature of this book is that it addresses the reader as if he or she is dissociative, and directs some information and exercises towards the internal leaders of the personality system, teaching them how to build a cooperative and healing inner community within which information is shared, each part's needs are met, and traumatic memories can be worked through successfully.

Magdalena Moments

7 Steps Into Becoming Your True Self
Author: Mb Antevasin
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781948604062
Category: Self-Help
Page: 336
View: 9534
Mb Antevasin maps out seven steps that she has taken towards healing the wounds that were manifesting as physical symptoms from injury from childbirth and previous trauma in her life that became further exacerbated by childbirth.

Born Again - What It Really Means

Author: Dr Larry Gallamore
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452561591
Category: Religion
Page: 128
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This book is about what it really means to be born again. To many people, the term "born again" means a one-time Christian experience of accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. However, we argue that being "born again" has a broader meaning, including learning how to really live every day of our lives. Today's world is at a critical juncture. In the past few years, we have witnessed a global economy that is out of control. Governments spend more than they have, people are losing their homes to foreclosure, businesses close because they are unable to pay their employees, and people are out of work and search for months to find a job, which often barely pays them a living wage. They lose their self-esteem and motivation to even look for work. Our whole nation and world is in need of being born again, but not just in a religious sense. The teachings of Jesus and other spiritual leaders tell us that we are individually responsible for our lives. The answers to all life's problems are found within ourselves. The kingdom of God is within. This means that there is a spark of the divine found within each person. To be truly born again means to live in harmony with the laws of the universe. We must take responsibility for our own thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Utilizing the teachings of great spiritual teachers, we will focus on building each other up and the destructive values such as greed, power, control, and jealousy will be transformed into values of love, cooperation, understanding, and compassion. This is the real meaning of being born again.

Becoming a Leader Is Becoming Yourself

Author: Russ S. Moxley
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786497386
Category: Social Science
Page: 192
View: 6572
People yearn for leaders who are authentic, who show their own face and not a game face, who find and use their voice in appropriate ways and act with a tangible sense of integrity. Those who engage in the process of leadership--each of us, at some point--want to do so as our true self. But staying true to one's self is not easy. We are continually moving in and out of authenticity. We are present one moment and absent the next. We often say "yes" when we want to say "no." We act from our core values some of the time, but give them a wink when the heat is on. There is no formula for being integral and authentic. Becoming and being ourselves requires confidence and courage. Drawing on the author's 40 years in leadership training, this book discusses the things we can do along the way--recognizing our strengths and limitations, speaking truth to power, trusting our companions--as we strive to fulfill our leadership potential.

Finding Your Real Self

Five Steps to Personal Authenticity
Author: Dr. Don Chatfield
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1450081622
Category: Self-Help
Page: N.A
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How to Find Your Real Self

Author: Mildred Mann
Publisher: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1877527017
Category: Self-Help
Page: 40
View: 6720
Mildred Mann was a bestselling author and teacher of the New Thought Movement. Her ideas and ideals and those of others in the New Thought Movement have seen a resurgence with the release of the bestselling book and film "The Secret" and the popularity of the Jerry and Esther Hicks Abraham Teachings. How do we find ourselves? We do so by going "within." We get to know ourselves, to understand how we are made, and then we learn to use the magnificent power within us.

Becoming Your Best Self

A Theoretical and Practical Guide to Personal Transformation from Duality to Unity
Author: Gene Basin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595322611
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit
Page: 328
View: 6884
Welcome to the exciting experience of Becoming Your Best Self-healthy, happy and abundant.This book is a blend of modern science and spiritual thinking, a philosophy and practice of the process of change-the only constant, in the constantly changing world. It is about who you are, about what the reality is of which you are a part, and how you can apply Unconditional Love Principals and establish a winning relationship with everything and everybody around you. Practicing these simple mental and physical exercises gives you an ability to take total responsibility for your own life, for every moment of it. Feeling good will become your normal every day state. You will know exactly what to do and where to go; you will know how to do what you want to do and how to get where you want to go. You will have all the necessary tools to accomplish your goals and get safely and quickly to your desired destination. You are a part of All-That-Is-Universe in an ever-changing process of becoming. Becoming who? It is for you, my friend, to decide. This is an exciting journey, a challenging adventure. Come along! You can do it!

Walking the Small Group Tightrope

Meeting the Challenges Every Group Faces
Author: Bill Donahue,Russ G. Robinson
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310559340
Category: Religion
Page: 208
View: 411
Six Ways to Improve Your Balance as a Group LeaderLeading a successful small group is like walking a tightrope. You traverse a taut, exciting line, balancing the dynamic tensions characteristic of every group. Drawing from the concept of “polarity management,” Bill Donahue and Russ Robinson help you understand and deal with six dynamic areas every group leader must manage in order to create genuine, transforming small group community.Your group is in for unprecedented connection and growth when you harness the interplay between • Truth and Life• Care and Discipleship• Friendship and Accountability• Kindness and Confrontation• Task and People• Openness and IntimacyEffective, life-giving small groups learn how to embrace both ends of each continuum. Walking the Small Group Tightrope will strengthen your sense of balance, help you gain confidence as a leader, and show you how to release the untapped creative and relational energy in your group.

The Jesus Trilogy

Choice and Will / Love and Surrender / Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality
Author: Gina Lake
Publisher: Endless Satsang Foundation, Inc.
ISBN: 1502752727
Category: Self-Help
Page: 270
View: 1248
In this trilogy by Jesus, are three jewels, each shining in its own way and illuminating the same truth: You are not only human but divine, and you are meant to flourish and love one another. In words that are for today, Jesus speaks intimately and directly to the reader of the secrets to peace, love, and happiness. He explains the deepest of all mysteries: who you are and how you can live as he taught long ago. The three books in The Jesus Trilogy were dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus and include Choice and Will, Love and Surrender, and Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality. Choice and Will explores the complex, mysterious, and important question of who or what chooses. The question is important because our choices shape our reality and determine our experience of it. Love and Surrender explains the role that surrender plays in releasing us from bondage to our conditioning. Surrender is the "miracle" that occurs when we are finally able to let go and let things be as they are. Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality explores the exciting arena of creation. It explains how beliefs determine our internal reality and, consequently, our external reality and how to move beyond limiting beliefs. The three books in the trilogy are also available individually in paperback and ebook. From the Introduction: "Choice and will are what make it possible to move out of the negative and limiting beliefs of the false self, which prevent or curtail the possibility of living a fuller, happier, and more loving life. Love and surrender are what are necessary to be in the Heart--in one's divine Essence--and to live from there rather than from a more contracted ego-bound state of consciousness. Surrender is the mysterious thing that happens when one lets go of, or gives up, the perspective and beliefs of the false self for the true self. It is the miracle I have spoken of in other works of mine." -Jesus

Me, my Self, and I

Author: Gianluca Boschi
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499008120
Category: Self-Help
Page: 216
View: 8240
Me, my Self, and I FIVE STEPS TO BECOMING YOUR real Self: “ THE UNTOLD STORY “ (Mind & Body) Most of us want to understand more about ourselves and who we are in everyday life. The reality in which we live may resemble somebody else’s life and dreams (our First Program), causing us to repeat patterns of our parents and family members, this happens at the cellular level (behavioural cells) and is recorded in the same way as DNA. Through our senses, we are creating an internal picture (the movie of our life) and like a movie it will follow a script which shapes and influences our beliefs and values in all our choices. This book is a five-step Self-realization kit to create a new script in Light of our new choices and evolution, taking us on the road to becoming our real Self! We can reprogram ourselves with repetition in the same way we learn a new skill or sport. Just as our ancestors knew and practiced, this will involve our Mind & Body in connection with the planet and its living things. What affect others affects us as well – we all live in the same fish thank. The last chapter explains numerology and its meaning in our everyday life, because every fruit has its season! All through the book I use simple explanations about my understandings of the process of life to make it easy for you. I hope you will find your Self in this book. My life has been a continuous investigation into the mystery of the human Mind & Body behaviour. I have been using these same five steps in my life, starting from the bottom and heading towards the top. The process continues. God bless you, Gianluca Boschi Dreams are our unconscious Mind (heart) at its very best!

What Have I Done For Me Lately?

Author: Isabel Sharpe
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426850964
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 2592
Jenny Hartmann's sizzling bestseller What Have I Done for Me Lately? has made her a minor celebrity, never mind sexually confident and savvy. Women across the country are snapping up her trendy advice book, and men...well, men are avoiding the bookstore altogether! Now Jenny's about to take her own "you go, girl" advice to heart--by indulging in a fantasy fling with Ryan Masterson. Back in college he'd called her boring and unadventurous. Well, Jenny is going to show this former bad boy how dynamite she can be in bed. Except she isn't expecting how good Ryan can be at reading between the lines...

How to Be Your Own Therapist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking Back Your Life
Author: Patricia Farrell
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071433655
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 288
View: 2227
How to Be Your Own Therapist provides tools to replace unhealthy behaviors with actions for satisfaction and success. Drawing from her 20 years as a licensed therapist, Dr. Patricia Farrell has developed an approach to help individuals manage their own lives by reclaiming their personal power. Her "power tools" include how to: Fire one's parents Quit whining Make lots of mistakes Stick up for oneself

Letting Go and Taking the Chance to be Real

Author: Sherron Lewis, LMFT,Shelley Stokes, PhD
Publisher: Page Publishing Inc
ISBN: 163568708X
Category: Psychology
Page: 214
View: 6021
Who are we really? The image we have of our “self” is derived largely from our experiences of who we are, from who we would like to be, and from who we are told we are by others. It is a sense that changes over the years that begins to develop in early childhood and grows (or is stunted) through experimenting and testing in early relationships and later relationships in life, composed of various images which we strive to integrate over time. It is that core “someone” who we often may suppress for fear of ridicule, or loss of support, or fear of failure. Lack of active support for us to express our “real-self”, especially in our early years, often leads us, as adults, to feeling unsatisfied, frustrated, and neglected--trying “so hard to be all things to all people,” “doing what is expected or required”—and no longer being sure of what is personally meaningful. And we fail to realize that expressing our real feelings and needs is not the same as being narcissistically entitled. Thus, expressing the real self takes courage and requires a healthy sense of self-esteem, self-efficacy, and agency, and involves capacities for closeness, intimacy, creativity, self-soothing, and repair. Many of us are afraid to take the chance. That is why this book was written. Letting Go and Taking the Chance to be Real is about the processes involved in becoming real again or perhaps for the first time. Sherron Lewis, LMFT and Shelley Stokes, Ph.D. “Sherron Lewis LMFT and Shelley Stokes Ph.D. have accomplished what few other authors have, namely, they have written a book that is at once both profoundly practical and, at the same time, firmly anchored in rigorous psychoanalytic theory regarding disorders of the self. Their work is replete not only with insightful clinical anecdotes, but also with courageous and deeply illuminating revelations of their own emotional lives, by which they model for their readers that authenticity which is an antidote to the toxic shame both which keeps our patients’ false selves perched precariously in place and which makes us less effective as therapists. This product of their collaboration, a combination of many years of experience and clinical wisdom by two master clinicians, is a superb gift to the psychotherapy community and is essential reading for every therapist.” Avak Howsepian, MD, Ph.D., Psychiatry and Neurology, Veterans Affairs Central California, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Univ. of California, San Francisco “This new book by Sherron Lewis and Shelley Stokes represents the latest synthesis of James Masterson’s work, integrating it with other contemporary writers in a way that results in a practical guide for both the lay person interested in personal growth or the clinician on the critical subject of becoming your real self. It’s a very engaging and meaningful book, a must read!” Joseph P. Farley, MFT, Director of the Masterson Institute

Me - A Sharecropper's Daughter Becoming

Author: Bertha Selmon
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781733391511
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 542
View: 9840
This is a book about the author's childhood plantation sharecropping experience in Mississippi during the Jim Crow era and how it shaped her negatively throughout her adult life. She tells the reader in vivid, heart-wrenching details about how she was able to recover from the negative aftereffects, healing the emotional wounds and became a better, happier person, destined to change lives with her story of racial oppression on the plantation and throughout her life, personally and professionally. The book chronicles her entire life story and offers antidotes to others who are struggling with early traumatic life experiences that prevent their 'Becoming'. The author tell stories about the egregious injustices of the Jim Crow plantation sharecropping and how its after affects still hurt and hinder millions of African Americans, and even white people that are deluded the white supremacist lies.

Getting better

Author: Adelaide Bry
Publisher: Rawson Associates
ISBN: 9780892560448
Category: Psychology
Page: 239
View: 3824

Note to Self: The Secret to becoming your own Best Friend

Author: Jo Macdonald
ISBN: 1291006869
Page: N.A
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Whatever Happened to the Real Me?

The Joy of Finding Your True Self--The Person God Made You to Be
Author: Neva Coyle
Publisher: Vine Books
ISBN: 9781569551035
Category: Religion
Page: 171
View: 5131
Many women are so overwhelmed by the hullabaloo of daily demands that they have lost touch with themselves. Somehow who we really are gets buried beneath a flurry of activities, and we mistakenly define ourselves by what we do. In this thought-provoking book, best-selling author Neva Coyle helps readers diagnose the degree to which they have lost themselves in their busyness. And step-by-step she leads them to solitude and down a Bible-oriented pathway past superficial self-definitions to find who they really are. Readers will shed fears and insecurities as they discover their real identity in Christ.

Be your real self

Author: David Harold Fink
Publisher: N.A
Category: Mental health
Page: 307
View: 9814