Behind the Lines

Finally, gesturing to the broader chorus of voices beyond her own, Coleman's work moves between first person lyrics ... are casualties of a war behind the lines, a war whose effects were both buried in the sand and right in front of us.

Author: Philip Metres

Publisher: University of Iowa Press

ISBN: 9781587297380

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

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Whether Thersites in Homer’s Iliad, Wilfred Owen in “Dulce et Decorum Est,” or Allen Ginsberg in “Wichita Vortex Sutra,” poets have long given solitary voice against the brutality of war. The hasty cancellation of the 2003 White House symposium “Poetry and the American Voice” in the face of protests by Sam Hamill and other invited guests against the coming “shock and awe” campaign in Iraq reminded us that poetry and poets still have the power to challenge the powerful. Behind the Lines investigates American war resistance poetry from the Second World War through the Iraq wars. Rather than simply chronicling the genre, Philip Metres argues that this poetry gets to the heart of who is authorized to speak about war and how it can be represented. As such, he explores a largely neglected area of scholarship: the poet’s relationship to dissenting political movements and the nation. In his elegant study, Metres examines the ways in which war resistance is registered not only in terms of its content but also at the level of the lyric. He proposes that protest poetry constitutes a subgenre that—by virtue of its preoccupation with politics, history, and trauma—probes the limits of American lyric poetry. Thus, war resistance poetry—and the role of what Shelley calls unacknowledged legislators—is a crucial, though largely unexamined, body of writing that stands at the center of dissident political movements.
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Behind the Lines in Greece

Beyond the mountains overlooking the Thessaly plain, the railroad abruptly turned east and extended just above the ... the main Athens— Thessaloniki rail line with a branch line that extended to the east to a chrome mine near Domokos.

Author: Robert E. Perdue (Jr.)

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781449067892

Category: Greece

Page: 222

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Outside the Lines

“And,” he adds, his eyes lifting to the window behind me, “from what I can see, you're great with kids, so this was a good fit for you.” “Do you want kids? ... His lips press into a line, and the liquid pools of his ...

Author: Lisa Desrochers

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698409538

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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The first in an edgy new contemporary romance series that follows a family on the run, from the author of the USA Today bestselling A Little Too Far series... As the oldest son of a Chicago crime lord, Robert Delgado always knew how dangerous life could be. With his mother dead and his father in prison, he’s taking charge of his family’s safety—putting himself and his siblings in witness protection to hide out in a backwater Florida town. Fourth grade teacher Adri Wilson is worried about the new boy in her class. Sherm is quiet and evasive, especially when he’s around his even cagier older brother. Adri can’t help her attraction to Rob, or the urge to help them both in whatever way she can. But the Delgados have enemies on two sides of the mob—their father’s former crew and the rival family he helped take down. It’s only a matter of time before someone finds them. And if Rob isn’t careful, Adri could end up in the crossfire... Includes an exclusive preview of the next On the Run novel, Over the Line.
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Archaeology Behind the Battle Lines

behind the front line the British also employed volunteer units such as the Macedonian Mule Corps and Maltese Labour Corps. Canadian, Australian and New Zealand medical personnel were also part of the BSF and the voluntary Scoish ...

Author: Andrew Shapland

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351978101

Category: History

Page: 370

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This volume focuses on a formative period in the history and archaeology of northern Greece. The decade following 1912, when Thessaloniki became part of Greece, was a period marked by an extraordinary internationalism as a result of the population movements caused by the shifting of national borders and the troop movements which accompanied the First World War. The papers collected here look primarily at the impact of the discoveries of the Army of the Orient on the archaeological study of the region of Macedonia. Resulting collections of antiquities are now held in Thessaloniki, London, Paris, Edinburgh and Oxford. Various specialists examine each of these collections, bringing the archaeological legacy of the Macedonian Campaign together in one volume for the first time. A key theme of the volume is the emerging dialogue between the archaeological remains of Macedonia and the politics of Hellenism. A number of authors consider how archaeological interpretation was shaped by the incorporation of Macedonia into Greece. Other authors describe how the politics of the Campaign, in which Greece was initially a neutral partner, had implications both for the administration of archaeological finds and their subsequent dispersal. A particular focus is the historical personalities who were involved and the sites they discovered. The role of the Greek Archaeological Service, particularly in the protection of antiquities, as well as promoting excavation in the aftermath of the 1917 Great Fire of Thessaloniki, is also considered.
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Beyond The Lines An Autobiography

The syndicate, as elderly Congressmen were described, was united behind Lal Bahadur Shastri, a minister without ... but they were called solely for ceremonial purposes, to line the route and control the mammoth crowd at Raj Ghat.

Author: Kuldip Nayar

Publisher: Roli Books Private Limited

ISBN: 9788174368218

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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A veteran journalist and former member of Parliament, Kuldip Nayar is India’s most well known and widely syndicated journalist. He was born in Sialkot in 1923 and educated at Lahore University before migrating to Delhi with his family at he time of Partition. He began his career in the Urdu newspaper Anjam and after a spell in the USA worked as information officer of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Govind Ballabh Pant. He eventually became Resident Editor of the Statesman and managing editor of the Indian news agency UNI. He corresponded for the Times for twenty-five years and later served as Indian high commissioner to the UK during the V.P. Singh government. His stand for press freedom during the Emergency, when he was detained; his commitment to better relations between India and Pakistan, and his role as a human rights activist have won him respect and affection in both countries. Author of more than a dozen books, his weekly columns are read across South Asia.
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Overwhelming Underdogs Book Series Book 1 OUTSIDE THE LINES BASEBALLBOOK

We sat down in the back of the bus, tossed our backpacks in each of the two backseats and flipped our bodies around to see the kids getting onto the bus behind us. Bruno happened to be only a few kids back in that line to get on.

Author: The Laymans


ISBN: 9781329202702


Page: 110

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Overwhelming Underdogs is a baseball themed, multicultural historical fiction book series for kids. The modern day story is about an eleven year old boy named Sam who has an unwavering admiration for his best friend Evan yet little confidence in himself. Sam obsessively worries that he has no noteworthy talents until he's forced to focus his time instead on keeping a promise to his best friend Evan. When Sam befriends a tough new kid who seemingly isn't afraid of anything and an older neighbor who shares his own past baseball struggles with him, he starts to discover that he has a boundless gift of his own. The second story centers around an underprivileged group of teenagers who agree only on one thing; that their future is bleak and there's absolutely nothing that they can do about it. When a softhearted coach attempts to persuade his egotistical son to help him teach the sourly group of teenagers to play organized baseball, surprising events occur that change the directions of their lives forever.
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Outside the Lines

Then there's a bit of silence , of white space , a stanza break occurring in the middle of the line ; then , all by [ themselves ) at the beginning of the next ... Is there a hard - and - fast aesthetic belief behind these lines ?

Author: Christopher Hennessy

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472068733

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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Outside the Lines gathers interviews with some of the most significant poets in contemporary American poetry. While each poet is gay, these encompassing, craft-centered interviews reflect the diversity of their respective arts and serve as a testament to the impact gay poets have had and will continue to have on contemporary poetics. The book includes fourteen frank, intense interviews with some of America's best-known and loved poets, who have not only enjoyed wide critical acclaim but who have had lasting impact on both the gay tradition as well as the contemporary canon writ large, for example, J.D. McClatchy and Frank Bidart. Some of the most honored and respected poets, still in the middle of their careers, are also included, for example, Mark Doty and Carl Phillips. Each interview explores the poet's complete work to date, often illuminating the poet's technical evolution, emotional growth, probing shifts in theme, and even investigating links between verse and sexuality.
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Coloring Outside the Lines

On my big, bold days though, I like to let my red crayon just streak across the lines out there with my purple in perfect freedom---NO LINES! And coloring outside the lines is lonely too. I'm the only kid that doesn't geta gold star on ...

Author: Jeff Tobe

Publisher: AudioInk

ISBN: 9781613392959

Category: Business & Economics


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The only thing that differentiates your service or your product from any others is your creativity and innovative thinking. This eook from the crayon of Creativity Guru Jeff Tobe is an unusually charming collection of warm, funny, and instructive business tales. It provides numerous examples of street-smart sales tactics, exemplary customer service, and outside-the-lines marketing. The book encourages anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit by providing story after story of creative ideas and inspiration. In Coloring Outside the Lines: Business Thoughts on Creativity, Marketing and Sales, Jeff Tobe shows that when you compete head-on in business you are just agreeing to play by the same old rules.
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