Beneath the Twisted Trees

“Tear the trees down, all of them that housed you.” They set to immediately, tearing at the trees, ripping up the smallest among them that they might reach the larger ones. Were these normal men and women, they would have no hope of ...

Author: Bradley Beaulieu

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781473223622

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

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Çeda was an elite warrior in service to the kings of Sharakhai. She has been an assassin in dark places. A weapon poised to strike from the shadows. A voice from the darkness, striving to free her people. No longer. Now she's going to lead. The age of the Kings is coming to an end . . .
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Beneath the Twisted Trees

"Ceda was an elite warrior in service to the kings of Sharakhai.

Author: Bradley P. Beaulieu

Publisher: DAW

ISBN: 0756414601

Category: Fiction

Page: 608

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The fourth book in The Song of Shattered Sands series--an epic fantasy with a desert setting, filled with rich worldbuilding and pulse-pounding action. When a battle to eradicate the Thirteenth Tribe goes awry, the kingdoms bordering the desert metropolis of Sharakhai see the city as weak and ripe for conquest. Çeda, now leader of the Shieldwives, a band of skilled desert swordswomen, hopes to use the growing chaos to gain freedom for Sehid-Alaz, the ancient, undying king of her people. Freeing him is only the beginning, however. Like all the people of her tribe on that fateful night four centuries earlier, Sehid-Alaz was cursed, turned into an asir, a twisted, miserable creature beholden to the kings of Sharakhai--to truly free her king, Çeda must break the chains that bind him. As Sharakhai's enemies close in and the assault on the city begins, Çeda works feverishly to unlock the mysteries of the asirim's curse. But danger lies everywhere. Enemy forces roam the city; the Blade Maidens close in on her; her own father, one of the kings of Sharakhai, wants Çeda to hang. Worst of all, the gods themselves have begun to take notice of Çeda's pursuits. When the combined might of Sharakhai and the desert gods corner the survivors of the Thirteenth Tribe in a mountain fastness, the very place that nearly saw their annihilation centuries ago, Çeda knows the time has come. She was once an elite warrior in service to the kings of Sharakhai. She has been an assassin in dark places. A weapon poised to strike from the shadows. A voice from the darkness, striving to free her people. No longer. Now she's going to lead. The age of the Kings is coming to an end . . .
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An Artist s Way of Seeing

“ Must have been 1944. ” My husband and I gave each other a sideways glance as the car skidded to a halt on the side of the road . Falter began talking about a frozen pond at sunset , and children skating beneath a twisted tree .

Author: Mary Whyte

Publisher: Gibbs Smith

ISBN: 0941711757

Category: Art

Page: 93

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Artist Mary Whyte has learned many lessons over the years--lessons about art and, perhaps more important to her, lessons about life. In this book, she uses specific illustrations from her training, her teaching, her travels and her mentors to show the reader how to see and how to appreciate the artist's experience. Referring to numerous color and black and white examples, she explains what her intentions and feelings were during the composition and completion of many of her favorite works. The techniques of watercolor painting can be learned. Skill, according to Mary, is never enough. One must learn to feel as well as to see in order to become a complete artist and a complete person. Her paintings are beautiful; so is her soul. Mary Whyte is a graduate of The Tyler School of Art and is a nationally known watercolor artist, author and teacher. She is a resident of Johns Island, South Carolina, where she finds many of her subjects among the Gullah people--descendants of the slave culture of the barrier islands of coastal Carolina. Her works have been exhibited at and collected by many art galleries and museums. She is the author of Alfreda's World and the illustrator of a number of children's books.
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The Princeton Battle Monument

The chain-shot mowed a bloody path beneath the twisted trees. It looked all black for Princeton, . We lost our hopes of Princeton; We wavered, and we broke and fled as leaves before the breeze. 1' I ' Then down the hill from Tom Clark's ...



ISBN: PRNC:32101081978288

Category: Battlefield monuments

Page: 125

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Wrath Bearing Tree

She went back to the coins in their dark blood-warm hollow beneath the twisted tree. She felt a bit queasy as she crouched down to fish out the coins and the buckle—possibly it was the bleeding horse nearby.

Author: James Enge

Publisher: Pyr

ISBN: 9781616147822


Page: 377

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Gods Clash with Gods, and the powers beyond gods, as the origin story of Morlock Ambrosius continues! The masked powers of Fate and Chaos are killing gods in the land of Kaen, facing the Wardlands across the Narrow Sea. Vocates Aloê Oaij and Morlock Ambrosius cross into the unguarded lands, seeking to uncover the reasons for the godslaying, and to avert any threat to the lands the Graith of Guardians has sworn to protect. After crash-landing on the hostile coast of Kaen, the two Guardians confront vengeful frightened gods, a calmly murderous dragon, a demon called Andhrakar, and a bitter old necromancer named Merlin Ambrosius. Amid these dangers they find that they can trust no one but themselves—and each other. From the Trade Paperback edition.
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Wild About Britain

made their lairs beneath its rocks. ... Instead I sat on a mossy moorstone slab beneath the twisted trees, listened to the infant River Dart hissing down the valley, and thought it one of the most hallowed places in Britain.

Author: Brian Jackman

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 9781784770679

Category: NATURE

Page: 240

View: 143

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A new collection of award-winning journalist and author Brian Jackman's nature and travel writings from the past 40 years. This is a nationwide celebration of Britain's unspoiled coast and countryside, concentrating in particular on Britain's wildlife and the wild places in which its most spectacular species are found, but also touching on fishing, sailing and the way Britain's history has shaped the landscape. 'Wild about Britain is not a guidebook' says Brian Jackman. 'It's an extended love letter to the British countryside; a personal view covering more than four decades of travels in the wilder parts of Britain.' Complementing Brian Jackman's writing are a small number of illustrations from Jonathan Truss, one of the UK's leading wildlife artists who has twice won the Frozen Planet category of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. What makes the British countryside so special is its chameleon quality - the way its character changes with every few miles. Sometimes it can change dramatically; elsewhere the landscape undergoes more subtle shifts; but every region has its own distinctive qualities and is possessed of its own special magic. Brian Jackman writes eloquently and evocatively, conjuring up the sights and sounds of everything from barnacle geese on the salt marsh of an Islay loch to star gazing on Exmoor, of a seascape of headlands, cliffs and wave-smashed rocks at Lands End, of eagles on the Ardnamurchan peninsula and the autumn rut in the New Forest. Ancient oaks, red kites, huge mirror carp, the oldest path in Britain and Border reivers are all included. As a pioneer of eco-tourism, Brian Jackman has been writing on these subjects for 40 years, first as a travel writer for The Sunday Times and currently for The Daily Telegraph. Although more widely known for his knowledge of African wildlife and safaris - he is the author of The Marsh Lions and Savannah Diaries - it is his love of the British countryside that has brought him most of his awards. From Cornwall to Hermaness and from East Anglia to the Welsh Marches, Wild About Britain showcases Jackman's writing at its best.
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Countess Tyrone and the Earls

... listened for the creacks and secret sounds of the light wind lamenting sweet music at the top of the tall trees. ... distorted back legs disappeared deep beneath the twisted tree roots, back into the earth that sheltered its cubs.

Author: May Cassidy

Publisher: MWI Publishing

ISBN: 9780992770662

Category: Fiction

Page: 358

View: 286

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The greatest event in Irish history, the unexpected and sudden departure of Earl Tyrone, Earl Tyrconnell, Cuchonnacht Maguire and Cathabarr O'Donnell with ninety nine followers has mystified historians for centuries, giving rise to much speculation about the reasons for the northern nobles departure from Ireland on 14th September 1607. The event has been well chronicled yet the records give the facts of the flight from Ireland but say little about the emotional impact of such an event. Accompanying the Irish Earls and their retinue, were their wives and female relations as well as some of their young children. Most notable among them were Catherine, wife of Earl Tyrone, Nuala O'Donnell, Earl Tyrone's aunt and Rose, wife of Cathabarr O'Donnell. This is their story.
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Henry IV

The King spoke his first speech not in a throne room but on a road in the middle of a battlefield, as wailing widows mourned corpses strewed beneath the twisted trees. Hytner drew these images of grief and suffering partly from the ...

Author: James N. Loehlin

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781137037954

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 256

View: 171

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This engaging double-volume Handbook explores the Henry IV plays as texts for performance as they unfold, moment by moment, on the stage. With scene-by-scene commentary, and including an account of their life on stage, film and in criticism, this guide illuminates two plays that together rank as one of Shakespeare's greatest achievements.
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Princeton Alumni Weekly

... among the naked trees ; With horse and foot they hammered hard ; their bullets sang like bees ; And Mercer fell , and Haslet fell ; The bayonets cut us up like hell ; The chain - shot mowed a bloody path beneath the twisted trees .


Publisher: princeton alumni weekly

ISBN: PRNC:32101077278297



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The Witch of Rathborne Castle

Jane muttered beneath her breath as their carriage wound through the forest toward the castle. Suddenly, she sat up. Danger approaches. ... Death waits beneath the trees ahead. ... His yellow eyes glowed beneath the dark, twisted trees.

Author: Virginia Barlow

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509237975

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 666

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Lady Jane Lenwood is abandoned and left penniless and alone at Rathborne Castle in the middle of a dark, twisted forest. She yearns to live a normal life and blames her misfortunes on the current duke. But Lady Jane has a secret, a voice in her head warning her of the future, which brings unwanted visitors to her gates. Wounded, Max Radley is found inside the gates of Rathborne. He is intrigued and drawn to the beautiful red-haired woman the locals call a witch. After spending the winter snowed in, Max must resume his search for a traitor but finds he cannot forget Lady Jane. Treason, enemies, lies and deception surround them. Jane must give everything to save them both, as well as Rathborne.
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