The Best Fiction and Nonfiction of 2012

Author: C.E. Lukather
ISBN: 1300338598
Page: N.A
View: 4538

The Best Science Writing Online 2012

Author: Bora Zivkovic,Jennifer Ouellette
Publisher: Scientific American / Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374709858
Category: Science
Page: 352
View: 7211
Showcasing more than fifty of the most provocative, original, and significant online essays from 2011, The Best Science Writing Online 2012 will change the way we think about science— from fluids to fungi, poisons to pirates. Featuring noted authors and journalists as well as the brightest up-and-comers writing today, this collection provides a comprehensive look at the fascinating, innovative, and trailblazing scientific achievements and breakthroughs of 2011, along with elegant and thoughtprovoking new takes on favorite topics. This is the sixth anthology of online essays edited by Bora Zivkovic, the blogs editor at Scientific American, and with each new edition, Zivkovic expands his fan base and creates a surge of excitement about upcoming compilations. Now everyone's favorite collection will reach new horizons and even more readers. Guest-edited and with an introduction by the renowned science author and blogger Jennifer Ouellette, The Best Science Writing Online 2012 marries cutting-edge science with dynamic writing that will inspire us all.

Newcity's Best of Chicago 2012

The ultimate insider's guide to more than 500 things to do, facts to know and places to go
Author: The Editors of Newcity
Publisher: Agate Publishing
ISBN: 1572844043
Category: Reference
Page: 101
View: 6461
Best of Chicago is the definitive guide to America's third-largest city, created each year, for nineteen years running, by Chicago's only locally owned and operated alternative weekly, Newcity. Unlike other city guides that trot out the same-old same-old tourist traps, Best of Chicago is equally a resource for visitors, newcomers and lifelong Chicagoans. Readers will still learn the basics like who has the best hotdog, but so too, the best place to nonchalantly check out the opposite sex. Sure, Best of Chicago will tell readers who has the best holiday-themed theatrical production. But it also has the best hipster-free bar in Wicker Park. The best Middle Eastern restaurant, the best Montreal-style poutine in Chicago, the best place to drink in the forest preserves, the best unrecognized landmark to Chicago’s gay community, the best place to meet strangers over breakfast, and so on, through more than 500 entries. Entries are organized in five broad categories, including City Life, Culture & Nightlight, Food & Drink, Goods & Services, and Sports & Recreation. And not only will readers discover places to go in Chicago, but they'll learn about the city's history while enjoying a laugh or two throughout.

The Novels of Alex Miller

An Introduction
Author: Robert Dixon
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 1742696287
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 272
View: 4692
One of Australia's most respected novelists, Alex Miller's writing is both popular and critically well-received. He is twice winner of Australia's premier literary prize, the Miles Franklin Award. He has said that writing is his way of 'locating connections' and his work is known for its deeply empathic engagement with relationships and cultures. This collection explores his early and later works, including Miller's best-known novels, The Ancestor Game, Journey to the Stone Country, Lovesong and Autumn Laing. Contributors examine his intricately constructed plots, his interest in the nature of home and migration, the representation in his work of Australian history and culture, and key recurring themes including art and Aboriginal issues. Also included is a memoir, illustrated by photographs from his personal collection, in which Alex Miller reflects on his writing life. With contributions from leading critics including Raimond Gaita, Peter Pierce, Ronald A. Sharp, Brenda Walker, Elizabeth Webby and Geordie Williamson, this collection is the first substantial critical analysis of Alex Miller's work. It is an invaluable resource for anyone teaching and studying contemporary Australian literature.

The Best Australian Stories 2012

Author: Sonya Hartnett
Publisher: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1921870818
Category: Fiction
Page: 357
View: 7909
The Best Australian Stories 2012is the country's premier annual collection of short fiction. This year sees Sonya Hartnett select thirty-two remarkable stories that roam widely in subject and style, but share 'a delicate complexity and a vibrant cleverness.' A travelling scout for a modern-day freak show meets a girl with a strange and wonderful gift. A winning lottery ticket tests the bonds of three mismatched siblings. A beast of burden offers an alternative account of Australian settlement. There is dark humour, stealthy and unsettling, and moments of terror, whimsy, romance and surprise. What unites them is a steadfast commitment to the storyteller's art - the art of making the reader want to turn the page. 'These stories are breath-takers, the ones which render nothing more important than discovering what happens next.' Sonya Hartnett Romy Ash, David Astle, Jon Bauer, Greg Bogaerts, James Bradley, David Brooks, Kevin Brophy, Liam Davison, Michael Dignand, Brooke Dunnell, David Francis, Matt Gabriel, Erin Gough, Alan Gould, Marion Halligan, Rebecca Harrison, Ashley Hay, Sarah Holland-Batt, Marin Lindsay, Eva Lomski, Anthony Lynch, Alex Miller, Zoe Norton Lodge, Meredi Ortega, A.S. Patric, Bram Presser, Sean Rabin, Emma Schwarcz, Kate Simonian, David Sornig, Chris Womersley, Eric Yoshiaki Dando

The Best Business Writing 2012

Author: Dean Starkman
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231160739
Category: Business & Economics
Page: 439
View: 1687
Collects several inestigative reports on the business world, including the investigation into News of the World, an account of the consequences of the deregulation of medicine, and the legacy of Alan Greenspan.

The Best Writing on Mathematics 2013

Author: Mircea Pitici
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400847990
Category: Mathematics
Page: 272
View: 9227
This annual anthology brings together the year's finest mathematics writing from around the world. Featuring promising new voices alongside some of the foremost names in the field, The Best Writing on Mathematics 2013 makes available to a wide audience many articles not easily found anywhere else--and you don't need to be a mathematician to enjoy them. These writings offer surprising insights into the nature, meaning, and practice of mathematics today. They delve into the history, philosophy, teaching, and everyday occurrences of math, and take readers behind the scenes of today's hottest mathematical debates. Here Philip Davis offers a panoramic view of mathematics in contemporary society; Terence Tao discusses aspects of universal mathematical laws in complex systems; Ian Stewart explains how in mathematics everything arises out of nothing; Erin Maloney and Sian Beilock consider the mathematical anxiety experienced by many students and suggest effective remedies; Elie Ayache argues that exchange prices reached in open market transactions transcend the common notion of probability; and much, much more. In addition to presenting the year's most memorable writings on mathematics, this must-have anthology includes a foreword by esteemed mathematical physicist Roger Penrose and an introduction by the editor, Mircea Pitici. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in where math has taken us--and where it is headed.

Ich will dich sterben sehen

Author: Pierre Lemaitre
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks
ISBN: 3843707898
Category: Fiction
Page: 400
View: 5644
Der Heimweg durch die dunkle Straße. Plötzlich ein Schlag, ein Knebel, das Innere eines Lieferwagens. Gefesselt und in einen Käfig gesperrt, wacht diejunge Alex in einer Lagerhalle auf. Ohne Kleidung. Ohne Wasser. Ohne Essen. Auf ihre Fragen bekommt sie nur eine Antwort: »Ich will dichsterben sehen.« Sie weiß, ihr Peiniger meint es ernst. Denn sie kennt ihn. Doch als die Polizei ihr Gefängnis endlich entdeckt, ist Alex verschwunden – unterwegs, um Rache zunehmen. Und niemand kann sie stoppen ...

Cammie and Alex's Adventures with the Skateland Monster

Author: Olga Jaffae
Publisher: Tate Pub & Enterprises Llc
ISBN: 9781621477747
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 427
View: 8120
Even before she reached the rink, Cammie knew something wasn't right. 'What's wrong? Why are the police here?' Coach Ferguson's pale blue eyes narrowed. 'Cammie, didn't you hear the announcement? A skater is missing.' Every skater in Skateland is excited about the upcoming show devoted to the history of figure skating. Except Cammie. She hates practicing boring figures and participating in an old-fashioned group number. But when Cammie's roommatethe show's star performergoes missing during the dress rehearsal, Cammie is ignited with passion to rescue her friend at all cost. She learns of a magical skating history book that can transport people back in time. Cammie suspects foul play by the evil skating witches and, with the help of her best friend Alex, travels back into time to rescue the missing skater before it's too late. Readers will love learning ice-skating history as Cammie and Alex travel to sixteenth-century Holland and nineteenth-century England, meeting famous skaters such as Jackson Haines, Sonja Henie, and Ulrich Salchow. Will this be the end of Cammie, Alex and their friend? You will find the answer in Cammie and Alex's Adventures in Skating History, Olga Jaffae's third book in the Skateland series.

History of Soy Sauce (160 CE To 2012)

Author: William Shurtleff,Akiko Aoyagi
Publisher: Soyinfo Center
ISBN: 1928914446
Category: Fermented soyfoods
Page: 2523
View: 6272

Let Me Tell You About Alex - Crazy Days and Nights on the Road with the Hurricane

Wild Days and Nights on the Road with the World's Greatest Snooker Player Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins
Author: John Virgo
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1843584409
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 300
View: 1519
There is a tribute book to be written about the nicest man in snooker - but this isnt it! Whatever else he was, The Hurricane wasnt nice. He was unpredictable, wild, demonic and obsessive. The Peoples Champion was an unstoppable force who transformed snooker from a niche sport into a must watch phenomenon. Drawing upon unrivalled access to The Hurricanes friends and player colleagues, this is an affectionate and honest portrayal of the most legendary player ever to hit the world of snooker. This is a real tribute book and an honest and affectionate portrait of the snooker legend by John Virgo who was a great friend, rival and compatriot to the most complicated genius ever to grace the game. Virgo was frequently driven to despair by Higgins antics, the gambling, the drug using, the sheer uninhibited madness of the man but there was always a buzz around the man, there was ALWAYS something happening !

Real Food Fermentation

Preserving Whole Fresh Food with Live Cultures in Your Home Kitchen
Author: Alex Lewin
Publisher: Quarry
ISBN: 1592537847
Category: COOKING
Page: 176
View: 543
Fermentation is one of the earliest forms of natural food preservation, and without it, our beloved vegetables, fruits, grains, and milk would be heaps of moldy abundance after the harvest. Learn how to turn simple ingredients into health goldmines such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, and more in this flavorful book. Author and health strategist Alex Lewin empowers you with the tools, techniques, instructions, and delicious recipes to make all fermented foods at home in this essential book for your culinary library. Inside, you’ll find recipes for making coleslaws, preserved lemons, ceviche, vinegars, yogurt, and more. The science, art, and craft of fermenting foods are also explained in meaningful detail. Learn how to choose and prepare only the best, freshest ingredients for all your kitchen fermenting projects with Real Food Fermentation.

The American Presidents Ranked by Performance, 1789–2012, 2d ed.

Author: Charles F. Faber,Richard B. Faber
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 0786492775
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 299
View: 8270
This is a revision and an updating of the first edition, published in 2000. Presidents from Washington to Obama (not included are William Henry Harrison and James A. Garfield because of very short terms) are rated in five categories: Foreign Relations, Domestic Programs, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations, Leadership and Decision Making, and Presidential Comportment. Each president is evaluated on his effectiveness in each area and a final analysis is provided for the scores combined. The presidents are then ranked overall. The most overrated and underrated chief executives are identified. Each entry includes biographical and political information, as well as an analysis of their overall behavior and status.

Alex and the Amazing Time Machine

Author: Rich Cohen
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company (BYR)
ISBN: 146681604X
Category: Juvenile Fiction
Page: 176
View: 473
Alex Trumble is a pretty ordinary kid—except for the fact that his IQ borders on genius, and he loves to read books on vortexes and time travel. But when two angry hit men kidnap his big brother Steven, Alex's life changes fast. Inventing a time machine (using an iPod, mirrors, duct tape, and a laser pointer) is only half the battle. With the help of the time-bending Dingus, Alex and his best friend Todd must travel back in time to collect clues, outwit the bad guys, and race against the clock to save his family from total oblivion.

Alex Miller: the ruin of time

Author: Robert Dixon
Publisher: Sydney University Press
ISBN: 1743324073
Category: Literary Criticism
Page: 229
View: 6642
Alex Miller: The Ruin of Time is the first sole-authored critical survey of the respected Australian novelist's eleven novels. While these books are immediately accessible to the general reading public, they are manifestly works of high literary seriousness - substantial, technically masterful and assured, intricately interconnected, and of great imaginative, intellectual and ethical weight. Among his many prizes and awards, Alex Miller has twice won the Miles Franklin Literary Award, for The Ancestor Game in 1993, and Journey to the Stone Country in 2003; the Commonwealth Writers' prize, also for The Ancestor Game in 1993; and the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards Christina Stead Prize, for Conditions of Faith in 2001 and Lovesong in 2011. He received a Centenary Medal in 2001 and the Melbourne Prize for Literature in 2012. In 2011 he was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Having published his eleventh novel, Coal Creek, in 2013 - which won the Victorian Premier's Fiction Award in 2014 - Miller is currently writing an autobiographical memoir with the working title 'Horizons'.

White Horse

Author: Alex Adams
Publisher: Piper Fantasy
ISBN: 3492983111
Category: Fiction
Page: 448
View: 5841
Eine Welt, die alle Hoffnung verloren hat. Eine junge Frau, die ihr ungeborenes Kind beschützen muss. Und ein uraltes Rätsel, das für uns alle zur tödlichen Gefahr wird ... Die junge Zoe entdeckt in ihrer Wohnung ein merkwürdiges Glasgefäß, dessen Herkunft sie sich nicht erklären kann. Als sie den Behälter öffnet, breitet sich eine geheimnisvolle Seuche aus, »White Horse«. Unzählige Menschen sterben, das Ende aller Zeiten scheint gekommen. Zoe verliert nicht nur ihre Familie, sondern auch ihren geliebten Nick, der spurlos verschwindet und von dem sie schwanger ist. Auf sich allein gestellt, macht sich Zoe auf die Suche – wird sie Nick wiederfinden, um das Geheimnis von »White Horse« zu lüften?

The Remington Registry of Outstanding Professionals 2011-2012

"Inspiring the Youth of America"
Author: J Alex Ficarra
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1477263780
Category: Biography & Autobiography
Page: 838
View: 2659
Undoubtedly growing up during the Vietnam War, water gate and gas shortages can have a profound effect on a child. Also being the son of immigrant parents most certainly can lead to a traumatizing clash of cultures and the understanding of right and wrong. With that being said the Remington Company gave me the honor of a lifetime by letting me express my thoughts in unison with telling the brilliant stories of professionals around the world. As I wrote endlessly 24 hours a day I realized that our world is full of hope and real promise. I realized that it wasnt about war, ideology and the pursuit of global domination. I realized that in the pages of this great book great things were about to happen if only these stories can be made public. I realized that I had the opportunity of a lifetime by expressing the Humanitarian attributes that these professionals continually made. After many years of writing I realized that the Remington Company had a distinct and noble purpose and perhaps we could not change the present but we could certainly try to change our future. With that we created our Mentorship Program which gets these prolific stories out to the children. We wrote the stories with zest but never crossed the line of respect or dignity. We wished to capture the hearts of our audience and prove to them that giving was not an option but more so our duty as life forms on our planet. Today our book has a theme Inspiring the youth of America. This theme was our way of telling the world Lets hold hands and prepare our children for a better life. today I continue to write for the Registry. My life has irrevocably changed for the better. I volunteer for any thing all the time. I enjoy moments of quiet and the appreciation of our environment. I read these biographies in amazement as everyone else does and it never seems to get uneventful. Either way I sincerely hope you enjoy these biographies and use them to strengthen your spirit and confidence about our existence as a species on this planet. I patiently wait for divine intervention in order to write my next biography and am happy to serve the brilliant members of the Remington Registry of Outstanding Professionals.

The Best American Sports Writing 2012

Author: Michael Wilbon,Glenn Stout
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547336977
Category: Sports & Recreation
Page: 361
View: 9758
Presents essays about sports chosen from magazines and newspapers published in 2012, on topics ranging from bullfighting to basketball, baseball, and boxing.

The Lady And Alex Payton

Author: Nikki Benjamin
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 1460880714
Category: Fiction
Page: 180
View: 3454
The bad boy was back . KIDNAPPED Kari Gray had often dreamed that she'd see Alex again. In the ten years since he had walked out on her, she'd been tormented by memories, by questions without answers. Now, suddenly, Alex was back, but it was not the romantic reunion she'd fantasized. Her first love was holding her captive. Alex Payton had a job to do. Kidnapping was not the best way to do it, but it was all he could think of to keep Kari from marrying Brandon Selby, a man hiding murderous secrets. Alex's first and only priority was keeping Kari safe. That meant keeping a level head and his heart under cover. Unearthing the past would surely destroy them both .

Northern Illinois University 2012

Author: Alex Aguilar
Publisher: College Prowler
ISBN: 1427498105
Category: Reference
Page: N.A
View: 1262