Blessing the Animals

I found inspiration for this Circle of Blessing in the sacred Navajo Blessingway ceremony. Additionally, this section includes poems, prayers, and blessings for use in creating your own service. Historically, the act of blessing animals ...

Author: Lynn L. Caruso

Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing

ISBN: 9781594732539

Category: Nature

Page: 236

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A beautiful collection of blessings, prayers and meditations from many faith traditions about the creatures, wild and tame, that inhabit our world. Includes memorial prayers and prayers for an animal suffering illness or injury.
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Blessing of the Animals

PART ONE Animals Invade Spiritual and Religious Centers H oly Cow " takes on a completely new meaning during events commemorating Blessing of the Animals , World Animal Day , Animal Welfare Sunday , Earth Day , Be Kind to Animals Week ...

Author: Diana L. Guerrero

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402729677

Category: Pets

Page: 130

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This compendium of stories, prayers, ceremonies, and engaging tidbits is a blessing not only for the animals of the world, but for all animal lovers, too. It welcomes all creeds, all breeds, and covers everything from amusing contemporary phenomena--with such chapters as "Rites of Paw-sage: Muzzle Tov,” about "bark” and other mitzvahs--to more serious issues of pet illness, loss, and burial. There are blessings for the furry, feathered, scaled, and finned; prayers for a new pet; fascinating background on the historical roots of critter celebrations (plus information on where to find some of the most popular ones today); tales of muttrimony and other pet nuptials; and advice on hosting a purr-fect party or participating in a pet pageant.
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Blessing of the Animals

At my church, we call it Blessing of the Animals. Some folks thought I was nuts the first time I invited congregants to bring their pets to church. We'd just renovated ourbuilding and installed $40,000 worth of new carpet.

Author: Gary A. Kowalski

Publisher: Lantern Books

ISBN: 9781590563649

Category: Religion

Page: 150

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Come into the Cathedral of the Earth to worship and to... find out how "swarm intelligence" is creating smarter phone systems inspired by the creativity and collective wisdom of the common ant; discover what happens when a visionary artist travels to Africa to bury the portraits of 23 primates who died in a Philadelphia zoo; ponder how cultures as diverse as the Cherokee, Chinese, Egyptians, and ancient Hindus identified the night s brightest star with a canine spirit guide; explore how meditation practice helps a Buddhist beekeeper fend off a disease that threatens most of the world s honeybees. These true stories and many more will make you laugh, weep, and marvel at the amazing creatures who share our planet, from the earthworm to the elephant, all in Blessings of the Animals."
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An Introductory Dictionary of Theology and Religious Studies

150 BLESSING ( JUDAISM ) presides over a liturgical service does not the fulfillment of a religious commanduse such ... The service for the bless- fill the world " ; upon hearing of a death , ing of animals , for instance , asks God to ...

Author: Orlando O. Espín

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814658563

Category: Religion

Page: 1521

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Spanning the gamut from "Aaron" to "Zwingli," this dictionary includes nearly 3,000 entries written by about sixty authors, all of whom are specialists in their various theological and religious disciplines. The editors have designed the dictionary especially to aid the introductory-level student with instant access to definitions of terms likely to be encountered in, but not to substitute for, classroom presentations or reading assignments. - Publisher.
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The Priestly Blessing

The 1989 revised Book of Blessings is quite different from the pre–Vatican II blessing of animals. The revised Order for the Blessing of Animals may be celebrated by a priest or a deacon; however, provision is also made for a layperson ...

Author: Stephen J. Rossetti

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

ISBN: 9781594718489

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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A bestselling author and leading expert on the Catholic priesthood, Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti forges a renewed theology of priestly blessing, encouraging his brother priests to embrace the habit of blessing people, objects, and events. In this provocative and inspirational book he shows how the blessing is integral to the identity of priests and crucial to the spiritual wellbeing of all the faithful. Msgr. Stephen Rossetti fears that many priests shy away from blessing people and objects because of a lack of awareness of the rich tradition of Church blessings and a deficit in training for this important pastoral practice. In The Priestly Blessing, Rossetti urges priests to boldly and frequently embrace this ancient practice because of their unique calling. Rossetti traces the history of blessing in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. He also explores the various types of blessing, such as praise of God, the invocation of special benefit from God, and being consecrated to God. The Priestly Blessing also helps priests reflect on what saints and mystics have taught about blessing as a vital activity of the Church, and outlines connections between Catholic sacramental theology, the practice of priestly blessing, and the Catholic understanding of creation that helps make sense of priests blessing objects and animals.
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God s Future for Animals

No star, tree, or animal except the human is the representative of God on earth. ... In the end, it does sound like a blessing to humans. ey may be fruitful, multiply, populate, and subdue the earth. us humans receive control “over the ...

Author: Raymond R. Hausoul

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781666703429

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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God loves animals and gives them a special place in creation. So, do animals also have a place in God's work of redemption? Will there be animals on the new Earth? Will we see our beloved pets in the afterlife? This book takes up the challenge to think in a responsible way through these questions. The author focuses in particular on the physical restoration, the prophetic proclamation of the coming animal peace, the attitude of God and humanity towards animals, and the question of the relationship between biblical life, the future of animals, and vegetarianism. What can the Bible and Christian doctrine reveal to us about God's way with animals?
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The Once Unknown Familiar

One of the usual functions of shamans and Witches is the blessing of animals. Witches and shamans were tradition​ ally called in to heal sick livestock, to midwife for various animals during labor, to add protective energy to shield the ...

Author: Timothy Roderick

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738748573



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The animal spirit is an extension of the unconscious mind and will reveal its power to those who seek its help. By using the techniques in The Once Unknown Familiar, you will tap into the long-forgotten Northern and Western European heritage of the "Familiar Self" and invoke the untamed, transformative power of these magical beasts.
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Liberating Animals eBook

The water can be blessed before the animals come, or everybody can gather together the day before animal liberation. Recite many times the mantras prescribed in the practice, and then everybody can blow on the water to bless it (many, ...

Author: FPMT

Publisher: FPMT


Category: Religion


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The practices and mantras found in Liberating Animals from the Danger of Death are profound methods to prolong life and cure sickness by making special effort to benefit and protect the lives of helpless creatures that are on the verge of being killed. Not only do we save these beings from immediate suffering, but we also create the cause for their attainment of better future lives. This eBook includes: - Liberating Animals: The Actual Practice - Teachings and Advice on Ways of Benefiting Animals - Practices, Mantras and Texts to Benefit Animals - Student Stories - Additional Resources to Benefit Animals 2009 Edition.
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Be a Blessing

Whilst subduing the earth is noted as under the umbrella of dominion (gen 1:26), when god blesses the couple they subdue the earth (to multiply and fill it) but have dominion over the animals (gen ...

Author: Elizabeth Ellen Ostring

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781498278706

Category: Religion

Page: 282

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Utilizing the techniques of narratology and literary analysis, this study examines the foundational biblical text of Genesis to develop the theology of ordinary human work that emerges from it. The study offers a history of Christian theologies of human work as well as a unique approach to both the topic of work and the literary structure of Genesis. The emerging concept of blessing rather than achievement provides a refreshing and yet practical approach to human work. This is a valuable complement to the current interest in this topic, and one that, although challenging some current concepts, is encouraging.
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The Blessing

Everywhere the blessing comes upon the man; the replenished demand comes with the blessing. The replenish-command is only demanded of the man, not animals or plants or simply put, other creatures of God except man. “And God blessed them ...

Author: Ekeregbe P. Merit

Publisher: XinXii

ISBN: 9783959264426

Category: Religion

Page: 218

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The blessing is not riches alone, though riches are part of the blessing but not sufficient on itself. It is the blessing that makes the riches and not the riches that make the blessing. The blessing encompasses the blessing of the name of God; the blessing of the grace or the mercy of God through Jesus Christ; peace and security in the blessing; the virtues in the blessing through the Holy Spirit; the riches in the blessing; and the eternity home of the blessing: these are the components that make the blessing. Anyone who is blessed must first be blessed with the knowledge of the God of the blessing which transfers on him the grace and the mercy of the God of the blessing. “That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith,” Galatians 3:14 (KJV).
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