Captain Rugged

Captain Rugged is a multimedia graphic-novel collaboration between Nigerian musicians and artists Keziah Jones (born 1968) and Native Maqari (born 1980) that describes Nigeria's oil boom of the 1970s.

Author: Keziah Jones

Publisher: Damiani Editore

ISBN: 8862083408

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 120

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Captain Rugged is a multimedia project collaboration between 2 Nigerian artists: Keziah Jones and Native Maqari. The book is a graphic novel and will come out with a special music card that will contain the url to download the tracks of Keziah Jones' CD album of the same name. The two artists have witnessed the most transformative stories happening within and around them in the city of Lagos so it was inevitable that they both attempted to put this into words and image and sound for an outside audience in order that they might also get an idea of the character of the city. After the oil boom years of the '70's, visually, Lagos resembled what can only be described as an unfinished African utopia; grand projects lay abandoned and subsequently taken over by the homeless, grand motorways that span the lagoons surrounding the islands of Lagos overrun by hastily constructed shanty towns on stilts. The city became both futuristic and of the past at the same time. Captain Rugged is set amongst the teeming masses that live in these in-between places. The only protagonist that Keziah and Native could conceive of who was surviving on his own terms in this type of environment was a superhero.This is due to the fact of the unending harshness of the daily grind of the inhabitants. But daily grind can also be experienced as transcendence, because at the end of every day Lagosians will sit down and ease away their troubles by recounting, to whomever will listen, the numerous surprising and amazing things they have seen over a beer and some music. For both artists the city of Lagos will never cease to amaze, therefore it was not surprising that a superhero called Captain Rugged would appear, because if they didn't invent him someone else would have.
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The Rugged Terrain to the American Dream

Like the TV soap opera, “the young and the restless,” he was so young and so
restless that he could not fully grasp what the ship's captain, Dione Vestergaard,
had tried to tell him on the eve of his paying off from the ship in Baltimore.

Author: Charles Addo

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595005406

Category: Fiction

Page: 108

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Born and raised in the West African nation of Ghana, David, this eccentric young man travels to America in search of the American Dream, only to discover a complex labyrinth of harsh reality in which he had been caught. A thought-provoking novel that examines the friction from moral and legal perspectives, between bending the rules of a host country in response to the strict demands of personal survival instinct, and the unbending realities of the host country抯 contemporary legal tradition. In a lively recollection, the author articulates David抯 search for a piece of the American Dream with characteristic zest and humor. Culminating in a defiance of great odds into eventual triumph, David rises from the rubbles of extreme homelessness that almost cost him his life, and illustriously comes out unscathed to complete with high academic honors, a Ph.D. in business administration from an American university. A must read novel that inspires with an unusual insight into the resilience of the human spirit under the severest of adversities, reveals human frailties in the indulgence of prurient appetites, while simultaneously exposing the loopholes in the higher educational loan dispensation system.
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The Rugged Man Four Historical Romances

The captain wouldn't allow it. It will be the four of us, and the captain and
someone of his choosing,” said William. They finished making arrangements for
the evening and as the SmithPierces walked away, Bonnie said, “The Captain's
table not ...

Author: Doreen Milstead

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781365070594

Category: Fiction


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Mail Order Bride: A Lonely Life With Her Damaged Cowboy - A woman from England decides to get out of London and seek a husband in California and after corresponding with a cowboy, makes her way there. Big Enough For Love - Sick of the taunts from the inhabitants of her small town, above average weight Jocelyn had endured numerous insults since she was a small child. Hannah & Tim’s Story - A woman from Ohio investigates a mail order bride fraud, and then decides to head off to meet a man who she had corresponded with and for whom her dead husband held high regards. Her Roy often visited her and offered his advice, although he was fading away rapidly. Mail Order Bride: A Widow & Her Rival – A woman falls in love with a man who goes off to war, and her life is changed forever.
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Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross An Atheist s Libertarian Trek to Christ

Later, the Captain would win my heart by softening and repenting toward his
family. He became a great dad when he softened. I did not know the reality
behind my New Bedford exodus; I mean the reality of my father's evil. Therefore,
fathers ...

Author: G. Zeineldé Jordan, Se.

Publisher: BookCountry

ISBN: 9781463007102

Category: Biography & Autobiography


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Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross? tenders you through blissful childhood, racial acclimation, troubled teen-hood, drug-addicted adulthood, enviable fairytale romance, spirit-killing divorce. Witness complicated political and religious ideals simplify in Biblical and U.S. Constitutional harmony in a manner any layman can follow as the three-volume autobiography unfolds. Journey from red-brick northern buildings, Roanoke Island tranquility, California migration, scorching Arizona, then catapult to Georgia’s Peach-State charm while accompanying troubled youth, George Medeiros, unintentionally destined to become a spiritually harmonized man, G. Zeineldé Jordan, Se. Christian-bashing atheist activist “Jordan” becomes Christian after reexamining details of the Resurrection of Christ. He remained politically Libertarian despite religious bigots’ disgruntlement with his unending love for U. S. constitutional liberty.
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So Rugged and Mountainous

On the Kansas River the company elected John Bidwell secretary and John
Bartleson captain of the train, “but no one knew where to go, not even the captain
.”3 The first man chosen to lead a wagon train received mixed reviews. Bidwell
later ...

Author: Will Bagley

Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press

ISBN: 9780806184036

Category: History

Page: 544

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The story of America’s westward migration is a powerful blend of fact and fable. Over the course of three decades, almost a million eager fortune-hunters, pioneers, and visionaries transformed the face of a continent—and displaced its previous inhabitants. The people who made the long and perilous journey over the Oregon and California trails drove this swift and astonishing change. In this magisterial volume, Will Bagley tells why and how this massive emigration began. While many previous authors have told parts of this story, Bagley has recast it in its entirety for modern readers. Drawing on research he conducted for the National Park Service’s Long Distance Trails Office, he has woven a wealth of primary sources—personal letters and journals, government documents, newspaper reports, and folk accounts—into a compelling narrative that reinterprets the first years of overland migration. Illustrated with photographs and historical maps, So Rugged and Mountainous is the first of a projected four-volume history, Overland West: The Story of the Oregon and California Trails. This sweeping series describes how the “Road across the Plains” transformed the American West and became an enduring part of its legacy. And by showing that overland emigration would not have been possible without the cooperation of Native peoples and tribes, it places American Indians at the center of trail history, not on its margins.
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Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People

Captain Egan was in command of the post. We were ordered out to quell an
uprising of the Indians, and were out for several days. We had several skirmishes
during which six of the soldiers were killed and several badly wounded.

Author: Stewart H. Holbrook

Publisher: Epicenter Press

ISBN: 9781935347958

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 210

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From the brick-paved streets of Boston and New England, to the deserts of Arizona, to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, beloved author and columnist Stewart Holbrook takes his readers down uncharted paths in a series of delightful pieces. Little Annie Oakley and Other Rugged People is pure Americana that delves into the myths of unhackneyed and motley people, and the places they made famous. Interspersed among character bits are rich historical views of places, the author’s own experiences in logging camps, and enthusiastic sketches of the near-extinct Yankee.
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Captain Mac

Donald MacMillan was a rugged captain. Schooner Bowdoin is a rugged ship.
According to Andy Chase of Maine Maritime Academy, “She's fabulous, as good
a boat as you can get.” And no one is ruling out another trip to the North.
Highlights ...

Author: Mary Morton Cowan

Publisher: Boyds Mills Press

ISBN: 9781629791746

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

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From 1908 until 1954, Donald Baxter MacMillan spent nearly 50 years exploring the Arctic—longer than anyone else. Growing up near the ocean, and orphaned by 12, MacMillan forged an adventurous life. Mary Morton Cowan focuses on the vital role MacMillan played in Robert Peary's 1908-09 North Pole Expedition, as well as his relationships with explorers Peary, Matthew Henson, and Richard Byrd. She follows his long and distinguished career, including daring adventures, contributions to environmental science and to the cultural understanding of eastern Arctic natives. Working closely with the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum at Bowdoin College, Cowan showcases many MacMillan documents and archival photographs, many MacMillan's own in this winner of the John Burroughs Nature Books for Young Readers Award.
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Curse of the Snow Dragon

The captain's rugged facial features wriggled up into a smirk, as he said, “Just
damn!” He was commenting on his detective's choice of wardrobe. He continued,
“I can't believe those jewel thieves didn't see you coming from a mile away.

Author: Dr. Anthony Scheiber

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595762385

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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Never again, will the world be safe. Even in the guarded sanctuary of one's home, the threat exists. The race to decipher Human genetic DNA, combined with the advent of high-speed computers, the widespread use of the Internet and a passion to carry out world devastation, precisely align to create the deadliest threat ever known to the sanctity of Mankind's existence. Human DNA reads like a computer code. A deranged software genius, driven by a family vendetta, unleashes the Curse of the Snow Dragon across the Internet. This evolutionary, base four coded virus hides in normal binary computer code and uplinks directly off a computer terminal into the human brain. Detective Timber Redstone and the NanoForce find themselves in a desperate race, to stop this deadly computer hacker before he unleashes the full extent of his computer genius on an unsuspecting global population.
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Black Diamond the Commander

The captain was a pale skinned elderly gentleman with deep lines etched across
his granite like face. ... Seemingly satisfied with what he saw the captain inquired
as to his qualifications. ... A smile broke across the captain's rugged features.

Author: Anthony Scheiber

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781469757438

Category: Fiction

Page: 536

View: 835

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Black Diamond: The Commander is the exciting, fast paced story of Michael Thomas Striker, a rugged young military officer falsely accused of murdering a senior official admidst the smoldering battlefields of Mars. Just as his sentence is being levied, his courageous band of commandos rescue him from the clutches of a justice system gone terribly wrong. While making his escape through the treacherous dangers of the asteroid belt, the Commander is enlisted to become the next guardian of a mysterious gemstone, the royal symbol of a powerful alien civilization ruling an entire quadrant of star systems at the center of the galaxy. When the Commander learns his beloved has been kidnapped by pirates, he and his elite commando team, the Cobra Squadron, battle their way across the solar system to face a ruthless pirate warlord invulnerable in an underground fortress hidden deep below Jupiter's inhospitable surface. Black Diamond: The Commander delivers the ultimate rescue adventure filled with heroism, suspense, high tech driven intrigue, and spine tingling action every perilous step of the way!
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Murmurings from Rugged Waters

Captain Lyall and Jessie Tynlan . I was at dinner one day when auld Nancie
burst in with the news that Jessie had run away with the captain . Grandfather
said “ I ' ll awa ' doon an ' see Auld Yiddie ; he ' ll need some sympathy . ” As for
myself ...

Author: James Polwarth Broomfield

Publisher: Detroit, Mich., International publishing Company

ISBN: NYPL:33433074853296


Page: 303

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After Captain Cook

It is situated in rugged gorge country , on the site of part of an earlier station
established in 1841. East Kunderang was established as an owner - occupied
run in 1889 , and for the next 100 years its cattle , horses and stockmen
established an ...

Author: Rodney Harrison

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0759106576

Category: Social Science

Page: 231

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The papers collected in this volume address the historical archaeology of Aboriginal Australia & its application in researching the shared history of Aboriginal & settler Australians.
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Little Annie Oakley Other Rugged People

Captain Egan was in command of the post . We were ordered out to quell an
uprising of the Indians , and were out for several days . We had several
skirmishes during which six of the soldiers were killed and several badly
wounded .

Author: Stewart H. Holbrook

Publisher: New York : Macmillan Company

ISBN: UOM:39015069768227

Category: United States

Page: 238

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The flowers of literature or Encyclop dia of anecdote a coll by W Oxberry

When the captain is melted by the pathetic address , and lily - white breast of the
lady , is it not clearly and expressively ... who are admirably characterized by the
epithet “ brisk ; " we have the ' mirthful Taylor and the rugged sea - captain , the ...

Author: William Oxberry


ISBN: OXFORD:590742641



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Escape from the Atomic Fallout

The rugged boat built for such weather dove into the waves and up she rose
higher and higher, then down to stop with a crash and shudder. Captain Kelley at
the wheel watched the compass heading like a hawk keeping the vessel headed

Author: Capt. Gardner Martin Kelley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481757003

Category: Fiction

Page: 622

View: 228

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The author along with his wife and two young grandsons are stranded at his (almost bomb proof) hunting camp in Marion, Maine after a severe snow storm blocks the roads. Unknown to the fact that there has been a disaster and all are dead, the captain travels by snowshoes to investigate. Rather than join his neighbors in death he must get himself, his wife, and the two boys on a long and dangerous cruise. The spindrift spray slashed across the windows of the pilot house. The rugged boat built for such weather dove into the waves and up she rose higher and higher, then down to stop with a crash and shudder. Captain Kelley at the wheel watched the compass heading like a hawk keeping the vessel headed into the waves, was a must. If the boat rolled off course and got hit on the side by a wave it could be the end. The heavy ice coating aloft in the rigging would not allow a quick rise. His tired eyes peered again at the compass and then looked ahead into the darkness. How anxiously he awaited daylight and the sun to melt off the ice from the rigging. What was he doing out here on the ocean in the winter storm? The answer to that question of course is the following interesting sea story: The Escape from the Atomic Fallout The rugged sea captain with his wife and two young grandsons went on a visit to his Maine hunting camp in late November and are stranded by atomic bomb fallout. They must get from the frigid cold weather to the warmer climate further down south. The preparations and start in a boat must be made from Lubec, Maine to the east coast of North Carolina, near Cape Lookout Lighthouse.
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How to Be a Successful Bus Pastor Or Bus Captain

THE OLD RUGGED CROSS On a hill far away , Stood an old rugged cross The
emblem of suffering and shame And I love that old cross , Where the dearest and
best For a world of lost sinners was slain . So I ' ll cherish the old rugged cross ...

Author: Carlton T. Goodman


ISBN: 0801036615

Category: Busing in church work

Page: 183

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Rugged Water

Olive Myrick was the captain's wife. Her home was at West Harniss, nine miles
distant across the bay, but she had come down to the station when her husband
was taken ill, and had been living there for three weeks. The keeper was
permitted, ...

Author: Joseph Crosby Lincoln


ISBN: UOM:39015023142634


Page: 385

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Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs

All such , we suspect , would pronounce the Captain rugged , stubborn , and
austere in his disposition ; whereas in fact , he is smooth , even - tempered , and
facile ! In aid of the portrait , however , it is necessary we should add a verbal ...

Author: Johnson Jones Hooper


ISBN: NYPL:33433076023476

Category: American wit and humor

Page: 201

View: 150

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Adventures of Captain Simon Suggs Late of the Tallapoosa Volunteers

All such , we suspect , would pronounce the Captain rugged , stubborn , and
austere in his disposition ; whereas in fact , he is smooth , even - tempered , and
facile ! In aid of the portrait , however , it is necessary we should add a verbal ...

Author: Johnson Jones Hooper


ISBN: UCAL:B4410396


Page: 207

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Big Medicine

... like my brother, or his neighbors, around Lake Baykal,” the rugged captain
laughed, his eyes gleaming with assurance. ... The captain's emphasis startled
Igor and suggested he was ignorant of what dangers lie ahead, “do you trust me,

Author: Charlie Nicks

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469115238

Category: Fiction

Page: 513

View: 788

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Big Medicine is an intellectually rich and engaging historical epic detailing the early development of the West from 1850 to 1893. This enthralling historical novel is set on the present day Flathead Indian Reservation in Western Montanas magnificent Mission Valley. This is the story of trappers, traders, tribes, cattle barons, copper kings and timber czars and the political, military and personal struggles that eventually settled the fabled land, Montana. They came from far and wide, into a wild and untamed wilderness, risking all they had in hope of finding a better life, each of them hoping to fulfill their own personal vision. Some did, most did not, but all of their stories dress the captivating pages of Big Medicine.
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One of the Last rugged Individualists

They investigated , and were horrified to find the body of Captain Battles there
before them . When the report was brought to the Company , we refused to
believe it . However , a personal investigation by Lieutenant Keeley and me
confirmed it .

Author: John W. Kress


ISBN: WISC:89066171554

Category: World War, 1914-1918

Page: 86

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