Charting a Bold Course

In Charting a Bold Course, Andrew Seidel provides an exceptional tool to get you started on cultivating the unique gifts and abilities God has given you and your leadership team.

Author: Andrew Seidel

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 1575675870

Category: Religion

Page: 304

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Leadership development is a life-long process. Yet the church of Jesus Christ is in desperate need of strong leaders in this generation. In Charting a Bold Course, Andrew Seidel provides an exceptional tool to get you started on cultivating the unique gifts and abilities God has given you and your leadership team. This leadership course will fit perfectly in a leadership training program.
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Charting the Course for Leaders Lessons from Priority Schools in a Plc at Work r a Leadership Anthology to Help Priority School Leaders Turn Their

This book is an all-encompassing resource to help priority school leaders take steps to turn their school around.

Author: Sharon V. Kramer


ISBN: 1951075595

Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 877

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This all-encompassing anthology delivers clear steps that leaders can take throughout the PLC at Work® process to turn their priority schools around. Every key topic is considered and discussed--from prioritizing time for collaboration to implementing effective coaching to aligning school and district goals. Over the course of thirteen chapters, readers will grow in their role as leaders and gain a clear vision of how to evolve their priority school into a thriving place of learning. ● Discover how to effectively reframe accountability so everyone buys into the collective aspect of student learning. ● Focus on creating and aligning SMART goals--schoolwide, at the collaborative team-level, and at the individual teacher-level. ● Get ideas for extending work for proficient students, which can help boost a school's grade. ● Provide targeted feedback and effectively moderate and liaise within your professional learning communities. ● Implement a strong, collaborative coaching system to support teacher development. Contents: Introduction (Sharon V. Kramer) Chapter 1: Leveraging Shared Leadership in the Priority School (Robin Noble) Chapter 2: Building Collaborative and Passionately Agreed-To SMART Goals (Jack Baldermann) Chapter 3: Leading School-Improvement Work With Intention (Karen Power) Chapter 4: Focusing on Collective Responsibility (Joe Cuddemi) Chapter 5: Taking the First Five Steps in High School Improvement (Tamie Sanders) Chapter 6: Challenging Proficient Students (Michael Roberts) Chapter 7: Giving All Teachers the Coach They Deserve (Michelle Marrillia) Chapter 8: Providing Feedback on the Right Work (Sarah Schuhl) Chapter 9: Monitoring Productivity Instead of Activity (Rebecca Nicolas) Chapter 10: Employing High-Level Strategies From the District Office (Gerry Petersen-Incorvaia) Chapter 11: Aligning the Arrows for Continuous-Improvement Planning With SMART Goals (Kimberly Rodriguez Cano) Chapter 12: Building a Culture (Karen Power) Chapter 13: Ensuring the District Guiding Coalition and School Learning Team Have Impact (Gerry Petersen-Incorvaia)
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The Maxwell Daily Reader

365 Days of Insight to Develop the Leader Within You and Influence Those Around You John C. Maxwell. CHARTING THE COURSE. Nearly. anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. Before leaders take their people on ...

Author: John C. Maxwell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418574758

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

View: 603

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Learn to Lead?not just for yourself, but for the people who follow you. For countless readers around the world, his name is synonymous with leadership. And for more than two million organizational leaders, the wisdom of John C. Maxwell has ignited learning, growth, and lasting change. Now, for the first time, that wisdom has been distilled into a single and powerful volume. The Maxwell Daily Reader draws its unique power from an ageless truth: the heart of leadership is created through actions, put into practice one day at a time. Inside, each day's message will equip you with the inspiration and advice to unlock every bit of your leadership potential.
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Girl Scout Collectors Guide

SENIOR LEADER'S GUIDE In 1956 , a Senior Leader's Guide was published . ... CHARTING THE COURSE OF A GIRL SCOUT MARINER SHIP , 1934 The Mariner Committee issued a second publication for Mariners , Charting the Course of a Girl Scout ...

Author: Mary Degenhardt

Publisher: Texas Tech University Press

ISBN: 0896725464

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 586

View: 229

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A welcome new edition of a standard—unavailable for nearly a decadeIn more than nine decades of Girl Scouting, a vast popular and material culture has given rise to a wealth of Girl Scout history collections. More than an identification guide to uniforms, insignia, and other Girl Scout objects, this work also documents when changes occurred and why new items were introduced. Placing these objects in context, this essential guide provides a discerning look at the history and development of the Girl Scout Movement in the United States.Scholars and aficionados of Girl Scout history, costume history, women’s studies, popular culture, and dress will welcome this indispensable and definitive resource. This new, expanded edition, with hundreds of illustrations, photographs, and tables, is indisputably the go-to source for information on all Girl Scout uniforms, insignia, awards, and handbooks, as well as dolls, postcards, posters, calendars, and more—from the founding of the Girl Scouts in 1912 through the present day.“An invaluable resource to Girl Scout councils managing a history collection. And, beyond that . . . an informative and intriguing glimpse . . . into the evolution of a Movement that . . . today is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls.” —Cynthia B. Thompson, chair, National Board of Directors, and Kathy Cloninger, national chief executive officer, GSUSA“An indispensable reference for collectors; a fascinating resource for anyone interested in Girl Scouting, this comprehensive guide to Girl Scout memorabilia is firmly grounded in the history of the Girl Scouts of the United States. Mary Degenhardt and Judith Kirsch show us what Girl Scouts wore and read, and explain how changes in uniforms, insignia, and publications reflect the evolution of Girl Scout programs and the expansion of opportunities for American girls. Reading this book is like walking through a fine museum where material culture brings the past to life.” —Anastatia Sims, author of Negotiating Boundaries of Southern Womanhood
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The 108 Skills of Natural Born Leaders

Stay in touch with customers as you chart your course in response to change. Typically customers play an important role in creating the need for change. Consequently, chart your course with continued involvement of customers, ...

Author: Warren BLANK

Publisher: AMACOM

ISBN: 9780814426005

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

View: 232

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Some people appear to be "natural born leaders." But are they literally born that way? Or have they been taught, coached, rewarded, and reinforced in ways that enable them to be leaders?According to The 108 Skills of Natural Born Leaders, no one is born a leader. But everyone has the natural born capacity to lead. We label people ""natural born leaders"" because they consistently and frequently model qualities that inspire others to commit to their direction.This book identifies the skill set that causes others to see people as natural born leaders, helps readers assess their current level of these skills, and coaches readers to master their weak areas. Readers will learn:* Foundation skills, including self-awareness and the ability to establish rapport* Direction skills, including the ability to set a course and develop others as leaders* Willing follower skills, including the ability to influence others and create a motivating environment.
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Citizen Airman

EL Charting the Course Senior enlisted advisor uses experience to provide direction for future leaders By SSgt . Bill Dowell E - nlisted members play an important leadership role in the Air Force Reserve always have , always will .



ISBN: UIUC:30112104101362

Category: Aeronautics, Military


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Mapping Leadership

CHARTING. THE. COURSE. TO. IMPROVED. TEACHING. AND. LEARNING. Over time, the challenges that schools face will continue to change. New information technologies, for example, will reshape the role that students play in directing their ...

Author: Richard Halverson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118711514

Category: Education

Page: 224

View: 693

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Drawing on twenty years of research in school effectiveness, this book presents a distributed model of task-based school leadership that leads to continuous school improvement. The book outlines the tasks school leadership teams must focus on to improve teaching and learning, grouped into the following five domains: Focus on Learning Monitoring Teaching and Learning Building Nested Learning Communities Acquiring and Allocating Resources Maintaining a Safe and Effective Learning Environment Recognizing that the principal is a single actor in a complex web of activity influencing student learning, the focus is not only on the principal’s role but on a range of leadership and instructional practices to be shared across the leadership team (including APs, counselors, teachers, and support personnel). These tasks, organized into 21 subdomains, have been demonstrated through extensive research to contribute to improved student learning.
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Navigating Organizations Through the 21st Century A Metaphor for Leadership

More than ever before, we need leaders who can navigate. We need people who can chart a course through the rapidly changing seascapes of modern life with all their complexity. The role of the leader is to decide what is needed to deal ...

Author: Robert A. Wohl, JD and Louis J. Wolter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781456852597

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 146

View: 448

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Leadership needs to go beyond what one does to achieve a particular goal or objective, fi nancial or otherwise, or what one does to direct others to achieve them. To effectively lead an organization today, you must be like the navigators of old, watching for ever-changing winds and keeping an eye on the compass while you look out for shoals, yet always recognizing you’re a part of the crew. How do you become such a person?
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Charting a Course to Standards Based Grading

Tim R. Westerberg makes this journey easier by offering a continuum of options, with four "destinations" on the road to improved grading and assessment.

Author: Tim R. Westerberg

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 9781416622666

Category: Education

Page: 165

View: 823

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What's the best way to ensure that grading policies are fair, accurate, and consistent across classrooms? How can schools transition to a grading system that better reflects what students are actually learning? Tim R. Westerberg makes this journey easier by offering a continuum of options, with four "destinations" on the road to improved grading and assessment. Destination 1 critically examines such popular grading mechanisms as the zero, extra credit, the "semester killer" project, averaging, mixing academic performance with work ethic, and refusing to accept late work, and explains how they undermine objectivity and instead result in widely divergent grades for comparable work--with major consequences for students. Destination 2 invites educators to put assessment and grading into the larger context of a districtwide guaranteed and viable curriculum and lays out the organizational conditions and necessary steps to accomplish this goal. Destination 3 brings parents and others on board with a multiyear implementation plan and community engagement strategies for introducing report cards that indicate student achievement by standards rather than--or in addition to--letter grades. Destination 4, competency-based education, involves a total rethinking of the nature and structure of school, leading to individualized education for all students. However far they choose to go, administrators and teacher leaders can turn to Charting a Course to Standards-Based Grading for the quick wins and long-term support and guidance they need to make the trip well worth the effort.
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