Choice Hacking

“Using Healthy Defaults in Walt Disney World Restaurants to Improve Nutritional Choices.” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, U.S. National ...

Author: Jennifer L. Clinehens

Publisher: Jennifer L. Clinehens


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 262

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What if you could use Nobel prize-winning science to predict the choices your customers will make? Customer and user behaviors can seem irrational. Shaped by mental shortcuts and psychological biases, their actions often appear random on the surface. In Choice Hacking, we'll learn to predict these irrational behaviors and apply the science of decision-making to create unforgettable customer experiences. Discover a framework for designing experiences that doesn't just show you what principles to apply, but introduces a new way of thinking about customer behavior. You'll finish Choice Hacking feeling confident and ready to transform your experience with science. In Choice Hacking, you'll discover: - How to make sure your customer experience is designed for what people do (not what they say they'll do) - How to increase the odds that customers will make the "right choice" in any environment - How to design user experiences that drive action and engagement - How to create retail experiences that persuade and drive brand love - How brands like Uber, Netflix, Disney, and Starbucks apply these principles in their customer and user experiences Additional resources included with the book: - Access to free video Companion Course - Access to exclusive free resources, tools, examples, and use cases online Who will benefit from reading Choice Hacking? This book was written for anyone who wants to better understand customer and user decision-making. Whether you're a consultant, strategist, digital marketer, small business owner, writer, user experience designer, student, manager, or organizational leader, you will find immediate value in Choice Hacking. About the Author Jennifer Clinehens is currently Head of Experience at a major global experience agency. She holds a Master's degree in Brand Management as well as an MBA from Emory University's Goizueta School. Ms. Clinehens has client-side and consulting experience working for brands like AT&T, McDonald's, and Adidas, and she's helped shape customer experiences across the globe. A recognized authority in marketing and customer experience, she is also the author of CX That Sings: An Introduction To Customer Journey Mapping. To learn more about this book or contact the author, please visit
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Rational Choice Theoretische Analysen und empirische Resultate

limits to the inclusion of explanatory factors within the “wide“ rational choice model. It is true that, in principle, any number of factors may enter into ...

Author: Andreas Diekmann

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783531908663

Category: Social Science

Page: 344

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In der Soziologie finden Rational-Choice (RC)-Erklärungen zunehmende Verbreitung. Sie sollen einerseits zu einer Lösung allgemeiner theoretischer Kernprobleme (Erklärung von sozialer Ordnung, Kooperation und sozialen Normen) beitragen. Darüber hinaus dominiert die RC-Theorie mittlerweile zahlreiche Felder der empirischen Forschung. In diesem Band beschreiben namhafte Autoren die umfangreichen theoretischen und empirischen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten. Ein Schwerpunkt der theoretischen Arbeiten sind Analysen sozialer Normen. Die empirischen Beiträge und Anwendungen behandeln ein breites Spektrum von Themen, u.a. aus der Soziologie des abweichenden Verhaltens, der politischen Soziologie und der Analyse des Terrorismus. Abgerundet werden die Aufsätze durch methodologische Überlegungen. Der Band liefert Studierenden und Forschern eine umfassende Orientierung über wichtige Entwicklungslinien dieses Forschungsprogramms.
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Deine Wahl Your Choice Zweisprachiges E Book Deutsch Englisch

A CONCLUSION—WHAT CHOICE? We started our journey together with a comparison between the onset of Modernity and our Digital Modern era.

Author: Christopher Peterka

Publisher: Murmann Publishers GmbH

ISBN: 9783867746410

Category: Political Science

Page: 336

View: 171

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Ein humanistischer, ökologischer und technologischer Weckruf - konzipiert als zweisprachiges E-Book in Deutsch und Englisch. // A humanist, ecological, and technological call to action - designed as a bilingual e-book in German and English. Der Wandel ist heute so schnell wie noch nie. Wir drohen an Überforderung durch neue Technologien und maßlose Informationsvielfalt kollektiv zu ersticken und mit uns das, was wir einmal Gesellschaft nannten. Jene, die den Wandel vorantreiben, haben vor allem zweierlei im Sinn: Profit und Macht. Sie missbrauchen uns als Klickvieh und Datenlieferant, reduzieren uns auf ein Dasein als Human Ressource und Konsument. Dadurch gefährden sie unsere Demokratie, Vielfalt und heute schon die Menschheit als solche. So muss es nicht weitergehen, sagt Humanist und Unternehmer Christopher Peterka. Statt unser Streben nur noch auf seine Wirtschaftlichkeit abzustellen, plädiert er für einen radikal offenen Dialog über das Menschsein: Wer wollen wir sein? Wie wollen wir miteinander als Gesellschaft leben? Welchen Sinn soll unser Streben haben? Wir müssen diese fundamentalen Fragen neu verhandeln sonst tun es andere. Dafür müssen wir jedoch kurzsichtige Lösungen hinter uns lassen, in den Widerstand gegen das gegenwärtige System gehen und uns von den Ketten, die uns derzeit noch halten, lösen. Deine Wahl soll uns ermutigen, den Status quo in Frage zu stellen und als progressiver Optimist das System nachhaltig zu verändern. English Change today is happening faster than ever before. We are overwhelmed by new technologies and an excess of information, and we feel that we and what we used to think of as society are being suffocated. Those who drive this change pursue primarily two goals: profit and power. They lure us with clickbait and abuse us as a data pool, reducing our existence to one of human resource and consumer. In doing so they threaten our democracy, our diversity, even our humanity itself. It doesn t have to be like this, thinks humanist and entrepreneur Christopher Peterka. Instead of basing our ambition on purely economic yield, he pleads for a radical new dialogue about being human: Who do we want to be? How do we want to live together as a society? What meaning is our ambition meant to have? We have to consider these questions afresh, because if we don t do so, others will. But this means leaving behind short term solutions, and taking a stance against the current system to throw off the shackles that tie us down. Your Choice is a call to action that encourages us to challenge the status quo and to bring lasting change as progressive optimists. To carry its global appeal across geographical boundaries, this book is designed as a bilingual e-book in German and English.
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Learning by Choice in Secondary Physical Education

You may either offer one choice or the other or combine the two . Weighting the Domains One effective way of offering students choice in assessment is to ...

Author: Kevin Kaardal

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0880116889

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 462

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Presents a step-by-step program designed to help physical education teachers create a curriculum that allows students to select their activities, organize themselves, plan personal objectives, follow through, and stay on course with little direction.
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School Choice and the Future of American Democracy

Carnoy incorporates Hirschman's theory of voice in his critique of school choice by emphasizing this activist core of parents . Carnoy argues that " high ...

Author: Scott Franklin Abernathy

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472022229

Category: Education

Page: 168

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In School Choice and the Future of American Democracy, Scott Franklin Abernathy shows what is lost in the school choice debate. Abernathy looks at parents as citizens who exert power over the educational system through everything from their votes on school budgets to their membership on school boards. Challenging the assumption that public schools will improve when confronted with market-based reforms, Abernathy examines the possibility that public schools will become more disconnected and isolated as civic life is privatized. Scott Abernathy takes up big questions and provides answers grounded in the complex reality of policy and politics. School Choice and the Future of American Democracy is a book written for those who understand that the world does not fit the simple explanations too often put forward. --Clarence Stone, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland, and Research Professor, George Washington University Will school choice revive or eviscerate democratic processes and institutions? Will it narrow or exacerbate the range of educational inequities? This book takes several differently angled slices into these questions and draws intriguing answers. --Jeffrey R. Henig, Teachers College, Columbia University, and author of Rethinking School Choice: Limits of the Market Metaphor Through extensive research and refreshingly impartial analysis, Scott Abernathy probes how the use of market principles to reform public schools affects democratic citizenship. Treating citizens first and foremost as customers, he finds, threatens civic engagement and the well-being of schools, especially in the nation's neediest communities. This thoughtful and balanced appraisal is must-reading for those concerned about the future of American education and democracy. --Suzanne Mettler, Alumni Associate Professor, Syracuse University, and author of Soldiers to Citizens: The G.I. Bill and the Making of the Greatest Generation Scott Franklin Abernathy is Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota
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book, is that, for a great deal of the time, people may not be making choices at all. In the light of comments by Holton and, following on from that, Klein, ...

Author: Richard Harper

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780745683904

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 229

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We make decisions every day. Yet we are sometimes perplexed by these decisions and the decisions of others. To complicate things further, we live in an age where there are more things to choose from than ever before – the Internet is transforming our choices and making us more accountable for them: what we choose is recorded, modelled and used to predict our future behaviour. So are we in a position to make better choices today than we were a decade ago? Certainly there are some who believe so. Psychologists claim we are subject to hidden mental processes that lead us to one thing rather than another; economists offer predictions about what people will buy; and some philosophers claim that our choices echo our evolutionary past. Are these claims merited? Do they reflect the beginnings of a new science of choice? This book offers a critical overview of these and other claims, showing where they are justified and where they are exaggerated. It will be an essential reference for anyone interested in whether science can help us to understand both the ways people make choices in their everyday lives and how these may be changing.
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The Limits of Public Choice

Adherents of public choice profess their belief in methodological individualism ( Buchanan , 1966 : 25 ) . It is a controversial issue whether ...

Author: Lars Udehn

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 041512512X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 447

View: 568

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Public choice has been one of the most important developments in the social sciences in the last twenty years. However there are many people who are frustrated by the uncritical importing of ideas from economics into political science. Public Choice uses both empirical evidence and theoretical analysis to argue that the economic theory of politics is limited in scope and fertility. In order to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of political life, political scientists must learn from both economists and sociologists.
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Law and Public Choice

Choice is considerably expedited if there is sufficient cultural consensus to generate unipeaked preferences along single dimensions of dispute.

Author: Daniel A. Farber

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226238113

Category: Law

Page: 169

View: 262

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In Law and Public Choice, Daniel Farber and Philip Frickey present a remarkably rich and accessible introduction to the driving principles of public choice. In this, the first systematic look at the implications of social choice for legal doctrine, Farber and Frickey carefully review both the empirical and theoretical literature about interest group influence and provide a nonmathematical introduction to formal models of legislative action. Ideal for course use, this volume offers a balanced and perceptive analysis and critique of an approach which, within limits, can illuminate the dynamics of government decision-making. “Law and Public Choice is a most valuable contribution to the burgeoning literature. It should be of great interest to lawyers, political scientists, and all others interested in issues at the intersection of government and law.”—Cass R. Sunstein, University of Chicago Law School
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Choice Preferences and Procedures

A Rational Choice Theoretic Approach Kotaro Suzumura. structural assumptions on the domain of choice functions, but to be based only on the logic of choice ...

Author: Kotaro Suzumura

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674725126

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 787

View: 976

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Social choice theory critically assesses and rationally designs economic mechanisms for improving human well-being. Kotaro Suzumura—one of the world’s foremost thinkers in social choice theory and welfare economics—fuses abstract ideas with real-world economies to examine foundational issues of normative economics and collective decision making.
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Information and Public Choice

The choices made by privately owned media depend to a large extent on market characteristics that influence costs and revenues but also nonmarket ...

Author: Roumeen Islam

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821375164

Category: Social Science

Page: 248

View: 793

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The ability of the media to affect outcomes in economic and political markets has been well documented. News reporting and advertising influence consumer behavior in goods and services markets by revealing (or selectively revealing) information about a product, acting as agenda setters to influence consumer demand, or enhancing competition in markets by alerting consumers to substitutes. In political markets, they can affect behavior by informing voters about a politician's views or actions, enlightening citizens to outcomes of public policy, or taking a stance on political, social, or economic issues. For businesses, households, and most others, the media is the main source of information on public policy choices and current social and economic conditions. As a result, what news the media chooses to gather, analyze and disseminate--and the slant they choose to put on what they report--is of consequence. 'Information and Public Choice' addresses the factors that affect the content and reach of news coverage as well as its impact on public policy. The book addresses both market constraints that affect media--particularly news content--and the impact that news reporting has on economic and political choices. The authors examine a range of issues, including bias or slant in media reporting, the impact of markets and nonmarket factors on news reporting, and the role of government regulation of the media sector in developing countries. The studies in this volume provide new evidence and a good summary of previous research on the power of the media. An invaluable guide for those concerned about the impact of media on economic and political outcomes, 'Information and Public Choice' draws attention to an under-researched yet important area of economics.
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Private Law and the Value of Choice

If the conditions are right, then the person's choice or consent is sufficient (and in these cases generally necessary) to make the result morally ...

Author: Emmanuel Voyiakis

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781509902835

Category: Law

Page: 188

View: 612

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Some say that private law ought to correct wrongs or to protect rights. Others say that private law ought to maximise social welfare or to minimise social cost. In this book, Emmanuel Voyiakis claims that private law ought to make our responsibilities to others depend on the opportunities we have to affect how things will go for us. Drawing on the work of HLA Hart and TM Scanlon, he argues that private law principles that require us to bear certain practical burdens in our relations with others are justified as long as those principles provide us with certain opportunities to choose what will happen to us, and having those opportunities is something we have reason to value. The book contrasts this 'value-of-choice' account with its wrong- and social cost-based rivals, and applies it to familiar problems of contract and tort law, including whether liability should be negligence-based or stricter; whether insurance should matter in the allocation of the burden of repair; how far private law should make allowance for persons of limited capacities; when a contract term counts as 'unconscionable' or 'unfair'; and when tort law should hold a person vicariously liable for another's mistakes.
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Merrett s Choice

Is it his personality, or his choices? ... She looked right at Lydia as she asked, “Is not making a choice really a choice at all?

Author: Ian Mitchell-Gill

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781525501609

Category: Young Adult Fiction


View: 517

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Not yet out of their teens, the Felonious Five – Lydia, Jack, Madeline, Anthony, and Mikaylah – have each committed crimes in their past that would normally land them in prison. Instead, they found themselves forming a team at an elite private school with their own chef, a to-die-for training gym, and a mysterious teacher with a deadly talent. When the Director of the CIA comes calling with almost no warning, the kids know something big is up. They suddenly find themselves whisked away to Montana with a cabal of CIA handlers, where they infiltrate the compound of a reclusive and heavily-armed organization. Using skill sets that would make the Marines proud, anti-authoritarian and sometimes caustic Lydia structures a brilliant but complex strategy. If successful, it could lead to the most successful law enforcement sting in history. As the plot twists and turns, each member of the team is called on to go beyond their best and dig deep to push past the many obstacles and surprising turns they must overcome. With a roller coaster ending that will keep you up till it’s done, Merrett’s Choice is a grab you by the throat read.
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Advanced Introduction to Public Choice

choice provides the same network of roads for everyone. In this case, nobody will get exactly what he or she wants. Individuals will find their tax dollars ...

Author: Randall G. Holcombe

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781785362057

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 167

View: 691

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Using public choice economic methods, this Advanced Introduction presents a focused narrative about political decision-making based on the work that has defined the discipline. Each chapter ends with a Notes section to discuss the research on which the chapter is based, with an emphasis on the pioneering work that has shaped the development of public choice. Randall G. Holcombe emphasizes the theoretical foundations of public choice, with the idea that it offers a context within which empirical research can be understood. This book successfully explores the political decision-making process for readers and ensures that they understand how preferences of citizens are aggregated to produce public policies.
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Learning and Assessing with Multiple Choice Questions in College Classrooms

In deciding whether to do the matching exercise or this multiple-choice question, Olivia needs to consider several factors. It will take students less time ...

Author: Jay Parkes

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317540908

Category: Education

Page: 138

View: 760

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Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are a ubiquitous tool used in college classrooms, yet most instructors admit that they are not prepared to maximize the question's benefits. Learning and Assessing with Multiple-Choice Questions in College Classrooms is a comprehensive resource designed to enable instructors and their students to enhance student learning through the use of MCQs. Including chapters on writing questions, assessment, leveraging technology, and much more, this book will help instructors increase the benefits of a question type that is incredibly useful as both a learning and assessment tool in an education system seeking ways to improve student outcomes. .
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Population Issues in Social Choice Theory Welfare Economics and Ethics

Population consistency requires that , if some people leave with their utilities , the choice of a utility vector for those remaining is unchanged .

Author: Charles Blackorby

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521825512

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 369

View: 524

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This book explores how different ideas of the common good may be compared, contrasted and ranked.
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Higher Education Access and Choice for Latino Students

Gildersleeve's (2010) theorization of college access as literacy development, wherein individual choices are mediated by broad constituencies of educational ...

Author: Patricia Perez

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317512615

Category: Education

Page: 210

View: 852

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Now the largest and fastest-growing ethnic population in the U.S., Latino students face many challenges and complexities when it comes to college choice and access. This edited volume provides much needed theoretical and empirical data on how the schooling experiences of Latino students shape their educational aspirations and access to higher education. It explores how the individual and collective influence of the home, school and policy shape the college decision-making process. This unique collection of original scholarly articles offers critical insight on educational pathways that will help families, educators and policy makers intervene in ways that foster and sustain college access and participation for Latino students. It considers destination preferences and enrollment selections, elementary and secondary school experiences, and intervention programs that shed light on how practitioners can promote participation and retention. This multi-conceptual, multi-methodological volume offers directions for future research, programming and policy in Latino education.
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A Struggle for Choice

offered realistic experience for real choice. Protection from reality cannot be supported under a truly empowering curriculum for employment.

Author: Jenny Corbett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429952722

Category: Education

Page: 140

View: 182

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First published in 1992. For disabled people and people with learning difficulties the transition from school to college, work or training can be stressful and frustrating; job choices are often restricted, and they face barriers which are beyond their control. This book is about their struggle for choice. It sets special needs in further education in a socio-political context. By exploring the concept of ‘transition to adulthood’ in terms of class, race, gender and disability differences, and relating it to social, economic and political influences, it seeks to challenge complacency and encourage dialogue and debate.
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Informed Choice of Medical Services Is the Law Just

... distorted, As ethical Scutt suggested their Nor information treatments requirement choice'.a points there medical person is the treatment out, ...

Author: Marj Milburn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351791045

Category: Social Science

Page: 140

View: 909

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This title was first published in 2001. This work is a uniquely multi-disciplinary contribution to the existing bioethical literature on the topic of informed choice of medical services. It is also the first comprehensive bioethical text to confront the central issue of power in the clinical encounter and to argue for statutory protection of the right to informed choice. While the majority of bioethicists argue for a conciliatory, rather than adversarial, approach to the chronic problem of uninformed consent, the author of this work argues that the external regulation of medicine is essential if the right to informed choice is to be protected. This argument is based upon an extensive review of the bioethical, legal, political, medical, sociological and philosophical literature, as well as a wide range of empirical and anecdotal evidence, evolving from a detailed exploration of power and the limits of rationality in the clinical encounter.
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Disaster by Choice

There are always choices to reduce vulnerabilities. The question, 'whose choice?', matters most. Those affected most by vulnerabilities generally have the ...

Author: Ilan Kelman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192578280

Category: Science

Page: 192

View: 136

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An earthquake shatters Haiti and a hurricane slices through Texas. We hear that nature runs rampant, seeking to destroy us through these 'natural disasters'. Science recounts a different story, however: disasters are not the consequence of natural causes; they are the consequence of human choices and decisions. we put ourselves in harm's way; we fail to take measures which we know would prevent disasters, no matter what the environment does. This can be both hard to accept, and hard to unravel. A complex of factors shape disasters. They arise from the political processes dictating where and what we build, and from social circumstances which create and perpetuate poverty and discrimination. They develop from the social preference to blame nature for the damage wrought, when in fact events such as earthquakes and storms are entirely commonplace environmental processes We feel the need to fight natural forces, to reclaim what we assume is ours, and to protect ourselves from what we perceive to be wrath from outside our communities. This attitude distracts us from the real causes of disasters: humanity's decisions, as societies and as individuals. It stops us accepting the real solutions to disasters: making better decisions. This book explores stories of some of our worst disasters to show how we can and should act to stop people dying when nature unleashes its energies. The disaster is not the tornado, the volcanic eruption, or climate change, but the deaths and injuries, the loss of irreplaceable property, and the lack and even denial of support to affected people, so that a short-term interruption becomes a long-term recovery nightmare. But we can combat this, as Kelman shows, describing inspiring examples of effective human action that limits damage, such as managing flooding in Toronto and villages in Bangladesh, or wildfire in Colorado. Throughout, his message is clear: there is no such thing as a natural disaster. The disaster lies in our inability to deal with the environment and with ourselves.
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