Christianity s Quiet Success

Lisa Kaaren Bailey's Christianity's Quiet Success: The Eusebius Gallicanus Sermon Collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul is the first major study of the Eusebius Gallicanus collection of anonymous, multi-authored ...

Author: Lisa Kaaren Bailey


ISBN: 0268022240

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Lisa Kaaren Bailey's Christianity's Quiet Success: The Eusebius Gallicanus Sermon Collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul is the first major study of the Eusebius Gallicanus collection of anonymous, multi-authored sermons from fifth- and sixth-century Gaul. Bailey sheds new light on these sermons, which were strikingly popular and influential from late antiquity to the High Middle Ages, as the large number of surviving manuscripts attests. They were used for centuries by clergy as a preaching guide and by monks and pious lay people as devotional reading. Bailey's analysis demonstrates the extent to which these stylistically simple and straightforward sermons emphasize consensus, harmony, and mutuality as the central values of a congregation. Preachers encouraged tolerance among their congregants and promoted a model of leadership that placed themselves at the center of the community rather than above it. These sermons make clear the delicate balancing act required of late antique and early medieval pastors as they attempted to explain the Christian faith and also maintain the clerical control considered necessary for a universal church. The Eusebius Gallicanus collection gives us fresh insight into the process by which the Catholic Church influenced the lives of Western Europeans. "Christianity's Quiet Success makes an original contribution to the field that significantly improves our understanding of the complexity of Christian belief and practice in late antique Gaul. The book brings a little-known collection of texts to the forefront and offers a series of important insights into their composition and function, which dispel previous scholarly confusion about them." --George Demacopoulos, Fordham University "This is a model study. With a deft survey of the evidence and an eye for telling detail, Lisa Bailey has substantially added to our understanding of preaching, modes of persuasion, and everyday religious practice in late antique Gaul. Sins and sinners, problems of faith, the troubling facts of injustice, the shared work of salvation--all are illuminated in this penetrating analysis." --William E. Klingshirn, The Catholic University of America "A thorough study of the Eusebius Gallicanus collection was long due, in particular a study that is not focused only on the question of authorship. Lisa Bailey convincingly shows that the collection was made for the average Gallic preacher and that it can therefore provide a picture of late antique Christianity that significantly differs from the one we get through the sermons of figures like Augustine or Caesarius of Arles." --Eric Rebillard, Cornell University
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Handbook of Medieval Culture

Bailey, Lisa Kaaren, Christianity's Quiet Success: The Eusebius Gallicanus
Sermon Collection and the Power of the Church in Late Antique Gaul (South
Bend, IN, 2010). Bailey, Lloyd R., “Gehenna: The Topography of Hell,” The
Biblical ...

Author: Albrecht Classen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110377613

Category: History

Page: 747

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A follow-up publication to the Handbook of Medieval Studies, this new reference work turns to a different focus: medieval culture. Medieval research has grown tremendously in depth and breadth over the last decades. Particularly our understanding of medieval culture, of the basic living conditions, and the specific value system prevalent at that time has considerably expanded, to a point where we are in danger of no longer seeing the proverbial forest for the trees. The present, innovative handbook offers compact articles on essential topics, ideals, specific knowledge, and concepts defining the medieval world as comprehensively as possible. The topics covered in this new handbook pertain to issues such as love and marriage, belief in God, hell, and the devil, education, lordship and servitude, Christianity versus Judaism and Islam, health, medicine, the rural world, the rise of the urban class, travel, roads and bridges, entertainment, games, and sport activities, numbers, measuring, the education system, the papacy, saints, the senses, death, and money.
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Ten Dynamic Ways to Live a Successful Christian Life in the 21St Century
Jsamine P. Chambers. • Forgiveness: But that you may ... Quietness: Make it your
ambition to lead a quiet life (1 Thessalonians 4:11 NIV). • Restoration: He
restores my ...


Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781467007634

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The book is mainly written for new believers, for those who are thinking of following Christ and for students. It is also ideal for people of other faith, for ministers, lay preachers, home –group leaders, Sunday school teachers and all who believe in the Lord Jesus. It is aimed to enlighten, empower and strengthen believers and none believers on how to walk with Christ. It is packed with dynamic teaching, practical information and advice on: • How to read God’s Word • How to communicate with God • Giving to God • Serving in His house • Saying no to sin • Dynamic ways of telling others about Jesus • Ways of prophesying • How to exercise positive faith in God • How to take care of yourself • How to grow and continue developing in Christ
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Global Perspectives on Sports and Christianity

... in cinema history, it is the lost potential for success that sport might have
offered him that is most regretted by Malloy. ... the boxerandthepriest trope is
seminal director John Ford's most commercially successful film, The Quiet Man (
1952).5 ...

Author: Afe Adogame

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317573463

Category: Religion

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While the relationship between sport and religion is deeply rooted in history, it continues to play a profound role in shaping modern-day societies. This edited collection provides an inter-disciplinary exploration of this relationship from a global perspective, making a major contribution to the religious, social scientific and theological study of sport. It discusses the dialectical interplay between sport and Christianity across diverse cultures, extending beyond a Western perspective to include studies from Africa, South America and Asia, as well as Europe, the UK and the US. Containing contributions from leading experts within the field, it reflects on key topics including race, gender, spirituality, morality, interfaith sport clubs, and the significance of sport in public rituals of celebration and mourning. Its chapters also examine violent sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts, as well as reflecting on the cult of sporting celebrity and the theology of disability sport. Truly international in scope, Global Perspectives on Sports and Christianity is fascinating reading for all those interested in the study of sport, sociology and religion.
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Light on the Path A Christian Perspective on College Success

You may prefer to learn by quietly thinking over the question yourself, while
another person would prefer to talk about it in a small group. The God who
created humans with a questioning mind created those same people with
preferred ways of ...

Author: John A. Beck

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781111790844

Category: Education

Page: 256

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LIGHT ON THE PATH offers new college students advice and encouragement designed to foster greater happiness and success. John Beck and Marmy Clason blend time-tested instruction with insights drawn from God's Word, allowing Christian students to grow spiritually as they become comfortable with their new learning environment. This first-year success textbook distinguishes itself from others by adding the Bible's beacon of light to the traditional direction and encouragement offered to first-year college students. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Christian Success Principles

But he was reduced to silence. Then the king said to his attendants, 'Bind his
hands and feet, and cast him into the darkness outside, where there will be
wailing and grinding of teeth.' Many are invited, but few are chosen.” (Matthew 22
:1–14) ...

Author: Thomas E. Briggs

Publisher: Christian Success Principles

ISBN: 9781579216535

Category: Business & Economics

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One-Hundred and One Tips for Maximum Achievement Are you ready to go onto even greater achievement in your professional and personal life? Tommy Briggs has distilled into one book the lessons of a lifetime in professional sales. Half way through his career, he launched this intensive inquiry into the elements of success and achievement. Within six months, Tommy had already doubled his income by applying this developing master-plan for continuous self-improvement. Yet there's so much more than the prospect of financial success to be found in these pages. Christian Success Principles acquaints you with seven, time-tested and proven sales principles, along with many sage "tips" for implementing each principle. Find out how: . Your attitude can mean the difference between success and failure . The goal-setting process can chart your course to maximum sales achievement . A continuous self-improvement program will open the door to your future . Your self-discipline can become your painful path to lasting pleasure . Proper respect for your prospect can produce their respect in return . The sales presentation and closing can propel you and your prospect forward . Honing your leadership skills can multiply your creative output Discover that the "secrets" of modern success gurus actually appeared fi rst in the pages of Scripture. You will fi nd true success in looking behind the principles of this book to the Bible, then behind the Bible to Jesus Christ, the living Word of God. With these principles you can improve your sales skills while maintaining high standards of integrity, godliness and honesty. Success in your personal and professional life is simple though not always easy. To let thatsimplicity launch you toward maximum achievement, you are invited to draw from these pages as you would from a coach who is urging you on to success.
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Successful Christianity and Basic Ministries

a quiet wedding and if she went contrary to what she was told, she would be
looking for trouble. She argued that that was how others did theirs, forgetting the
fact that God gave a specific instruction about her wedding for the reason best
known ...

Author: Dipo Toby Alakija


ISBN: 9789784987462

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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The first question is how Christianity is practiced even in a hostile environment. Next to that is the question about the potentials of Christians in spite of their apparent limitations. The other issues are connected to the successes, deliverance, callings, basic ministries of all Christians and evangelism. Various schools of thoughts have attempted these questions but many answers only portray Christianity as a form of religion instead of a way of life as specified by God. Some answers give room for compromise, hypocrisies, dogmas and denominational doctrines. The misconceptions about these areas of Christianity have brought about worldliness instead of righteousness and false achievements instead of fulfillment. This book which contains six different subjects had been used to hold seminars at various levels, train ministers and Christian workers in Bible Schools and to equip the Church. It explains in simple terms the seemingly complex issues on practice of Christianity, Potentials, Deliverance, God's Kind Of Success, Evangelism and Basic Ministries of a Christian with Biblical principles, life transforming stories and illustrations.
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Stuff Christians Like

phraSe. “Quiet. time”. Christians try . We try so hard to get this one right, but it just
keeps slipping through our fingers . ... New things should be started at the
beginning of the month, or if you really want to ensure success, the beginning of
the ...

Author: Jonathan Acuff

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310395843

Category: Humor

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Sometimes, we fall in love on mission trips even though we know we’ll break up when we get back. Sometimes, you have to shot block a friend’s prayer because she’s asking God to bless an obviously bad dating relationship. Sometimes, you think, “I wish I had a t-shirt that said ‘I direct deposit my tithe’ so people wouldn’t judge me.” Sometimes, the stuff that comes with faith is funny. This is that stuff. Jonathan Acuff’s Stuff Christians Like Ebook is your field guide to all things Christian. You’ll learn the culinary magic of the crock-pot. Think you’ve got a Metro worship leader—use Acuff’s checklist. Want to avoid a prayer handholding faux pas? Acuff has you covered. Like a satirical grenade, Acuff brings us the humor and honesty that galvanized more than a million online readers from more than 200 countries in a new portable version. Welcome to the funny side of faith.
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The Quiet Hand of God

Christian. Faith. The Successes and Challenges of Mainline Women's Groups R.
Marie Griffith INTRODUCTION ... Women's mission organizations helped transmit
Christianity to peoples across the world and educated Protestants back home ...

Author: Gerhard R Andlinger Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for the Study of Religion Robert Wuthnow

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520233123

Category: Religion

Page: 429

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"For those who thought Mainline Protestantism was well on its way to extinction, this collection provides interesting—possibly even shocking—reading. It points to new life arising out of old structures and changing modes of engagement with the culture. The message the reader takes away is that while the future for this religious tradition will not look like its past, it has a future. The best book written lately on this topic."—Wade Clark Roof, author of Spiritual Marketplace: BabyBoomers and the Remaking of American Religion "An important contribution to our understanding of the public influence of mainline Protestantism. This well-written and expansive book reveals how socially, civically, and politically active mainline Protestantism continues to be in American society, contrary to much conventional wisdom. Yet it shows the mainline influence as having a particular character, different from that of other religious traditions. Mainline Protestantism has, without justification, been understudied lately. This landmark book puts it back on the map and will generate discussion and inquiry for years to come."—Christian Smith, author of The Secular Revolution "This important book provides a balanced, critical, yet genuinely appreciative analysis of the role of mainline Protestantism's public role. It is a stimulating and refreshing change from the mainline Protestant 'bashing' of the past three decades. In a time of increased calls for religious organizations to be involved in public life, readers will be helped to understand both the possibilities and limits of such involvement as the authors examine the practices and policies of the most publicly engaged of America's religious families."—Jackson W. Carroll, coauthor of Bridging Divided Worlds: Congregations and Generational Cultures "An essential book for anyone interested in the public nature and works of the Protestant mainline. The vast majority of American citizens believe that churches have a public role. But they disagree about what that role should be. Help has arrived."—Jean Bethke Elshtain, author of Jane Addams and the Dream of American Democracy "This book is a comprehensive overview of mainline Protestantism's contribution to the public role of religion during the last three decades of the 20th century. It provides a firm platform from which to guide our vision in the new millennium."—Donald E. Miller, author of Reinventing American Protestantism: Christianity in the New Millennium
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The Quiet Place

How can you tell if you're a broken Christian? One way is to consider the
difference between a broken person and a proud person: Proud people desire to
be known as a success. Broken people are motivated to be faithful and to make
others ...

Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 9780802478894

Category: Religion

Page: 400

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Bestselling author Nancy Leigh DeMoss adapts the core themes of her teaching into a format her fans can enjoy daily: 366 portions of rich Bible study and practical applications.
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Devotional Collection 80 Christian Devotions about God s Love and Acceptance

Is. Quiet. We go about our lives and measure it by our successes — the big things
we can point to that make us who we are. We feel we need a constant stream of
important moments in our lives, otherwise we aren't succeeding. Our lives aren't ...

Author: Mona M. Hanna

Publisher: Mona Hanna

ISBN: 9781480105461

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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This collection contains all of the devotions from Mona's two books, "The Nature of God" and "God's Promises of Love." Eighty inspirational Christian devotions about God's love and acceptance. devotional, devotionals, Christian life, Christianity
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Seven Keys for a Successful Apostolic Ministry

1here is a saying used in Christian circles commonly referred to as “quiet time.”
This is des1ted quality time one dedicates to God at the inning of each day to
fellowship and meditate on Word. It is in these times that God gives nuggets ...

Author: John Alidi Mpateya

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781622305506

Category: Religion

Page: 148

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Many believers today often wish they had lived in the days of the majors players of the New Testament apostolic movement, such as Paul, Peter, Barnabas, James and others; the simple reason being they envy their achievements and what God did through them. Has God changed? Is not the God who was with them the same God who is with us today? Will He not do with us today what He did with them? Does it not depend on how much we avail ourselves and our willingness to participate in what God is doing? He is an unchanging God. These are the best days to be alive. God's gifts and callings are not on pause, you and I can be an instrument of God's glory and have access to the keys that can unlock our purpose in our generation. Those that went before us made an impact in their time. Their legacy was due to their embrace of their apostolic mandate. They knew the power of prayer, unity, evangelism, prophecy apostolic teaching, waiting and giving. They worked toward establishing the kingdom of heaven by using the key ingredients that are found in this book. As you take time to sift through this book, you'll come to discover what God is doing in our time. Respond to your assignment, get hold of these keys and enter in, do not procrastinate.
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Public Success Private Sorrow

He reports in October that though the town had been quiet, Chinese Christian
converts had been attacked and chapels destroyed; there were also rumours of
murders, and the German consul had called for a cruiser to be stationed there.

Author: Isidore Cyril Cannon

Publisher: Hong Kong University Press

ISBN: 9789622099616

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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The story of an Englishman who lived through the last years of the Qing dynasty, was trapped in the British Legation during the Boxer uprising and went on to occupy a number of senior positions in the Imperial Customs as Commissioner of Customs in various ports, Shanghai Postmaster and first Director of the important Customs College.
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The Nature of God 50 Christian Devotions about God s Love and Acceptance God s Love Book 1

Is. Quiet. We go about our lives and measure it by our successes — the big things
we can point to that make us who we are. We feel we need a constant stream of
important moments in our lives, otherwise we aren't succeeding. Our lives aren't ...

Author: Mona M. Hanna

Publisher: Mona Hanna


Category: Religion

Page: 72

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A book that will bring your heart closer to God. The Nature of God contains 50 Christian devotions, focusing on God's true love and acceptance of us. The devotions portray God's kindness, sweetness, grace, mercy and forgiveness. These devotions break down the notion that God judges us, and has strict requirements for how we should think, feel and behave. Mona's stance is that God loves us like a parent loves their child, with the same intimacy and compassion that a loving parent would have. Immerse yourself in heart-warming declarations of God's love, and remind yourself of the true nature of God. devotional, devotionals, Christian life, Christianity
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Onward Christian Soldiers

A candidate who can successfully appeal to Christian conservatives without
appearing to most voters to be a Christian Right activist can benefit from the quiet
voter mobilization by Focus on the Family and CWA and other organizations
without ...

Author: Clyde Wilcox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429974533

Category: Political Science

Page: 266

View: 640

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They have money, influence, power - and they turn out to vote. "They" are groups like Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America (all parts of the Christian Right. But, are they a serious threat to religious liberty, bent on creating a theocratic state, or the last defenders of religion and family values in America). Bringing the story of the religious right up to the Obama administration, this revised fourth edition explores the history of the movement in twentieth and early twenty-first century American politics. The authors review the expansion of the Christian Right through George W. Bush's second administration and evaluate how the religious right fared in the 2006 and 2008 elections. Although figureheads of the religious right remain in the news, their power in Washington may be declining, and the authors consider the fate of the religious right under the Obama administration. Examining how the religious right both does and does not fit into the proper role of religious groups in American politics, Onward Christian Soldiers? is an essential addition to the Dilemmas in American Politics series.
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Christianity Islam and Atheism

In recent years Islamists have been quite successful in persuading otherwise
peaceful Muslims that militant Islam is the “pure Islam”. How does one account for
their success? In a word, facts. The militant Muslims have the facts on their side.

Author: William Kilpatrick

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 9781681490977

Category: Religion


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For many Americans the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, was the first time they had considered Islam. Were the terrorists motivated by the true dictates of their religion, or had they hijacked Islam as well as the planes in a political cause unrelated to the teachings of Muhammad? Christianity, Islam, and Atheism argues that Islam is a religion of conquest and subjugation and that in spite of 9 /11 and thousands of other terrorist attacks throughout the world, many in the West still do not know or admit this because it conflicts with their multiculturalism and their belief in the equivalence of all cultures and religions. To meet the challenge from Islam, Christians need to know more about the important differences between Islam and Christianity, yet many have been lulled into complacency by the misleading and largely unexamined assumption that the two religions are similar. The time that Christians spend in pursuing common ground is time that Islamic activists will use to press their radical agenda. In addition to challenging both the multicultural and common-ground approaches, William Kilpatrick also exposes the role played by atheists and secularists in advancing Islam. Despite paying lip service to freedom, radical secularists serve as enablers of radical Islam. The civil liberties that the West enjoys are the fruit of Christian civilization, Kilpatrick argues, and only a reawakened Christianity can defend them against Islam's advance.
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The Silent Shepherd

Unfortunately, such realities have not been fully taken to heart by twenty-first-
century Christians. ... the latest fad for successful Christian living, or pursue the
current ecstatic experience to discover “the secret” of abundant life in Christ.

Author: John MacArthur, Jr.

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9781434704856

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 235

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The role of the Holy Spirit in a Christian's life is often misunderstood. Some believers focus solely on spiritual gifts, some emphasize the practical over the spiritual, and others avoid the subject altogether. Yet in spite of the apparent confusion, the truth is surprisingly simple: God's Spirit is a vital part of our relationship with Him. The Silent Shepherd offers a balanced, scripturally sound look at the personality, works, and deity of the Holy Spirit. Drawing from over 40 years in ministry, pastor and author John MacArthur, Jr. clears away misconceptions, offers fresh insights, and shares how God's Spirit can guide, lead, and empower every believer. This revised and updated edition includes a guide for both personal and group study and features discovery questions, suggestions for prayer, and activities, all designed to connect life-changing truths with everyday living.
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The Christian Library

more success ; whilst many who have seen the his Lord . ... honor these pages
with his regard , I entered on his labors — he is arrested by the arm of will add ,
your term may be as short - it it be not as death , and conducted to the silent
grave .




Category: Religion


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Power from on High Or The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Christian Work

... in our expressions ; if we just live in our homes , as the Lord would have us , an
even Christian life day by day , we shall have a quiet and silent power
proceeding from us , that will constrain those around to believe on the Lord Jesus
Christ .

Author: Dwight Lyman Moody



Category: Christian life

Page: 125

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