Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases

Noninfectious diseases; Infectious diseases; Ecology and taxonomy of pathogenic fungi; Disease control strategy; Disease diagnosis.

Author: Richard W. Smiley


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Noninfectious diseases; Infectious diseases; Ecology and taxonomy of pathogenic fungi; Disease control strategy; Disease diagnosis.
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Management of Turfgrass Diseases

How to interpert soil test results for turfgrasses. 42nd Ann. Mich. Turfgrass Conf. Proc. 1:93–96. Smiley, R.W., P.H. Dernoeden, and B.B. Clark. 1992. Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases. APS Press. Minneapolis, MN (2nd ed.), p.

Author: Joseph M. Vargas

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351434171

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This Second Edition of Management of Turfgrass Diseases has been completely revised and updated to provide the latest information on maintaining a healthy turf and identifying turf diseases. Written by a leading international lecturer on turf grasses, the book covers cultural, genetic, biological, and chemical approaches to turf management and provides practical solutions to everyday problems. Fungal, bacterial, and viral diseases; black layer disease; and diseases caused by nematodes are addressed for all major grasses. You'll learn about cool and warm season grasses, growing conditions, new diseases, symptoms, and identification and management techniques. Valuable tips on irrigation, fertilization, and grass culture as well as 72 full-color photographs and more than 100 figures ensure this book will be dog-eared from use. It's almost like having your own private turfgrass consultant sitting right on your bookshelf. What's New in the Second Edition? This second edition features new grasses, new diseases, and the latest research findings and practices. You'll have the most up-to-date information available on these major grasses:
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Turfgrass Diseases and Associated Disorders

Turfgrass Diseases . Sports Turf Research Institute , Bingley ... Turfgrass Patch Diseases Caused by Ectotrophic Root - Infecting Fungi . ... APS Press ( CDRom ) . Smiley , R.W. , Dernoeden , P.H. & Clarke , B.B. ( 1992 ) . Compendium ...

Author: Catherine A. York

Publisher: STRI

ISBN: 1873431392

Category: Turf management

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This work gives concise information on the major insects, pests and fungal diseases of sports turf and amenity grassland which occur in western Europe. For each pest and disease, a full description of characteristic symptoms, environmental conditions which favour attack and recommendations for integrated disease management are given. Whilst the booklet is written primarily for turf managers, it may also be of interest to advisory and research and development plant pathologists, and technical research and sales staff within the agrochemical industry.
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Introduction to Plant Diseases

(1990) Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases (1990) Compendium of Barley Diseases (1982) Compendium of Bean Diseases ... Diseases (1991) Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases (1983) Compendium of Wheat Diseases (1987) Suggested Readings 349.

Author: George B. Lucas

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9781461572947

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Every year we see a remarkable increase in scientific knowledge. We are learning more each day about the world around us, about the numerous biological organisms of the biosphere, about the physical and chemical processes that shaped and continue to change our planet. The cataloging, retrieval, dissemination, and use of this new information along with the continued development of new computer technology provide some of the most challenging problems in science as we enter the Information Age. With the explosion of knowledge in science, it is especially important that students in introductory courses learn not only the basic material of a subject, but also about the newest developments in that subject. With this goal in mind, we have prepared a second edition of Introduction to Plant Diseases: Identification and Management. We prepared this edition with the same general purpose that we had for the first edition - to provide practical, up-to-date information that helps in the successful management of diseases on food, fiber, and landscape plants for students who do not have a strong background in the biological sciences. We included new information on (1) the precise identification of diseases and the pathogens that cause them, (2) the development of epidemics of plant diseases, (3) the application of biotechnology in plant pathology, (4) the use of alternative methods of crop production and disease management that help protect the environment, and (5) diseases that have become more important since the first edition was published.
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International Turf Management

Compendium of turfgrass diseases, 2nd edn, American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN, 98 pp. Smith, J.D., N. Jackson and AR. Woolhouse. 1989. Fungal diseases of amenity turf grasses, E Er EN. Spon., London, New York, 401 pp.

Author: David Aldous

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317844914

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Many leisure activities involve the use of turf as a surface. Grass surfaces on golf courses, bowling clubs, cricket pitches, racetracks, and parks all require maintenance by trained personnel. International Turf Management Handbook is written by a team of international experts. It covers all aspects of turf management and in particular * the selection and establishment of grass varieties * soils, irrigation and drainage * performance testing and playing qualities * issues relating to specific playing surfaces In its depth of coverage and detailed practical advice from around the world this comprehensive handbook is destined to become the standard reference work on the subject.
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Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology

Snyder, G.H. and Cisar, J.L., Controlled-release potassium fertilizers for turfgrass, J. Am. Soc. ... Smiley, R.W., Dernoeden, P.H., and Clarke, B.B., Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases, 2nd ed., American Phytopathological Society, ...

Author: Mohammad Pessarakli

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420006487

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 720

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A multibillion dollar industry that has tripled in the last ten years, turfgrass management plays an important role in landscaping, golf courses, and other sports surfaces. Proper management and cultural practices are crucial for the performance of these versatile grasses, creating a demand among scientists, researchers, and industry professionals for better quality, hardier grasses. The mounting collection of research into new species, modern cultivars, and stress tolerant genotypes requires a high-quality, accessible resource. Filling a long-empty niche by compiling the most complete, up-to-date collection of contributions from internationally known specialists, Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology is the only single source reference that covers every aspect of turfgrass maintenance and cultivation. Divided into several sections, this all-inclusive volume begins with an introductory chapter on turf related issues. The second section reveals detailed accounts of turfgrass growth, management, and cultural practices such as carbon metabolism and overseeding. Subsequent sections cover sports turf management and growth regulating factors, as well as breeding, genetics, and biotechnology. The text highlights research in turfgrass pathology and disease including nutritional disorders, rapid blight, and fungal diseases. The book reviews several methods of pest control using herbicides, as well as biological, and microbial control agents. It provides extensive information on the physiological responses of turfgrass to acidic soil, salinized water, temperature, light, depleted oxygen, reactive nitrogen use, and other environmental stressors. The final section looks at future and potential grasses requiring minimal maintenance and management. Offering hundreds of figures and tables, thousands of references, and an extensive index, Handbook of Turfgrass Management and Physiology is the definitive reference to the dynamic and growing world of turfgrass.
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