Cows Pigs Wars and Witches

Marvin Harris answers these and other perplexing questions about human behavior, showing that no matter how bizarre a people's behavior may seem, it always stems from identifiable and intelligble sources.

Author: Marvin Harris

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780307801227

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

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One of America's leading anthropolgists offers solutions to the perplexing question of why people behave the way they do. Why do Hindus worship cows? Why do Jews and Moslems refuse to eat pork? Why did so many people in post-medieval Europe believe in witches? Marvin Harris answers these and other perplexing questions about human behavior, showing that no matter how bizarre a people's behavior may seem, it always stems from identifiable and intelligble sources.
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HARRIS, MARVIN 1974 Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches: The Riddles of Culture.
New York: Random House. KLEINMAN, ARTHUR and BYRON GOOD, eds. 1985
Culture and Depression: Studies in the Anthropology and Cross-Cultural ...





Page: 176

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The Oxford Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology and Religion

... Reader in comparative religion. New York, NY: Harper and Row. Gould, R. A. (
1969). Subsistence behaviour among the Western Desert Aborigines of Australia.
Oceania, 39(4), 253–274. Harris, M. (1974). Cows, pigs, wars, and witches ...

Author: James R. Liddle

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199397747

Category: Psychology

Page: 400

View: 517

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Résumé : This handbook is currently in development, with individual articles publishing online in advance of print publication. At this time, we cannot add information about unpublished articles in this handbook, however the table of contents will continue to grow as additional articles pass through the review process and are added to the site. Please note that the online publication date for this handbook is the date that the first article in the title was published online. For more information, please read the site FAQs.
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Book Review Index



ISBN: UOM:39015036834672

Category: Books


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Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.
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The Culture Struggle

Marvin Harris, Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches (New York: Vintage, 1974), 6–11.
13. Harris, Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches, 8, 11, 13. 14. Harris, Cows, Pigs, Wars
and Witches, 14. 15. Harris, Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches, 16–17. 16. George ...

Author: Michael Parenti

Publisher: Seven Stories Press

ISBN: 9781609801205

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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One of America’s most astute and engaging political analysts, Michael Parenti shows us that culture is a changing process and the product of a dynamic interplay between a wide range of social and political interests. Drawing from cultures around the world, Parenti shows that beliefs and practices are readily subjected to political manipulation, and that many parts of culture are being commodified, separated from their group or communal origins, to be packaged and sold to those who can pay for them. Folk culture is giving way to a corporate market culture. Art, science, medicine, and psychiatry can be used as instruments of cultural control, and even marriage, the "foundation of society," has been misused by heterosexuals across the centuries. Using vivid examples and riveting arguments throughout, ranging from the everyday to the esoteric, and penned with eloquence and irony, The Culture Struggle presents a collection of snapshots of our time.
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Culture as Education

This is one of a series of Psychology Today interviews , in this instance with
Marvin Harris regarding his research strategy of cultural materialism . 27 . Ibid .
See the more extensive discussion in Harris ' s Cows , Pigs , Wars and Witches (
New ...

Author: Richard LaBrecque

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105031789378

Category: Educational anthropology

Page: 278

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Chicago Anthropology Exchange

This point becomes clearer when we consider Cows , Pigs , Wars and Witches .
Once again Harris is dealing in riddles which he promises to solve . But the ties
that bind things together are very different from those in Why Nothing Works .



ISBN: NWU:35556019702927

Category: Anthropology


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-Lee Webster COWS, PIGS, WARS AND WITCHES Marvin Harris Vintage
Paperback/$2.45/276 pages ! best review this before Igal Roodenko gets back
from his three month speaking tour—whenever he drops by he asks to borrow it
and ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105014150655

Category: Conscientious objectors


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Wiener v lkerkundliche Mitteilungen

Marvin Harris ' cultural materialism is an interesting exponent of this approach .
Among other things , his argument in Cows , Pigs , Wars and Witches ( 7 ) springs
to the defence of India ' s sacred cow . со e To venerate cattle and declare it ...



ISBN: UOM:39015078945840

Category: Anthropology


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Author: Sarah Bowman

Publisher: MacMillan Publishing Company

ISBN: 0025141406

Category: English literature

Page: 144

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Uses a variety of literary forms to celebrate the pig.
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Studying Human Societies

Which of the following is the most important thing cows contribute to Hindu
farmers , according to Cows , Pigs , Wars , and Witches ? a ) milk b ) oxen c )
cooking fuel d ) fertilizer e ) floor sealer 3 . Which of the following is NOT
something that ...

Author: Patrick Nolan


ISBN: 159451061X

Category: Macrosociology

Page: 174

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Coyote in the Maze

For an excellent explanation of the practical reasons behind the Hindu sacred
cow , see “ Mother Cow ” in Marvin Harris ' s Cows , Pigs , Wars , and Witches :
the Riddles of Culture ( 1974 ) . Works Cited Abbey , Edward . 1973 . Cactus
Country ...

Author: Peter Quigley


ISBN: UOM:39015047069292

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 343

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This volume is the first comprehensive collection of literary criticism devoted to the entire challenging corpus of author Edward Abbey's work.
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The Myths of Japanese Quality

The anthropologist Marvin Harris , in the book Cows , Pigs , Wars and Witches ,
reports that the natives took the Bible phrase " and God blessed Noah , " to mean
" and God gave Noah cargo . " The natives translated the famous verse from ...

Author: Ray E. Eberts

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: STANFORD:36105009818589

Category: Customer services

Page: 338

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Clears up misconceptions about Japanese quality, argues that Americans underestimate American quality, and describes Japanese predatory business practices
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Introducing Anthropology

The quotes I use are from page 5 of Cows , Pigs , Wars , and Witches and pages
202 and 206 of Cannibals and Kings . For more information about the Dani see
Karl Heider ' s Grand Valley Dani : Peaceful War - riors . Be sure to see Robert ...

Author: Michael Alan Park

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies

ISBN: 0072994681

Category: Anthropology

Page: 401

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Pig lovers and pig haters . In Cows , pigs , wars and witches : The riddles of
culture , pp . 35 - 57 . New York : Random House . - . 1974b . The secret of the
Prince of Peace . In Cows , pigs , wars and witches : The riddles of culture , pp .


Publisher: Smithsonian Inst Press

ISBN: UVA:X002444818

Category: Religion

Page: 184

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Feeley-Harnik relies both on the general anthropology of food rules and other systems of classification and on the particular history of food imagery in post-exilic Judaism to provide a context for her analysis. Taking the last supper together with the crucifixion and resurrection, she finds a striking and thorough reversal of the symbols, values, and goals of the Jewish Passover ritual... The Lord's Table clearly demonstrates what anthropology can contribute to the recovery of the social world of early Christianity.
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Ubiquitous Pig

Three Prize Pigs in a Pen , 80 Coe , Sue : Electrocution , 102 ; In a Pig's Eye , 101
; Last Bit of Daylight , 100 ; Porkopolis series , 101-2 Columbus , Christopher , 13
Cows , Pigs , Wars , and Witches ( Harris ) , 21 Crane , Walter , This Little Pig ...

Author: Marilyn Nissenson

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 0810981556

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

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An affectionate, lavishly illustrated celebration of the varied relationship between pigs and humans features an entertaining selection of children's book illustrations, fine art, folk art, toys, photographs, and piggy banks, all capturing the wonderful world of pigs.
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The Archetypes of Carlos Fuentes

From Witch to Androgyne Gloria Durán, Gloria G.. Durán. 2 ( 1969 ] ) , p . 27 : “
Cambio de piel not ... Marvin Harris , Cows , Pigs , Wars and Witches ( New York :
Random House , 1974 ) , see especially pp . 238 – 39 . 16 . The charge does not

Author: Gloria Durán

Publisher: Hamden, Conn. : Archon Books

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173017236924

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Analyzes the works of the Mexican novelist in terms of their use of myth, especially the fantastic figures of the witch and the hermaphrodite
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Astrology Disproved

William Seabrook , Witchcraft : Its Power in the World Today ( New York : Lancer /
Harcourt Brace , 1940 ) . 2 . Marvin Harris , Cows , Pigs , Wars , and Witches : The
Riddles of Culture ( New York : Random House , 1974 ) . 3 . Thomas S . Szasz ...

Author: Lawrence E. Jerome


ISBN: STANFORD:36105037093353

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 233

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Employs scientific reason and skepticism to uncover the erroneous premises and methods of astrology, and cites the dangers accompanying an irrational faith in the discipline and its practitioners.
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