Road Traffic Injury Prevention Training Manual

crash-resistant roofs; • side protection bars on doors; • front end design to prevent injury to pedestrians in crashes, removal of sharp and pointed objects. Setting and securing compliance with road safety rules Setting road safety ...

Author: Dinesh Mohan

Publisher: World Health Organization

ISBN: 9789241546751

Category: Medical

Page: 113

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Road traffic collisions kill about 1.2 million people around the world every year but they are largely neglected as a health and development issue, perhaps because they are still viewed by many as being beyond human control. Efforts to prevent road traffic injuries are hampered by a lack of human capacity. Policy-makers, researchers and practitioners need information on effective prevention measure and on how to develop, implement and evaluate such interventions. There is a need to train more specialists in road traffic injury prevention in order to address the growing problem of road traffic injuries at international levels.
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Prevention of Accidents and Unwanted Occurrences

Table 27.3 Transportation safety measures applied in a project organised according to the Haddon matrix Human (driver) Vehicle/equipment Road/environment Phase factors factors factors Pre-crash Driver safety Regular preventive training ...

Author: Urban Kjellen

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781498736664

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 550

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This new edition comes after about 15 years of development in the field of safety science and practice. The book addresses the question of how to improve risk assessments, investigations, and organizational learning inside companies in order to prevent unwanted occurrences. The book helps the reader in analyzing the subject from different scientific perspectives to demonstrate how they contribute to an overall understanding. It also gives a comprehensive overview of different methods and tools for use in safety practice and helps the reader in analyzing their scope, merits, and shortcomings. The book raises a number of critical issues to be addressed in the improvement process.
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National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety

Develop countermeasures in training , license testing , and motorcycle technology to address any current crash avoidance deficiencies . 23. Evaluate effectiveness of rider education and training in developing crash avoidance skills .



ISBN: UOM:39015072076667

Category: Motorcycles

Page: 63

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The Regulatory Flexibility Act

Transit Bus and Passenger Accident Prevention Guidance-- This is an example or risk identification , ranking and preparation of risk communications and training tools to enhance transit safety . For the FTA , the Volpe Center conducted ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Subcommittee on Government Programs and Oversight


ISBN: UCR:31210011093216

Category: Administrative procedure

Page: 353

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The Essential Handbook of Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems

relaxation training, 13, 78 Alcoholics Anonymous and, 179 reminder card, relapses and, 97 research alcohol availability, ... 238–40 road crash prevention, 255–76 alternative transportation program, 264–5 alcohol availability and, ...

Author: Nick Heather

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470862971

Category: Psychology

Page: 392

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The last three decades have seen an explosion of social, psychological and clinical research to identify effective strategies to prevent and treat alcohol-related problems. This “Essential Handbook” contains an updated selection of reviews of “what works” drawn from the critically acclaimed International Handbook of Alcohol Dependence and Problems. Selected specifically for health and other professionals, who need to provide effective responses in their work, these authoritative, science-based reviews are a distillation of the more practical elements, designed to save time for the busy practitioner.
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Training for Cycling

The drills offered in the pack - riding section are excellent for crash - prevention training . The more comfortable you are on your bike , the more you can react , and avoid overreacting . Control on the bike will also give you ...

Author: Davis Phinney

Publisher: Perigee Trade

ISBN: UVA:X002539572

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 254

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A compelling, insightful, and informative training handbook for cyclists of all abilities.
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Behavioural Adaptation and Road Safety

Effects of higher-order driving skill training on young inexperienced drivers' on-road driving performance. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 43, 1818–1827. Johnson, S. B. and Jones, V.C. 2011. Adolescent development and risk of injury: ...

Author: Christina Rudin-Brown

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781439856680

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 467

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Despite being an accepted construct in traffic and transport psychology, the precise nature of behavioural adaptation, including its causes and consequences, has not yet been established within the road safety community. A comprehensive collection of recent literature, Behavioural Adaptation and Road Safety: Theory, Evidence, and Action explores behavioural adaptation in road users. It examines behavioural adaptation within the context of historical and theoretical perspectives, and puts forth tangible—and practical—solutions that can effectively address adverse behavioural adaptation to road safety interventions before it occurs. Edited by Christina Rudin-Brown and Samantha Jamson, with chapters authored by leading road safety experts in driver psychology and behaviour, the book introduces the concept of behavioural adaptation and details its more relevant issues. It reviews the definition of behavioural adaptation that was put forward by the OECD in 1990 and then puts this definition through its paces, identifying where it may be lacking and how it might be improved. This sets the context for the remaining chapters which take the OECD definition as their starting points. The book discusses the various theories and models of behavioural adaptation and more general theories of driver behaviour developed during the last half century. It provides examples of the "evidence" for behavioural adaptation—instances in which behavioural adaptation arose as a consequence of the introduction of safety countermeasures. The book then focuses on the internal, "human" element and considers countermeasures that might be used to limit the development of behavioural adaptation in various road user groups. The book concludes with practical tools and methodologies to address behavioural adaptation in research and design, and to limit the potential negative effects before they happen. Supplying easy-to-understand, accessible solutions that can be implemented early on in a road safety intervention’s design or conception phase, the chapters represent the most extensive compilation of literature relating to behavioural adaptation and its consequences since the 1990 OECD report. The book brings together earlier theories of behavioural adaptation with more recent theories in the area and combines them with practical advice, methods, and tangible solutions that can minimise the potential negative impact of behavioural adaptation on road user safety and address it before it occurs. It is an essential component of any road safety library, and should be of particular relevance to researchers, practitioners, designers, and policymakers who are interested in maximizing safety while at the same time encouraging innovation and excellence in road transport-related design.
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How to be Wicked Financially Savvy

Also, from an insurance standpoint, if you do have a minor accident or fender bender, you may be better off paying ..., a MA based non-profit offering Driver Crash Prevention Training, to save money and stay safe on ...

Author: Jay Herther


ISBN: 9781387652051



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Field Manual

The effort includes the prevention of aircraft accidents and the minimization of the effects of accidents . ... Other personnel having specific duties within the safety program are included in the battalion safety training plan .

Author: United States. Department of the Army


ISBN: UCAL:B3241691



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