Crowd Based Business Models

Advances in the Internet-based technologies and a shift in the business philosophy of companies from market orientation to customer orientation have caused the emergence of crowd-based business models. The attributes of crowd-based ...

Author: Rajagopal

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030770839

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 280

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This book distinctively presents nine thematic discussions with real examples of small and large companies across the geographic destinations. Among many points of interest crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, decision-processes, technology, leadership, consumer behavior, crowd-based services designing, future perspectives in the context of crowd-based business modelling, and collective intelligence are central to the discussions in the book. This book argues that crowd is the pivot of marketing. It fills the knowledge gap in people-led enterprises by integrating the customer ideation process and developing crowd-based business models to achieve performance with purpose. This book proposes crowd-based business strategies in the emerging markets and significantly contributes to the existing literature.
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Managing Innovation Understanding And Motivating Crowds

The findings of this paper are expected to contribute to research and practice concerning customer integration as well as crowd-based business model innovation. Conceptual Background and Hypothesis Development This section reviews the ...

Author: Brem Alexander

Publisher: World Scientific

ISBN: 9781786346506

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 448

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Managing Innovation is a three-part series covering contemporary technology and innovation management research areas. Each volume comprises key articles from both the International Journal of Innovation Management and the International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, published by World Scientific, and provides an international, disciplinary approach across its broad coverage of topics.Relevant for both academics and practitioners, this volume focuses on key aspects of crowd innovation including motivations, challenges and benefits of this approach.
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2nd URV Doctoral Workshop in Computer Science and Mathematics

Crowd-Based. Business. Model. Abeba Nigussie Turi ⋆ ⋆⋆ Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics, Universitat Rovira i ... and mutually beneficial interactions among selfinterested agents, to the crowd-based business model.

Author: Marc Sánchez Artigas


ISBN: 9788484243991


Page: 84

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This proceeding book contains the contributions presented at the 2nd URV Doctoral workshop in Computer Science and Mathematics. The main aim of this workshop is to promote the dissemination of the ideas, methods and results that are developed by the students of our PhD program.
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Designing the Digital Transformation

To apply crowd-based business model validation, entrepreneurs must transfer their implicit assumptions to the crowd participants for creating a shared understanding. Business models are mental representations of an entrepreneur's ...

Author: Alexander Maedche

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319591445

Category: Computers

Page: 492

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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology, DESRIST 2017, held in May/June 2017 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The 25 full and 11 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 66 full and 19 short papers. The contributions are organized in topical sections named: DSR in business process management; DSR in human computer interaction; DSR in data science and business analytics; DSR in service science; methodological contributions; domain-specific DSR applications; emerging themes and new ideas; and products and prototypes.
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Agile Marketing Strategies

company's products. In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, Mountain Dew successfully crowdsourced part of its product development through the Dewmocracy contest series.56 Crowd-based business models encourage customer engagement in ...

Author: Rajagopal

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031042126

Category: Electronic books

Page: 254

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This is a timely book that examines the concept of agility in marketing by converging neurobehavioral perspectives and customer engagement. It describes the evolution from Scrum methodology to agile management practices lingered over several changes and portray inclusivity in marketing through various examples. An excellent reference and read for practitioners and academics. Arturo Molina, PhD, Vice-Rector (Research and Innovation),Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico Agility may not drive perfection, but paves path for excellence by engaging customers and understanding their behavioral dynamics within a market ecosystem. This book contributes to agile marketing concept and practice converging new dimensions of neurobehavioral attributes and customer engagement. A good learning choice for the managers Angappa Gunasekaran PhD, Director, School of Business Administration, Penn State University at Harrisburg, Middletown, PA, Agile movement has transformed the businesses into a digital workplace by connecting the people, performance, and profit. This book blends the agile marketing philosophy with the digital space and human behavior The convergence of neuromarketing, neurobehavioral attributes, and customer engagement differentiates this book John D Sullivan, PhD, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, Boston University, Boston, MA Agility and agile transformation are the two facets of business, and both are correlated to business performance. This book addresses multi-layered themes between the broad domains of consumer behavior and marketing strategies with focus on agility as a business driver. Emphasizing on agile marketing strategy, this book argues the developing meaningful relationship with the stakeholders by analyzing neurobehavioral attributes and various sensitive touch points. The book offers new concepts on co-creation and coevolution in business development processes. Rajagopal is Professor of Marketing at EGADE Business School of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESM), Mexico City Campus and Life Fellow of the Royal Society for Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce, London. He is Visiting Professor at Boston University and the UFV India Global Education of the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.
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Harnessing Novel Forms of Work Organization Design Knowledge on Crowdworking Platform Systems

Kohler (2015) states that even though many companies experiment with involving a crowd in value creation, only few of them turn crowdsourcing projects into thriving platforms with powerful business models. Based on an analysis of ...

Author: Volkmar Mrass

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783737609067

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 350

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The digitalization is currently fundamentally changing our world of work. One important trend in this context is the “platform economy”, with crowdworking platforms as an increasingly relevant platform type. Many of these crowdworking platforms and their surrounding work systems including participants, nformation, technologies, as well as processes and activities, are comparatively new and often designed incrementally. What is currently still lacking is systematic knowledge about the efficient design of such crowdworking platform systems (CWPS). This dissertation provides such design knowledge in the form of a nascent design theory. One important focus lies on the question how such CWPS should be designed to also use this novel form of work organization for more complex work. This dissertation furthermore shows how a close interlinking of external crowds and internal employees of an organization helps to harness the advantages of crowdworking while at the same time mitigates its disadvantages.
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Women Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets

Firms based on collective intelligence tend to use shared resources and process collaborations in managing micro and macro tasks engaging stakeholders and customers. Therefore, the crowd-based business modeling encourages firms toward ...

Author: Ananya Rajagopal

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030897703

Category: Businesswomen

Page: 165

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His book focuses on social perspectives of women's entrepreneurship, in the context of work-life balance and crowd-based business modelling, and economic perspectives associated with quality-of-life expectations. It focuses on the convergence of business perspectives and the social values and lifestyle of women entrepreneurs. The attributes of women entrepreneurship in developing economies have been discussed with focus on new entrepreneurial trends, changing organizational design and workplace environment, frugal innovation and technology, and shifts in market behavior. The book presents a six-box strategy including learned knowledge, scope of enterprise, innovation and technology, social values, design-development, and entrepreneurial business modeling. The core argument underlies in critically examining the practical, tacit, and intuited strategies to redesign entrepreneurial business models against conventional social values of women entrepreneurs. The author analyzes positivist, constructivist, pragmatist, interpretivist, and phenomenological perspectives to explain entrepreneurial behavior of women and derive cognitive synthesis to enhance business performance, entrepreneurial mindset, and perceptual schema.
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Inclusive Businesses in Developing Economies

Such practices led to open inno- vation by crowdsourcing ideas under collective leadership allowing the stakeholders to participate and coordinate the crowd-based innovation model from the initial stage of ideation to the delivery of ...

Author: Rajagopal

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783031122170

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 440

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This book analyzes the emerging concepts and theories of inclusiveness in business by explaining corporate social responsibility, social learning, and value co-creation, as critical elements to the success of firms. The authors explore the causes and effects and challenges associated with the management of inclusive businesses. Divided in to six sections, this edited work includes twenty one chapters that examine the inclusive business philosophy, the social dynamics of managing inclusive business, the role of trade, and inclusive practices at work before concluding with a discussion of how to drive hybrid growth in these types of organizations. Focusing on developing economies, this book portrays the varied corporate experiences in inclusive business designs and customer value propositions across the industries. It surveys the problems, possible solutions, and policy frameworks for integrating business as a resource to alleviate poverty and social and economic inequality.
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Technologies for Modern Digital Entrepreneurship

Such crowdfunding models are under the tokenization business model, which includes the initial coin offering ... A typical example of the recent failures in the crowd-based digital business models of this form is the DAO attack (the ...

Author: Abeba N. Turi

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781484260050

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 218

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Emerging technologies offer a plethora of unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs in the digital space. Understanding this evolution is essential for web-based business models to succeed. The Web 3.0 economy is here, and this book has arrived to serve as your guide. Technologies for Modern Digital Entrepreneurship is an in-depth look at the new developments of the digital economic system. Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and Stable Coins are explained through timely case studies, as well as innovations in crowdfunding, educational marketplaces, and scalability in blockchain-based transactions. Author Dr. Abeba N. Turi expertly navigates the industry transition from platform-based centralized Web 2.0 economy to the distributed network economy. Turi additionally explores trust and reputation as currency in the digital economy and allays common fears in digital entrepreneurship such as mistrust by investors and intellectual property loss. Avoid falling behind your competitors in the Wild West that is modern digital entrepreneurship. Whether you are a business leader, a technology enthusiast, or a researcher in the field, Technologies for Modern Digital Entrepreneurship gives you the advantage of insightful knowledge using real data and meaningful examples. Amid global regulatory changes and the ever-shifting methods of digital entrepreneurship, our modern era demands this book. What You Will Learn Discover new trends in the digital economic systemComprehend the crowd-based digital business models Analyze the distributed information network economyUnderstand the workings of the currency system under the Web 3.0 economy, including Cryptocurrencies, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and Stable Coins Who This Book Is ForTechnology enthusiasts, tech and interdisciplinary students, digital business leaders, and researchers in the field
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Radical Reorganization of Existing Work Structures Through Digitalization

Crowd funding has also prompted business organizations to change their business models. Business models define how a business organization functions and optimize its resources. Crowd funding has introduced a crowd - based business model ...

Author: Duhan, Punita

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522531920

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 287

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Technological advancements are occurring in many areas of life and society, especially in the field of business. With the increase in advancement, digital technologies are assisting workers and making them more viable in the labor market. Radical Reorganization of Existing Work Structures Through Digitalization is a critical scholarly resource that examines the endeavors of the digitalization of skill development initiatives for sustainable and inclusive growth and development of organizations and economies worldwide. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as social media, online teaching, and e-learning, this book is geared towards academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on the advantages of a relationship between the digital world and the workforce.
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