Dark Memory

He walked away into the dark trees. He stepped over a log and as soon as he ... It was very eerie walking through the trees in the dark. There was absolutely no light whatsoever. ... He continued to cut it until it was not Dark Memory 99.

Author: Delsy Gonzalez

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595272020

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

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Jon and Will are two brothers and policemen who have been on a search for a mysterious and disguised killer for quite a while. When the killer murders their father, the chief of police, they vow to capture him for good and bring him to justice at last. But to their surprise, he suddenly disappears and is never heard from again... Obtaining amnesia from a deadly explosion, the killer-now known as Mike Riley-tries to find out who he is, but finds it difficult because he has no family and relatives to refer to. He considers trying to make a good life for himself, and becomes a police officer. He befriends both Jon and Will, and hears about their tragic story. Now he too goes on the hunt for their father's murderer without knowing that the one he is after...is he himself.
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Dark Memory

His mind was going from memory to memory. His mouth was dry and his head ached ... You got a year of happiness, and then you paid with memories. ... But, oh God, if only he could hold her without that one sad, dark, despairing, tragic, ...

Author: Jonathan Latimer

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 9781480486157

Category: Fiction

Page: 339

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On a mad mission in the African jungle, a photographer loses his way Lew Cable is an impulsive man, lazy and violent, especially when he has been drinking. He is a rotten choice to lead a scientific expedition, but his wife’s money convinces the exploration committee that he is the man for the job. Jay Nichols sees right through Cable’s bravado, but for the chance to photograph African gorillas in their natural habitat, he is more than willing to sacrifice his pride. If he is not careful, he will give up much more than that. After accidentally killing a female gorilla, Nichols is beset with shame and grief. His judgment impaired, he makes the mistake of venturing into the jungle alone with the trip leader’s wife. When they get lost, Nichols quickly finds that an angry husband is far more dangerous than any beast the jungle has to offer.
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Tears Fall on Dark Memories

He bedded down and dreamed a little dream: Oh, orb of light — spectrum of color, How it floats and shines, Meandering about on clouds above nine, Memories and emotions enclosed like a cosmic envelope — to be opened by those that know ...

Author: Ryan Nicholas Belcher

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781410752543

Category: Fiction

Page: 134

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Tears Fall on Dark Memories is a psychological thriller about a crazed serial killer with a motive that is more ambitious and sinister than Bundy, Manson, and Dahmer combined. This suspenseful thriller will keep you engaged with every page. Each chapter brings you closer and closer to finding out the killer's motive, only to add depth and complexity to an ever growing, ever bewildering story line. Fiction in its purest sense will transport the reader into another world; this book is no exception. The people of Tolmor City are being annihilated one by one. Detective Jonathan Burton stands alone as the sole person who can stop the fiendish murderer. Seeing from the detective's and killer's point of view is what makes this book like no other in terms of complexity and originality. This book unfolds into a blooming staircase of structure from a spiraling chaotic nothingness. Pieces of strategically placed clues create a map of this novel's underlying meaning. Tears Fall on Dark Memories transports us into a realm of bewildering chaos. It describes the killings, investigations, and victims, i.e. from all perspectives. It stimulates the crevices of our predatory impulses, making us aware of our own primitive selves. Tears Fall on Dark Memories is infused with philosophical underpinnings that give it a feel of movies such as, Seven, The Silence of the Lambs, and Kiss the Girls. The book is illustrated profusely by the author, which adds depth and visual understanding to this complex, yet highly entertaining story.
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Dark Memories

Linda Hope Lee. Dark Memories by Linda Hope Lee This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and Dark Memories.

Author: Linda Hope Lee

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781509206469

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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Held responsible for a student's tragic death, teacher Deborah Kent was fired from an exclusive girls' school in Fairfield, Vermont and left town in disgrace. Now, she’s back in Fairfield with the intention of operating a bed and breakfast from her guardian's Victorian home. When threatening notes indicate someone isn’t happy with her return, Deborah suspects her student’s death was no accident. The man she turns to is the one least likely to help. Horse breeder Milo Jordan has long harbored anger toward the woman he blames for his younger sister's death. Too many questions have gone unanswered, but now Deborah appears to hold the key to the truth. Can he put aside his anger, and his growing attraction, and work with her to solve the puzzle of the deadly event?
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You Have No F king Idea

While my home life definitely had its share of some unpleasant memories, what stands out to me as a darker memory during ... have me dismissed from school. hat was a dark memory because it was my first experience with death of any kind.

Author: Matt Baier

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781682613344

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 160

View: 287

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Deadbeat Dad. Con Artist. Liar. Manipulator. If you believe the tabloid press about Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier, your opinions of him are most likely wrapped in scandalous rumors and gossip. Forget everything you think you know about the tattooed, gravel-voiced reality TV star. In You Have No F**king Idea, Matt breaks his silence for the first time and sets the story straight by delving into his past, present and future—fully exposing the naked truth about his life—once and for all.
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The Spectator

My blood pounds With a dark memory of age - old days And mad , red nights I never knew When the dead in me lived , and horrid sounds Broke from their furry throats . In drunken rounds , Blood - crazed , they danced before the leaping ...



ISBN: UCBK:B000548339

Category: English literature

Page: 822

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A weekly review of politics, literature, theology, and art.
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Forest and Prairie Or Life on the Frontier

“ ALT my friend , ” he pursued , shaking his gray head solemnly , and passing his hand across his eyes , " the sight o that dark spot yonder brings up a dark memory , and makes me weep as a child rather than as a man .

Author: Emerson Bennett


ISBN: UCAL:B3578844


Page: 426

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The Complete Works of Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Murder Mystery Novels, Victorian Romances & Dark Fantasy Tales: Lady Audley's Secret, Aurora Floyd, ... The memory of that night of anguish in Yarborough Tower, and that still darker hour of shame and despair in which Sit Oswald had ...

Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: EAN:4057664556349

Category: Fiction

Page: 11908

View: 234

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e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited Mary Elizabeth Braddon collection: Novels: The Trail of the Serpent Lady Audley's Secret Aurora Floyd The Captain of the Vulture John Marchmont's Legacy Eleanor's Victory Henry Dunbar The Doctor's Wife Birds of Prey Charlotte's Inheritance Run to Earth Fenton's Quest The Lovels of Arden A Strange World The Cloven Foot Vixen Mount Royal Phantom Fortune The Golden Calf Wyllard's Weird Mohawks All Along the River Gerard (The World, the Flesh, and the Devil) London Pride His Darling Sin The Infidel Beyond These Voices Short Stories: Ralph the Bailiff and Other Stories: Ralph the Bailiff Captain Thomas The Cold Embrace My Daughters The Mystery of Fernwood Samuel Lowgood's Revenge The Lawyer's Secret My First Happy Christmas Lost and Found Eveline's Visitant – A Ghost Story Found in the Muniment Chest How I Heard my Own Will Read Flower and Weed and Other Tales: Flower and Weed George Caulfield's Journey The Clown's Quest Dr. Carrick If She Be Not Fair to Me The Shadow in the Corner His Secret Thou Art the Man Milly Darrell Good Lady Ducayne At Chrighton Abbey Children's Book: The Christmas Hirelings My First Novel by M. E. Braddon
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The Vichy Past in France Today

Corruptions of Memory Richard J. Golsan ... anti-Israeli sentiment, the spectacle of racist attacks, and even the murder of Jews cannot help by stimulate feelings of déjà vu and dark memories of the past, especially among French Jews.

Author: Richard J. Golsan

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498550338

Category: History

Page: 169

View: 972

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The Vichy Past in France Today: Corruptions of Memory is an interdisciplinary study examining the continuing impact of the memory of Vichy and World War II in French politics, literature, intellectual discourse and debates, and the law. It argues that despite multiple efforts in all of these areas to come to terms with France’s World War II past and to fulfill a “duty to memory” to Vichy’s Jewish victims, the nation is still not reconciled to the so-called “Dark Years,” even seventy years after the Liberation. Indeed the Vichy past “occupies” important recent works of literature, inflects much political discussion and debate, often serving as a metaphor for political (and moral) evil. Its legacies include the passage of problematic laws that dangerously distort and simplify complex historical realities. Chapter I examines the historical and legal legacies of the 1990s trials for crimes against humanity and traces their impact on the so-called “memorial laws” of the new century. Chapter II revisits the 2002 presidential elections in France and the impact of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s first round victory on intellectual and cultural debate. Chapter III explores Alain Badiou’s controversial characterization of Sarkozy’s presidential victory as a return of “Petainism” in The Meaning of Sarkozy. The discussion is cast against the backdrop of Badiou’s “radical” political thought and Sarkozy’s political uses and misuses of the World War II past. Chapter IV examines the controversy surrounding the publication of Jonathan Littell’s The Kindly Ones (2006) and its morally and historically problematic portrayal of an unrepentant Nazi and SS officer. Chapter V discusses Yannick Haenel’s fictional recreation of the Polish resistance hero Jan Karski (The Messenger, 2009) in his novel by that name, and the polemics between the novel’s author and the maker of the classic Holocaust documentary film, Shoah, Claude Lanzmann. The Conclusion first explores the ways in which the memory of Vichy inflects literary and political reflections on the recent terrorist attacks in France. It also examines strategies proposed by French philosophers for moving beyond the “impasse” of Vichy’s memory in France before concluding with a different strategy proposed by the author for the French nation to move beyond the memory of the Dark Years.
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Exiled from Jerusalem

It left a scar on my childhood – a dark memory – which triggered pain whenever I heard, saw or imagined what the deportees, and my father in particular, were going through. Those deportees were highly respected leaders, ...

Author: Rafiq Husseini

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781838605421

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 376

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The diaries of Dr Hussein Fakhri al-Khalidi offer a unique insight to the peculiarities of colonialism that have shaped Palestinian history. Elected mayor of Jerusalem – his city of birth – in 1935, the physician played a leading role in the Palestinian Rebellion of the next year, with profound consequences for the future of Palestinian resistance and British colonial rule. One of many Palestinian leaders deported as a result of the uprising, it was in British-imposed exile in the Seychelles Islands that al-Khalidi began his diaries. Written with equal attention to lively personal encounters and ongoing political upheavals, entries in the diaries cover his sudden arrest and deportation by the colonial authorities, the fifteen months of exile on the tropical island, and his subsequent return to political activity in London then Beirut. The diaries provide a historical and personal lens into Palestinian political life in the late 1930s, a period critical to understanding the catastrophic 1948 exodus and dispossession of the Palestinian people. With an introduction by Rashid Khalidi the publication of these diaries offers a wealth of primary material and a perspective on the struggle against colonialism that will be of great value to anyone interested in the Palestinian predicament, past and present.
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