Approaches to Theological Ethics

Mieth, Dietmar, ' Norm', in Grundbegriffe der christlichen Ethik, ed. Jean-Pierre
Wils and Dietmar Mieth, 243–53. Mieth, Dietmar, 'Theologie und Ethik/Das
unterscheidend Christliche', in Grundbegriffe der christlichen Ethik, ed. Jean-
Pierre Wils ...

Author: Maureen Junker-Kenny

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567682970

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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Maureen Junker-Kenny offers a systematic overview of the discipline of theological ethics in the variety of its approaches, which draw upon different philosophical traditions and theological visions in treating its sources. Part One examines the four sources of theological ethics: the Bible, tradition, philosophical accounts of the human, and the individual human sciences. Part Two compares five frameworks in English- and German-speaking theological ethics, based on virtue, worship, natural law, autonomy, and feminist analyses. Part Three compares three types of vision - integralist, praxis-oriented, and discourse-focused - , and Junker-Kenny concludes by situating the investigation of the discipline within contemporary philosophical and theological exchanges on religion in the public sphere. The book provides a framework in which students can locate the specific use of core ethical concepts and argumentations, comparing how each approach relates to the Bible, to historical reason, theological thought, practical self-understandings and interdisciplinary perspectives on ethics in a scientific and technological culture. In an age of globalisation where different cultures, religions, lifestyles and values meet in the workplace, in schools, and in public spaces shaped by religious and cultural traditions, it is necessary to foster the ability to create possibilities and venues for dialogue between different self-understandings. Analysing the variety of approaches to theological ethics helps articulate different visions of what constitutes a fulfilled life, of how the moral vocation of each human being can be supported, and of the role of the Christian faith for ethics.
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Trinity Freedom and Love

17“Was ist »das unterscheidend Christliche«?” (1971), 296–9. 1972/b“Womit
steht und fällt heute der christliche Glaube?” F. H. Tenbruck, G. Klein, E. Jüngel
und A. Sand Spricht Gott in der Geschichte? (Freiburg: Herder), 154–77.

Author: Piotr Malysz

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567128836

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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By critically engaging Eberhard Jüngel's doctrine of the Trinity, this volume makes a broader, constructive contribution to contemporary trinitarian thought.The argument centers on the question - posed by the inconsistencies uncovered in Jüngel's doctrine of God - of how one can assert both divine freedom and the inter-subjectivity of God's trinitarian self-determination. Can one maintain God's freedom in the interest of divine spontaneity and creativity, while remaining committed to inter-subjective vulnerability which the Cross entails as an event of divine love? Malysz suggests that a resolution to this problem lies in a logic of divine freedom, which, next to the trinitarian logic of love, constitutes a different and simultaneous mode of trinitarian relationality. To develop this logic, Malysz draws on Jüngel's understanding of human freedom as rooted in the "elemental interruption" of the self-securing subject. Malysz thus not only brings Jüngel's view of divine freedom into correspondence with the anthropological effects that Jüngel ascribes to it, but, above all, offers an imaginative, new way of closely integrating the doctrine of God and theological anthropology.
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Lex Christi secundum naturam Die Christologische heilsgeschichtliche Einheit und Identit t des sittlichen Gesetzes nach Louis de Thomassin m 1695

... eines ganzen Lebens der Liebe ist das unterscheidend Christliche 172 ; die
kirchlichen Einzelfeste , ein Zugeständnis ... sie ist dasjenige , was den wahren ,
wirklichen Christen vom Schein - und Namenschristen unterscheidet 174 , sie ist

Author: F. J. Busch

Publisher: Gregorian Biblical BookShop

ISBN: 8876521704

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Indicative of Grace Imperative of Freedom

274–95; 'Was ist »das unterscheidend Christliche«?' (1971), pp. 296–9. 'Womit
steht und fällt heute der christliche Glaube?' Friedrich Heinrich Tenbruck, Günter
Klein, Eberhard Jüngel und Alexander Sand Spricht Gott in der Geschichte?

Author: R. David Nelson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780567497932

Category: Religion

Page: 320

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This volume is a collection of essays in honour of Tübingen theologian Eberhard Jüngel, and is presented to him on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Jüngel is widely held to be one of the most important Christian theologians of the past half-century. The essays honour Professor Jüngel both by offering critical interlocutions with his theology and by presenting constructive proposals on themes in contemporary dogmatics that are prominent in his writings. While the list of contributors includes the names of several prominent scholars, each with many years of theological work in the academy, one of the noteworthy features of the proposed Festschrift is the involvement of younger scholars who have found Jüngel's writings to be a rich resource for fresh explorations in Christian theology. The proposed Festschrift introduces a new generation of theologians to Eberhard Jüngel and his theology. The volume also includes an exhaustive bibliography of Jüngel's writings and of secondary sources that deal extensively with his thought.
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The Dramatic Encounter of Divine and Human Freedom in the Theology of Hans Urs Von Balthasar

... is all , it is also taken to ground the possibility of a real relationship between
them . In ' Das unterscheidend Christliche der Gotteserfahrung ' this is explicated
in terms of the subject ' s ' standing opposite God ' in virtue of creation coming to ...

Author: Thomas G. Dalzell

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: IND:30000066039185

Category: Religion

Page: 315

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This book surveys the major theological writings of Hans Urs von Balthasar from the perspective of the relationship between finite and infinite freedom. The first part examines Balthasar's early treatment of the question in the context of the analogy of being. The second part concentrates on the Theological Dramatics.
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The New Testament and Hellenistic Judaism

Was war - und wurde dann endgültig - das unterscheidend Christliche des
Urchristentums ? Offensichtlich nicht schon das Bekenntnis zu Jesus als dem
Messias allein . " Christen " lassen sich nicht zureichend als " messianische
Juden ...

Author: Søren Giversen

Publisher: Aarhus Universitetsforlag

ISBN: UOM:39015034542202

Category: Religion

Page: 293

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A substantial portion of the New Testament was either written in the Jewish Diaspora or addressed to members of the Diaspora. This means that Hellenistic Judaism outside of Palestine was to a great extent the matrix from which New Testament thought developed, so that New Testament teachings and presuppositions about the relationship of the followers of Jesus to the "Old Covenant" must be understood in terms of Hellenistic Jewish understandings of that covenant. These papers, which were presented at a conference held at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, in 1992, investigate different aspects of the relationship of formative Christianity to its Hellenistic Jewish matrix. Contributors are European scholars, such as the volume editors and Marinus de Jonge, and Americans, including James Charlesworth and Adela Yarbro Collins. Topics include: ownership of the covenant according to the "Epistle of Barnabas; "Alexandrian Jewish religious life as seen in texts prior to Philo; the universality of Torah in Hellenistic Judaism as a preparation for gentile Christianity; the Jewishness of the "Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs" and of certain magical texts; the Jewish background of Mark's empty tomb account, Mark's "theios aner" christology, and the New Testament love command; comparisons of Philonic and Pauline biblical exegesis; the role of Hellenistic philosophy in the Corinthian conflict; the influence of passion traditions on Pauline hardship catalogs; and the semiotics of the Adam-Christ typology in Romans. All articles are in English, including one newly translated from German for this edition.
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Franziskanische Studien

... vielen Jahren u . a . als Obdachloser lebt . 2 . 3 Das Kreuz und das
Unterscheidend - Christliche Schon mehrfach habe ich in meinen bisherigen
Ausführungen das Kreuz erwähnt . Auch das Kreuz gehört zum Grundbestand
des christlichen ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105013759209



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Helene Weigel 100

( 320 ) Als „ das unterscheidend Christliche " wird hier die Gnade Gottes
verstanden , weil der Mensch „ nicht aus sich selbst ... Obwohl in der Praxis oft
verdunkelt , gebe es einen „ gnadentheologische ( n ) Grundansatz des
christlichen Ethos ...

Author: Judith Wilke

Publisher: International Brecht Society

ISBN: STANFORD:36105028885049

Category: History

Page: 460

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Volume 25 of The Brecht Yearbook celebrates the centenary of Helene Weigel, one of the great actresses of the twentieth century, founder and artistic director of the Berliner Ensemble, key artistic personality in the German Democratic Republic, and wife of Bertolt Brecht. Important Brecht scholars, friends, and collaborators of Weigel examine her multifaceted career in articles and interviews. A special "Forum" section is devoted to the exchange of letters between Brecht, Steffin, and Arnold Zweig, edited by Heidrun Loper. Distributed for the International Brecht Society In English and German ISSN 0734-8665
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Hans K ng

154 : “ Die Gretchenfrage des christlichen Glaubens ? ... 155 : “ Was ist eigentlich
christlich ? ... 157 : " Was in der Kirche bleiben muss ( Das unterscheidend
Christliche ) ” in Christ in der Gegenwart , 18 February 1973 , in Cursillo
Information ...

Author: Hermann Häring

Publisher: Fount

ISBN: UOM:39015004268218

Category: Theology

Page: 252

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