Dead Before Dying

Author: Deon Meyer
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848948379
Category: Fiction
Page: 300
View: 4011
Mat Joubert was one of the rising stars of the South African police force, a cop on the fast-track to the future. Not only that; to his eternal incomprehension - and despite chronic ineptness around the opposite sex - he had managed to marry a fascinating, beautiful and intelligent woman. A rosy future beckoned.

Long Dead Before Dying

Author: Horrified Press
ISBN: 1326446169
Page: N.A
View: 9898

A Death Before Dying

Author: Collin Wilcox
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480446874
Category: Fiction
Page: 231
View: 8218
An old friend is murdered, and Hastings will do anything he can to avenge her When Frank Hastings knew Meredith Powell, she was a gawky ten-year-old without a care in the world. More than two decades later, she has grown into a stunning beauty—but the gleam in her eye is gone. Over lunch, Meredith confesses that she lives in terror of her emotionally abusive boyfriend, a possessive, rage-filled man named Charles. Hastings, a homicide lieutenant with the San Francisco police department, offers to help her escape. She refuses, and they part ways—unaware that Charles has been watching them the whole time. By the next morning, Meredith has been strangled, her body dumped in the park. The realization that he could have helped her, that he may actually have caused her death, tears Hastings to pieces. Obsessed with revenge, he quickly learns why homicide detectives are prevented from investigating the murders of their loved ones. But he will not rest until Charles is brought to justice—even if it costs him his badge.

Death before Dying

History, Medicine, and Brain Death
Author: Gary Belkin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199367477
Category: Medical
Page: 208
View: 3807
Brain death-the condition of a non-functioning brain, has been widely adopted around the world as a definition of death since it was detailed in a Report by an Ad Hoc Committee of Harvard Medical School faculty in 1968. It also remains a focus of controversy and debate, an early source of criticism and scrutiny of the bioethics movement. Death before Dying: History, Medicine, and Brain Death looks at the work of the Committee in a way that has not been attempted before in terms of tracing back the context of its own sources-the reasoning of it Chair, Henry K Beecher, and the care of patients in coma and knowledge about coma and consciousness at the time. That history requires re-thinking the debate over brain death that followed which has tended to cast the Committee's work in ways this book questions. This book, then, also questions common assumptions about the place of bioethics in medicine. This book discusses if the advent of bioethics has distorted and limited the possibilities for harnessing medicine for social progress. It challenges historical scholarship of medicine to be more curious about how medical knowledge can work as a potentially innovative source of values.

Dead Before Dying

A Shadow Valley Manor Novel
Author: Kerry Schafer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9780986120220
Page: 294
View: 2408
Sidelined by an on the job injury, veteran paranormal investigator Maureen Keslyn reluctantly accepts an assignment at Shadow Valley Manor, an upscale retirement facility where someone--or something--is picking off residents and staff at a grisly clip. With her resources dwindling one death at a time and unnatural forces on the loose, Maureen's experience fighting the supernatural provides her only hope to destroy a clever and powerful evil before everybody in the manor--and the town--winds up dead. Together with a ragtag team that includes the local sheriff, the undertaker's daughter, and the facility cook whose knife skills in the kitchen could prove deadly out of it--Maureen is on a mission to bring rest to the weary, and peace to the dead... "Paranormal thrills, a feisty middle-aged heroine, and a tantalizing mystery set in a creepy rest home . . . Clever, fast-paced, and fun." --Lisa Alber, author of Kilmoon and Whispers in the Mist.

Some Deaths Before Dying

Author: Peter Dickinson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0446561096
Category: Fiction
Page: 256
View: 6649
The New York Times Book Review calls multiple-award winner Peter Dickinson "a stylist of subtle brilliance". Always surprising and incisive, the author of The Yellow Room Conspiracy and dozens of other unique novels returns with his first new book in five years; and proves again that in his masterful hands, powerful drama and devastating secrets can be found at the heart of even the smallest mysteries. For nearly her whole life, through most of the twentieth century, Rachel Matson saw the world through the lens of a camera, and produced stunning photographs that not only captured the moment but hinted at a greater truth. Now the ninety-year-old widow lies paralyzed, in the final stages of a debilitating illness. Yet while Rachel's body may be useless, her spirit remains indomitable, her mind razor sharp, and her eye, the trained eye of an artist, still picks up the most telling details. Together with her vast collection of photographs, these gifts are about to help her meet an extraordinary challenge, as she confronts a shattering mystery that harkens back over the decades... On a television program that showcases heirlooms, an antique pistol that belonged to her late husband, Colonel Jocelyn Matson, turns up, leaving Rachel bewildered and then profoundly disturbed. How could the prized Ladurie -- one of a matched pair of dueling pistols she had given to him to commemorate his return from the horrors of a Japanese POW camp -- appear hundreds of miles away in the possession of a stranger? Determined to learn the fate of Jocelyn's gun, Rachel falls back on the one thing left to her -- her intellect -- and soon begins the painful process of teasing the past from the shadows. Whatemerges from the vivid shards of her memories is a mesmerizing tale of honor, passion, and betrayal that stretches from colonial India to modern-day England ...a tale of a loving marriage interrupted by war, of a once-proud reg

Der traurige Polizist

Author: Deon Meyer
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9783746621708
Category: German language
Page: 452
View: 7892
Kapstadt wird von einer Mordserie erschüttert: 6 Männer sterben an den Kugeln aus einer deutschen Pistole aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. Captain Mat Joubert, der seine Frau auf tragische Weise verlor, steht vor einer grossen Bewährungsprobe.

Death, Dying, and the Time Traveler

Author: Ray Foster
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 1434932338
Category: Fiction
Page: 136
View: 3239
Death, Dying, and the Time Traveler is a collection of short stories. These stories are told by the Time Traveler, who is sent to Earth from another universe. The Time Traveler was genetically created to be Caucasian. As he grows up, his makeup has gradually changed and he has become a man of color. When Madonna, the commander-in-chief of the high council of Alexis, the planet that sent the Time Traveler to Earth, returns years later and transports the Time Traveler aboard his space vessel, he is baffled by these unbelievable stories. During his journey through life on Earth, the Time Traveler was always confronted with death and dying. He has experienced the depths of human sufferance, and there are no great stories of glory to be told. The Time Traveler questions man's existence on Earth and explores three temptations that have led to his failure here. Madonna and his council must decide the fate of the Time Traveler. Will he return to Earth and fulfill his destiny or return to Alexis with Madonna? These are the Time Traveler's thrilling stories of the past, chilling stories of the present, and shocking stories of the future.

A Breath Before Dying

The Deconstruction of Benjamin Smith
Author: C. Alan Lytle
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1469780682
Category: Fiction
Page: 248
View: 7844
After 30 years of failed relationships and poor choices, a self-declared loser searches for the strength to end his life, but fate shows him that the future can be quite different from the past.

The Sacred Art of Dying

How World Religions Understand Death
Author: Kenneth Kramer
Publisher: Paulist Press
ISBN: 9780809129423
Category: Religion
Page: 226
View: 5136
Examines how each of the major religions looks at death by including stories, teachings and rituals that present a comparative religious meaning of death and afterlife. Written in textbook style with journal exercises at the end of each chapter.

City of God

Author: Saint Augustine
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141920629
Category: Religion
Page: 1184
View: 5141
St Augustine, bishop of Hippo, was one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and City of God is one of his greatest theological works. Written as an eloquent defence of the faith at a time when the Roman Empire was on the brink of collapse, it examines the ancient pagan religions of Rome, the arguments of the Greek philosophers and the revelations of the Bible. Pointing the way forward to a citizenship that transcends the best political experiences of the world and offers citizenship that will last for eternity, City of God is one of the most influential documents in the development of Christianity.

That's Deep!

Reflections on the Afterlife of a Black Student
Author: Kevin L. Moore
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1483670570
Category: Social Science
Page: 163
View: 1555
Real, raw and refreshing are just a few adjectives that describe this insightful work of art. Through his various experiences growing up in the inner city, Kevin Laron Moore, a.k.a. Height, was blessed with the unique ability to discern and articulate the many realities of Black life in America. The language is sometimes cutting, but with his exceptional word rhyming style, the author holds his readers spellbound. Emotions are taken on a rollercoaster ride by the authors accurate and incontrovertible contents. This book is all about reflections of the writers experiences in America. The seven REFLECTIONS and BONUS CHAPTER, discuss in turn - pain, promise, and evolution in its: Reflections on Youth, Reflections on Black Men and Black Women, Reflections on Self-Determination, Reflections on Community and Self-hatred, Reflections on Black Life in America, Reflections on Family, Reflections on God and Religion, and Five Bullets and a Blessing (Bonus Chapter). While these reflections and bonus chapter are written from the viewpoints of the Authors empirical knowledge, many who have experienced his lifes journey will understand and strongly relate, while others who are open to walking in anothers shoes will learn and be transformed. The notes (thoughts) herein can be described as a serious, urban, social commentary written in a poetic format. It is a journey from a valley of pain and desolation to the heights of promise and ultimate potential. Thats Deep!: Reflections on the Afterlife of a Black Student is simply a MUST-READ BOOK!!! It is a sociological work that will teach others and remind those who have felt the sting firsthand of the devastating impact of Americas separate and unequal treatment of many of its voiceless citizenry. It is a history lesson to people of all races and nationalities of the matchless, resilient and soulful spirit of Africa and all of her outreached descendants. It is also a powerful message that without Gods love, mercy and grace, ones life is purposeless, empty and unprotected.


Author: Bart Steib
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595338534
Category: Self-Help
Page: 140
View: 5870
We live in a self-evident age where the issue of the day is whether life has any meaning. RELEASE is about the works in our natures. Are these works self-evident or revealed to us? Can you play the game of golf with a self-evident nature known only to the senses or do you need a test to know you are truly playing? Do you need to be free to pass the test? RELEASE explores the passion in the game of golf which drives the player forward. It's a passion which will compel you to wonder whether you are really striking the ball at all. Is the game of golf and life itself originating in your soul? Are you passing the tests of life because you are free and therefore can see the abundance you need to drive out all excuses? So much of life and golf is the abundance you need to drive out all excuses. Is that possible? My book says data can never be the absolute answer to striking the ball in the game of life. There is another answer which eliminates all excuses and that answer is the meaning of RELEASE, a meaning that will surely not leave you alone on your journey inside being.Quotes"Golf swing is so simple we can't do it.""Golf swing is a motion we try to perfect but can't feel.""There are no parts to the golf swing, it's all one motion.""When the club is released, there is no fear." All quotes are attributed to Mike Wynn, PGA Pro

108 Anecdotes

Author: N.A
Publisher: Sura Books
ISBN: 9788174785336
Page: N.A
View: 8358

Life Control

Using the Secrets of the Life Codes
Author: Shaun Hasan Ajani
Publisher: Booktango
ISBN: 1468900390
Category: Self-Help
Page: N.A
View: 4895
Taking control of your life is a very personal thing. In Life Control, author Shaun Hasan Ajani seeks to help you gain control of your destiny to achieve your desires and dreams. He demonstrates how this creation works and how you can manifest wealth, well-being, or whatever you want in life. Life Control presents ten secret life codes Ajani discovered while writing numerous articles for corporate management, which later turned into life management. He discusses techniques practiced thousands of years ago—from pre-Aristotle philosophers and from early cultures, such as the ancient Egyptians. Ajani breaks down these complex ideas into a format that takes you from where you are now to where and who you want to be. Combining personal anecdotes with practical advice and wisdom, Life Control communicates that we do have control over our destinies; we can achieve this by understanding and following the secrets of Ajani’s Life Codes. You can take control of your life!

Learning English

Author: Rachid al-Daif
Publisher: Interlink Publishing
ISBN: 1623710448
Category: Fiction
Page: 224
View: 4652
No matter how hard Rachid tries to recreate himself, to become educated and worldly—to “learn English”—it is impossible for this hip Beiruti with his cell phone and high-speed internet to sever the connection to his past in the Lebanese village of Zgharta, known for its “tough guys” and old-fashioned clan mentality. When the news of his father’s murder, a case of blood revenge, reaches him by chance through a newspaper report, it drags him inescapably back into the world of his past. Suddenly he is plunged once again into the endless questions that plagued his childhood: questions about his parents’ marriage and his own legitimacy, questions he would rather have forgotten and which threaten not only his new lifestyle, but now, according to the protocol of vendetta culture, his very life. The accomplished al-Daif hooks his readers from page one of this, his ninth, novel—partly with pieces and fragments of suspense-filled plot and partly with his typically idiosyncratic narrator, whose bizarre stories, comical asides and uncannily perceptive comments on human nature lead us through this tantalizing, funny, and sober book about the hold the past has on Lebanon, and on us all.

Invasion, Plague and Murder Britain 1066-1485

Author: Aaron Wilkes
Publisher: Folens Limited
ISBN: 9781843034056
Page: 109
View: 8114
A new approach to studying Britain from 1066 to 1485 with this lively and informative history text book for 11 to 14-year olds. Suitable for mixed abilities, it provides the knowledge and skills combined with an entertaining style to learn and build history skills. Contains clear objectives for students and includes taskwork that develops literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. History was never so entertaining!

Italian Popular Tales

Author: Thomas Frederick Crane
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 1613108362
Page: 389
View: 5301

5 Dinge, die Sterbende am meisten bereuen

Einsichten, die Ihr Leben verändern werden
Author: Bronnie Ware
Publisher: Arkana
ISBN: 3641095301
Category: Self-Help
Page: 352
View: 3526
5 Dinge, die im Leben wirklich zählen. Was zählt am Ende wirklich? Auf dem Sterbebett, wenn klar wird, dass das Leben sich dem Ende zuneigt? Nach vielen Reisen durch die ganze Welt, auf der Suche nach dem, was dem Leben Sinn gibt, findet die Australierin Bronnie Ware eine neue Aufgabe. Sie begleitet Sterbende in den letzten Wochen ihres Lebens. In ihrem Buch erzählt sie von wunderbaren Begegnungen und berührenden Gesprächen, die ihr Leben tiefgreifend verändert haben. Die Menschen, die sie trifft, stellen viel zu oft fest, dass sie ihre eigenen Wünsche hinten angestellt und zu viel gearbeitet haben, dass sie sich zu wenig Zeit für Familie und Freunde genommen und – vor allem – sich nicht erlaubt haben, glücklich zu sein. Es sind Erkenntnisse, die nachdenklich machen und in Erinnerung rufen, worauf es wirklich ankommt, wenn wir mit einem Lächeln aus dem Leben treten wollen. Für sich selbst hat Bronnie Ware nach diesen Erfahrungen entschieden, dass sie nur noch das macht, was sie wirklich will. Ihr ermutigendes Buch hat die Kraft, Veränderungen anzustoßen, um wirklich das Leben zu führen, das wir wollen.

Star Trek 101: A Practical Guide to Who, What, Where, and Why

Author: Terry J. Erdmann
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781439117873
Category: Fiction
Page: 320
View: 9958
In the future, a heroic captain and his crew explore the Galaxy in a really fast spacecraft. The crew's standing orders are: " explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before."™ Simple, straightforward -- that's Star Trek.® So what's all the fuss? Why do news crews always seem to find someone, somewhere dressed up in a Star Trek costume? What could be so interesting to so many people? Star Trek 101 is the answer. You'll learn just a little about the heroes (Captain Kirk believes that man wasn't meant to live in paradise), the villains (Klingons have a thirst for conquest), and the important aliens (Vulcans live their lives by logic). In the handy recaps for all things Star Trek, you'll discover that the television shows and movies run the gamut from action-adventure to comedy. Just want to sample? The ten essential episodes are offered for your consideration. Star Trek 101 is a quick primer of the television shows and movies that carry the Star Trek name.