MSF Presents Immortal Ecstasy

Immortal Ecstasy, By Lanette Curington-- Disguised as a male, the nymph Daphnis seeks out Leucos to convince him not to help the tyrant who threatens her village, but she doesn't count on falling in love with him.

Author: Lanette Curington


ISBN: 0557355184


Page: 110

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Immortal Ecstasy, By Lanette Curington-- Disguised as a male, the nymph Daphnis seeks out Leucos to convince him not to help the tyrant who threatens her village, but she doesn't count on falling in love with him. Leuc has never been attracted to another man, but he finds himself drawn to Daphnis. He has yet to learn that appearances can be deceiving, especially when a nymph with the power of glamour is involved.
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The Hour of God

... limbs the Godhead looked at me , A living Presence deathless and divine , A Form that harboured all infinity . ... have seen the beauty of immortal eyes , And heard the passion of the Lover's flute , And known a deathless ecstasy's ...

Author: Aurobindo Ghose

Publisher: Sahitya Akademi

ISBN: 8172018886

Category: Literature

Page: 334

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Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950), A Pioneer Of IndiaýS Freedom Movement, Poet, Seer And The Exponent Of Integral Yoga, Visualises The Possibility Of Humanity Fulfilling Its Evolutionary Destiny Through A Process Of Transformation. All The Works Of Sri Aurobindo, His Reflections On Aspects Of Culture And Education Have Been Included Here, To Introduce His Profound Vision To The Reader.
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A Critical Response to Indian English Literature

... he houses immortal thoughts ; he considers himself a Tree of Time “ With one sole branch lit by eternity , ” a “ swaying shadow . ... it is only his " song fruitful hand ” that has bestowed on him “ fragments of deathless ecstasy .

Author: N. K. Mishra

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 8126900822

Category: Indic literature (English)

Page: 198

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The Present Book Contains Some Fact-Finding Critical Essays Devoted To Some Of The Literary Stalwarts Of Indian English Literature, Such As, Sri Aurobindo, Raja Rao, Mulk Raj Anand, Kamala Markandaya, Arundhati Roy And Manoj Das. A Modest Attempt Has Been Made To Go Deep Into The Problem And Offer Text-Based Criticism. These Articles Have Been Written To Stimulate A Genuine Desire In The Readers For Deeper Studies In Indian English Literature.This Book Is Expected To Be Of Considerable Interest And Use To The Students As Well As The Teachers As The Critical Articles Throw More Light On Some Of The Unexplored Areas Of Studies.
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Palaces of Memory

... the hungry heart of earth Aspiring beyond heaven to Krishna's feet I have seen the beauty of immortal eyes, And heard the passion of the Lover's flute And known a deathless ecstasy's surprise And sorrow in my heart forever mute.

Author: Diane Thome

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781460284308

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

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Palaces of Memory is the story of a pioneer in the music world - the first woman to graduate from Princeton University with a PhD in Music and the first woman to compose computer-synthesized music. Much has been written about Dr. Thome, now professor emerita and former chair of the composition program at the University of Washington School of Music. But this is Diane Thome's highly personal story about her lifelong journey in music. In this inspiring memoir, Dr. Thome describes her studies with many famous teachers including Dorothy Taubman, Robert Strassburg, Milton Babbitt, Roy Harris and Darius Milhaud. She writes of a consuming need to compose and explore new directions in her music. She also writes with deep affection and candor about her many friends and great loves. Diane Thome's music has been described as "high modernist ... searching, intense, and full of integrity." Much the same can be said of her life as it unfolds in Palaces of Memory.
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Origins of the Tarot

See also gnosis Sixth, 40, 142, 162, 158, 330, 332, 370; as causal heart perspective, 203-4; conversion of attention and cognitive awareness through, 162; through ninth in deathless ecstasy, 161; as pervasive impermanence and door to ...

Author: Dai Leon

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 9781583945841

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 560

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Conventional wisdom traces Tarot cards to medieval Italy, but their roots go back much further in time and draw on a surprisingly rich variety of cultures and spiritual traditions. Combining pioneering scholarship with practical spiritual instruction, Origins of the Tarot is the first book to unveil the full range of the ancient streams of wisdom from which the Tarot emerged.The timeless principles of conscious realization and cosmological unfoldment underlying the Tarot have never been explored in a comparably extensive and detailed way: herein the teachings of a tremendous range of traditions, including Kabbalah, Western esotericism and alchemy, Buddhism, Taoism, yogic disciplines, Sufism, mystical Christianity, Gnosticism, and Neoplatonism, are masterfully incorporated and synthesized.Author Dai Léon explores a confluence of philosophical schools from East and West as they relate to the Tarot, giving each its due in the exposition of a universal procession of evolution and the soul’s quest for enlightenment. In the process, the Tarot is seen as a unique exemplification of perennial teachings on the soul and its liberation, as well as a still-unfolding window into concealed currents of human history. The book’s profound learning and unprecedented range of references are sure to attract close study among students both of the world’s most enduring esoteric tradition and of esotericism itself.
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I have seen the beauty of immortal eyes, And heard the passion of the Lover's flute, And known a deathless ecstasy's surprise And sorrow in my heart for ever mute. Nearer and nearer now the music draws, Life shudders with a strange ...

Author: Manfred Bauer

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783755738435

Category: Religion

Page: 568

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Biblical statements and beliefs that were shaped by the ancient mindset have been mindlessly repeated for way too long. In the process, some of these ideas were eventually dogmatized. By investigating the historical origin of such dogmas, the author carries out an in-depth analysis of the contents of established Christian doctrines without bothering about political correctness. He is outspoken, but is careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This book is therefore especially aimed at people with an interest in theology who are no longer satisfied with the usual clichés. During his research, the author put expert opinions to the test and found out quite frequently that they leave much to be desired. He realized that many a Bible scholar makes his or her point on the basis of a limited and incomplete view of the world that is shaped, as the case may be, by his or her own faith or atheism. As a result of the globalization that has occurred over the past few decades and the greater insight it has afforded us into other religions and worldviews, our perspective on the nature and abilities of spiritual masters such as Jesus has broadened considerably. Since such discoveries have been taken into account only rarely in "biographies" of Jesus, it has been the author's intention to illustrate parallels between the teachings and actions of Jesus and those of spiritual masters from other religions. This book also asks the questions: What message does the Shroud kept in turin Cathedral convey to us? Did Jesus really lie in it? Does the Shroud make it possible for us to see Jesus` face some 2000 years after his death? With forensic meticulousness, the author provides proof that not everything went by the book during the 1988 radiocarbon dating that "exposed" the Shroud as a medieval fake. The role of the Catholic Church leadership comes thereby under intense scrutiny. Hence, the aim of this unconventional book is to invite the reader to accompany the author as he tries, with the help of Jesus' example, to acquire a better understanding of the meaning and purpose of human existence and to show what consequences such a better understanding might have for the way we conduct our lives.
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White Sail

This is the natural wisdom ecstasy of deity, which is the state of Vajradhara in which all immeasurable Buddhas are contained within immeasurable wisdom mandala. Wisdom deity is pure space. Space is deathless because there is no object ...

Author: Thinley Norbu

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 9780834827561

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Buddhism teaches that enlightenment is our natural state; the problem is that we do not recognize this state, owing to the mind's confusion about its true nature. Thinley Norbu presents the Buddhist view in a way meant to clear up misconceptions and awaken the reader's innate wisdom. Thinley Norbu is a distinguished teacher of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and the author of The Small Golden Key and Magic Dance.
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A Lyric of the Morning Land

I. Lovers in my blessed sky Thrill with deathless ecstasy ; Lovers glow with bliss divine Where my four bright Spheroids shine . II . Lovers thrill with sacred bliss Through my Eden MORNING 81 LAND .

Author: Thomas Lake Harris



Category: Spiritualism

Page: 256

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The PyrAmid Of Life

Like a drunken man listening to a song reminding him of his beloved, I enjoyed the flute's poetry in the midst of the deathless ecstasy of seeing the rainbow of creation. I wanted to dive in this sea of colors, yet I couldn't.

Author: Nicolai Eärendil Gunge

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781496981813

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 484

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When Milo discovers that his deceased father was murdered on a journey to France, he decides to investigate the matter. the father left clues to ancient secrets of religious and mystic traditions. On his quest to find the truth Milo follow in his fathers footsteps. Soon, supported by an ancient brotherhood of light, Milo finds himself on a spiritual journey going through a process of initiation and enlightenment. Guided onto a spiritual path of Christian mysticism called 'THE WAY', he moves towards THE PYRAMID OF LIFE. New mind blowing ideas of the true message of Jesus Christ and the mysteries of old are revealed to him. In his attempt to find his fathers murderer, Milo end up in the middle of an old conflict with hidden secrets, ancient orders and religious & ideological power battles. An order called the Black Nobility, who believe they have the right to rule the world, pursuit Milo on his journey, trying to play psychological death games with him. Those people of power represents THE PYRAMID OF DEATH.
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