Eat Nordic

The ultimate diet for weight loss, health and happiness
Author: Trine Hahnemann
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN: 1849498091
Category: Cooking
Page: 176
View: 6859
Forget the Mediterranean diet – the Nordic diet is the best approach for healthy living. Findings suggest that the traditional diet, lifestyle and foods produced in northern climates are not only extremely healthy but also environmentally friendly. Eat Nordic is all about eating locally sourced seasonal ingredients combined in a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrate and fat. The traditional diet of Northern Europe – with its emphasis on good, home-made and often home-grown, seasonal food – consists of a wide variety of grains, berries, vegetables, fish, poultry and game (but very little meat). In this updated edition of the best-selling book, The Nordic Diet, Trine Hahnemann, doyenne of Scandinavian cooking, provides a succinct guide to the Nordic diet, its elements, ingredients and basic philosophy and how to use it to lose weight. All these elements are then combined in 75 diverse and delicious recipes. Photographed in Denmark by Lars Ranek, Eat Nordic is an appealing and timely book.

Nutritional and Health Aspects of Food in Nordic Countries

Author: Veslemøy Andersen,Eirin Bar,Gun Wirtanen
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0128094567
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 275
View: 9159
Nutritional and Health Aspects of Food in Nordic Countries provides an analysis of traditional and ethnic foods from the Nordic countries, including Norway (and Svalbard), Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark (including Greenland and the Faroe Islands). The book addresses the history of use, origin, composition and preparation, ingredient origin, nutritional aspects, and the effects on health for various foods and food products in each of these countries. In addition, readers will find local and international regulations and suggestions on how to harmonize regulations to promote global availability of these foods. Provides insight into the varieties of food and food products available in the Nordic countries Presents nutritional and health claims that are either based on opinion and/or experience, on scientific evidence, or on both Contains a framework to determine whether these northern European foods meet local and international regulatory requirements Offers strategies to remedy those foods that do not meet local and international regulatory requirements

The Nordic Monitoring System 2011-2014

Status and Development of Diet, Physical Activity, Smoking, Alcohol and Overweight
Author: Jeppe Matthiessen
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 928934797X
Page: N.A
View: 6642

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2004

Integrating nutrition and psysical activity
Author: Nordic Council of Ministers
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789289310628
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 436
View: 7898
Nordisk Råds officielle kostanbefalinger NNR. Målet er at anbefalingerne skal fungere som retningslinjer for en kost, som på baggrund af videnskabelig forskning, har vist sig at skabe grundlaget for en god sundhed. Indeholder også et kapitel om fysisk aktivitet. En ny revision af anbefalingerne er påbegyndt og forventes færdig i 2012

Perfect Simple

Inspired Eating from a Nordic Kitchen
Author: Simon Bajada
Publisher: N.A
ISBN: 9781743793831
Category: Cooking, Scandinavian
Page: 224
View: 8761
Perfect Simple embraces the clean, fresh flavours of modern Scandinavian cuisine to provide a compelling new blueprint for the way we eat now. Drawing on the traditional ingredients and contemporary preparations of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway - as well as taking inspiration from further afield - Perfect Simple is a celebration of nourishing, vegetable-centred food that is simple to prepare, sometimes surprising and, above all, truly satisfying. Perfect Simple also features Simon Bajada's stunning food styling and photography. A standout feature are the landscape shots that evoke the seasons and show-off Scandinavia's incredible natural beauty.

Solutions Menu - A Nordic guide to sustainable food policy

Author: Afton Halloran,Mads Frederik Fischer-Møller,Marie Persson,Elisabet Skylare
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9289356685
Category: Political Science
Page: 162
View: 6051
For the first time, the most innovative food policy solutions in the Nordic Region have been brought together in a single document. The Solutions Menu includes 24 policies that aim to change food consumption and intends to inspire new and robust policy responses to the societal and environmental challenges caused by our current food systems. The Solutions Menu is produced by the Nordic Food Policy Lab, one of six flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers’ Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges initiative.

What National and Subnational Interventions and Policies Based on Mediterranean and Nordic Diets are Recommended Or Implemented in the WHO European Region, and is There Evidence of Effectiveness in Reducing Noncommunicable Diseases?

Author: Who Regional Office for Europe,Jessica Renzella,Nick Townsend
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9289053011
Category: Medical
Page: 68
View: 8283
This review focuses on national and subnational Mediterranean diet (MD) and Nordic diet (ND) interventions and policies in the WHO European Region. In the context of increasing noncommunicable disease (NCD) burden and unhealthy diets, there is a need to continue identifying optimal, evidence-informed diets and interventions for the prevention and control of NCDs. The MD and ND have been identified as region-specific healthy diets. To support decision-makers in shaping context-specific diet and nutrition policies, this review provides a summary of the NCD burden and activities in the Region; outlines the NCD-related health benefits of the MD and ND; describes interventions and policies in 15 countries; reviews four identified studies into the effectiveness of MD and ND policies on NCD outcomes; and discusses policy implications and options. In the context of MD and ND interventions for NCDs, there remains a Region-wide need to increase translation of evidence into action, monitor and evaluate the impact of existing policies on NCD outcomes and share activities through public platforms to support information sharing.

Nordic Gods and Heroes

Author: Padraic Colum
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486119351
Category: Social Science
Page: 292
View: 1815
Simple, dramatic tales of gods and goddesses who dwell in Asgard: exploits of Odin and Thor, winning of Brynhild, twilight of the gods, more. Over 40 illustrations.

Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants 2008

Author: The Phantom Gourmet
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 9781429993852
Category: Travel
Page: 208
View: 2937
The Phantom Serves up the Best of Boston and Beyond Do you eat food? Then follow these simple instructions for finding great meals everywhere from the North End to the North Shore, including standout restaurants in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, and even southern New Hampshire and southern Maine: 1. Buy this book. 2. Go to the table of contents on p. iii. 3. Select a location or a type of restaurant. 4. Read reviews of the Phantom Gourmet's eight favorite restaurants in that category. 5. Enjoy an unforgettable meal, and don't forget to tell them the Phantom sent you! The Phantom Gourmet Guide to Boston's Best Restaurants is the ultimate guide to finding good eats in Boston and New England.

Nordic Monitoring of Diet, Physical Activity and Overweight

First Collection of Data in All Nordic Countries 2011
Author: L. B. Rasmussen,Nordic Council of Ministers
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9289324090
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 167
View: 7327
The report describes the results of the first collection of data in the joint Nordic monitoring study of diet, physical activity and overweight. The study provides baseline data for frequency of intake in selected foods, physical activity level and prevalence of overweight and obesity in the Nordic countries. Telephone interviews were performed in the Nordic countries with the same validated questionnaire using simple indicator questions. The interviews were carried out in the autumn of 2011 including 9153 adults and 2479 children. The results show that all countries are far from the goals in the Nordic Plan of Action and there are areas to be improved in all countries. The study gives a good status for dietary intake indicators, indicators for physical activity, sedentary time and overweight which makes it possible follow changes in these parameters over time in the Nordic countries.

1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die

A Food Lover's Life List
Author: Mimi Sheraton
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 076118306X
Category: Cooking
Page: 1008
View: 9349
The ultimate gift for the food lover. In the same way that 1,000 Places to See Before You Die reinvented the travel book, 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die is a joyous, informative, dazzling, mouthwatering life list of the world’s best food. The long-awaited new book in the phenomenal 1,000 . . . Before You Die series, it’s the marriage of an irresistible subject with the perfect writer, Mimi Sheraton—award-winning cookbook author, grande dame of food journalism, and former restaurant critic for The New York Times. 1,000 Foods fully delivers on the promise of its title, selecting from the best cuisines around the world (French, Italian, Chinese, of course, but also Senegalese, Lebanese, Mongolian, Peruvian, and many more)—the tastes, ingredients, dishes, and restaurants that every reader should experience and dream about, whether it’s dinner at Chicago’s Alinea or the perfect empanada. In more than 1,000 pages and over 550 full-color photographs, it celebrates haute and snack, comforting and exotic, hyper-local and the universally enjoyed: a Tuscan plate of Fritto Misto. Saffron Buns for breakfast in downtown Stockholm. Bird’s Nest Soup. A frozen Milky Way. Black truffles from Le Périgord. Mimi Sheraton is highly opinionated, and has a gift for supporting her recommendations with smart, sensuous descriptions—you can almost taste what she’s tasted. You’ll want to eat your way through the book (after searching first for what you have already tried, and comparing notes). Then, following the romance, the practical: where to taste the dish or find the ingredient, and where to go for the best recipes, websites included.

On Eating Insects

Essays, Stories and Recipes
Author: Joshua Evans,Nordic Food Lab,Roberto Flore,Michael Bom Frøst
Publisher: Phaidon Press
ISBN: 9780714873343
Category: Social Science
Page: 336
View: 2209
A compelling first-hand look at one of today's most fascinating food trends - the practice of cooking with and eating insects The concept of eating insects has taken off in recent years in the West, with media coverage ranging from sensationalist headlines to passionate press pieces about the economic benefits. Yet little has been written about how they taste, how diverse they are as ingredients, and how to prepare them as food. On Eating Insects is the first book to take a holistic look at the subject, presenting essays on the cultural, political, and ecological significance of eating insects, alongside stories from the field, tasting notes, and recipes by the Nordic Food Lab.

Methyl Bromide in the Nordic Countries

– Current use and Alternatives
Author: Thorkil E. Hallas,Steen Gyldenkærne,A. Nøhr Rasmussen,Jørgen Jakobsen
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789291203437
Category: Science
Page: 52
View: 532

Date labelling in the Nordic countries

Practice of legislation
Author: Hanne Møller
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9289339152
Category: Food
Page: 67
View: 7301
The report addresses how date labels are determined and applied with focus on reducing food waste in the Nordic countries. This was assessed through a survey and selected interviews with Nordic food manufacturers about their considerations when deciding the date label. Another objective has been to distinguish if there are differences in the way food safety authorities interpret legislation. The results from the study indicate that there are differences between the countries in terms of both the practice of guidelines and the shelf life of food. The report is part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ overall green growth initiative: “The Nordic Region – leading in green growth” – read more in the web magazine “Green Growth the Nordic Way” at or at

The Nordic Seas

Author: Burton G. Hurdle
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461580358
Category: Science
Page: 777
View: 9069
" ... as soon as one has traversed the greater part of the wild sea, one comes upon such a huge quantity of ice that nowhere in the whole world has the like been known." "This ice is of a wonderful nature. It lies at times quite still, as one would expect, with openings or large fjords in it; but sometimes its movement is so strong and rapid as to equal that of a ship running before the wind, and it drifts against the wind as often as with it." Kongespeilet - 1250 A.D. ("The Mirror of Kings") Modern societies require increasing amounts influence on the water mass and on the resulting of scientific information about the environment total environment of the region; therefore, cer tain of its characteristics will necessarily be in whieh they live and work. For the seas this information must describe the air above the sea, included.

The Nordic Fisheries in the New ConsumerEra

Challenges Ahead for the Nordic Fisheries Sector
Author: N.A
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789289301824
Category: Fisheries
Page: 100
View: 5740

Further and Continuing Education of Performing Artists in the Nordic Countries

A Nordic Task : Proceedings from the Conference in Oslo, 12th-14th November, 1999
Author: N.A
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789289305785
Category: Performing arts
Page: 199
View: 5011

Fourth Nordic Workshop on Food and Waterborne Viruses

Author: N.A
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9289314818
Category: Medical
Page: 46
View: 8365

Nordic Workshop on Predation Processes and Predation Models

Author: N.A
Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers
ISBN: 9789291202522
Page: 226
View: 6541

The Nordic Countries: From War to Cold War, 1944-51

Documents on British Policy Overseas, Series I
Author: Tony Insall,Patrick Salmon
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113680983X
Category: History
Page: 382
View: 8046
This book is a collection of diplomatic documents describing the development of British relations with the Nordic countries between the end of the Second World War and the defeat of the Labour Government in 1951. The end of the Second World War brought hopes of building a new society in Western Europe. This volume documents Foreign Office concerns about the range of problems, both multilateral and bilateral, which still remained to be resolved in the Nordic area, and describes the evolution of policies to deal with them. The Soviet Union, which in May 1945 already occupied parts of Norway and Denmark and dominated Finland, was perceived as a growing threat. The Nordic region was considered to be of significant strategic importance during this period. The documents describe the process whereby Britain attempted to encourage Scandinavian countries away from their support for neutrality and, by enlisting American support, began the process which led to the signature of the Atlantic Treaty in 1949, signed by Norway, Denmark and Iceland. They also include material describing the establishment of Information Research Department (formed to counteract Soviet propaganda) and illustrating some of its methods. Some documents not previously in the public domain have been declassified for this volume. Most are drawn from the archives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but there are also a number of Prime Ministerial and Cabinet Office documents. This book will be of much interest to students of the Cold War, European history, British political history, international history and IR in general.