Eat Raw, Not Cooked

Author: Stacy Stowers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476752079
Category: Cooking
Page: 240
View: 9798
Collects over seventy recipes using whole, raw, unprocessed foods, including rainbow fajitas, chocolate macaroon fudge bars, and lasagna.

12 Steps to Raw Foods

How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food
Author: Victoria Boutenko
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
ISBN: 1556438451
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 288
View: 2718
Why do we overeat time and time again? Why do we make poor diet choices while we want to be healthy? What makes losing weight so difficult? These and many other vital questions are addressed in 12 Steps to Raw Foods in an open and sincere dialogue. Based on the latest scientific research, Victoria Boutenko explains the numerous benefits of choosing a diet of fresh rather than cooked foods. This book contains self-tests and questionnaires that help the reader to determine if they have hidden eating patterns that undermine their health. Using examples from life, the author explores the most common reasons for people to make unhealthy eating choices. Rather than simply praising the benefits of raw foods, this book offers helpful tips and coping techniques to form and maintain new, healthy patterns. Learn how to make a raw food restaurant card that makes dining with co-workers easy and enjoyable. Discover three magic sentences that enable you to refuse your mother-in-law’s apple pie without offending her. Find out how to sustain your chosen diet while traveling. These are only a few of the many scenarios that Boutenko outlines. Written in a convenient 12-step format, this book guides the reader through the most significant physical, psychological, and spiritual phases of the transition from cooked to raw foods. Embracing the raw food lifestyle is more than simply turning off the stove. Such a radical change in the way we eat affects all aspects of life. Boutenko touches on the human relationship with nature, the value of supporting others, and the importance of living in harmony with people who don’t share the same point of view on eating. Already a classic, this enhanced second edition is aimed at anyone interested in improving their health through diet.

The Eat Raw Kitchen

Feel-Good Food for Happy and Healthy Eating
Author: Love Food Editors
Publisher: Parragon
ISBN: 1474882854
Category: Cooking
Page: 130
View: 2974
The positive health power of the raw diet comes from the way it embraces clean, unfussy dishes that use the best of nature's pure ingredients. Having risen dramatically in popularity over the past few years, the raw philosophy revolves around eating fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, fresh, unrefined, plant-based ingredients that are not cooked or steamed. The purity of the raw diet will not irritate or work against your body's natural processes, allowing it to simply follow the rules of nature. The Eat Raw Kitchen covers breakfasts, snacks, lunches, dinners, sweet treats and desserts. Recipes include No-Bake Carrot Cake, Sweet-and-Sour ‘Stir-fry’, Oat Bread with Chia Seeds, and Spaghetti with Garlic Cream Sauce. You will discover that raw food is delicious, full of goodness, and that it will keep you in the very best of health. The Healthy Kitchen range shares 50 inspiring and easy-to-achieve recipes in each incredible title. With delicious meals that are specifically designed to nourish your body and make you feel good inside and out, this exciting collection makes eating well fit seamlessly into your day.

Ask a Midwife

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0756647932
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 320
View: 431
All your pregnancy and birth questions answered by experienced midwives What’s best to eat during pregnancy? How many minutes apart should my contractions be? What’s a great tip for a good night’s sleep? When it comes to dispensing care, advice and friendly reassurance during pregnancy and labour, midwives are the health professionals mothers want to turn to. Find 1,000 real-life questions to midwives, answered with up-to-date information you can trust. Covers everything you need to know from conception to the first weeks of life with a new baby. Draw on the experience of long-term midwife Catherine Parker-Littler and, Ask A Midwife is like having your own a midwife on call, 24 hours a day.

New Cook Book

Author: Better Homes and Gardens,Tricia Laning
Publisher: Meredith Books
ISBN: 9780696227325
Category: Cooking
Page: 574
View: 8910
Features more than one thousand kitchen-tested recipes, menu suggestions, nutrition facts, and cooking tips with a special section on healthful recipes and up-to-date breast health and breast cancer information.

Cold Press Juice Bible

300 Delicious, Nutritious, All-Natural Recipes for Your Masticating Juicer
Author: Lisa Sussman
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612434142
Category: Cooking
Page: 200
View: 4961

Plant Sanitation for Food Processing and Food Service, Second Edition

Author: Y. H. Hui
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466577703
Category: Technology & Engineering
Page: 1386
View: 8270
Comprehensive and accessible, this book presents fundamental principles and applications that are essential for food production and food service safety. It provides basic, practical information on the daily operations in a food processing plant and reviews some of the industry's most recent developments. Formerly titled Food Plant Sanitation, this second edition discusses nine additional food processing industries and contains 14 new chapters. Among others, new topics include sanitation in food transportation and sanitation of fresh produce in retail establishments.

Eating Raw, Living Well

Author: Hiawatha Cromer
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1479702323
Category: Cooking
Page: 187
View: 5492
Hiawatha Cromer developed these recipes while serving as director, instructor and kitchen manager at the Creative Health Institute (CHI) from 1993 to 2001, and with The Assembly of Yahweh Wellness Center, beginning in 2001. Some recipes were created by participants in the program; a few have come from other sources.

The Raw and the Cooked

Adventures of a Roving Gourmand
Author: Jim Harrison
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
ISBN: 9781555846480
Category: Cooking
Page: 288
View: 1923
A cornucopia of culinary essays from “the Henry Miller of food writing. His passion is infectious” (Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg, The Wall Street Journal). Jim Harrison was one of this country’s most beloved writers, a muscular, brilliantly economic stylist with a salty wisdom. For more than twenty years, he also wrote some of the best essays on food around, now collected in a volume that caused the Santa Fe New Mexican to exclaim: “To read this book is to come away convinced that Harrison is a flat-out genius—one who devours life with intensity, living it roughly and full-scale, then distills his experiences into passionate, opinionated prose. Food, in this context, is more than food: It is a metaphor for life.” From Harrison’s legendary Smart and Esquire columns, to current works including a correspondence with French gourmet Gerard Oberle, fabulous pieces on food in France and America for Men’s Journal, and a paean to the humble meatball, The Raw and the Cooked is a nine-course meal that will satisfy every appetite. “[A] culinary combo plate of Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, Julian Schnabel, and Sam Peckinpah.” —Jane and Michael Stern, The New York Times Book Review

Eating in the Raw

A Beginner's Guide to Getting Slimmer, Feeling Healthier, and Looking Younger the Raw-Food Way
Author: Carol Alt,Nicholas Gonzalez
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 9780307484130
Category: Cooking
Page: 192
View: 3303
Ten years ago, Carol Alt was feeling bad. Really bad. She had chronic headaches, sinusitis, and stomach ailments; she was tired and listless. And then Carol started eating raw—and changed her life. Eating in the Raw begins with her story and then presents practical, how-to information on everything you need to know about the exciting movement that’s been embraced by Demi Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Sting, Edward Norton, and legions of other health-minded people. You’ll learn: •What exactly raw food is—and isn’t—and how to integrate it into your diet •How to avoid the all-or-nothing pitfall: you can eat some cooked foods, you can eat some foods partially cooked, and you don’t have to deprive yourself •Why raw food is not just for vegetarians or vegans—Carol eats meat, and so can you •The differences between cooked and raw vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, and what they mean for you •An ease-in approach to eating raw, and how to eat raw in restaurants In addition, Carol answers frequently asked questions and offers forty simple recipes for every meal, from light dishes such as Gazpacho and Lentil Salad to entrees including Tuna Tartare and Spaghetti al Pesto and even desserts like Pumpkin Pie and Apple Tart with Crème Anglaise—rounding out a thorough, accessible, and eminently compelling case why in the raw is the best way to eat.

Handbook of Zoonoses E-Book

Identification and Prevention
Author: Joann Colville,David Berryhill
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323070922
Category: Medical
Page: 272
View: 8400
This essential, authoritative handbook provides clear, accurate coverage of zoonoses — diseases that can spread from animals to humans. The consistent format helps you quickly locate key information, such as how each disease affects the host, how it is spread, how it is treated, and necessary safety precautions. It also discusses the importance of educating animal owners about the public health implications of zoonoses and how to prevent them from spreading. Clear, concise coverage helps you respond quickly when presented with diseases that could potentially spread between patients, clients, and staff in the veterinary clinic. Each disease entry begins with a chart of its potential morbidity (the rate of incidence of a disease) and mortality (death rate), giving you at-a-glance access to the chance of contracting the disease and the severity of the disease if contracted. Clinically relevant coverage includes information on the etiology (bacterial, viral, parasitic, etc.), most common nonhuman hosts, transmission modes, course of the disease, clinical signs in animals and humans, diagnostic tests, prevention, and general advice. Essential information on preventing the spread of disease helps you educate clients about how to protect themselves and their animals from zoonoses. Coverage of diseases such as mad cow disease, West Nile virus, rabies, and anthrax, prepares you to answer client questions about diseases that are in the public eye.

Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons

A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers
Author: James F. Hickson, Jr.,Saroj M. Bahl
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849378430
Category: Medical
Page: 208
View: 3443
As the AIDS crisis continues, nutrition therapy has taken an important role in maximizing the body's capacity to fight HIV infection and AIDS as well as improving the quality of life when living with AIDS. Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons: A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers presents principles, rules, and directions needed to address diet and nutrition issues for those living with HIV, with or without a diagnosis of AIDS. Written by nutritionists who have experience with AIDS, this "how-to" manual balances traditional sources of information with common experiences. Although written for the layman, the book is unusual in its inclusion of scientific and medical information. It addresses all groups, including women, infants, and children, reflecting the spread of the disease into all segments of the population. Discussion of selected topics are spiced with "how to" specifics that provide information on how nutrition can be used to maximize the body's capacity to fight HIV infection and AIDS. Focusing only on nutrition, Nutritional Care of HIV-Positive Persons fills the gap between "brochures" and scholarly research publications. It is an authoritative, practical guide for those living with HIV.

The Fictional North

Ten Discussions of Stereotypes and Icons Above the 53rd Parallel
Author: Sue Matheson,John Butler
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443838322
Category: Social Science
Page: 175
View: 1965
Western culture may have enshrined North as a touchstone by which all other directions are defined, but the North is not one but a number of Netherlands; like all frontiers, the North is, in its essence, imaginative, magicked out of ice and snow, muskeg and tundra. Storytelling is its generative principle, the activity through which the North and Northerners call themselves into being. In essays on topics ranging from the Aboriginal justice system in Canada to the search for the Northwest Passage to the cultural paradigms of medieval Iceland, The Fictional North examines stereotypes and iconic images of the North, the relationship of North to South, and ethnographic and fictional models of “Northerness.” This diversity of subjects and methodologies not only introduces readers to the diversity found above the 53rd Parallel, but also reflects the catholicity of the North itself. Interdisciplinary and timely, The Fictional North offers insights into the North’s past as well as its present to those interested in circumpolar issues and the areas of culture, literature, history, film, sociology, and education.

The Teacher's Manual of Object Lessons in Domestic Economy

Adapted to Meet the Requirements of the Education Department in the Class Subject of Domestic Economy as Laid Down in the Code for 1897
Author: V. F. Murche
Publisher: N.A
Category: Home economics
Page: N.A
View: 364

Medical Problems in Dentistry E-Book

Author: Crispian Scully
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0702044091
Category: Medical
Page: 768
View: 4255
This text offers an authoritative account of general medical and surgical conditions as they apply to the practice of dentistry and oral healthcare. Now established as the standard reference on the subject, Medical Problems in Dentistry is essential for students learning for the first time or practitioners needing to keep up-to-date with their knowledge. Detailed coverage outlines the complete relevance of systemic diseases and their treatment to dentistry – essential knowledge for the whole dental team User-friendly format allows ease of access to information whether for exam revision purposes or for a specific issue confronting staff in a busy clinical environment Clearly written with excellent use of illustrations, the book is an essential, easy to use, reliable source of information Text completely updated and re-organised to increase focus on the more dentally-relevant aspects of medicine and subject areas that have undergone recent change Entries more fully alphabetized to improve access to information Accompanying ‘key points boxes’ highlight the most crucial aspects of specific medical conditions Content peer-reviewed by a specialist Advisory Board to ensure accuracy of information and the inclusion of the latest advances Additional coverage of autoinflammatory disorders, biological response modifiers, craniofacial transplantation, drug reactions, drug-resistant microbial infections, osteonecrosis, and immune reconstitution syndrome Completely new entries such as alternative and complementary medicine, health promotion, men’s issues and occupational health New national and international guidelines, selected recent references and up-to-date websites

Proto-Austronesian Phonology with Glossary

Author: John U. Wolff
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 1501735993
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines
Page: 610
View: 3576
This work, divided into two volumes, is the study of the history of words in the Austronesian (An) languages—their origin in Proto-Austronesian (PAn) or at later stages and how they developed into the forms that are attested in the current An languages. A study of their history entails the reconstruction of the sound system (phonology) of PAn and an exposition of the sound laws (rules) whereby the original sounds changed into those attested in the current An languages. The primary aim of this work is to examine exhaustively the forms that can be reconstructed for PAn and also for the earliest stage after the An languages began to spread southward from Taiwan. For the later stages—that is, forms that can be traced no further back than to the proto-languages of late subgroups, we do not attempt to be exhaustive but confine ourselves to only some of the forms that are traceable to those times, treating those that figure prominently in the literature on historical An linguistics or those that have special characteristics important for understanding in general how forms arose and the processes that led to change. In short, the aim of this study is not just to reconstruct protomorphemes and order the reflexes according to the entries they fit under, but rather to account for the history of each fom1 that is attested and explain what happened historically to yield the attestations. Volume 2 of the Proto-Austronesian Phonology is divided into four parts and contains a glossary, finder lists from the English translation, a bibliography, and an index.

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook

A Guide for Families
Author: Arthur T. Bradley
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing Inc.
ISBN: 1616083875
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: 536
View: 874
Guides readers in establishing a disaster plan covering the basic human needs in case the unpredictable happens, with information for those with special needs, including the elderly, children, pregnant women, and pets.

The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition

Author: Kerri Yarsley
Publisher: Balboa Press
ISBN: 1452523266
Category: Family & Relationships
Page: 230
View: 8957
Whenever a new baby is born, someone usually says, “Good luck with your kid, because he doesn’t come with an instruction manual!” Well, Kerri Yarsley, a successful mother of four, is about to change all that. The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition is an eminently readable, informative, and entertaining book that takes the reader on a journey from pre-pregnancy preparation all the way through to the late teenage years. It covers the basics as well as some interesting behavioral perspectives that you might not expect in a parenting book. So whether you have one or many kids, be prepared to change your thoughts, words, and actions, and have a brilliant and joyful life with your amazing kids. This comprehensive book sets out many “rules of engagement” between children and their environment during the formative years from birth to early adulthood. Written specifically for parents – both new and seasoned – the book contains information that makes practical sense on all levels. If you are a resident of Planet Earth, then I highly recommend Kerri’s book to you. It will inform, amuse, inspire, and move you. —Author Bill Statham, The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion

Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions

Author: Ruby Parker Puckett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118234111
Category: Medical
Page: 592
View: 6679
The thoroughly revised and updated fourth edition of Foodservice Manual for Health Care Institutions offers a review of the management and operation of health care foodservice departments. This edition of the book—which has become the standard in the field of institutional and health care foodservice—contains the most current data on the successful management of daily operations and includes information on a wide range of topics such as leadership, quality control, human resource management, product selection and purchasing, environmental issues, and financial management. This new edition also contains information on the practical operation of the foodservice department that has been greatly expanded and updated to help institutions better meet the needs of the customer and comply with the regulatory agencies'standards. TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE: Leadership and Management Skills Marketing and Revenue-Generating Services Quality Management and Improvement Planning and Decision Making Organization and Time Management Team Building Effective Communication Human Resource Management Management Information Systems Financial Management Environmental Issues and Sustainability Microbial, Chemical, and Physical Hazards HACCP, Food Regulations, Environmental Sanitation, and Pest Control Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Menu Planning Product Selection Purchasing Receiving, Storage, and Inventory Control Food Production Food Distribution and Service Facility Design Equipment Selection and Maintenance Learning objectives, summary, key terms, and discussion questions included in each chapter help reinforce important topics and concepts. Forms, charts, checklists, formulas, policies, techniques, and references provide invaluable resources for operating in the ever-changing and challenging environment of the food-service industry. Companion Web site: Additional resources:

The Complete New Fat Flush Program

Author: Ann Louise Gittleman
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 1260019926
Category: Health & Fitness
Page: N.A
View: 8068
Achieve your health and wellness goals with the bestselling, newly updated diet and fitness program Introduced more than 25 years ago, The Fat Flush Plan revolutionized the way we think about dieting, nutrition, and fitness. Millions of people have embraced the groundbreaking program to achieve peak health and wellness. In keeping with the latest research and emerging food trends, bestselling author Ann Gittleman has updated her popular, successful program. The Complete New Fat New Flush Program, Second Edition brings you updated content, new evidence-based detox and diet strategies, information on lifestyle medicine, emerging trends, refreshed shopping lists, and more. This three-book bundle includes The New Fat Flush Plan as well as The New Fat Flush Plan Cookbook and The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide, two companion books reflecting the newly-revised program protocols. You’ll find essential advice on choosing the best foods for your specific dietary needs, tips and advice on weight loss, information on the metabolic impact of foods, liver cleansing, overall health, and much more. The Complete New Fat New Flush Program, Second Edition includes: • The New Fat Flush Plan—an essential resource that focuses on lifestyle medicine and provides important information on friendly fats, microbiome matters, hormonal fluctuations, gluten and grain avoidance, nutrient deficiencies, the healing power of sleep, thyroid and adrenal burnout, dry brushing and detox baths, and liver support. • The New Fat Flush Plan Cookbook— Packed with over 200 family-friendly recipes, this updated edition is based on deliciously simple meals with wholesome ingredients, flavored with unique fat-burning and cleansing herbs and spices. • The New Fat Flush Journal and Shopping Guide— Includes refreshed shopping lists featuring brand names and added gratitude lists that reflect the key nutritional themes which have shifted the way we think about health.