Canadian Economic Growth

The sad aspect of these deficits, and the growth in public debt which accompanies them, is that they are largely ... For the upsurge of the economy to high employment would have been accompanied by a buoyant increase in government ...

Author: T. M. Brown

Publisher: Queen's Printer

ISBN: UOM:39015020101336

Category: Canada

Page: 316

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One of the studies prepared for the Royal Commission on Health Services in Canada (1961-65). Reviews past and present socio-economic growth as a base for the analysis and projection of demand for and supply of the services provided by the health industry of Canada.
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Water cereals and economic growth

Tenant households as percentage of total, cultivating household in West Bengal, Orissa, Punjab & Haryana, 1961, 302 Thailand : growth rates, targets & shortfalls of, 2, 3; planned & actual annual rates of growth of per capita GDP in ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3956885



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Economic Growth 1960 1970

A Mid-decade Review of Prospects Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ... foresee the need for an increased share of output being devoted to productive investment in order to provide the capital needed for growth .

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Publisher: H.M. Stationery Office

ISBN: UOM:39015079842582

Category: Economic history

Page: 113

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Government Expenditure and Economic Growth

As a consequence, this analytic framework includes a parameter to capture the impact on growth arising from the more efficient uses of resources (A, in equation (1)). Developing economies, where rigidities and inefficiency seem more ...

Author: International Monetary Fund

Publisher: International Monetary Fund

ISBN: IND:30000055581668

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 30

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This paper examines the empirical evidence on the contribution that government and, in particular, capital expenditure make to the growth performance of a sample of developing countries. Using the Denison growth accounting approach, this study finds that social expenditures may have a significant impact on growth in the short run, but infrastructure expenditures may have little influence. While current expenditures for directly productive purposes may exert a positive influence, capital expenditure in these sectors appears to exert a negative influence. Experiments with other explanatory variables confirm the importance of the growth of exports to the overall growth rate.
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Public Finance in Models of Economic Growth

Robert J. Barro, Xavier Sala-i-Martin, National Bureau of Economic Research. The recent literature on endogenous economic growth has provided some insights into why countries grow at different rates over long periods of time.

Author: Robert J. Barro


ISBN: UCSD:31822015521255

Category: Economic development

Page: 34

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Abstract: The recent literature on endogenous economic growth allows for effects of fiscal policy on long-term growth. If the social rate of return on investment exceeds the private return, then tax policies that encourage investment can raise the growth rate and levels of utility. An excess of the social return over the private return can reflect learning-by-doing with spillover effects, the financing of government consumption purchases with an income tax, and monopoly pricing of new types of capital goods. Tax incentives for investment are not called for if the private rate of return on investment equals the social return. This situation applies in growth models if the accumulation of a broad concept of capital does not entail diminishing returns, or if technological progress appears as an expanding variety of consumer products. In growth models that incorporate public services, the optimal tax policy hinges on the characteristics of the services. If the public services are publicly-provided private goods, which are rival and excludable, or publiclyprovided public goods, which are non-rival and non-excludable, then lump-sum taxation is superior to income taxation. Many types of public goods are subject to congestion, and are therefore rival but to some extent nonexcludable. In these cases, income taxation works approximately as a user fee and can therefore be superior to lump-sum taxation. In particular, the incentives for investment and growth are too high if taxes are lump sum. We argue that the congestion model applies to a wide array of public expenditures, including transportation facilities, public utilities, courts, and possibly national defense and police.
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Income Distribution Asset Values and Economic Growth

Part 1 This part analyzes the effect of economic growth on the income distribution theory of Chapter I. We shall follow a sequence of steps similar to the discussion in Chapter I. A In this section we discuss the first view of income ...

Author: Peter M. Gutmann


ISBN: STANFORD:36105121783893

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

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Essays on Social Distance Institutions and Economic Growth

Within the economics discipline, the relationship between country size and economic performance has not rendered a lot of attention. Early endogenous growth models like Romer (1990) and Aghion and Howitt (1992) included a prediction ...

Author: Gustav Hansson


ISBN: UOM:39015075639347

Category: Economic development

Page: 11

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Transport Trade and Economic Growth Coupled or Decoupled

An Inquiry into Relationships between Transport, Trade and Economic Growth and into User Preferences concerning Growth-oriented Transport Policy BMW Group. Decoupling is a key issue in the EU White Paper on Transport Policy Decoupling ...

Author: BMW Group

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540682998

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 119

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This book combines approaches from economics as well as business administration to stimulate scientific discourse and support decision-makers. The first part of the book examines the relationship between transport and economic growth, and specifically, whether "decoupling" of transport and economic growth appears possible. Previously unavailable regional data for Italy and Germany were collected and analyzed. The results indicate that transport makes an important contribution to economic growth.
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Economic Growth in Europe Since 1945

Centre for Economic Policy Research (London) Nicholas Crafts, Nicholas F. R. Crafts, Gianni Toniolo, Nick Crafts ... 5 The ' golden years ' from 1950 to 1973 Although the Netherlands had a very high growth of real output during the ...

Author: Toniolo Giovanni

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 052149964X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 600

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This book provides a genuinely comparative picture of economic growth in Europe after 1945.
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Restoring Japan s Economic Growth

The Japanese economy suffers from numerous structural inefficiencies which , if reformed , could raise the long - run Japanese economic growth rate — but such factors are not the proximate cause of Japan's slow growth in the 1990s .

Author: Adam Simon Posen

Publisher: Peterson Institute

ISBN: 0881322628

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 186

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Criticism of current Japanese macroeconomic and financial policies is so wide spread that the reasons for it are assumed to be self-evident. In this volume, Adam Posen explains in depth why a shift in Japanese fiscal and monetary policies, as well as financial reform, would be in Japan's self-interest. He demonstrates that Japanese economic stagnation in the 1990s is the result of mistaken fiscal austerity and financial laissez-faire rather than a structural decline of the "Japan Model." The author outlines a program for putting the country back on the path to solid economic growth - primarily through permanent tax cuts and monetary stabilization - and draws broader lessons from the recent Japanese policy actions that led to the country's continuing stagnation.
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