Entrepreneurship education

Literaturverzeichnis Brauckmann, U. (2002): 'Entrepreneurship Education' an Hochschulen: Der Wuppertaler Ansatz einer wirtschaftspädagogisch fundierten Förderung der Unternehmensgründung aus Hochschulen, in: B. Weber (Hrsg.): Eine ...

Author: Alexandra Rese

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783899369854


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Amt Ordination Episkop und theologische Ausbildung Ministry ordination episkop and theological education

The education process lies at the heart of the churches' continuing education work. It is the task of educational organisors to support and enable this and the task of the students themselves to shape the process.

Author: Mario Fischer

Publisher: Evangelische Verlagsanstalt

ISBN: 9783374068579

Category: Religion

Page: 344

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Dieser Band dokumentiert drei Arbeitsergebnisse der GEKE, die von den Vollversammlungen 2012 und 2018 angenommen wurden. Der Lehrgesprächstext "Amt, Ordination, Episkope" bestimmt die evangelische Position zu diesen ökumenisch besonders brisanten Themen und will damit zugleich die Gemeinschaft der Kirchen der GEKE vertiefen. Diesem Ziel dienen auch die Studien "Die Ausbildung für das ordinationsgebundene Amt" und "Fortbildung für das ordinationsgebundene Amt". Sie skizzieren ein gemeinsames Verständnis von guter Ausbildung bzw. Fort- und Weiterbildung, das für die Mitgliedskirchen jeweils orientierend wirken kann. This volume documents three sets of findings by the CPCE which were accepted by the 2012 and 2018 General Assemblies. The report of the doctrinal conversation on "Ministry, Ordination, Episkope" defines the Protestant position on these issues, which are of vital ecumenical interest. At the same time, it seeks to deepen the church communion of CPCE member churches. This is also the aim of the studies "Training for the ordained ministry in the CPCE" and "Continuing education for the ordained ministry in the CPCE". They outline a common understanding of good training that the member churches can take as a guideline.
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Cultivating a culture of experimentation in higher education teaching and learning

These similarities fall into six categories: – COVID-19 – Education (including medical, surgical, and dental education) – Online teaching and learning – Educational challenges (weaknesses) and educational opportunities (strengths) ...

Author: Robert Kordts

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783755719571

Category: Education

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As indicated by the diversity of the authors' physical locations, COVID and emergency-remote teaching affected Higher-Education-Institutions at a nearly global scale. Authors in this issue come from European countries (Switzerland, Germany), North America (the USA) as well as the southern hemisphere (South Africa). Given the breadth of COVID-related (change) experiences, the insights presented in this issue can be relevant to many HEIs across the globe, notwithstanding their cultural and institutional specificities. In addition, and of high relevance to us, the articles collected here focus both on different positions or roles (students, faculty, management) as well as on different levels of teaching and learning in higher education. While most contributions focus on the student experience during COVID, others investigate faculty/instructors' perspectives including faculty development. Yet another group takes a more systemic, institutional point of view. It could be argued that higher-education research takes up a multi-level perspective when exploring change and the new normal.
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Gallery and Community Education of Visual Arts for Older People

The network has been initiated by the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and co-ordinated by Institut für Bildung und Kultur e.V. (Institute for Arts Education and Culture). www.age-culture.net KulturKontakt Austria ...

Author: Sabine Baumann

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783929622560

Category: Art

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Telekommunikation f r Bildung und Ausbildung Telecommunication for Education and Vocational Training

The industrial/education players are manufactured by Disco Wision Associates ( a joint venture between IBM and MCA corporations) and by the Sony Corporation. They have si– milar features. Each of them has a hand-control unit and a small ...

Author: K.H. Vöge

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 9783642816123

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 110

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Researching Education

ARNOT, M. (1997) 'Gendered citizenry: New feminist perspectives on education and citizenship', British Educational Research Journal, 23, 3. BALL, S.J. (1990) Politics and Policy Making in Education, London: Routledge.

Author: Kanka Mallick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135716950

Category: Education

Page: 228

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This book provides the reader with an introduction to the world of educational research. A two-pronged approach is adopted: to help the reader understand the concepts and terminology widely used in educational research and a range of methodological issues; and to provide the reader with guidance on initiating and implementing research studies. In this highly accessible book, the authors consider the perspectives, concepts and techniques in common usage in the field of research, and the variety of approaches that may be taken in researching different subjects. A glossary is also provided covering the relevant terms and concepts referred to and used in current educational research.
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Reforms in Higher Education

David Blake is Dean of Education and Social Studies at Chichester Institute of Higher Education. He previously worked in primary schools before taking up a post in initial and in-service teacher education at New College, Durham.

Author: Keith Watson

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781847142191

Category: Education

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This text addresses the reforms in the financial and administrative structure of higher education, government intervention in introducing new managerial techniques and quality audits, and the implications of these changes for both academics and administrators. It is one of a series of four volumes which look at the educational dilemmas facing governments, professional educators and practising administrators in the current climate in education. The issues are addressed from international and comparative perspectives.
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Third World Education

Waigani, Division of Educational Research, National Research Institute. National Department of Education (1976) Papua New Guinea Education Plan 1976–1980. Port Moresby, Government Printer. National Department of Education (1985) Growth ...

Author: Anthony R. Welch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135582630

Category: Education

Page: 300

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This book debunks the argument that quality in education can only be achieved by limiting, or trading off, equality. The quality of schooling is a major issue for Third World nations across the globe. However there is no single measure which is universally accepted. Whether it is, as some economists might argue, an issue of the number of desks per classroom or one of national sovereignty is widely disputed. Defining equality in education becomes increasingly difficult in an era of globalization in which there exists a wide gap between rich and poor, both within and between nations. In the context of an international move towards New Right politics and neo-liberal economic ideologies, both the quality and equality of education are imperiled. This book argues that any worthy definition of quality education must include the interests and participation of the underprivileged.
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Managing Education

Hughes M, Ribbins P, Thomas H (eds) 1985 Managing education: the system and the institution. Cassell Education Hulmes E 1989 Education and cultural diversity. Longman Hunt C 1990 Certified school governors. School Governor March ILEA ...

Author: Joslyn Owen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317896661

Category: Education

Page: 336

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The 1988 Education Reform Act meant that schools had to manage themselves in ways which satisfied the world outside the school gates. Governors become more powerful, parents took on a greater influence and employers were given new rights. This book discusses the total management of schools as they respond to these new imperatives. It examines the responsibilities of Teachers, Head Teachers and Principals as they shape and execute their management plans. Against the background of a compulsory National Curriculum, the book also examines the management of the diverse pressures within the curriculum itself.
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Education for Sustainability

environmental and sustainability education at the K - 12 , community college , and university levels . INITIATIVE 9.2 Explore ways to coordinate resources , make education for sustainability more central to agency missions ...

Author: President's Council on Sustainable Development

Publisher: President's

ISBN: UCR:31210010679999

Category: Education

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Understanding the principles of sustainability and the interdependence of the environment, the economy, and social systems can help individuals learn to make the changes necessary to become effective stewards of natural resources and the environment. This document describes three broad policy recommendations as to how Americans can build concepts of sustainability into educational programs, and 12 strategic action plans for implementing those recommendations. The recommendations provide a framework for a flexible strategy and a toolbox of ideas which can be tailored to educational strategies reflective of individual and community needs. Chapters are as follows: (1) "A Program for Change"; (2) "Formal Education"; (3) "Nonformal Education"; (4) "Cross-Cutting Themes"; and (5)"Moving Forward." Core themes of the program include lifelong learning, interdisciplinary approaches, systems thinking, partnerships, multicultural perspectives, and empowerment. A key feature of the agenda is the Opportunities for Partnerships section at the conclusion of each chapter, which provides names, organizations, and resources to guide future steps. A sampling of programs and successful initiatives is presented to illustrate successful cooperative efforts and partnerships. (PVD)
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